Message for Advanced Upper Belts & Instructors

  Hey Team.  As many of you already know, in the back end of things here at the gym we have been working on an idea to promote better communication between Staff, Instructors, and Students.  This is the launch of that idea.  

  Many of you already have access to the Instructors Group through the Band app, we are now using the same idea for the whole gym and we need your guys’ help in heading this out.  We have divided the schedule into groups, or “Squads”, by class times. Both Students and Instructors will join the Squads for the class times they usually attend/teach, lead and generally organized by you guys.  John and the other full-time staff will be managing and participating as well but we need you guys to be participating and being “hands-on” with the Squads.

  What we are wanting this launch to do is promote better communication throughout the gym as well as give the opportunity for leadership and mentoring of newer students by the more experienced upper belts and Instructors.  Both things we have seen benefit students before, and we are excited to see what this will do on a larger scale.

  With the Band app, and in your Squads there many things you can do, from group and individual communication, group posts, challenges, and polls.  We encourage you all to do some looking into the features of the app. Attached with this message are links to the list of current squads for you to join, as well as YouTube videos for more information into the app.

  Let us know if you guys have any questions with the launch and where we can help.

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