#73 Jordi Mayo’s Racist Video – Revelation of the Fold

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This is the John Hallett podcast with John Hallett. Because the way we’re living, we need to change it. Make it change today. And all learn from failure. Maybe they just wanted it a little bit more than you. That’s probably the fact. And now your host, John Hallett.

Hey, everyone. Welcome back. Thanks for joining me. I just got back with, uh, Bill, Nick and Josh from Minnesota, training with Todd Fosse. Got another level of his ids program under our belts and actually going back again next month for some more training. Just Bill and I think, uh, this time can fit it into our schedules and, uh, get level four done.

And that’s always confusing because that’s five, because there’s a two, uh, and a half in there. So that was good fun. We are still battling this, uh, racist video that Jordie Mayo, uh, posted out on the Internet. And the video on TikTok is really creating us a lot of issues where it is moving up in the Google search engine.

Um, I did a consult with a reputation management company. Guy was actually great. I wish I could plug there. I can’t remember his company. They, uh, were out in San Francisco, I believe. Um, guy was great. But it also made m, you think, going, we don’t need the business.

He’s like, I don’t need your business. So he’s pretty straight shooter. Am I good? Because I can’t. At the end of the day, I was like, I can’t afford $2,500 a month. Holy crap. Yeah. To do a campaign to. Or a suppression campaign. Because this video, which I didn’t realize, all the other problems, the time the people calling, um, making racist comments, accusing me of being a racist, um, and the threats I thought were bad enough, and the phone calls.

Just trying to manage the Pr battle of, uh, people thinking negatively of my gym. I don’t care where you are in the country. Um, we’ve been dealing with that, but it’s moving up in the SEO on Google and the guys, I hate to tell you, but it’s probably going to get worse for you.

And that means it’s moving up, uh, in there, I think it’s right now, or at least the other day, it was ranked 25th. If that gets onto the first page of Google, everybody searching my gym is going to see that video. Uh, uh. And we know how people can’t look at dates and everything else.

So that’s just been another thing thrown into this whole thing of what damage it’s causing and just the mental anguish and having to think about it and answer phone calls and people, um, are calling up and posing as clients to see if you’re a racist. It’s just getting old.

I mean, it was all the first day. Um, but now, you know, we’re getting close. You know, just about. It’s getting close to a month away. We’re still. Yesterday we had, um. I forget how many calls, but the day before was 13. One threatening to come down there. We’re coming for you.

And another one threatening to kill. Oh, my God, dude, really? Which. You know, most of them are keyboard warriors. Yeah. But still, the probability isn’t zero.


You know, I mean, a lot of people, I kind of got into it a little bit with, uh, uh, the Cirque pistol guy I really like, but he. I was getting frustrated with him because I’m like, you don’t understand. You can say all these things and you can do these things, but it’s still coming tomorrow, and if it moves up in Google and how many, it’s amazing.

I hope this goes away. What do we say about things on the Internet?

It’s there forever. They never go away.

So, um, I got a little frustrated with them. A little.

Well, dude, think about all the stress you’ve been under. Think about how many phone calls you have to make.

I can say all those things. Yeah, but at the end of the day. Yeah, that sounds good for you to say that, but at the end of the day, it’s affecting my business. It’s affecting my time. They could be doing other things. It’s pulled you away from sell enough to run a small business of any sort, let alone go, hey, let’s throw in a pr battle where people are going to call you, you know, on average, five times a day, and see if you’re a racist.

See if the racist is still there. And again, there’s still plenty of nice people. Sure. In there. Um, but, you know, I did. I talked to Tony Morrison. He was on the podcast. He’s one of our first guests. And he’s like, hey, you’re my brother. I’ve trained with you.

He’s like, I don’t even know if I’ve ever seen you really mad.


Um, I’ve never gotten a hint of racism from you.


It just sucks that this is, like, that you’re still battling it.


Um, from. From what you had posted, um, out, uh, as a. We’re still battling this, um, article. And he read that, man, I was really thinking it had gone away. People at the gym, like, oh, I thought I’d gotten better. Like, no, I had a death threat text message this morning.

Yeah, I mean, and again, some of the people don’t know it was Jordi Mayo, and they think that’s the owner. I mean, the amount of people that still go me, hey, there’s some racist that works there. Maybe it’s the owner. The amount of those are disturbing to me personally.

