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Kids’ Krav Maga

At Rocky Mountain Self-Defense & Fitness (RMSDF), we help our members to become physically and mentally fit so that they can succeed in all areas of their lives. The only self-defense system we teach is Krav Maga, as we believe this specialized form of martial arts is all a person needs, at any age, to defend themselves. Krav Maga originated in Israel and has been widely used in the military and law enforcement. Focusing on real-world situations, it incorporates wrestling, judo, karate, boxing and fight training techniques.
Our Kids’ Krav Maga training, like our Adult Krav Maga, teaches practical self-defense techniques, but it is geared towards children’s abilities and centers on actual situations that they might encounter in their daily lives. In addition to training physical strength and self-defense skills that keep children safe, Kids’ Krav Maga builds self-confidence and other life skills, so that children can be both physically and mentally strong.

Can Children Learn Krav Maga?

With the right trainer and proper discipline, children can most definitely learn Krav Maga. It’s one of the easiest forms of martial arts to learn, as it’s based on a person’s natural responses to threats and dangers. A Kids’ Krav Maga class is very different from an adults’ class, as emphasis is placed on situations that they might face, such as bullying. The lessons go at a pace that children can follow, and techniques are modified to suit their ages and abilities. At RMSDF, our Owner and Director of Krav Maga, John Hallett, began coaching children in 1991. All our coaches are certified instructors, and those who teach Krav Maga for kids have experience in training children in this martial arts discipline. We teach Krav Maga to children in a caring yet “get tough” manner, and our children’s Krav Maga training is designed to be fun while challenging them and keeping them excited and interested. Krav Maga is also an exceptional way to instill self-confidence. It is our mission to empower youngsters with optimal health and confidence that will improve their lives and stay with them forever.

Is Krav Maga Good for Kids?

With our Kids’ Krav Maga program, there are many benefits. Krav Maga is no ordinary martial arts technique, nor is it just a fitness class. It is a children’s martial arts discipline that imparts other important life skills. We focus on self-defense, fitness and self-confidence.
Benefits of Kids’ Krav Maga include:
• Self-Defense Skills – Instead of just the usual forms and drills of a martial arts class, Krav Maga for kids teaches them effective tools and techniques that they can use in situations they might be confronted with while at school, on a playground and elsewhere in their lives. Because of this real-life approach, children will be more engaged in the training process. They will learn to become aware of their surroundings, what they should do if they are attacked and when as well as how to avoid a fight.
• Self-Confidence and Self-Esteem – By learning a martial arts system, children will develop mental strength, agility, awareness and confidence. This isn’t just about physical strength. They’re taught to think and react intelligently so that they can effectively handle unexpected events and use creative problem-solving. This type of training will serve them well throughout their lives, and it will instill a feeling of confidence, no matter what challenges they face.
• Physical and Mental Fitness – Your child will get a lot of exercise in a Kids’ Krav Maga class and it will be purposeful exercise. The physical training will target muscles they’ll use in their Krav Maga classes and in life. They’ll be taught about their body’s limits and how to safely challenge themselves so they can move past those limits. Our classes are holistic, in that we help children to develop and maintain themselves through healthy exercise, good nutrition and mindfulness. The proper mindset and the necessary physical skills that are required to support it will keep your child safe when they’re away from home. Attainment of the proper mindset is what we refer to as The Peaceful Warrior.
• Socialization in a Supportive Community – At RMSDF, we pride ourselves on the strength of our community. Your child will be training and communicating with their coaches, their peers, and in time, with Krav Maga beginners as they once were. This is a safe, respectful community that is extremely supportive while teaching core values such as compassion, empathy and leadership.
Other skills that are learned in Krav Maga for kids include flexibility, coordination, self-discipline and focus, self-control and respect (both for oneself and for others). You may find that the level of concentration, self-discipline and focus that Krav Maga training requires will translate to other areas of your child’s life, such as their interpersonal relationships and their schoolwork!

What is the Minimum Age to Learn Krav Maga?

A Krav Maga Kids’ martial arts program is designed for those who are under the age of 18, although by the age of 14, most children have the physical ability to be in an adults’ class. The minimum age for Kids’ Krav Maga classes can vary between training centers. And while our Kids’ Krav Maga classes will have children of different ages, movements and exercises are modified accordingly for each child’s age, experience and ability.

Two Convenient Locations: Castle Rock & Englewood

The RMSDF dojo has two convenient locations: one in Castle Rock and one in Englewood (Meridian Village / Lone Tree).

Castle Rock

780 Kinner St.
Castle Rock, Colorado 80109

Englewood (Meridian Village / Lone Tree)

11800 Oswego St.
Unit #D40
Englewood, Colorado 80112

Kids’ Krav Maga at RMSDF

If you think your child may be interested in our Kids’ Krav Maga self-defense training but you’re not sure it’s right for them, we recommend that you first take a quiz to see if they’re a good fit for RMSDF and Krav Maga for kids. We also invite you to contact us to ask any questions you might have. We offer great ways that your child can check out a Krav Maga class without any commitment. First, you can schedule a free trial class or an introductory class. You can also try one week or 30 days of Kids Krav Maga classes for $9.99 to $39.99. There are different options to choose from, including the ability to take classes at both of our locations. All options include unlimited Kids’ Krav Maga martial arts classes in addition to unlimited CrossFit Kids’ classes.
We look forward to meeting you and your child and starting them on a challenging yet extremely rewarding path of fitness, confidence and practical self-defense skills!