Krav Maga Focus 5.9.16

This Week In Krav Maga

Level 1: Choke From The Front (Single Handed Pluck) And Front Kick Vertical Target

Lets think of some reasons for single handed pluck? And What makes F.K.V.T different from defensive front kick.

Level 2:  Uppercut Punches, General Kick Defense Against a Round Kick And Bear Hugs From Behind

Lets try to focus on range for uppercut punches and when are we using General round kick defense, what are some other dangers of bear hug from behind

Level 3:  General Kick Defense Against a Round Kick With Take Down Options, Advanced Combo’s & Bear Hug Leverage On The Finger(s)

Why Leverage on the finger?

Level 4-6: More Work On Throws & Long Gun Defenses

When are we using throws?

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