M. Um, it’s just crazy.

And it’s hurt you so much. Think about how much, like, the company you’ve suffered from this because you’ve been pulled away to take these phone calls. And you can’t do sales, right. If you’re a small business owner, you do everything right. And all those jobs that you don’t, you can’t get on now compound.

And when it comes pound, you can never catch up.

People say, don’t. Well, just don’t answer the phone, John. I’m like, it’s my business.

We answer the phone. That’s what we do.

Well, that’s been our marketing. Yeah, we could. But I also want to reach those, some people like, yeah, you know, I could get a new number, but it’s a new number out, right? We know all those problems. But I’m like, even if now I still want to connect with the people that think I’m a racist and go, hey, no.

That was a part time coach that was here. We fired that guy back on May 19. I still want to connect with those people, and I may be crazy, and it is adding up. And, you know, there was somebody this morning that called from. I, uh, guess he was from Europe, so I couldn’t text him back, and I knew I was just going to text him.

Um, but, you know, I still want to reach these people. Somebody thinks negatively of my business and my reputation. I’ve been here in Castle Rock now for 18 plus years, and I’ve been doing krav maga for 25 plus. And I’ve had my own martial arts gym of some sort for, uh, at least 25.

If not, it might be getting closer to 30.


Yeah. Uh, so, you know, this is my. My reputation. It’s disturbing. Um.

You’ve built this whole thing up from the ground. You’re not gonna let it fall apart because one person decides want to hijack all that work. They should.

Yeah. I mean, it’s just your reputation. I mean, are we getting cat. Are we getting members quitting? No, but.

Because they know us.

But we still have to deal with the whole fallout. And if it gets up, and I was like, okay, fine. People in Castle Rock aren’t really hearing about this for the most part, even though the first day somebody from Castle Rock texted my wife and had seen it. So, um, it’s our reputation.

And, you know, okay, it’s just on TikTok, but if it get. If it’s moving up in the Google search engine, that’s crazy. I mean, that’s. And you know, that guy’s like the pr, uh, reputation management company. You know, there’s. How many people in these companies, even, they’re trying to figure out Google constantly.

And what makes things rank in Google? And these professionals go, we don’t. We don’t know. Mhm. We don’t know. And they could be changing it. It could be delayed. You know, he’s like, in a year, he’s like this thing. We’ve seen things change a year later. That why it ranks and how Google is ranking it.

And, you know, tick tock, I’m getting threats and you can’t remove this guy’s video. So I guess, you know, this video causing my business harm. You know, we’re, you know, in the market. I just been so busy. We’ve got enough things to do going all right. Am I gonna have to hire a lawyer?

Do I have a case? Right, against whoever?

It’s hard enough just running a gym, let alone all the new stuff you’ve got on top of it, man.

But it’s just another battle. It’s just another fight, is how I’m taking it. I was just texting my buddy Troy before we started the show up in Vancouver. Tribe is super awesome. Jim, uh, up there, one of my early training partners, he’s fantastic. He’s like. And I texted him.

I’m like, it’s just another fight. It’s just another fight.

That’s a testament to your resilience.

Martial artists do. It’s another life challenge. Like, okay, this, um, is way better than family crisis. Or kids. Sure. In perspective.


You know, it sucks. And it’s just. Here I go. Let me put on my game face. Well, I don’t want to have to put on my game face to answer this phone call that’s coming in from an anonymous number. And they could be nice or they could be threatening.

They could be saying whatever about me, but, you know, so that’s. That’s kind of on that front. Um, you know, and, uh, you know, I’ve had several people say, you know, you should sue him. Like, I. He’s already ruined his life. I don’t know about that. You don’t think so?

You just don’t. We don’t delete your own, you know, media. I. Yeah, you delete your stuff. I mean, you’re out there. People are gonna see it. Um, and it, you know, I was gonna weigh in, uh, with John Whitman on it. We haven’t been able to connect, and any of my.

