How To Defend A Long Gun Threat – Krav Maga Deadside Defense

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Defending A Long Gun Threat

Defending a long gun threat is just that a threat. You are not racing the trigger pull, you are racing the gunmen’s decision to do so.  As in any threat for property give them that and the odds are you will go home safe. If they want to take you somewhere or you feel they will shoot you then it is time to go!

The How-To:

Step 1: Redirect the line of fire off the shortest point of the body. Send the right hand up to the barrel of the weapon, as you blade your body.

Step 2: Control the weapon & attack.  As you burst forward under hook the weapon with the left arm. At the same time strike with the right side to the attacker’s face.

Step 3: Break the gunmen with knee strike to the groin. When they have stopped resisting disarm and move away. The disarm is a rowing style takeaway. The Left-hand moves to the end of the barrel as the right grabs low on the stock. Punch the muzzle into them as the right-hand rows the stock to the outside of the right hip. Just like paddling a canoe.

Step 4: Move and Access the environment. call 911 & be sure to place the gun down as law enforcement arrives on the scene. Without saying you should be away from the gunmen.


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