Gym 12yr Anniversary, Awards, BBQ and 10 Years Of Crossfit

Gym Happenings this Saturday! Crossfit Family WOD 3pm – Broomstick Mile. Bring your friends and family to enjoy this partner workout with you! Krav Maga Intoxication – 3pm, see how you do with krav maga after 1-2 shot, or 1-2 beers ect. BYOB, whatever you want to drink! And last 10 Year Anniversary of Crossfit BBQ! Bring a potluck dish and come hangout with everyone at 5pm here in Castle Rock! Sign up sheet are in the Crossfit room and on the front desk! Please sign up so we know how many people will be attending! Hope to see everyone there!

Broomstick Mile- Bring a family member or Friend

In a team of 2 share a bar and each member completes the following exercises for time:

All Movements with PVC. **There will be a Level 3-5 Challenge Weight

25 Back Squats
25 Front Squats
25 Overhead Squats
400m Run
25 Shoulder Press
25 Push Press
25 Push Jerk
400m Run
50 Squat Clean
400m Run
50 Power Snatch
400m Run


  1. Each person must do 25 reps each for squats/press, and 50 each squat clean/snatch. Break it up however needed.
  2. No putting the bar down except for the run.
  3. 5 Burpee penalty during the WOD for the team each time the bar is dropped besides running.
  4. Pass the bar back and forth until each person completes their reps.
  5. You cannot run until both team members complete their reps for the exercise preceding the 400m run.

Krav Maga Awards

CrossFit Kids Awards

CrossFit Awards

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