RMSDF Freedom Gatherings

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  1. It’s Still America The Home Of The Free & The Brave
  2. We are in compliance with the latest governor’s executive order section I. H. and will be practicing social distancing
  3. We want everyone to be safe and do what is right for them, therefore we will continue offering Zoom classes & follow along with lessons and workouts.



 Castle Rock Gathering Spot

Bison Park: 1390 Clear Sky Way, Castle Rock, CO 80109


Castle Rock Krav Maga Park Schedule 


M-W-F 6am

M-W-F Noon

Mon – Thurs 6:30pm

Sat 10am

Women’s Krav Maga Fri 6:00 pm


Kids & T-N-T Krav Maga

Mon – Fri 5pm


CrossFit Kids

Mon & Wed 4:30pm



5:30 am Mon- Fri

9:30am Mon-Fri

5:30pm Mon-Fri

9am Sat



Meridian Krav Maga Gathering Spot

Challenger Regional Park

17299 Lincoln Ave, Parker, CO 80134

Back Parking Lot on Recreation Drive.

Adult Krav Maga


6am Tues & Thurs.

M-W-F Noon

Mon- Thurs 6:30pm

Sat 10am


Kids Krav Maga

Tues & Thurs 5:30pm



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