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We Help Women Feel 

Safer – Stronger – More Confident


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We Help You Feel Safer & Stronger

Not A Feel Good Weekend Course. Your Personal Safety Is At Stake! The Longer You Train With Us The Better Prepared You Will Be.  Bonus You Will Be In Amazing Shape As Well!

Get In Shape

Our Classes Are Action Packed! Practicing Striking &  Learning Self Defense Is A Great Workout!


Krav Maga  Is Built On Natural Reactions To Danger.  It Will Give You The Confidence To Walk In Peace.

Learn Real Skills

Everything In The Krav Maga System Has Been Battle Tested. Just Ask Local Law Enforcement What They Use.

Krav Maga It’s All We Do Since 2002

We are devoted to giving our members the best self defense & fighting training around. It is why we stopped doing traditional and sport style Martial Arts. When we experienced Krav Maga for the first time.






Womens Only 13 years +

Easy To Learn

Built Around Your Bodies Instinctive Responses To Danger

Reality Based

Not a Weekend Course to Make You Feel Good, Weekly Training to Keep your Skills Fresh and Your Body In Shape!

Classes Suitable For All Fitness Levels You don’t need to be in shape to start.

Get In Great Shape at the Same Time!


Choke With A Push

Rule #1 Address The Danger & Counter Attack

Rule #2 Do What Ever It Takes To Go Home Safe.

Experience Krav Maga For Two Weeks!


The Best Way To Learn More About Us And Krav Maga Is To Get In And Start Training.

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Krav Maga Is Tough

We Make It Easy With A Great Community Of Like Mind Members.


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(gun, knife, rape, street fights, home invasion, common attacks,Car Jacking and many more…)

Why Are Law Enforcement & Military Units using Krav Maga? Because it works on the Street!

We Believe In Keeping Your Loved Ones Safe From Real Danger. Our Womens Only Self Defense Class is designed for the beginner to start training in a reality based self defense system-Krav Maga! That will help keep the safe if they are faced with real danger.




We Have Several Membership Options To Fit Your Needs

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Castle Rock

780 Kinner St,
Castle Rock, Co. 80109

Meridian Village / Lone Tree

11800 Oswego St,
Englewood, Co. 80112

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