The John Hallett Podcast 12.1.2023

The John Hallett Podcast 12.1.2023

This is the John Hallett podcast with John Hallett. Because the way we’re living, we need to change it, make a change today and all learn from failure. Maybe they just wanted it a little bit more than you. That’s probably the fact. And now your host, John. Hey, everyone, welcome back.

I hope you guys are having a good week. Training hard if something I called out my peaceful warrior class last Saturday. How many days have you trained? What have you done? Get after it. Get after it. Sometimes we can all do things. I love functional fitness and getting after it.

I know my class schedule doesn’t always coincide. It’s one of the hardest things of having in the gym is time and when people can actually make their workout in. So a bunch of them, five days, six days. But how many times did you put hands on and did some self defense training?

Fitness is one thing, it’s pretty easy to do alone, but not easy. A lot of people need that motivation. But you need a training partner. I mean, there’s only so much you can do without a partner. So get in and get to class. There’s no substitute for it. My advanced people, how many classes have you taught that’s going to really help you deepening your understanding of technique, demonstrating it and having people watch little things and making sure that you’re on is a huge, you know, so is said, you know, fitness is easy, but it’s not.

That’s why we’re here. We can help, you know, the big show sponsor, the John Hallett podcast is my gym, and ClearSky training, where you can get online training. You can shop both of those stores by just adding shop to the beginning of that shop. Rmsdf and shop ClearSky training.

So you just have to start. I’m here if you need private lessons. Sometimes that’s what people need is just that personal coach. We can only do so much in a group class and I think sometimes people misunderstand the coaching you get in a group class versus a private personal instruction class.

Of course the coach always wants to help people out and get around, but when you take that personal class or you have never really worked out, we can really tailor that class specifically to you. It’s not about a group, but even in a group we’re always like, hey, take it down a notch.

Sometimes people ramp it up a little bit too much when they have that, quote, peer pressure or they’re watching somebody else do a little bit more weight. I’m always saying do it right, don’t worry about it. It’s all about just adding consistency and doing it and not getting off track.

You cannot get off track. It is easy to do. So, Josh, how you doing today? Oh, good, man, I’m all sweaty and it was a heck of a roll this morning. And I was just thinking about coaching when you said that. And there is a big difference between when I take one of the regular classes, which are fantastic.

They’re a lot of fun. But when you finally get one on one coaching, it’s really different.

When the coach spends time watching what you do and making changes as you train, it’s pretty valuable, and I like that. And I hope you kind of go that route with some more private stuff. I would pay for it in a heartbeat. You know what I mean? So if you ever decide to go that route, let me know.

Well, we’re working on it. What are you talking about deciding? You just help me. It’s called a setup, jerk. It’s called a setup. I’m like, josh is so stupid. Right?

I got a drug test. Could I just throb an easy one? I’m like, josh is retarded. He’s drunk. I don’t know what you hired me. For my broadcasting skills. And then you’re like, I hope you do that more. I’m like, didn’t we launch that already, josh? I’m like, it’s on the TVs, the gym.

This has been launched.

I know, but it will be cool. It’s called your accelerated learning program, and. That is all you. I know. See, I’m like, what we launched it. You saw it on the TVs. Well, in the business, I’m trying to set it up so you can try now with it making fun of me.

And if I make fun of you, usually punch you in the face head something. I just try to get the best of you. Yeah,

but it’s cool. We do a lot of training with what we call small scale settings sometimes, and I think it’s really helped me. I think I’m much better than I’ve been. I’ve got a lot of well, you’ve been lucky coming through. You had a ton of firearms experience and doing IDs with todd and going through that instructor you’ve been through two levels of instructor training with tod, but then you train with bill and I all the time.

So you’re really getting private lessons all the time and how much that accelerates you training with two black belts. I mean, gosh, mike, I would have killed to be in your shoes, to be like, I get to train with two black belts because training with two white belts or even two orange belts is totally different.

It’s a private lesson. Mikey shout out is moving, but he is building another house out here. And it’s like, I plan to be back in parker, so I’ll be back to colorado. But he wanted to take I think he did five privates with me. And the last one we did, I just went through some just fundamental escapes, and he’s like, I thought I had these down and working with you.