My friends and I kinda, you know, some aspect, you know, of course, I could have gotten John on the phone. I had Tony on the phone the other day, but, uh, I kind of wanted this and to be on my. To be totally my

call. But, you know, as far as Jordi Mayo goes, do I want to sue him? Do m I, you know, am I pissed? Am I hurt? I knew, you know, he was. Been around here. He was part of the gym, you know, people as well as you, you know, all our gym get togethers and stuff, and, you know, I felt like he was one of our most loyal people.

Um, and to be surprised. And did he mean to hurt the gym? No. But your info is out there. Uh-huh. When, you know, even your social media, you’re connected, and it’s a. It’s a whole thing. Uh-huh. Right. I mean, the people that you’re connected to, you know, your kid murders somebody.

Oh, your kid.


You know, these things are tough. And I, you know, I know Jordy didn’t mean to hurt, but his actions did. And was it a black belt action to lose your control, um, in there to that degree, to end? You know, I don’t think it was a live post. Like, you said something live.

I mean, you get annoyed with me saying things when we’re live. Um, but those actions still. They’re still out there.


It doesn’t go away. Ah. You know, as far as I’m concerned, it. It does hurt me. I mean, people like, you’re a racist. You’re connecting yourself with him. But I never picked up on any of that stuff from him. But, you know, maybe, you know, not being with somebody that’s always.

I knew my dad so better than my brother and sister because I worked for him. Yeah. Sorry about work. You see him at home, you see him at work, you just see a whole other side of your parent that way, you know? Hey, if I worked with them in day to day or whatever, um, would I have seen it?

Maybe. I don’t know. But, you know, I really like Jordy. Um, he’s now caused me a lot of issues. Um, and, you know, I regret. I’ve taken a kid’s, um, red belt away for whipping kids in the locker room and horsing around with red belts, and they were just being teenage boys.

He’s actually now a junior black belt.

That’s cool.

That, uh, he. He stuck with it and took getting a wipe out like a champ as much as you can. He kept showing up to class with his white belt. I’m sure I got good support from his mom, but, uh, uh, I, uh, uh, I don’t want any

association with Jordie Mayo. I am. I don’t know if people do it, but I. Stripping him of his black belt. Um, I am not having any ties with him. And if I can take away a kid’s black belt, you know, there’s something out there. Once you earn it, you earn it.

You know, you’re taking away a piece of paper. It’s not taking away any of his skill. He’s a very skilled guy. Um, very good teacher. Um, never had anything on our floor where, you know, some people. Oh, I don’t want my kid to be discriminated against. In your class, in your gym.

M. Um, by somebody like that. He never did anything of the sort there. But this whole thing, you know, has caused me so much problems and on the Internet stuff not going away and affecting my business, that’s where I feel like that’s. That’s what I’m left with.

Mm hmm.

You know, am m I gonna sue somebody? Like, yeah, whatever. I’m gonna sue you.

Josh, you’re not getting much, let me tell you.

I needed a pickup truck, so just hand over the you know what now.

Just take it.

At this point, I’m out. Everybody heard that on the show. I now heard Josh’s pickup.

I’m waiting. The wife will call me shortly.

Like, why did you do. Why did you give John your pickup truck?

Did he give you the jeep?

You should call her for a ride. Just start ubering around.

Oh, my gosh. Where are all these uber charges coming from?

I’d rather make fun of you than talk about that.

Me too. At least it’s funny when I make fun of me.

That would be super fun if you were ubering around, but I don’t want people. Have you talked to him? I don’t. This. I’m just let down. Yeah, I don’t think he tried to hurt us on purpose. But when you’re associated with somebody and their reputation as one of their black belts.

Yeah, that.

You’re one of my black belts. Yeah, that’s, that what we expect from our black belts and our image and what, what, um, we expect. So I’m stripping him of his first and second degree black belts. He’s. That’s all I can do. That’s, you know, people like, sue him. I’ve had both.

Like, you should sue them.

You really.

In that case, I mean, it’s freedom of speech. Um, did it affect me in a negative way? Did it put me in a bad light? And, um, I think it’s more, uh, tick tock and whatever, uh, that dude’s. Name is the way I used to. I just got to jump in here for a second, because your black belts.

You know, a person earns a black belt, and they think it’s theirs, but really, when you’re a black belt at a gym, you. You represent more than the gym. You represent the hard work that goes in from your teacher. Right. You represent the hard work of the other people around you.

