NAME:  Josh Bowley

AGE:  34


Flight Medic for Airlife Denver

Favorite WOD:  

My favorite exercise right now would have to be CINDY (20 min ARAP; 5 pull-ups, 10 push-ups and 15 air squats) for two reasons.  1st: This exercise more than any other I can see my physical gains in.  When I started I was at 11 rounds modified, my last attempt I was at 18 RX’ed.  2nd: Because it only requires a pull-up bar I can do this at work on days that I’m going to miss class.

Least Favorite WOD:  

My least favorite exercise would have to be FRAN ( For Time; 21,15,9 of 95lbs thrusters and pull-ups), I love her but I hate her at the same time.

How often do you workout at RMSDF?:  

Right now I’m 3-4 times a week but that all depends on work and school.

What motivates you to come to class?:  

This ones easy, all my friends, family and acquaintances at RMSDF.  I’ve had the opportunity to meet some amazing people here and in doing so have built life long friendships; also I love the friendly competition.

What are your goals?:  

For the upcoming 2015 I actually have a few personal goals in CrossFit.  1st: I want to be more consistent with my Muscle-ups.  2nd:  I want to lock in those double unders.  3rd:  I would like to take a level 1 instructor course this summer.

Why do you chose RMSDF?:  

Besides the people it would have to be the coaches and RMSDF’s mantra “Fit For Life”.  I’m thirty four and my never compete in a CrossFit game but I do have a lot of other stuff I love to do like mountain bike, rock climb, and backpacking.  RMSDF helps me to maintain a level of physical fitness to be proficient in all the activities I love.  In addition to this John, Jenny and all the coaches have a way of providing “tough love” that pushes you to the next level even when you don’t think your ready for it.

What Advice do you have for someone thinking of coming to the gym for the first time?:  

It’s all about that first step. CrossFit has a reputation as being a tough guy/gal workout and because of this I think it scares some people away. The thing to remember is that CrossFit is completely scalable to your physical abilities, it’s not about the RX (prescribed weight) it’s about your PR (personal record). So come on in and have a glass of Kool-aid, you are gonna love it here!!