He’s like, thanks. And I’m like, well, this guy might. Let me see it. Let’s see this technique. Oh, jeez. Okay, here’s a little thing. You can fine tune that’s part of the accelerated learning program. If you want to be in that, like everything else, gosh, I think it’s a bargain because I don’t value well, I do

how much some of the people out there get. My wife being in HR, gosh, these top level accountants are getting $250 an hour. $275 an hour. Man, I wish I was better at math. I’m in the wrong business.

Jeez John’s Punching but when you look at that in the value of having your taxes done or your bookkeeping done or whatever, it may be your personal protection and just helping people along because that individual thing that you can get in a private lesson is different than a group or there’s people a little bit more willing to open up in a small group.

So that’s something we’re bringing in more of. We’ve always done private lessons, but we’re going to be doing a small group, like up to four people.

It might just be one, something we’re going to be launching or building. We’ve launched it, but building out and promoting that. Do you want to get into this accelerated learning program, take your training up to the next level, and like everything else, it does cost money, I think sometimes I go, I’m always there for students, but sometimes it’s five minutes here, it’s ten minutes here, it’s 15 minutes after a class.

If I calculated that out, it’s goodness. You’re like, wow. It’s like drop ins. Like, we charge a dollar accountability fee sometimes. A lot of times we waive it when we’re talking to somebody and get them booked in. But I go, oh, my gosh, how many intro lessons have I done?

And in this business, it’s kind of expected. I mean, nobody’s painting, hey, just put in one faucet for me. Hey, just change one tire for me. Let me see how well you do that. One tire. We have to do that. In this industry, we call it an accountability fee because people are flakes.

We want people that are serious. Yeah. Am I messing up your shot? No, you’re good. I’ll just keep adjusting what people don’t realize, if you’re a musician, right, and you’ve been in college, the first thing I did and I played an instrument is I got private lessons because I wanted to try to get better faster.

If I just did the normal band classes,

I would have been moving. Right. But I wasn’t accelerating as fast as I could without taking a private lesson. And once I started private lessons, it changes everything. Just the way you think about what you’re doing, right. What I’ve learned about fighting with white belts and stuff and being a white belt is that we’re all looking to take as we’re training, right?

We’re all trying to take technique we’re too busy trying to take from each other. When I train with a black belt, they’re giving because as I try to take something, they give it so I can understand it. And that’s the difference between training with a black belt and somebody who’s lower, is that they know when to give it to you, so that way you can learn it, but then they walk you through it.

And that’s what you’ve done a lot with me. Right. That’s the big difference, is you know how to give it and train it and teach it.

I love it, man. I think

I’m going to be here. Yeah. I mean, that’s where I look at people that teach for me, and the lowest people that people have just started teaching. They all have more classes than I did in self defense and KRAB MAGA than when I started teaching KRAB MAGA. Wow. I mean, some of them know as much.

Martial arts experience. I was doing taekwondo, and Hapkido was teaching. That was a second degree black belt. And that when I found,

like, they can train tons of people, and that’s something I’d like to train more of our staff and do an accelerated learning program

where people want to get that, because sometimes people forget. I think they’re like, oh, well, we just train with John and the 30 years of experience that I have, and sometimes I’m super stern.

You can be, but that’s part of. Training sometimes, and that’s why hey, let’s go. Let’s step it up. It was why I was pushing a peaceful warrior class on let’s go, guys. I think I suck at these. I know I can die. Any given day, there’s thousands of people better than you, and sometimes people just get complacent, and it’s like these round kicks, they just kind of sucky.

You’re just stagnant you’re doing

too much of one thing. Sometimes people hone in on one little thing, and they just do it too much. Sometimes I’m like, just forget about that.

Now you’re just going over the top on one little point of a technique, or it’s like the chamber of a round kick. Like you’re holding that chamber way too long, and it’s good to be able to demonstrate that. But I think an accelerated learning program, I’m excited about it.

I really want to work with students. Gosh, I love training white belts. I love being in there. But the byproduct of that sometimes is people don’t want to pay for a private lesson. They don’t see the value in it. And that I got to get a testimonial from Mikey because he’s was he green or blue and, like, wow.

You know, I thought I had all know, white, yellow belt kind of stuff, maybe orange belt stuff down. And now working with somebody that’s just done it for so much longer than any of the other coaches in here. Not that they’re not great. I mean, they are, but then it’s like, let’s take it up another level.

I think sometimes people forget about that. I don’t know. What do you think? Yeah, well, you do. That’s what the private stuff does for those that are serious about going up to another level and really getting that intense training, that’s where your advanced learning program will be super valuable.

