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Jenny & John Are Proud To Announce

We have taken on a partner for Rocky Mountain Self Defense & Fitness’ Meridian location. Longtime member Jason Glowacki is now a 50% owner of the Meridian location.  We are both extremely happy to have Jason as a partner at Meridian.  As many of you know, before buying in, Jason was in an integral part of the Instructor Team at Meridian.  We knew he was a great match based on the feedback we got from members regarding the increase in service & passion for Krav Maga and student success.

Jason will be running day to day operations & coaching. John will be running the backend operations. Current members will not see any changes in instruction or services. Member testing will remain the same and members with unlimited classes at both locations will remain the same. In the future, there may be an additional charge to train at both locations (secure your rate, sign up today). https://rmsdf.com/signup/

Krav Maga Meridian New Partnership[/caption]


RMSDF Press Release

It is a pleasure to announce breaking news at Rocky Mountain Self Defense and Fitness.  After months of discussions and sharing ideas, John Hallett and Jason Glowacki have decided to merge their successful backgrounds to form a partnership at Rocky Mountain Self Defense & FItness at Meridian Village.  This will allow both locations to continue to offer the high level of instruction and personal coaching that Rocky Mountain Self Defense & Fitness is known for.

Jason Glowacki New Partner At Krav Maga Meridian
Jason Glowacki New Partner At Krav Maga Meridian

“I am thrilled to have ownership in a business that fits my passion.  I am also looking forward to continuing to learn Krav Maga from John who has so much talent and experience”, Jason explains, “this really raises the bar for me and my students.”

John and Jason are entrepreneurs by nature and have successfully run businesses for decades.  By combining their two backgrounds and past success they are looking forward to clear skies and increased opportunities.  Their commitment to self-defense and the members at Rocky Mountain Self Defense & Fitness is certain to increase the overall positive experience at both training locations.

There are so many genuine people that come to class every week.  Your continued support and commitment are very appreciated.  Keep on the path and stay healthy.



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