Congratulations To Caelan & Milla

Congratulations To Caelan & Milla

Check out what these two Kids Krav Maga members have accomplished.

The results are in as the last few states shot this past weekend for the JOAD and Indoor Nationals archery tournament. The kiddos shoot a barebow which is no sight or stabilizer. Their division as Bowman (10-12 yrs) for JOAD will shoot a 60cm target until they reach Cadet which is the 15-17 yr olds, then they shoot a 40cm target. The 40cm targets are only shot for their age group during the national or state tournaments. These were shot at a distance of 18m. Caelan took gold in both JOAD and Indoor. For the Indoor shoot, he beat the national record from 2017 and got a brief mention on the USA Archery page. Milla got 2nd place for the Indoor shoot and placed 5th for JOAD in the nation. Both kids were the only CO kiddos to win gold and silver. This was the kids’ 1st time shooting at Nationals and is their 2nd year competing.…/usa-archery-indoor-national-cha…

“Caelan Shanklin dominated the barebow bowman men’s division with a new national record of 819, more than 150 points ahead of his competition.”

Both kids are also CO State JOAD and Indoor Barebow Bowman champions.  Attached is a pic with their CO indoor champion belt buckles.  They haven’t received their medal(s) yet for the national tournament.  Caelan for the past 4 months keeps breaking his own state records.  


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