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Voted Best Martial Arts in Castle Rock

Thank you Castle Rock for voting us the Best Martial Arts 2018. We are so grateful. Our #1 goal is to offer the best Krav Maga classes around to keep our members safer with a practical martial art. While others may try to follow us, we strive every day to be our best to give Castle Rock the Best Martial Art possible.

Thank You Castle Rock

Frankly, we were shocked to receive the email saying we had won the best martial arts. Our entire staff has head their heads down this year, working hard on improving the gym as a whole. That we forgot to remind our members to vote for us this year. We are so honored to win this award this year, it means so much to us.

Krav Maga & The Loss Of Our Trademark

A few years ago Krav Maga Worldwide (KMW) lost the trademark to the name Krav Maga. Long story short the judge deemed it the generic word for Israeli Martial Arts. Just like karate to Japan and Tae Kwon Do to Korea. One of the biggest reason for us to join KMW was the commitment to quality. When inquiring about becoming an Instructor they told me on average 30% fail the instructor course because they did not want to be on every street corner like the traditional martial arts. They only wanted instructors who represented the Krav Maga Self Defense & Fighting System like it was originally designed to be. I wanted in!

Beware Of Bad Krav Maga

With the loss of the trademark, it’s buyer beware of what you are getting. We are now seeing low-quality course for Instructors offered by Instructors who had failed KMW courses. It is up to the buyer to research the Best Martial Arts school offering Krav Maga NOW more than ever. It is your safety and your families safety we are concerned about at RMSDF KRAV MAGA.

 We can no longer tell our members that move that a Krav Maga school is the Krav Maga they have been training in. 

The 17th Year

We offer nothing but Krav Maga now working on our 17th year now. I thought I would be adding to my martial arts experience when I went to my 1st of many 7-day instructor courses. I had been doing Tae Kwon Do,  Hapkido and a bit of Judo and Boxing since 1991/92. Boy was I wrong Krav Maga was all I needed. It was a complete self defense & fighting system. Design to work for young and old as well as it was “pretty” like a lot of martial arts. Everyone could do it and BE SAFER Kids and Adults.

Krav Maga is not something that needs to be blended with another Martial Art or Self Defense system. That can be a BIG clue you are in the wrong place if you are looking for quality Krav Maga.


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