Self Defense How To | Chokes With A Push From The Side #Krav Maga

All right. What we’re talking about right now is getting pushed, not straight in. Right. Too many krav maga students get tied in with, you know, learning that basic choke from the front or choke from behind with a push. Well, what happens? Things aren’t perfect. What happens if he comes at me at a little bit of an angle?

What happens if it’s a, uh, choke from the side more so, and I’m getting pushed? Josh, you’re being, like, overly creative there. One job. Stay there. Uh, stay there. So from here, I want you guys to think about getting pushed from the side this way, right. I’m either going to bait into choke from the front, and we’ll mock this one up.

We’ll do it again, John. And depending about the angle, right, a little bit more from behind. But the side, he pushes me, and now I’m basing, and it’s choke from behind with a push. It’s either one of those, right? And I say at this level, you can go here, John.

Uh, from here, I get pushed again. It was a surprise. I’m here and now based into choke in the front. Boom. And that fights on. And I want to watch some of you guys on time, watch your punches. I’m seeing bad ones around class. I’m seeing, like, pushes when I’m going slow and smooth this way, I’m making that light contact, and I’m in that range in some really bad wrist positions and pushing and overextending your punch.

So don’t think about it. It gets a little bit not perfect, but it’s kind of from the side. You’re going to have to base and address the danger. Go ahead. Don’t just come on slow. Uh, right. Base and address the danger. And it’s your regular chokes with a push.

All right, that’s what I want you guys working on this week. Go.

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