Rear Naked Choke Vs. Knife

Rear Naked Choke Vs. Knife

 I train all the time, and I know there’s always somebody bigger, stronger than me. I could die at any given day. But train more, suck less, right? Make yourself harder to kill. We’re talking about today? Being in a rear naked choke. And now am I legally justified to go to my weapon?

Well, if he puts me unconscious, he could do whatever he wants to me, to my family, to my daughter, wife, whatever it may be. I feel I am justified here. But again, this is your life, so you do what you want to do here. I feel like I need to go to another weapon here.

I’m not able to escape it. So we’re going to do you’re going to put me in it. And of course, these stabs are subjective. If I don’t go out, he’s a lot stronger than I am. We’re saying that this guy’s maybe going to react to getting stabbed himself, or am I able to get a stab into the femoral artery somewhere in there?

Of course we’re going to go slow because I don’t know, I’m not going to have much the way I deploy this weapon to offer a stab here. And I don’t like bringing that weapon up near my face, generally speaking. But we’re going to go slow. Guys, you want to train crazy and out of control with your friends, go ahead.

But we’d like to keep our eyeballs here. So I have found myself in that rear naked choke. All right, we’ll just say three, two, one, go. You ready? Yes. All right. So three, two, one, go.


couple stabs there. And again.

I’m ready for it, right? I am in this going. I’m ready to deploy my knife right away. And being here, I’d be going like I should be trying. I was not able to do anything here, so from here, we’ll just do it again. You can keep squeezing. You can keep squeezing on the go.

Like, put it on there strong and we’ll see how many stabs I’m able to get before I’m starting to feel really lightheaded. All right, so nothing was working. I got to make this call right here. Are you set? Three, two, one, go.

Like two, three, four. Right. And all to the leg. Right? And they’re all I mean, I’m not able to get into her.

that going


to change him, as we know? He might not even realize he’s been stabbed until I’m unconscious on the ground, but at least I created some sort of injury to this guy. You’re going to limit his ability. Whatever. There’s a lot of what ifs, guys. That’s why you’re just going to train, train and train some more.

That’s what we do here at ClearSky Training and We want to train and be well grounded in all aspects of self defense for the street. That’s what we’re doing here. All right, guys. Get out there somewhere. Train more and suck less.

this here, guys, you can see you’re going unconscious before you’re doing any real damage to this guy. When would you go for that knife comment below?

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