RMSDF 6 Week Meal Plan & Guide


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Rocky Mountain Self Defense & Fitness 6 Week Paleo Guide Meal Plan


Keep It Simple, Eat Clean

Keep it simple when choosing your meals. Can you grow it in a garden? Can you hunt it? Whole foods are the best. It’s the Fast Food and The Processed Food making America FAT.


Long Term Success 


Do you want to succeed over the long term?  We see members make significant progress in the 1st few months of training. After that we see a leveling of in weight loss and body fat loss. You must change your diet if you want long term success.


The 80/20 Rule


The 80/20 rule is eating clean 80% of the time and only allowing 20% crap. You can also try eating clean 6 days a week and having one “Cheat Day”. In the hopes of making the cheat day less and less over time.


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