Staying Alive For Krav Maga Green Belt

I’m so proud  to have this guy in my gym. He tested for his Krav Maga Orange belt last month. At 72 years this former Army Green Beret is the oldest student I have had the honor in testing for this level. Jack Morin has said more kind words about Rocky Mountain Self Defense and Fitness and liken our students to those he trained with in the Special Forces. He is an inspiration to our members, who see him train in our afternoon Krav Maga class. He would say he is holding them back. No way Jack, you are true warrior! They need to see that.

Jack has informed me he may not live long enough to receive his green belt. My response to him today was “you better not die until you make it, if you want it so bad. Then LIVE FOR IT!” And lets not forget about  your awesome wife another reason to stay with us.

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