Right. Because you’re going to get stuff in that that you probably wouldn’t see in a normal class. Just because when you’re on that one on one situation, you can tailor it more specific to the individual and the technique that you’ve learned prefer and can teach. And then maybe you learn something inside of it together on top of but it’ll just up that game.

So for those searching to go beyond what you get, which is a really good class don’t get me. Our fundamental class all the way from White. Black is amazing. Oh, that’s why I keep telling you, get into more classes, Josh. No, I know, I’m trying my no, you’re not.

No, I’m not. No, you’re not. No, you’re not. But it’s been a lot of fun. But it does change you. Like it’s. Private stuff fundamentally changes the way you approach everything, and then once you’re doing it, it’s totally worth every penny. It’s worth the time, right? Yeah. A lot out of it.

But why don’t spending your time is more invaluable than spending your money. How are you spending it? It is. Your time is far more valuable than anything because you learn in that process. Right? Yeah. I mean, time time, it just goes by way too fast. Right. Well, we don’t have any time.

And you got to do it, folks. You got to try to eat better. You got to get in that workout. I’ll take you step by step, and we’re talking about our accelerated learning program for self defense,

but fitness, somebody can walk you through.

What do you want? I mean, I’ve told people, I’m like, I’ll come and get you out of bed. Just give me a key to your house. Do you want to pay for it? Yeah. Or are you going to get yourself here? I’ll certainly do it, and you’re going to have to pay for it.

But sometimes I think people need that because I’m like, Where are they? Making an excuse. Making an excuse. And we can all like, where the heck are you? And text message. And there’s never enough time, like, in the business to go, I can’t text message everybody in the day, different things, or at least a personal one.

I could run an automation in my system and text everybody, like, every five minutes. If you wanted to show money talks. Let’s go, let’s go. I might just start showing up and get the code or the key from Tara and just start showing up. Kick you out of bed.

Last thing I want, just rip you out of the bed. John holding a cup of coffee saying, get your butt out of bed. Let’s go. Let’s go. Josh dumping cold water on you. Awkward.

It’s going to be awkward depending on your pajamas. Yeah, well, let’s not get into that. Our sleep cycles are personal. It’s personal.


Sleep is one of the hardest things to get sometimes.

Yeah, it’ll kill you. It’ll kill you if you lack of sleep. We’ve talked about it on the podcast a bunch. Sleep sometimes that’s where I get stressed out. Running the gym is stressful, and sometimes things just get at you. Sometimes I’m like, just effort. It’s just like a work.

I’m like, whatever. I’m trying my best. I mean, probably I could try harder. I could do more. But I am trying to work life balance and

workouts and training is important to me. Family is important to me.

But you got to balance it. But I’m like, hey, I know I put more hours in to my gym than most people put in in their regular job. So I’m like, I’ve got enough here. Business owner. I mean, usually a business owner lives in their business because that’s for living.

I get it. I mean, it’s what pays the bills, right? Yeah. You’ve got to pay attention to your baby. Otherwise it’ll slip away. The dingo’s got your baby.

But you can’t, because when you pour your life and soul into, like, a business, you don’t want to just watch it go away, no matter what that business is. And

you have people that help you with it, but they’ll never run it. Like, you right. And that’s what people don’t realize. You’ll never run a business. Like, you run your own business. Yeah. When it’s

know. Yeah. Because you’re like, well, I could get another job. I mean, that’s what I say to myself, too. Well, try it hard. Could always go work at Home Depot. Right. But would you be happy? I mean, you work for yourself, and there’s that. No, I’d probably do know.

There’s so many things I love. Yeah. I like doing our video cuts. I mean, all that stuff is satisfying. That stuff’s fun to me. I like doing it. Did you ever look into graphic arts? Because you’re pretty good at it. If you guys don’t know. John designs a lot of our shirts.

Here, and a lot of I do all of them. I mean, some of them know you’ll get a stock Adobe thing or recreate it, but the artistic vision on them. Way back in high school, I did, I had a really good Rich Leone art teacher in high school. But no, I mean, I just didn’t see

it’s. The failing, even back way back then, it’s the failing of our school system. Like, shit, what else can you do out there? Sometimes I think it’s too boring in the schools, probably. And kids can’t see different career paths.

