This Is A Fun One! It Will Make You Tired Guaranteed! 

Rocky Mountain Krav Maga: Eliminate Drill
Objective eliminate everyone 1-3 times depending on the size of the class.
1. tag someone and do predetermined number of strikes
2. defend an attack or strike Counter attack
3. attachers take a knee once the have hit the “number of strikes” to be eliminated
4. for the most part attackers try to stay away from the person in the drill. being hard to eliminate. Try not to turn this into the Bull In The Ring or Shark bait Drills.(a bit of this video the attackers turn this drill into Bull In The Ring)
This drill can be done with only combatives and slowly adding to it.
A. This Is Fun to add. Find the gunmen who is now an active shooter to the downed pad holders. Have the gunmen enter when they have 2-3 people left to eliminate. to add stress and the sense of urgency. The can not go after the gunmen until the have eliminated everyone.
Eliminate everyone | 2 strikes (smaller groups do 3 or 4 strikes) to every pad holder then options:


July 11.2018 | Gun From The Side

Basic Gun From The Side Disarm
1. Redirect the line of fire.
2. Control the Gun (Get two hands on the weapon side) We Normally would strike but from the side control is more important.
3. Disarm and move away or strike