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“Building Strong Minds & Strong Bodies”
“Our Number One Goal Is Building The Black Belt Mindset”

Our Kids Krav Maga class offers so much more than a martial art. What is a Black Belt Mindset? The Short Answer Is A Winning Attitude In Life. What Will Your Child Learn On The Way:

Self Control
Indomitable Spirit

And So Much More

Kids Krav Maga Building Strong Minds & Strong
Kids Krav Maga Class In Castle Rock


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Kids Krav Maga – Practical Self Defense for ages 3.5-14yrs

Building Strong Confident Young Adults

From Stand Up to Ground Self Defense

Kids Krav Maga is Built Around Natural Responses to Danger.

Understanding Bullying

Real Self Defense No Forms or Kata

Fitness & Fun

Great For Girls

Building skills to last a lifetime!


Kids Krav Maga | Youth Martial Arts Program encompasses Krav Maga, Martial Arts, Fitness, boxing, Grappling and self-defense presented in an age-appropriate fashion. All of our kid’s classes are big on FUN and our foremost goal is to help kids grow into responsible young adults by building “strong minds and strong bodies.” With A Black Belt Attitude in everything they do in life. Our program is guaranteed to foster good values, responsibility, confidence, respect and will offer your child positive life lessons. If you want your child to learn Life Skills & Practical Self Defense skills that will last a life time, this is the class for them!

Krav Maga was designed for real world application. It was designed  to work for men and women. Everyone has to serve in the Israeli  Army, so it has to work for all sizes and abilities.  If you are looking for the benefits of a Martial Arts program ( Tae Kwon Do, Karate & others)  but would also like to give your child real skills to defend themselves Kids Krav Maga is your answer.

Our kids love to me featured in our Member of the Month Post. Once a month we pick a Kids Krav Maga member from each location Castle Rock & Lone Tree / Parker. Who stands out in all aspect of Krav Maga and Black Belt Mindset.