And then when you take that hard work and you. You sully it, right? That’s not black belt, what you’d expect from a black belt, because you don’t realize how much you represent the school. You don’t realize how much. Yeah, I mean, it’s the whole. It’s wild, um, who you got, you know, your brazilian jiu jitsu black belt.

Like, there’s huge things. Well, where did it come from? Where’s your lineage? Same thing in, you know, taekwondo and other marsh. Like, what’s your lineage? I mean, we have the same thing in Krav Maga. There’s all sorts of Krav maga organizations now. And, uh, you’re going. I’m trying to follow a direct line from Amy.

Huh? You know, Amy, Darren Levine, John Whitman. Uh, to me, that, like, that means a ton to me that, you know, even at, um, uh, trained with Darren, that he trained with the founder of crowd of Krav Maga. Sure. It’s. You are reflection. You know, I have no idea if anybody out there has been faced with a similar problem.

I’m sure there’s some. But that day when we’re gonna take. We’re. We’re stripping this person of their black belt. We’re in any association to it. That we are not laying claim to that. I don’t. You know, but that’s. That’s where I’m at. I’m. Man, I’m, uh, pissed. I mean, one thing that does calm, uh, some people down, I’m like, you can get in line.

You want to. You want to kick his ass? Get in line. He’s affecting my freaking pocketbook and my time, um, and my reputation. You can get in line behind me. That usually diffuses a whole lot of people. Sure. Really? They’re like, oh, man, I didn’t think of that. I’m sorry about your business.

I’ve met people. Racist comments. Racist. Um, sms messages, and I’ll tell. Oh. And they’ll kind of come. I didn’t think. Yeah, I’m sorry this has affected your business. I’m like, yeah, man, we’re. You’re a victim, too. I mean, I’ve asked the guy to take it off a tick tock twice now, and he won’t.

He won’t even acknowledge the message there. Um, but I’m like, this is. Hey, man, I did the right thing. Mm hmm. Take the video down. This is affecting my small business. I’m a one man show. Like, the people that call for corporate or, I want to talk to your manager.

I’m like, I don’t have a manager. What? You’re talking to the owner? Yeah. Oh. Uh oh. We’re not a corporate man. Like, this is basically a one person show and a whole bunch of part time people.

So, yeah, I mean, I’ve been struggling with that. When did I say, uh, when did I talk to Whitman? It’s been two weeks at least.

Yeah. Yeah.

So I’ve been struggling. I mean, we’re going on four weeks with that, and, uh, I’m just so let down. Like, that. Can’t be a reflection of, uh, one of our black belts.


Or even, you know, even they get, you know, the. Our black belts that have moved, you know, they’re still represent. They got their black.

Oh, here. Right. That’s that lineage.

If they. They go to some gym and just totally suck, that’s a reflection on me.


Uh, I want my reputation in the community to be solid and not, you know. And not losing your cool.


Not, you know, throwing everybody into one heap.


I mean, if anything Krav has taught me is that you just.


You got to keep your level head, even when things start going bad in the fight, just keep level headed, keep. Keep thinking through, you know?


I mean, I do let my body take over sometimes. Sometimes I get the mind, like, the mind out of the way so the body can do its thing, but you still got to be in control. Yeah.

Different conversation.

Minnesota was awesome. We trained at a. What’s called the scaled training scale training facility.

Oh, I know some sort of acronym probably for, I don’t know, look cool. All I ever saw was scale, but.

It was, uh, an old. What was it, a mental asylum?

It was. And it felt like it was an old mental asylum. And it had some real creepy vibes sometimes. Yeah.

It was built in 1906. It was, like, cool it. Like that main front classroom with a fireplace.

Oh, my God.

Such a cool room.


Look like a meeting hall. Oh, uh, it was a huge room, but, um, a bunch of classrooms for law enforcement and firefighters on the first floor. Um, simi driving simulators. It’s kind of cool to see a driving simulator in this old, old building.


And, uh, the bottom floor was all. Well, I guess they had. The padded room was upstairs, they had a whole defensive tactics room. Totally padded.

Makes me wonder if that was the old padded room.


Um. Too big to be a padded room. You gotta put those people in small, small rooms.

Is that what it is?


Give them that much room to run. Too much room.

Uh, even the doors creaked. Scary. You’re like, whoa. But it was fun. It was really cool.

