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Why Choose Rocky Mountain Self Defense and Fitness Over A Traditional Globo Gym, Traditional Martial Arts, or A Different CrossFit affiliate?

About Rocky Mountain Self Defense and Fitness

Rocky Mountain Self Defense & Fitness strives to be a family friendly training facility.

We have highly skilled and competent coaches who care about their students. We don’t care about being the biggest gym in town or about putting trophies on the wall. We care about the personal success of each member in our entire gym.

Mountain CrossFit Serves The Communities of Castle Rock, Castle Pines & Larkspur CO

We started out as a Krav Maga gym in 2006 with the focus on giving the community a practical place to train in self defense. We are not another Martial Arts school or Sport/ MMA gym. We are about real life training. There are no rules when someone attacks you or your family, Krav Maga is the answer to no rules fighting.

In 2008 we added Crossfit to the line up. We saw Crossfit as a very complimentary strength & conditioning program to Krav Maga. Crossfit and Krav Maga share many similar philosophies: practical, anyone can do it (scaleable for all abilities, easy to get started, functional, no nonsense approach), always pushing your limits. We knew it would benefit our existing members as well as bring it new members interested in functional fitness program.

The entire coaching staff at Rocky Mountain Self Defense & Fitness are focused on practical training. We do not believe that there are any quick fixes to get in shape. Nor do believe any of the programs we offer are “fad” workouts. We are about training for LIFE!

We are Not a Globo Gym offering Crossfit. No Mirrors nothing fancy just real Training with real results.

We are not a MMA or Martial Arts school offering self defense on the side. Sport and training for belts is not what we are about.

Serving the CrossFit and Krav Maga communities of  Castle Rock, Castle Pines, Lone Tree, Parker, Englewood And Larkspur.

The following features are what set up apart from any other martial arts & fitness facility, both CrossFit affiliates and otherwise. Find out what makes Rocky Mountain Self Defense the best gym in Castle Rock, CO:

What Really Sets Us Apart From Other Local CompetitorsCastle_Rock_Krav_Maga_24

  1. Small Class Size – Most Classes Taught By One Of The Two Owners
  2.  Owner John Hallett Has 20+ Years of Coaching Experience
  3. Owner Jenny Jaeger Has 6+Year of CrossFit Coaching Experience
  4. Lots Of Coaching in Every Class
  5. Friendly People
  6. Locally Owned

Community Events


The strength in our facility lies in our community. From gym nights out, BBQs & Halloween/Christmas parties to fitness competitions like the Tough Mudder. As well as our gym Fundraiser for the Second Wind Fund, our members are more than just fitness / self defense crazies.


We believe that Krav Maga & CrossFit better the community. We want to create a family who likes to workout together as well as go out and have a good time outside of the gym. It’s not just about being safer & stronger it’s about being a better community.

There our a few key things in having both Krav Maga & CrossFit under one roof.

  1. Space – we have our Krav Maga training in the front half of the Gym with aCastle_Rock_Mountain_CrossFit_Krav_Maga_1 fenced outdoor training area. CrossFit takes up the back with higher ceilings for rope climbs and our 14’ Get RX’d Rig as well as fenced outside training area. We are also located next to the rec. paths for all of our running WODS.
  2. Waiting Area – we have a room just for parents watching class or for kids waiting for parent to finish up their workout.
  3. Parking – we have ample parking on our lot as well as plenty of street parking.
  4. Members’ Lounge – With lockers, CrossFit PR boards and a fun foosball table for some after workout fun.
  5. Member Extras – Showers,  Full Krav Maga & CrossFit pro-shop, snacks and drinks.

New Meridian Village Krav Maga Location

11800 E. Oswego  Unit #D40 Just 1.5 Miles East Of I-25 On Lincoln Ave.

Specialty Programs & Seminars


We don’t just offer personal training and group classes. We feel all our members can benefit from added training. So we offer one day seminars or special classes.

We offer following specialty programs:Getting1-300x225.jpg

  • Personal / Group Classes
  • Nutrition / Diet Coaching!Mobility
  • Weightlifting
  • Gun, Knife & Stick Defense
  • Street Fighting 101
  • Home Invasion & Car Jacking
  • Active Shooter 
  • Kids Street Safety/Smarts


Our specialty programs help members tackle their weaknesses, and they simply provide more options for experienced members who want to try something new.

Personal Training


We offer 30 & 60 minute training sessions in addition to our group classes.Castle_Rock_Krav_Maga_12


Because group classes aren’t always for everyone. This is for athletes wishing to get ahead on more complex techniques (From Oly lifting to Krav Maga Weapon disarms).

Apprentice Coaching Program


We are a Self Defense & Fitness training center. This extends to our members who want to take their learning to the next level. We are always looking to train and mentor the next generation of Krav Maga/CrossFit professionals who want to share and grow their passion with others.

What this means to you is all of our staff go through not just a weekend course. All of our coaches go through a 2-3 year apprentice program.


We want to ensure that your coaches are experts when it comes to Krav Maga self defense or CrossFit fitness, strength and conditioning. We do not let a child teach classes as part of a martial arts “black belt requirement” your child is too valuable for that. Nor do we let the weekend certified Crossfit coach head up a class. There is so much more to being a coach at Rocky Mountain Self Defense & Fitness.

Did you know, owner John Hallett is a member of the Krav Maga Alliance Training Team.

Training and certifying instructor candidates around the country.