Oh, here’s there’s different savings accounts. I think Jamie was telling me about she’s like, I didn’t know there’s all different types of savings accounts. And you’re like, they didn’t teach you that in school? No, I mean, there’s so much, like, failing in our public education and just education as a whole, and they’re too wrapped up in their political BS is what I feel like.

My favorite classes were shop. Oh, I love shop. I had shop, and I forgot what they call it. Imagine it was like woodworking and then metal working. Metal working was I didn’t do I just did auto shop. But again, I grew up. My grandfather was a plumber, my dad carpenter, general contractor.

But automotive was fun. I liked art class. Yeah, I liked history, but I didn’t see

a career that way. I think they need to do a better job with kids, even just early on of showing them different paths, because some kids, I feel like school is not the best thing for them necessarily. I mean, you need a general education, but that kid might excel in shop or whatever it may be, and we need those people, but they’re forcing them down a pipeline.

I think education could be more diverse earlier on, or at least maybe I’ll just go junior high. Hey, maybe these kids aren’t sitting in a math class and failing it and looking like a bad student when there might be something else better for them. Well, they don’t offer trades anymore, like learning a trade, because my shop teacher used to say and he was hilarious because he was missing a finger.

And he would always use that in the safety brief, and it had nothing to do with shop class, but he would always say in class, he goes, you realize if you go to the art class and you sell a piece of art, you’re only going to make money once.

And he goes, that might be a lot of money or might be very little. But if he goes, you know how to fix that truck over there? You can charge somebody $50 an hour to do it every day. And he’d give us that speech, and it never clicked in.

It never dawned on us what he was telling us. Right. He was just making the statement that you’d make a lot of and this is back in the 90s, right? Yeah. And that was a ton of money. And then a few years after college or high school, I was like, wait a minute, I could have been making those $50 an hour.

And now it’s even more. This is the 90s, right? It’s like 150, almost $200 an hour for some. Yeah. And they’re in demand. Yeah. My wife was the HR exec for Davy coach out in Sedalia and buses and all that stuff, and from the ski resorts to nursing homes to all that type of things.

And she still does here and here, consulting for them. But when they’re hot, they can’t find people to work on

vehicles. And she always goes, like, we’ve got a great we’re like, whatever, nine to five. And sometimes on the weekends, unlike some of these

car dealerships where you’re there until 09:00 at night, you’re there weekend. I hear, like, oh, jeez, like the hours that the dealerships are requiring out of their mechanics, they’re like, well, you got a good gig here. They have a mobile mechanic or two, I think, but they can’t find those people.

You can make a good living in the trades and the school system. I think they frown upon it. I think they make you seem like it’s not a good idea. I know, go ahead. They tell you college is the answer to everything. But what comes with college, you get a degree, you get an education, it can’t be taken away from you.

Comes with a bill. Comes with a bill is what I was going to say. Really big bill sometimes, right? Yeah. But if you learn a trade, often they will pay you and apprentice you until you’re in. Right. Now, you may do some ASC mechanical schools. You take like a six month course, but it’s not near a four year degree’s cost.

Oh, yeah, not even close. Yeah, just going through I mean, that’s what people frowned upon, my decision to be a contractor, when I said I think I’ve said it here, that I didn’t just see the root of being a PE

teacher and I really want to coach football, and I just didn’t see the root. And

I love houses and building houses. It’s still a passion of mine. I love architecture and houses and design, and that’s like, I didn’t go and do that. I was, like, close

to pursuing that, but I liked putting my hands on stuff and working. It’s satisfying, but it was frowned upon. And I think it wasn’t brand new, but maybe

I had a car. I forget what that? Ford Escort. It was an escort. Yeah. Well, maybe I had a Ford Escort then. I had a Ford, the full size Bronco, and then I bought an F 150, and

I think the car salesman said I was making more money than he was,

and I think I was 20.

You can make good money in trades, but it was frowned upon. Oh, you’re not going to college, you’re a loser. You’re a loser. And

I had a house before one of my football coaches.

I did it myself. But that’s a byproduct of the trades that you can do stuff and get your own sweat equity out of things. Because what I’d like to see is trades come back to schools. The thing is, when you put out nothing but a bunch of people who are artists

out of a lot of these schools, because there’s a lot of arts degrees that are given out there, I have one. It’s about as worth as much as the paper it’s printed on. People who make money are going to be your science, your engineers, your people who offer a service like some of.