Downstairs was training rooms from a bar set up to, you know, jail cells. Um, it was awesome. The apartments, all sorts of different rooms and scenes. It was a cool place to do scenarios because it just had that weird vibe.


Um, going on, but beautiful out in the sticks and the trees in Minnesota. And, God, there was that cool pond there. Lots of snapping turtles.

We have to address the elephant in the room. There are so many mosquitoes in Minnesota and bug bites. I was shocked. Like, you could see them moving around these giant swords. I’m like, what is this? Why are we here?

Why are we here? Yeah. Minnesota in the summer is beautiful.

Oh, it’s gorgeous. Yeah.

Um, so that. It was good, you know, we did force on force, really, uh, tightened up our force on force stuff, which we do a ton of here at RMSDF. So that was fun. We’re going back for family protection, Bill and I, in July.

That’s gonna be interesting. I can’t wait to see what.

You. Gotta be fun. So I’m gonna wait a year. Yeah. Good stuff. Yeah, I’m a little. You can tell I’m a little drained, this whole thing. And it’s kind of like, I want to stop. Stop thinking about it. But the phone rings.


And then you go, I have to stay out in front of this stupid racist comment because it’s gaining on Google. I really. I am super grateful to Derek, um, one of our coaches here, um, for going, hey, check out this company. And I probably. I said to him, yeah, I kind of thought of looking, but so much is going on.

He texted me a link, and it was just super simple, right. He did part of the legwork for me by sending me a link. Here’s a company.

Thanks. I don’t know if he hit Derek’s good guy.

It was from his, um, circle of people that might have known somebody. So I was like, all right, well, Derek said to call this company. I did, and unfortunately, it gave me bad news. But now we can stay ahead of it. Yeah. So I have to be putting out a suppression campaign against this tick tock video.

I will say you seem to reinvigorated at the training, though. Like, it.

It was probably. I didn’t want to go. I even told Todd I didn’t want to be there.

Yeah. Like, day one. And, I mean, that’s a, uh. That’s cool, Steve. Souls. He said the same thing to it once. I’m just here because I gotta be right or I don’t want to be here.

I don’t remember what he said. Yeah.

And then when you said that to him, but, I mean, you seemed reinvigorated. You were moving. It was fun. You had lots of good stuff.

I told Bill I was going to do it. I’m like, all right, I’ll do four. We can do four. I was like, I’m not doing. I don’t even want to do three. Um, wasn’t a ton. It wasn’t too overwhelming. Like, one and two.

Physically draining.

Yeah, there’s a lot. There’s, like, a lot of new technique, and I want to get better at that stuff. Even 2.5, there’s stuff to improve, um, on and how, you know, just trying to be better as a self defense gym. And that’s why I thank Todd Fosse and integrative defense strategies for just making us a better, because that’s what we are.

We’re self defense. It’s kind of self defense gym. That’s what we do. So, yeah, I kind of got invigorated a little bit there and go, now, you know, it’s probably gonna be hope for. Might be a lot more info. But three, you know, once we were in it, it wasn’t too overwhelming of stuff.

I needed to get better on technique wise. It just really, uh, tightened up our, you know, running scenarios. Just tighten that up. And I thank Todd for that. Um, and I was going to say something, but I totally forgot my train of thought there on that line. It’s okay.

The dog distracted me with, oh, the.

Uh, the guy that said the sms and hopefully you got, got in touch with him. The guy that said, I don’t want to do, um, some sort of self defense where somebody’s stealing your purse and you’re, you’re defending yourself against an. Imaginary attacker? What would you.

Yeah, I saw that guy. I reached out.

Did you get him?

I got a voicemail.

Voicemail. Answer your phone, people.


Um, respond to a text message. But I thought it was funny. Like, yeah, that’s what. That’s what we’re about. We’re about self defense and fighting and the things that, you know, you can do, you know, what is a citizen defender? You know, somebody that’s going to stand up in the community.

We’re the front line. Said it to the. I guess it was the little kids yesterday, like, you have to protect yourself. Like, how long is it gonna take the police? I’m like, oh, oh. I said, hey, you know, we’re not doing a ring fight here. This isn’t a tournament of any sort.

