Krav Maga Monthly Challenge!

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Oct 2018 Challenge | 10 Exercises 1 Min Each

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Oct Krav Maga challenge

1 minute each station
1 minute rest between stations
You get to “rest” when you hold the pad for your partner.
All strikes should be full power!

1. Squats
2. Front Kicks to pad (at home in the air)
3. Push Ups
4. Punches to pad (at home in the air)
5.Mountain Climbers
6. Round Kicks to pad (at home in the air)
7. Furey Jumping Jacks
8. Hammer Fist to pad (at home in the air)
9. Sit ups
10 Burpees

total rep = your score

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Sept 2018 Challenge | Crunchy Frogs

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60 Seconds As Many Reps As Possible

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Monthly Challenge Winners

August 2018 Bear Crawls Across the Gym

This workout challenge is going to be tough. It will challenge you physically and mentally. Starting at a steady but not all out pace maybe the way to approach this one. Good Luck Everyone!

July 2018 Round Kicks

Meridian Kids Alex Meridian Adults: Tony O’B 523 & Kaci 297 Castle Rock Kids: Mason H Castle Rock Adults: Devin  352 and Sarah  with 345 Overall Winner Tony!

June 2018 Front Kicks


  DEVIN B. = 1,043

  NOELLE K. = 476


  TONY O. = 1, 037

  KACI B. = 785

May 2018 Mt Climbers

Castle Rock

  Devin B. = 1,043

  Noelle K. = 476


  Tony O. = 1, 037

  Kaci B. = 785

Good job everybody!  Mountain Climbers are no easy task and you all certainly destroyed them.  Let’s stay positive and CRUSH June’s Challenge; Front Kicks.[/et_pb_text][/et_pb_column][/et_pb_row][/et_pb_section]

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