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Welcome to the new paradigm in personal protection for the Citizen Defender. You’ll never look at your preparation the same way again.

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We are thrilled to announce that Rocky Mountain Self Defense & Fitness has partnered with Integrative Defense Strategies (IDS), a comprehensive self-defense system tailored to the Citizen Defender. IDS is committed to combining hand-to-hand combat with firearm defense skills using intense training methods and drills that enable effective threat response at both close and long distances.

At Rocky Mountain Self-Defense & Fitness, we understand that relying solely on hand-to-hand combat or firearm skills may not be sufficient in critical situations. Therefore, we advocate for a new approach that incorporates both skills as part of a larger, interdependent self-defense system. This system comprises Legal Education, Mental and Behavioral Preparation, Hand to Hand Combative Training, Firearm Implementation, and Simulated Scenario Exercises, providing adaptable options and sound decision-making in different scenarios.

We touch on 5D Core Elements:

  • Legal Education
  • Mental and Behavioral Preparation
  • Hand-to-Hand Combative Training
  • Firearm Implementation
  • Simulated Scenario Exercises

Class Safety Protocol:

  1. No weapons or ammunition of any sort are allowed in the building. Guns, Knives
  2. If anyone leaves the training area they are to be immediately buddy checked by two people before reentering the training area!
  3. If at any time someone perceives a situation to be dangerous or observes an unsafe act, they are to shout “cease fire!” until everyone complies and points all weapons in the safest possible direction until they receive further instructions.
  4. If there’s an activity in the course that you feel uncomfortable participating in for any reason, it is your responsibility to bring it to the attention of the instructor prior to participating.
  5. Unsafe behavior will not be tolerated.

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