This isn’t a sanctioned, ah. Fight of any sort, any level where there’s a referee. And I was like, oh, what are those referees in the street? One of those people that will, like, referee a fight. And I forget. Some kids said something funny. Um, but I said, that’s law enforcement.

The police are gonna come and get that person that’s, you know, stabbing people, whatever the. What if. I probably didn’t say that in the kids class? Like, how long is it gonna take them to get there? The kids are like, mom, I don’t know. One kid was like, five minutes.

I’m like, probably here in Castle Rock. But what if you’re in Larkspur or Sedalia?


What if you’re out in Elizabeth? How, uh, long is it going to take the sheriff’s department to get to you? Right? Hey, they might be around the corner.


But they might be 30 minutes away, 20 minutes away, 15 minutes away. Oh, my gosh. That’s after action report.


Of what happened. You know, that’s what we do. We’re self defense. We’re not a competition gym. And, you know, you can take competition and borrow from it, and it’s just, God, I mean, this is. You haven’t had me on, um, the social media stuff, uh, talking a lot where I was like, we need to mix in.

We need to. It’s got to be a better blend. And, you know, we got to keep bringing up this

suppression campaign. It’s got to be on our social media. We cannot bury it. I think even something. Maybe I’m like, well, maybe they didn’t see the video because they didn’t scroll 14 posts. That’s too far for people. Leo, you’re making a bunch of noise on the podcast. He knows he’s okay.

He’s a good dog. He’s a good dog. That’s not Josh. That’s Leo. He wanted to be on the podcast. He likes coming to work. Um, um, what was I saying?

I got lost on the dog. I really did. I I like that. I love the dogs.

What do you want me to tell you? I love the dogs. I was like, leo, so much better than talking about crap. But how long is it gonna take the police to get there?

Cause we’re all self defense, right?

Yeah, it’s, you know, what we do here. It’s not, uh, competition. You know, you can. You can borrow from stuff and even, you know, I talked to that guy in Minnesota at the. At the little cafe place. Um, we eat lunch that he. What’s that? What’s your shirt? I’m like, oh, you know, it’s an RMSDF.

I’m like, oh, I’m rocky mountain self defense and fitness. I’m in town. Training with a guy, you know, the simple, like, you know, he does conceal carry firearms and, you know, it’s really practical how to carry a firearm. So a lot more than just shooting, but, you know, what did he say about what he tells, you know, his women, I think is what he said.

But even guys, about shooting, what should you do?


Oh, yeah. Like, you know, so much more than just, you know, I’m like, it’s fundamental pistol, but just way so much more than that. It’s just self defense. And you’re carrying a firearm, you know, what was he stuck on? Yeah, go fire 500 rounds and get comfortable with that gun.


Well, and I, we gotta get back to training. And I’m going, oh, uh, how much am I trying to convince this guy? It’s like, yeah, just get comfortable with the firearm. I’m like, how about get comfortable withdrawing the firearm? I’ll get comfortable. I’m like, well, we make decision makers.

We’re training to make decision makers. So there’s so much more than just shooting your gun. I’m like, dude, yeah, absolutely. Fire 10,000 rounds, but you’re missing it.


Like, so many people are just missing what we do here and what Todd does and all the other affiliates for Todd and self defense gyms. We’re not a competition gym. We’re not specializing. We’ve got to make decisions. We’ve got to make time, you know, keep it simple. Stupid. Yeah, we’re not getting into the full on, um, chess match of a BJJ competition.

We’re trying to get out of there. I’m trying to disengage. I’m trying to de escalate. I’m m trying to avoid. I’m trying not to go to the ground because that’s going to get really bad for me if there’s just a second person I’m trying to disengage and people are just there.

What people think out there just always blows me away. Yeah, sometimes cuz they don’t. And here he is. You could see he’s not. I’m, um, like, this is pointless and I’ve got to get back to training.

Yeah, you know.

Yeah. Fire 500 rounds. Absolutely. Firefighter. How about train? I got my CCW. I’m ready to go. Like, no, you’re not, man. Um, you know, I’m a little bit. With the state requiring some more training. I’m not opposed to that. People need to train more, suck less, what that would.

That’s our model.

Everything I say. But, you know, we’re like, what does that look like?


