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This is the John Hallett podcast with John Hallett. Because the way we’re living, we need to change it. Make it change today. And all learn from failure. Maybe they just wanted it a little bit more than you. That’s probably the fact. And now your host, John Hallett.

Hey, everybody. Welcome back. It is a quick one today. We’ve got a, uh, short week here, Josh. Uh, Nick and Bill and I are off to Minnesota to do some more concealed carry training. Should be fun. Looking forward to that. And, you know, bring some good back. Good back.

Uh, Josh, get a good back. Nobody’s ever said that. No, you get a hairy back. Okay.

Just telling me to talk about travel.

And the next thing I know, we’re talking about how I look like some sort of neanderthal.

You don’t know how many bigfoot sightings have been, especially with your hair. Hey, I was looking at your profile picture the other day. You are so clean cut.

Yeah, I know.

You’ve got a little.

What? No, I’m just growing it out. I grow it out for the winter, and I’m really lazy about the haircuts. I got pretty hair. What do you want me to say?

I got pretty hair. All you have to do is say, my wife makes me do it. She likes it. Okay. Yeah, cool.

No, she. She’s actually the one that said she goes, before you go on this train, are you, uh, you gotta. You gotta. You gotta go get yourself a little haircut. You gonna, you know, maybe cut some of that off.

I think you should get a buzz. No, she would really be pissed.

No, no, no, dude, no, no, no. There’s nothing good about seeing me bowl, or at least close to bald. Could you imagine what that would look like then? You know, people think aliens had invaded the planet. It’s awful.

You don’t see that, you know, traveling. Bring some good stuff back to Rocky Mountain here. Um, you know, update on the, uh, um, TikTok video. We’re trying to submit to TikTok to see if I ask the guy politely to, uh, could you remove it? Because it’s affecting my business.

You know, it’s just crazy about somebody expressing their. Their right to say whatever. I’m getting ten calls on average, per day, and at least one or two of those are threatening. I had a guy yesterday. Should I, you know, oh, should I bring. What did I tell you? He won.

Deaf. Wanted to fight me. Wanted to fight. And then he was wondering, uh, if he should bring guns. And he kind of came around, but he was still threatening, like, to bring guns here and that he didn’t need to come and whoop some ass and whatever. It’s just getting a little, um, old at this point, and it’s not going to, you know, people.

I hope it gets. Hope it goes down. I’m m like, yeah, I don’t get so many calls on the weekends. We had twelve total, and maybe an online form, you know, but once people got back to work on Monday, it starts starting on east coast time zones. Um, I’m getting them.

So I’ve been trying to make the best out of it, but this is just time and money and being threatened or called a racist yourself is just getting hold of defending myself. So I asked the guy to take it down. I mean, I’m sure there’s other. I don’t know what.

It seems like the majority of them are coming from TikTok. Mhm. But you know, guys, those, the algorithm will keep feeding people. I hope it gets less. It’s going to continue to feed people that it hits, and that’s what the algorithm does. So I don’t expect to go away.

So I’m trying to do something to get contact. I mean, goodness gracious, trying to contact TikTok and actually, can you talk to somebody? Yeah. Um, all you can do is like, report the video. They don’t even let you comment and elaborate. It just, it’s all cookie cutter crap, um, that they let, they have you do.

And it has to go to some sort of like, adjudication. Somebody’s looking at the stuff and then it goes through probably a bunch of filters and then somebody maybe, it’s probably. Just okay, they probably had one report, so who cares? So I’ve got to figure out what I can do there.

But, uh, that’s a, you know, big fun. Big fun, big fun. Um, we’ve got our training coming up and, you know, the other thing, it just worked. This, you know, I really hope I said to my wife this, um, on Sunday, I guess it was, you know, hope people smarten up because this world just seems to get more ridiculous as we go, um, more divided, you know, this election, um, I’m quite nervous about, um, because I think the democratic party people is not the, uh, democratic party that, you know, people just, the party lines scare me, you know, and I’ve said it again, hey, if you’re, I think Trump is divisive.

I was listening to Tucker Carlson on Sean Ryan and just talking how people just so irrational about Trump. That’s why I don’t think he’s a good pick. I just. But I think he’s way better than Biden and the machine that has become the democratic party, which I don’t feel that they are anymore.

I really feel like they don’t stand up, uh, to even. Eight years ago, nevermind 16 years ago, it worries me that people just want soft and easy. We see that in all the time. All the time. I meant had an asphalt guy come by and looking for work and he’s, uh.

