Lone Tree Krav Maga Summer 2018

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Lone Tree Krav Maga Summer 2018

Hey Lone Tree! Looking to start Krav Maga this summer 2018? You can get started working towards your self-defense & fitness goals today. Just fill out the contact form on this page to get started. We want to help you achieve your Krav Maga goals whether it’s confidence, fighting skills or overall better fitness. If you are in Lone Tree Krav Maga, especially if you want to be safer and stronger.


We are on Lincoln Ave & Oswego St. In the Meridian Village Center next to the Great Beginnings Cafe.

Do you Want Real Krav Maga?

John Hallett has been in the business of Krav Maga for 16 years now. I love helping people feel safer and stronger.  The RMSDF team has spent the last 12 years serving Castle Rock. With all the calls and emails from Lone Tree and Parker area residents, we decided to open up in Nov. 2017 in the Meridian Village center. Located next to the Great Beginnings Cafe & Lora’s Doughnuts. We have the added benefit of being on the South side of Englewood. In fact, our mailing address is 11800 Oswego St. Englewood Co, 80112, consequently it’s what you want to input into your maps/ GPS. If not you will end up on the other side of Lincoln Ave in Parker.

Why  Lone Tree Krav Maga and not MMA or A Traditional Martial Art?

Krav Maga has one main goal Go HOME SAFE! We are not a sport. We art not “practicing an art” We respect those things if it’s what you are after. At RMSDF our students want to feel safer if anything happens in the real world. They are not concerned with getting in a ring fight. They want to be able to handle themselves against a bigger attacker. There are no weight classes in the street. Let alone a rapist attacking a bigger victim. Let’s not be a victim to any assault.

There are no time outs in a self defense attack in addition to learning self defense you will get in better shape as a result of your Krav Maga workouts. I like to say ” I want to be stronger than the person who attacks me” and my wife and family may need me.

2 weeks of Krav Maga @ RMSDF.

Krav Maga was designed to work for everyone. It has to everyone serves in the IDF. Big or Small – Male or Female Krav is designed to work. Women’s Only Krav Maga can be a great start for women, looking EMPOWER themselves with a real “martial art”.

Click Here To Get Started


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