Krav Maga Homeschool Class


Krav Maga Homeschool Class Castle Rock Co. 80109

Our Krav Maga Homeschool Class is a great place to get some martial arts training in for the whole family or the homeschool kids looking for an exercise program. Krav Maga is a great system when you are short on time. It’s easy to learn and effective when needed.

This program is a great way for the whole family to:

Get In Shape

Learn Real World Self Defense

This Class A Combination of Our Adult Krav Maga And Our Kids Krav Maga Classes Designed For The Homeschool Family

Our Homeschool Class WIll Build Unity & Strength between parents and kids

Kids Ages 5-15yrs. If your child is 14/15+yrs the regular Krav Maga program is most likely the best fit for your family. Contact us for more detail’s.

Contact us for more info or call 720-504-5959


Classes Held Every Monday @ 3pm-4pm

This program is a great fit for HomeSchool Kids & PARENTS!

*Parent Must Have Child  Registered & Present In Class

– Family Discounts

-Varying Membership Terms

-Ages 5 yrs and up

Contact us for more info or call 720-504-5959  Schedule An Intro Class Here