Oh my gosh. Is our training gonna qualify for what the county, um, wants? It’s just crazy. But people need to train more. Regardless of that, if you, uh, have a CCW and you’re not training and that’s not going to the range, guys, that’s.


Did you shoot the wrong guy? How easy is it that, Josh? How easy it is?

Oh my gosh.

How many times have you shot? A ton.

Uh, even in our last training, the.

Elevator scenario, I pile it.

Alright, so here’s my elevator scenario. I’m holding coffee, I’ve got two people, three people in the elevator with me, and, uh, as I’m pinned against the wall.

Back up. Like, what’s going on in that elevator? Back up. What’s going on in the elevator?

Uh, there’s some weird talks. Going on between your talk, I was having a hard time following. I was watching so much of it. I really do.

It was Vegas.

It was. Yes.

So there was a guy.


Played by myself, personal John Howlett.

And that guy was talking about. What? What was that guy talking about?

Oh, I’m having a hard time remembering, dude. Really?

So that guy was trying to.

He distracted the heck out of me. Whatever you were doing.

That guy was in the elevator. Just. Yeah, just Vegas, dude. And that guy was going, hey, man, I got some, um, passes to a great strip club. You guys want passes to the strip club?

You really?

I was there.


Awesome. You guys should go check it out. So that’s what that guy was doing.

Well, I missed all of that, really.

And up into the point that, you know, I mean, they could have probably played it off. It was like what you did. Like, dude, too fast, too fast. Somebody did a scenario. I’m like, whoa, too fast, too fast.


Slow the scenario down. Dude, that’s an aim bush. Then it felt like that’s an ambush.

I had two people that started creeping in on. The next thing I know, uh, is.

That conversations go, yeah, they’re now creeping in and go from there.

And then, uh, suddenly, uh, the person to my right presents a weapon. And he tells me to give him everything. And next thing I know, I’m trying to get a two on that weapon. I put the back up.

He wanted. He wanted your stuff, as far as I recall.

I remember him saying that right into my face about, why did you.

Hey, man, here’s my wallet. Here’s my. What do you want me to do with this coffee?


I mean, we’re holding a little tray.


So, um, you went immediate, like they wanted property.


I’m not saying it’s wrong just to go, you know.

Ah, me, like default.

Yeah, jaco says, but we’ve been saying that for a long time. Like, default, you.

I was listening. Uh, uh, Alice, as soon as I saw the knife come out, though, all of the conversation disappeared for me. M. Yeah, sure. Like that, it was gone. And that’s why a second or two.

And I just stopped in there until I went, oh, my God, guys, got a knife. Oh, my God. Oh, my God. Oh, my God. Hands. Where. Where were the hands?

Go. Well, keep going. He’s coming. They want property. I kind of put, um, the great guy, Vic, there. I put him in between me and the other person in there. I go to draw my weapon, and he gets a hand on it. Like, it’s bad. It’s a bad situation.

We go into a hand fight. I somehow pull off a knee clear.

Yeah, that was great.

And I was. I don’t even know how I did it. A knee cleared, and then I shot two to the head, as far as I can tell.

So for those you guys listening, I think this would be a good clip, uh, of the show to just talking this way. He, uh, executed a knee clear, which is pistol, uh, retention. It was one hand. Uh, the bad guy had one hand on his pistol. Josh had one hand on his pistol.

The other one was engaged, probably some. Some way. Yeah. Uh, and he stripped their hand off using his shin knee as a, uh, as a clear.

Keep going. And then I moved to. Because I got to eliminate the threat. So I put two to the head to him. The other guy starts to move in with his weapon. I think I tried to put a hand on that one, and then I shot that dude in the head point blank range.

And then I see this. Guy put his hands up and go, ah. Like, that’s all I remember. And as, which is John, the actor, he’s putting his hand up. I don’t even know if he says, don’t shoot me, but I put my gun, shoot.

I was like, ah, yeah, that’s all I can. And actually, I had so much weight back that we had the simulated, um, file cabinet as the door. And I’m like, all right, I’m gonna really hold here and keep the scenario in.


As part of my job, I’m like, okay, I’m gonna keep him in the elevator. Cause I actually asked, um, um, I’m blanking on her name.


