Give Us 30 min & we can create a

wellness program that fits your




B2B networking with RMSDF. Do you need employee perks? Need ideas to give back to your clients? We can help with discounts and events.

We can provide:

  • Employee discounts
  • Client events
  • Client thank you’s
  • and more

Fit Employees Are Happier & More Productive!

What Events We Can Do For You?


We love supporting and networking with local businesses! Being a small town gym, we love to partner up with local business like yours and share what we have to offer,

Who wouldn’t benefit with some self-defense skills and all around healthier lifestyle? You could sponsor any of the following events for either your CUSTOMERS or EMPLOYEES.


  • Basic Self Defense Intro
  • Active Shooter Seminar
  • Woman’s Rape Defense Seminar
  • Team Building Seminar
  • Fitness & Nutrition Seminar
  • Defense against Weapons Seminar
  • Family Self Defense Intro
  • Kids Self Defense Intro
Your Customized Event
How It Works:


You Sponsor the event (no charge to you) We provide the
event, location ect.

We charge the public $25 – $50 per person for similar

Employee BenEfIts


Trouble Retaining Employees?

Do you want to offer low cost or free perks
to your employees?
We know the how difficult it can be to offer
employee benefits / perks. As a small business
we struggle with the same issues. Let us help.
Benefits We Can Offer:
  • Employee and family group discounts
  • Team building events
  • and more

Let Us Support Your Business/Organization



We would be happy to share your business with

our members and followers on social media and

our website.


Things we have done for others


  • shared business discounts or offers to our members
  • Post’s on social media
  • booths at our events
  • we would love to hear your ideas

Nonprofits / Churches / Schools


 Let Us Provide:
  • Fundraiser items
  • Teacher discounts
  • The RMSDF team at your event. Providing self defense, fitness tips and fun.