Project Fit

Project Fit is our brand of Fitness. Our approach is “Fitness For Life”  

We aim to help Everyone Find Fitness & Wellness.  

This program offers small class sizes, that allow

our coaches to  provide individual guidance.

Helping You Achieve Your Wellness Goals.










The Class – A Bit Of Everything


Body Weight Exercises
Light Weights
Functional Movements
It’s Always Different, Never Boring!

Think Bootcamp -Think Tabata/Hiit -Think CrossFit Light


We are More Than Just Going To The Gym

Get a coach who will keep you motivated and safe.

We are a small community of like minded coaches & members.

For 12 + years we have offered Fitness classes with a focus on our members.

We are not trying to be bigger. We are your small town family gym.

Our Aim Is To Offer Big Service

Not A Big Box Gym.

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