Confidence through Self Defense: Castle Rock, CO Semi-Private Lessons

ALP – Accelerated Learning Program

The ALP program offered at RMSDF in Castle Rock, Colorado Provides Individuals seeking a higher level of training with expert level instruction with RMSDF’s head Coach John Hallett 4th degree black belt in Krav Maga, INTEGRATIVE DEFENSE STRATEGIES Level 2.5 and 30 years total training in other various martial arts. John’s Bio Link

The Accelerated Path To Black Belt

  • Looking To Advance Faster?
  • Enriched Class Time
  • Get Personal Attention From A 4th Degree Black Belt With 30 Years Of Coach Experience.

Semi-Private Lessons 4 Students Max

Train hands-on with John – Ask anyone trained in martial arts ” Does your training partner make a difference?”

Create A Deeper Understanding Of

  • Self Defense – Krav Maga
  • Ground Fighting – BJJ for The Street
  • Firearms Training – CCW For The Armed Civilian
  • Legal Use Of Self Defense
  • Functional Fitness – Gassing Out In A Fight Is Not An Option In The Street.
Class Details

12-Week Membership 1 Class Per Week $600 Billed 3 Times – Every 4 Weeks

Take $200 Off The When You Pay Cash In Full $1600

52-Week Membership 1 Class Per Week $500 Billed 12 Times – Every 4 Weeks

Take $1000 Off The When You Pay Cash In Full $5000

Session Times & Days

First and foremost training times need to fit your schedule – message me with your day/time requests

Mondays & Wednesdays 6:00 am, Noon & 6:30 pm

Why Choose Semi-Private Lessons
  • Personal Safety: Learn practical skills to protect yourself and others in various situations.
  • Confidence Boost: Gain confidence in your ability to handle potentially dangerous scenarios.
  • Awareness: Develop a heightened awareness of your surroundings and potential threats.
  • Empowerment: Feel empowered and in control of your personal safety and well-being.
  • Physical Fitness: Self-defense training often involves physical activity, contributing to overall fitness and health.
  • Stress Relief: Engage in a constructive and stress-relieving activity that helps you focus and manage daily pressures.
  • Quick Reflexes: Improve your reflexes and reaction time, crucial in emergency situations.
  • Discipline: Learn and practice self-discipline through consistent training and dedication.
  • Real-Life Application: Acquire practical, real-world skills that can be applied in everyday life.
  • Community: Join a supportive community of individuals with similar goals and interests.
  • Prevention: Understand how to avoid potentially dangerous situations through effective prevention strategies.
  • Life Skills: Develop problem-solving and decision-making skills that extend beyond self-defense situations.
  • Physical and Mental Toughness: Build resilience and mental fortitude through challenging training exercises.
  • Legal Knowledge: Gain an understanding of self-defense laws and ethical considerations.
  • Adaptability: Learn techniques that can be adapted to various situations and environments.
  • Lifelong Learning: Self-defense is a continuous learning process, promoting a mindset of ongoing personal development.

Remember, self-defense training is not just about physical techniques but also about mental preparedness, awareness, and making informed decisions to stay safe in different circumstances.

Message Me With Your Question/Interest

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