Krav Maga Drill – Eliminate

This Is A Fun One! It Will Make You Tired Guaranteed!  Rocky Mountain Krav Maga: Eliminate Drill Full version Objective eliminate everyone 1-3 times depending on the size of the class. 1. tag someone and do predetermined number of strikes...
2018 Parade Info

2018 Parade Info

Parade Info: Parade Starts @ 9:30am!! Line Up starts at 8:30am & 9am on Plum Creek PKWY look for a truck with Krav Maga/Crossfit Banners. Attached Pictures have full parade info. Parents Please be at the pick up location. If not your child will be sold. I mean...

Holiday Gym Schedule

No Classes Dec 24-26 and Dec 31 And Jan 1 Special 6am CrossFit class Dec 27. Have a Happy Holiday , if you are in need of a workout try 150 burpees for time or 400 meters of walking lunges!!