At RMSDF We believe in all aspects of self-defense & fighting. If you are not training all aspects of a potentially life-threatening situation you may be fooling yourself. I hate when gun owners tell me they have a gun so they don’t need Krav Maga. What a dumb statement. When you need a coping saw don’t use your chain saw. The simple fact is a gun does not solve all self-defense scenarios. That’s why 20 years ago I choose to become a Krav Maga instructor. We train from the ground to stand up fighting. Defending common chokes, bear, hugs, headlock, knife, stick & gun threats.

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Learn More /Contact Us Here: 720-504-5959 Locations In Castle Rock & Meridian (Parker & Lone Tree) Colorado We are here to help everyone no matter their fitness level. #rmsdf #clearsky #kravmaga #rangeday #pewpew #trainhard