The wealthiest health care. Yeah, health care is good, but some of the wealthiest people I know barely graduated high school, but they were working since they were, like, 15, and they became their own self employed individuals. They’d hang drywall, they’d paint houses, they’d work on cars, or it was like just service stuff.

They’d open stores. And you’re never taught that? You’re never told that? There’s these other routes. There is just education, education, education. They push it and they push it, and they push it. And really,

you educate yourself more when you own a business than any four year college that I’ve ever seen. You have to know the math. You’ve got to be able to run your business, right? Yeah. You’ve got to learn how to deal with people. So the psychology, you’ve got to learn how to schedule.

You’ve got to learn just to keep people normal. How often are you a psychologist at your job? It happens all the time, no matter what you do. But they don’t tell us in school. So why when did that change? What were they doing?

I kind of remember this crazy push in the 90s when they were like, everybody has to go to college. Has to. But when I got out of school, I didn’t go to college right away. I was painting houses, and I was making a ton of money compared to all of my friends.

I mean, it was good. Yeah. And it can be relative. My wife talks about that like, oh, you’re making all this money, but then the person with a degree outperforms, you in the long haul. But again, it just depends on what you’re

like, that job might top out


mean. I think she was talking about what was she talking about? Ethan is like sports medicine type of stuff, and you look at it what that tops out at versus a doctor, and you’re like, Jesus, you better being a doctor. But the sports medicine stuff and working more athletics and stuff like that, and you’re like, there’s only so many team doctors out there, and probably most of them probably have a private practice or something.

I don’t know,

unless you’re like in the NFL or some sweet freaking college team that’s just got here’s. $250,000. We’re just going to pay you, Josh, to be our team doctor for three months. Okay. Athletic trainer. Okay. But there’s all sorts of different careers. But I was a little fired up about the border, and people just cry.

Like, they’re saying there’s probably, like a million plus getaways. I mean, seriously, people, what are you thinking? Like, how is this a good idea? It’s racist. It’s all this stuff. I am so sick of those people. Like, our borders are not secure.

You can live in fantasy lands and think, oh, it’s all going to be fine. They’re all coming through. Do the math on a million people coming through, and

1% of them are evil or terrorist. I mean, come on. This is ridiculous that we can’t secure our borders. And the people out there saying, you’re racist. You’re wrong. I’m like I’m sorry. Every other country can secure their borders, but we can’t? Are you kidding me? We can just cross the border, but you need a passport to get off a plane and all this stuff.

It’s ridiculous. I think these people are totally wrong, and we need to shut them down and just shut them up. They’re just so loud,

you know? That’s why I want this podcast sometimes, because it’s ridiculous. Just cross the border. How many people?

And I’m like, we’re not too far away from the border, and people just coming up here in Colorado, like, it’s ridiculous. You name it. From human trafficking to just drugs and everything else, we need to secure our borders. It’s ridiculous. I mean, I think the Biden administration’s finally, like, maybe coming around a little bit, but I don’t think so.

Not enough. We could have been securing our borders so long ago, except they make everything freaking political. This is a United States of America. Let’s just vet people. Like, they just can’t come through. So I’m like, what’s their agenda? Why are they here? What’s the agenda that they just want this open border?

We can speculate. I mean, a lot of people say it’s because they want the voters

voting Democrat because they let them through. And the mean Republicans wanted to secure our borders, yet we’re evil. I’m like, I don’t think it’s political. This is about safety of the country, and there’s only so much money. There’s only so much free stuff. You idiots. You’re idiots.

Maybe you should do some more math classes. Yeah, Mr. Einstein. And the people that think they’re just so much smarter than you. There’s only so much money, and we just want to do more free. More free and let these people in and milk off the health care system.

I was pissed off about that, too. We’ll go back to insurance in a second, but it’s just ridiculous. I’m like you’re a moron. It’s like how people say, leave your front door open, like, unlock your car. All this stuff. It’s just so simple in every other country, but yet we can’t I’m just sick of it.

Like, people that just turn everything around. I am just so sick of you. And we have to be I’m sorry. We have to be louder than them because they’re just loud mouths, just dumb asses, in my opinion. Get them, John. Get them, John. But since 2020, I think it was 2028 correct me if I’m wrong if you’re out there, 8 million people have crossed the border into the United States.

