Throw Down The Gauntlet 9.29.18

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Awesome job to everyone that testes last Saturday. Download Link

We all  “Suck A Little Less” After That Throw Down The G. #suckedalittleless #suckless and do I mean WE all do. Everyday I try to improve myself in some way. If you think I got as good as I am know by thinking am awesome you are sadly mistaken. I train hard thinking I need to suck a little less. My first Martial Arts Instructor called me “the wild and crazy one” I was not a natural. I just kept at it.

Don’t forget sometimes I seem angry, It is really passion for wanting my students to be the best they can be. How we train, is how we fight! Don’t forget it. All of the drills and exercises have a purpose. When a drill is done wrong it builds mistakes that could cost someone dearly.


Download Class Pics and Advanced Testing Videos with the Link Below.

Link expires in 30 days!AtAmKMcPiiRYibsx0IoAnnNGliiymQ


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