CrossFit Kids Program

CrossFit Kids Program

CrossFit is one of the best known and most popular fitness programs today for adults, providing a full-body workout regimen that helps people achieve their fitness and weight loss goals. But is CrossFit a good idea for kids? Absolutely yes! At Mountain CrossFit, we offer CrossFit Kids classes. This is a specially designed version of CrossFit for children and teens.

What is CrossFit Kids?

This program was introduced in 2004 by the official CrossFit organization. The official organization provides the CrossFit Kids Certificate Course, which certifies trainers in CrossFit coaching methods for young athletes. Course participants learn the necessary techniques and skills for teaching CrossFit to kids safely and effectively, using movements and activities that are appropriate for certain age groups. The key mission is to “pair fitness with fun!” We believe in starting all children on a lifetime path of optimal fitness.
Think of it as “kid-friendly CrossFit.” The children’s program, like the adult version, combines elements of gymnastics, weightlifting and endurance training like running, climbing ropes and jumping, in addition to body-weight training exercises like pull-ups and squats — but classes are adapted for the skills and the ages of younger participants. All our kids’ CrossFit coaches here at Rocky Mountain Self-Defense and Fitness are certified trainers for the kids’ program.

Is CrossFit Safe for Kids?

CrossFit Kids, the branch of CrossFit that is specially designed for children, is carefully programmed to focus on exercises and games that are appropriate for the child’s age group. As with adult CrossFit, movements are adapted to the individual’s fitness level and abilities. As Linda Pescatello, a kinesiology professor at the University of Connecticut, explains in a Live Science article about the program, it can be a fun activity that offers kids and teens enough variety to keep them interested and active. For younger athletes, she recommends that workouts be organized like games or obstacle courses to make them enjoyable — a practice we follow.
In the same article, Yuri Feito, assistant professor of exercise science at Kennesaw State University, points out that as long as children do “kid-specific movements” that are designed for their ages and skills, the group-lesson setting and supportive community of a CrossFit training class helps boys and girls to grow, mature and socialize with their peers. This, too, perfectly defines Mountain CrossFit Kids!
Group CrossFit classes can be taught to children ages 3 to 18.

CrossFit Benefits for Kids

The benefits of the CrossFit Kids program are the same as for their parents — to enhance physical fitness and well-being. However, the benefits for children go well beyond that. Starting children out young with healthy physical fitness activities helps teach proper movement and motor skills and enhances their self-confidence.
Here are the top CrossFit benefits for kids:
• Nurtures a lifelong love of health and fitness
• Gets them off the couch and away from computers, smartphones and TV screens
• Enhances self-confidence and self-esteem
• Helps them to burn energy while getting in shape
• Improves strength, flexibility and coordination
• Enhances self-discipline, self-control, concentration and focus
• Shows them how to set and achieve personal goals
• Discusses good nutrition as part of effective training
• Guides them in learning proper form and technique for workouts
• Helps them to meet friends
• Aids in weight control through fun exercises

How Much is CrossFit for Kids?

We encourage parents to enroll their child in our One Week Trial for just $19.99. This includes unlimited classes, so that your son or daughter can try out CrossFit and see if it’s right for them.
After their one-week trial (during which we predict they’ll have a lot of fun!), there are a few pricing options. We have a six-week trial of unlimited CrossFit Kids classes for $375, which is currently on sale for $299.99. There’s our one-year membership for $169.99 per month (sale price $149.99/mo.) and our Kids Budget six-month membership at $100 per month, with 5 total classes per month. All these plans also include Kids Krav Maga, a self-defense discipline designed especially for children. Our young members are welcome to check it out or just focus on CrossFit.

Two Convenient Locations: Castle Rock & Englewood

The RMSDF dojo has two convenient locations:

Castle Rock

780 Kinner St.
Castle Rock, CO 80109

Englewood (Meridian Village / Lone Tree)

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Find Out if CrossFit Kids is Right for Your Child

Age isn’t the only consideration when determining if CrossFit training is a good match for your child. Does your child listen to and follow instructions? Even with our extremely experienced kids’ coaches, if they have trouble following instructions when it comes to proper techniques for strength training, this may lead to injury or muscle soreness. We provide a Kids Quiz you can take, to see if your daughter or son is a good fit for CrossFit Kids and RMSDF. We also have a form where you can ask us questions about CrossFit Kids, to help you determine if your child will enjoy and benefit from our fun yet challenging form of fitness training.