How Great We Are Now!

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How Great We Are Now!


I dug this out of the archieves. I orginally posted this back in 2016. Jack gave me a call yesterday from Kansas. He is doing well and still has the great warrior mindset.

My partner Jenny Jaeger said to a client the other day “We never realize how great we are in the moment” We all say something along the lines of…”when I was 20….”, “before I had kids I could…”, “in high school I could…”. Being an athlete in any sport, fitness program or martial art after40 takes some reassessing of our ego’s.

I’m always talking to our members at Rocky Mountain Krav Maga & Mountain Crossfit about over training. That the driven athlete can be their own worst enemy by doing to much. A good friend of mine is always trying to keep up with the younger people in his training. Then feeling like he is too old to keep doing classes. If he would just step back for a moment, he would see a guy who is 30 years older than those that he is training with, and hanging pretty darn close to those people in the prime of their lives. Thats impressive in my book!


That’s before I was Born!

Then the other day a member in his 70’s, yes that’s right, 72 years old, messaged me. ( When you think you are too old for Krav Maga or Crossfit, think of him, training in his 70’s.) He wanted to apologize for not being as good as the rest of the people in the Krav Maga class that day. “John. I hate the fact that my life has now become what I once was”. This sparked me to say something after his next class to him and the rest of the class. Keep in mind it’s our mid day class, so it includes home schooled teenagers, stay at home moms and dads, pilot’s and other misc. folks. I told this former Army Special Forces Hero of the Vietnam War, how much I respected and admired him. I hope that I’m in as good of shape as him at 70! His push ups are better then the teenagers. He does as well as the average 40 year old coming into class for the first time. Nothing to be ashamed of, it’s something to admire and strive for. He sent his certs. to me so I didn’t think he was one of the fakers out there. The though of Jack being a faker was the furthest though from my mind. Upon shaking his hand for the first time I new this guy had honor and integrity.

Yes we all slow dowsfmedicgradn as we age. We were faster and stronger in our 20’s, but did we even realize how great we were then?  Some of us can answer yes, but the vast majority of us don’t realize how great we are TODAY.  We are all really good at looking back on how “good we were when…we were 20, or 40, or before we had kids…”.   What we should do is look outside the gym at others our age or younger who do not workout and “SEE HOW GREAT WE ARE NOW!”  What I encourage our members to do is: show up, work hard, learn something, respect your training partners and leave feeling….successful with how great you are TODAY.



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