8 million people. All right. There’s

barely a million in Denver. Yeah, I can’t remember if it’s 5 million. It’s a pretty big population difference. But imagine that you’ve got an entire

the entire city of Denver can be replaced with illegal immigrants. Yeah. And in New York, once their sanctuary city, now. That they’ve been bust up there. They’re slashing 500 million from police because they have to pay for these illegals. They’ve got to slash the healthcare budget, fire department, police and some of the street stuff.

Sounds like a great plan. A billion dollars. It’s a great plan for people that have done nothing for us. And they’re not nothing. And I’m sorry, I feel like

you’re trying to actually get out of a bad situation in your country.

I feel bad for you. But guess what? You’re not an American. We can only take so many people. We can only take so many people. What about all these other countries in the world? I mean, I know some of them are getting flooded with stuff in Europe, but we can only shoulder so much in this country.

We can only help so much and give so much money. I think it’s just ridiculous. We’ve got to take care of our own. And when I see things, everybody is employed and our education system is just fantastic. Like, why are we paying for college? Why can’t we just educate our kids?

Instead we give billions

around the world to help and wherever it’s funneled and it might be going to good and it might not be. And listen, I’m all for helping people. I hate that. That’s why I teach self defense. I want to empower people. But we can only do so much here.

So a bunch of asylum seekers were in Chicago, went to New York, new York’s. Conditions weren’t as good. So they went back to Chicago because they weren’t getting enough free stuff. Yeah, free stuff. So nothing’s ever free. It comes from every small business owner out there. It comes from your tax dollars.

And if they’re taking the money, there’s nothing left for you. Yeah, you young kids out there that think like everything the government should provide for. Well, I just caught the end of a Kennedy thing. It was on

mean. Actually, I was thinking of the podcast. Now that I think of it. Know Kennedy’s, great speech.

Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country. Freaky. Like, I love that. I mean, I’ve heard that since I was a kid. Now it’s like, what can you do for me? What can you do for me?

Do you remember, was he a Democrat or a Republican? The last great Democrat, as we call. It, the last great Democrat. Exactly where I was going. Phenomenal. But now we just got take, take. I deserve I deserve I deserve you. People are tanking the country. All these people that want to take take, take, they want free.

They want to sit home and just get money because they’re scared to go back out and work. BS. You just want to sit on your lazy ass and sponge off of other people. I’m like, forget it. Forget it. You should be out there doing something, doing something for yourself, for your community, instead of just being a drain on society.

And it’s one thing if

mental illness, whatever it is, disability, but those people feel good when they can work and be productive. It’s these lazy ass people that make excuses. There are some people that they can’t work more. They’ll lose some of their disability, but they want to work, but they can’t because the way things are set up, it’s ridiculous.

Do you have a closing thing on this? Because I don’t want to forget about insurance. There was this premise, and I have a friend who’s writing a book on this now, that a lot of immigrants are filling roles in the job sector that people don’t want, and that turns out to be untrue.

In fact, if you look at every sector of every job, there are Americans constantly fighting for those jobs. And this idea that they fill a certain segment that we don’t have workers for is false. They’re taking over jobs of people who are usually blue collar workers, and that prevents the average American from earning a living.

So whose country is it, yours or theirs?

I know that one gets you fired up, but when people say, we have. To take care of our own, and America’s always been there helping people, and that’s great, but again, we have so many deficiencies in this country. We have to take care of this country. And yes, is the world and global view and everything else.

It’s kind of how politicians like stupid Gavin Newsom always got polite. He’s talking to what is that guy’s name? I’m going to forget. I’m going to hack it. Whoever’s over here, G X is like, over there.

Oh, he’s got some political he’s got some international like, he’s ruining California. It’s like you people leaving California, and then you keep voting

wherever you move, texas, Idaho, you’re just ruining it. You can’t keep voting that way and expect, like, let’s leave. Why are you leaving? And then you’re carrying those views. You can’t do that. People are pissed off about them cleaning up San Francisco for the freaking whatever summit they’ve got going on.

Oh, let’s clean it up for him. But whoa, wait a second. What about us? We’re here. You’re going to just clean it up? I think who was saying something about him

that, oh, when you have guests over, you clean up and he’s what, so you’re going to let your kids poop around your house? All right, so we’re going to have a crappy home. Cut it out. It’s crap. Yeah. Do you think it’s like so it’s okay. Oh, just one guest.

So you live in Slop, right? Are you kidding me? It’s a ping pen. Whatever. I mean, he’s weird. The most dangerous communist in the world was being visited by the most dangerous communist in the world. I’m just saying.