Kirsten. I’m like, hey, is the door gonna open up at any point? Are we gonna get to the floor? And she said no. So I’m like, okay, well, I’m gonna hold him in here. Yeah, ah, um, if it gets there. But when you shot the other guy, I had so much kind of weight against the elevator door.

When you shot me and I played dead, I fell out of court, out of the elevator. Like, that’s when the elevator opened up and, uh, I fell out and, uh, onto the, onto the ground.

The only time that the, everything was going so fast, the only time it slowed down in my head is when I saw you put your hands up. I watched myself in slow motion put the pistol up, and then I slow motion shot you. And I don’t know, I just, it just happened, and I shot the wrong person.

Those decision makers, your marketing.


And guys, man, you got to train more because we do it. We all mess up. Learn from great. Failure is fantastic. It’s essential for learning. But when you’re not out there training or you’re just getting yourself caught up in a competition thing, these things are great. Guys, don’t get your freaking all pissed off.

And if you’re just going to do BJJ to me, you’re going to kick my ass. But if you got me in a life or death scenario, I am a citizen defender. I’m going to do more than hand to hand when you are cutting off my airway. You’re going to do me great bodily harm by putting me in an Americana or whatever, um, cool, complex move that there’s just so much to just self defense that I can’t specialize.

And that’s what we do. You know, we’re citizen defenders. We want to protect what’s right and not what’s evil. That’s how, you know, that’s got another whole discussion of like, do you have good people in your gym and who are you training? Um, that was a big thing when I started Kravigat people.

You’re not training terrorists, are you?

That whole elevator scene, going back to it though, is just, it’s so hard when you’re in a confined spot like that. I mean, it. The choice was made, and once it was made, it was done. Like, I just shot the only, the. Other good guy in the room.

The other, you know, that’s, uh, where I tell you you get yourself going too fast.


From, uh, talking to people that are prospects into the gym. You get yourself to going, they’re gonna sign up and they’re gonna sign up three people and they’re keeping their you get yourself way. That that’s just one of the things that you got to know personally. Like, hey, I do this.

I get going myself, going way too fast. And you do the same thing in training. Your brain’s going. I’m like, dude, you’re so smart, you gotta slow your brain down. You’re thinking the one. Yeah. It’s the one time I did have success was in, well, better success with my body and stuff is when I went to the tower and I let my brain get out of the way so my body could take over.

Yeah. And I felt like that was a little different, but, yeah, my head gets in the way. I get my own head. Don’t think. That’s where I’m like, don’t think. Don’t think. Mushin is another great japanese term. Mush. I never heard of that. So. But I think we’re getting a little long.

Yeah. Here. So, you know, this whole thing’s been sad. Uh, I didn’t want to do what I had to do to Jordi Mayo, but, you know, that’s all I got. I just can’t be associated with that. The price that that caused me, you know, it’s like, we’ve gotta. We’re respond.

We gotta be responsible for our actions. Um, in this day and age, people, this, um, social media divides people. There’s just so much there. Um, the algorithms and all this other b’s. Um, I’m not quite sure how to solve those problems. Cause, of course, freedom of speech is essential.

And debate, it’s all good stuff. And people just need to settle down. People need to settle down and, you know, figure some stuff out and come together, because, man, this country is in distress. Actually thought I fly, uh, my flag upside down on my, uh, on my porch. Um, I’ve got one inside, thanks to Jack.

Um, that painted an upside. The american flag in distress. But, um, I was walking around bison park the other day. Um, if you say walk, leah’s starting to move. Yeah, they get antsy. M we’re going for a walk. But, uh, we were out for a walk with Axel and Leo and walking around bison park.

And it’s the backside of their house, but it’s their porch facing bison. Yeah, both. I heard the w word. I’m ready. A lot of times, we have to use the w word. Hey, do you want to do it? Go for a w? I’m pretty sure there might be something.

Figure that one out, too. Even though you guys are only, like, you’re three years old. That’s as smart as dogs are right about. They know some good. They make up for it by being cute. But I was like, oh, look at that. A flag in distress. So we are.

And we’re citizen defenders and we’re going to be ready for whatever, you know, comes about. But it’s. It’s for freedom. It’s for people. So. Alright, guys, we’re out of here. You know what to do to support the channel if you don’t figure it out, FSO, we’re out.

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