Cancellation Form

A reminder concerning cancellations:

  1. If you purchased a 6 month Basic Membership for example and did not pay in full at the time of purchase, you are required to pay the remaining balance on your purchase. All memberships are for a time period. If you signed up for the Peaceful Warrior Project that is a  3 or 4 year membership and can not be cancelled until the end of the term.
  2. If you have become injured or have become seriously ill. We take those cancellations on a case by case bases. We will require documentation from a doctor or two.  Why? So many people lie to get out of a membership they purchased.
  3. We do allow a non member to take over your remaining time/balance as an option.
  4. Once a membership has reached its auto renewal phase it can be cancelled with 30 days notice. If your next bill is on Oct. 15th, you will need to submit the form below on or before Sept 15th.
  5. All moves require 60 days notice and 2 forms / poofs of move. *transfer papers, new bill, lease agreement ect.

RMSDF Policy and Rules

  1. All unexpected closures will be posted on theRMSDF App &  Facebook RMSDF Members Group. Join the Groups Here: RMSDF Members Group Page
  2. We are closed most national holidays. Please check Website/Facebook or the info board. We  have figured in three weeks of closures per year into our monthly membership fees.
  3. Snow Closures – Are Posted on the RMSDF App & Facebook Join our RMSDF Members Group Page not get group notifications
  4. REMOVE YOUR STREET SHOES WHEN ENTERING THE KRAV MAGA FLOOR. No Street shoes are allowed on the training mats. If you’re wearing your shoes in from the parking lot you will now be required to go barefoot. Please help keep the mats clean, no one likes training in dirt and what ever else is tracked in from the street. You Must NOT WEAR your training shoes outside!! Please change into your training shoes once you arrive at the training center.
  5. Hand Wraps or RMSDF MMA gloves are required during all punching drills involving pads, mitts or on the heavy bags! No exceptions! (no one wants your DNA on the equipment)
  6. All gear must be approved by RMSDF  or gear supplied in Rocky Mountain SDF pro shop.
    Including all fight gear, mma gloves and protective hand wraps.
  7. Student “uniform” must be worn to all Krav Maga classes. KM shirt, pants/shorts?belt and mma gloves for Krav Maga.
  8. Any class with only one person attending is subject to cancellation at the instructor’s discretion.
  9. If you are regularly more then 10-15 minutes late for class it is at the Instructors discretion to admit you into class.
    The warm up is imperative for conditioning and injury prevention.
  10.  We are closed on National Holidays and some Douglas County school vacations.* We have already figured these closings into our monthly tuition pricing.
  11. All membership communications and cancellations must be made in writing or email. **No voicemails or text message of any sort including social media messages.

Classroom Attire  And Required Krav Maga Gear By Belt Level

Visitors: Casual Workout Attire, Sneakers*, Water, Towel
White Belt : Krav Gear (Krav Maga T-Shirt and Pants), RMSDF MMA Gloves, Sneakers (optional), Groin Protector and Mouth Piece
Yellow Belt  All of White Belt and Shin Guards, 16 oz Boxing Gloves
Orange Belt:  All of  Yellow and Head Gear 

Green Belt:  All of  above and HR-1 Training Blade & Training Gun Weapon (in training package) for Green Testing
· All equipment must be RM Krav Maga approved gear.

Classroom Attire CrossFit

Visitors: Casual Workout Attire, Sneakers* & Workout Towel
Students: Your Favorite CrossFit Gear, Water, Towel, Sneakers*

* Everyone must change into workout shoes or make sure there shoes are clean, before stepping onto the training floor. Doing Burpees are bad enough, doing them on a dirty floor really sucks. We strive for a clean gym not a pig sty.
Thank You !