Freaking ridiculous. And again, you’re like, what? You can only go so far. Guys, like, look at the people. Is it Venezuela? Look Cuba. Just look. Look around. Talk to the actual people.

Oh, it sounds like a good plan. Yeah, until what happens when everybody that is working decides, like, well, let’s not really be as productive because it doesn’t freaking pay to be productive.

And again, it’s health care. So

because I guess it was a year or two ago, I couldn’t get on the family health plan because I was misdiagnosed with a blood clot after meniscus surgery on my knee. So put you on a blood thinner. My wife’s like, you should go to the hospital, had some pain, some swelling.

So I was literally on blood thinners for like a day or two. And now

they’re like, it’s been five years. You can reapply know what they said. That you can’t be insured or it’s expensive for you. No. They said, well, because you appealed that decision, and they said no. Yeah,

no, you can’t be added on and go through the process. So they basically said, you’re going to have to get a letter from your doctor or a doctor that says you’re recovering or not, like some just medical BS. And I’m like, oh, wait a second. This was a misdiagnosis in the Er

rescanning a day or two. Like the blood clot just didn’t magically go away. They misdiagnosed you in the Er. You never had it. You never should have been on it. Yet they’re going to stick to this, their BS of not insuring. You trying to do things the right way, and you’re punished.

It just makes you sick and tired of these people coming over the border and sponging off and getting health care, and yet you, as an American, try to do it the right way. And you’re told, hey, we’re not going to insure you. Are you kidding me? So I have to be on the stupid Colorado plan.

I’ve got to talk to a doctor and get a letter. But it’s ridiculous. These insurance companies

are ridiculous. They just don’t want to pay right here’s. The kicker is that you are a tax paying American who is very healthy, super in shape, cares about his health, and a permanent medical record follows you around like a weight around your neck. But somebody can cross the border who might be loaded with HIV, they might be loaded with tuberculosis, and they’re allowed to walk over the border, go to a hospital, sit down and get treated no matter what.

Yeah, no matter what. It just makes you so mad. It doesn’t cost them anything after that, right? You go in, oh, yeah, you could have to

freaking some of these things are like $100,000. People go into freaking debt and bankruptcy over their health care as a freaking tax paying American. But hey, come on over the border. New guy that got hurt was spending $100,000 a day. Who what’s that? Had a friend who got into a really bad dune buggy accident and degloved his hand, meaning that the skin on his hand was removed, twisted around, and remained on the hand.

You can imagine. It was a really bad yeah, sounds gross. It was a $20,000 helicopter ride. He required intensive care units. So for two solid weeks, it was $100,000 a day, $2 million bill for the first two weeks. Yeah. But if we were to grab somebody who’s not a citizen of the US who has no name,

gets to go in there, they’ll be treated. They’ll get follow up, and they’ll never have a bill. Yeah. Hospitals will forgive the bill. Like, if they’re a religious institution, sometimes they’ll forgive a bill, but not always. And you’re stuck with it as a citizen, as the most productive member of our society.

You get shafted. Yeah.

It’s crazy. Again, I’m all for helping people

do your thing. It’s kind of like do whatever makes you happy. You’re not hurting people. Do it.

But it can only go so far. How far? It’s these weak people. I think I was saying something in my head. I should have recorded it, but I think I was watching football.

I don’t like talking. I don’t like talking. Dang it. Actually, my wife was listening to her short. I’m like, Why don’t I didn’t say I’m like, Why? You don’t listen to me in front of me. I don’t like, I’m sitting right here.

Stop watching my short.

I don’t want to hear it.

Well, I guess she was listening. I’m like what? I’m like, oh, she’s listening to the one. I said why? Why do you train? And I said, I’m not going to be I don’t think it’s all that probable that I’m going to need it, but I’m certainly not going to be the smock that can’t defend his wife or doesn’t have training whatsoever.

And I’m like, God, I’ve trained for 30 years. You know you can die. You know you can lose. You know what happens. It’s the world of fighting and self defense. It’s just a fact. But at least I know I can die. There’s so many guys out there think they can kick ass, and they can barely do ten squats.

It’s ridiculous. But get after it. It’s these people that think, like, you were actually we’re saying something about people being pacifist.

You’ve got to protect yourself.

I don’t understand. I don’t want to hurt anybody. If I can get away without hurting somebody, I would prefer to do that. I would prefer to use my mind and outsmart somebody. Just comply, give them the money, whatever it is. If you can get away without hurting somebody violently and going to guns or going to a knife or just smashing the face or snapping their arm, I would rather not do that.

But it’s ridiculous where people

aren’t willing to protect. They’re not protectors. They’re not that peaceful warrior that we talk about here. It just blows me away. Like, there’s boys out there that don’t fight, you’re going to get run over. If there’s not that warrior side of your population, evil people will take over the Pacifist.

It’s all well and good

until they come and slaughter your family. And these people that think, like, supporting I’m sorry, I know you like supporting Hamas and they would kill you. It’s like the

like, I don’t think they believe in your way of life, but you’re going to support them. How dumb are you? It just makes me go like, how dumb are you? You’re supporting somebody that would kill you. Behead you. Behead you. Yeah. Anybody that hurts children

has a special place in my heart because I want to destroy you. The only time I really see you get angry passionate is when someone’s hurt a kid because you’re a dad, the first thing you think of is if that was my kid.

Yeah, I like kids. I like baby animals. I do too. I like giraffes. My wife loves giraffes. Giraffes. I always say I the panda when I work out because I’m kind of. Like a oh, yeah, yeah. I’m round and soft and lazy. Well, you need to freaking get some more days in then.

Round and

panda. John, I theta delete that out of my memory.

We need that. We need people that are willing to step up and protect and these people that are just total snowflakes and think and that these people don’t want to destroy you. I’m sorry, they do. I don’t understand where you’re coming from that you think

that they’re going to be nice to you because you supported them.

They don’t even care. They just think you’re the biggest idiot in the world.

I can only imagine their podcast, like, look at these jackasses just go turn. On some Al Jazeera and you can kind of watch what goes on in the world. Like some of the our media rarely reports some of the really crazy things that are going out there, the very anti Semitic views, the violence that’s brewing.

Right. And how many people snuck in over the border that might have those ill intentions. And I think it’s way too many. And I think it’s time that we start using our door knockers to go out there, our army, because there’s groups out there that can fix the problem.

But right now, our administration has no desire whatsoever to do that. And it’s just going to continue. It’s more the same as long. You cannot continue this problem

another four years. It’ll be crazy. The amount of trying undoing just the amount of free people like you’re saying how many illegals are coming and crossing the border on a daily basis. We cannot sustain that. Right. And how many are coming across the northern border, too? You want to talk about the most unmonitored border in the world?

It’s the northern border.

I could say something about Canada. We got friends up there, so let’s go back for now. No, but come on, it’s cold up there, dude. Who could? Like, Canada is probably beautiful, but I have a hard enough time with snow. It’s beautiful up there, but yeah, they’re like, nobody wants to cross that border.

It’s too snowy and cold. Yeah, only for part of the year.

People need to smarten up. People really do need to smarten up. So I guess we’ll wrap it up there. We can only do this stuff for so long, guys. We need warriors, and real warriors want peace. They don’t want their brothers and sisters killed. They just are protectors. And we cannot keep giving free money out there.

We cannot do it as a country. We cannot sustain just letting people cross the border. We can only tax the system. There’s only so much freeloading and how much? You can stay home and sponge off the system. Get out there. Be productive. Do something. Start with yourself. Build a community.

Find a community and just keep plugging away. And we’ve got to have a louder voice than these loud mouths that are just saying it’s racist to do this or this and that. Cut it out. I’m just so sick of those people. Just cut it. That’s I guess I could just wrap it up on shut up.

You’re a jackass.

You’re going to hit the button. Josh loves to hit the button. It’s the only time he can stop me.

Josh, you ruined the shot throwing stuff at me. So violent. So, guys, have a great Thanksgiving. This came out, or it’s coming out the day before Thanksgiving, a day early. Enjoy your family out there and then eat, be merry, celebrate your family, because time is short on this planet, but get back after it.

We’ve got the Great Turkey burn here. Her meteor or meteor. If you were in class and watch that short the other day, cannot talk, but enjoy your family. Get out after it. We’ve got the annual turkey burn on Friday at 930 for project fit and for Krav MAGA.

And that means there’s two workouts, guys, you can take your pick. So if you’re afraid of one, you can do the other. But really do something that’s going to make you better. Maybe that workout that you’re not comfortable with is going to make you a better human being. All right, guys, take care.

Thanks for listening. It means a ton to Josh and myself.

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