What did he say? I don’t know if I’ve ever heard this one. He said he was thinking about, you know, I think about working out, but I don’t want to take all the muscles away from anybody that really wants them. Something to that effect. Hey, all right. Um, I know you’re just, uh, wow, you know, talking and trying to make small talk, and I’m like, I know you’re not coming to my gym.

Yeah, you don’t live in Castle Rock. You’re not gonna commute here. It’s hard enough to get people who live in Castle Rock to come, so. But people want it soft and easy, and that goes with just bearing your hand on bearing your hand, bearing your head, um, in the sand about everything that’s going on.

Nobody. It’s back to that. Hardening the grid. I was talking about that, uh, people didn’t really want to talk about it for the most part. Yeah, let’s not talk about the grid going down. But we could do things, we could harden the grid. It could be ready, but people don’t want to do that stuff.

So it really just concerns me. And then it goes, yeah, I want to buy 5000 acres in Montana and. Just live off land. Yeah, yeah. I need uh, some partners. There’s a piece of property for 16 something million dollars. 5000 acres. Oh my gosh. And it’s got a couple cabins and it’s all said it looks like somebody was using it as uh, an outfitter.

I’m like, I don’t know what outfitter or maybe they were leasing it, who knows? Yeah, probably a hundred. I think it’s a pretty good value for 5000 acres. And they had parcels of it that you could subdivide and for like, I think they were like 40 acres. And it goes to my dream of creating your own community, having community garden, farm.

Right. Uh, 5000 acres you can. It’s really not that bad. When you look at, hey, could you find 30? Could you find 16? Well if you farm some of it, you get some of those farm tax breaks, whatever they got, maybe. So everybody that invests in. But it’s sad that you’ve gotten to the point where you feel like you’ve got to get away, right.

You got to get away from the place that you work and live. You got to get out of this state, right. Because it has just been so oppressive and I’m really worried about the future. Ah, yeah, it’s, I mean, our state’s following California. I was talking to my good buddy Todd trotwine from Rev gear, um, that I’ve, you know, he’s been my rep for 22 years.

Something maybe more, um, with them and they just moved to Texas, which, you know, Joe Rogan say don’t move to Texas. Uh, yeah. And uh, they cited that they wanted to be more central, um, for shipping, um, but also like the shipping what it was costing them on account and the added taxes, the gas taxes.

Oh yeah, that was going on. So they wanted to be um, more central but they also just. The regulation in California was just getting crazy.


So there was like those kind of two reasons that they wanted that just solidified. Hey, we’re going to move our entire company to a different state. It is hard enough to move. I mean I moved out mile.


And it was a bad.


Moving your business a half a mile, never mind going. I think he said they thought that, you know, trying to logistically do it. They’re like oh, we had these orders show up so they showed up in California. We had to just turn around and send it to Texas. Um, like a five.

He’s like, hey, it’s gonna be like, five days or so for this order. We’re totally. I’m like, totally understand. Yeah, not a huge deal. Ship it when you guys get settled in. In Texas, he was up front. I mean, that’s the best you can be about it. But imagine having to give up the state you were in, right?

Having to move, having to make those choices. People just want to live their life. And, um, I’m with you. I don’t want to have to think about these things. But, you know, our politicians are scary. I was looking. Listening to. Is it Ramaswamy? I can’t remember. Vivek Ramaswamy. He was on Sean Ryan recounting his, uh, 2024 campaign, and I thought he had.

I think I still. I like the guy when I heard stuff and he just said, okay, we need term limits, but none of them are going to vote for it, so why don’t we just grandfather them in? You know, in ten years or so, it’ll take care of itself.

If not, we’re just gonna keep going like. Yes, because so many people believe that think we should have term limits, but none of them want to vote for it because it affects them. Um, yeah, the power. I mean, what’s the integrity of that? I mean, that’s an integrity test right there.

But, yeah, hey, grandfather men, at least we’ll start to cycle them out as they get voted out or just retire out. I thought that was a great idea. I think he’s got some really good, good ideas. And, you know, making the government smaller. I mean, send it back to the people.

Why do we have the department of Education, and what is their budget? It’s bigger than most countries gross domestic products. And what are they doing? I don’t. I mean, they’re. They’re building a, uh. All these departments of all kind of scare me because what, not all government. Department of Transportation, Department of Education, Department of Agriculture.

All these departments, you know, there’s just these big government bodies that make decisions for everybody else, right? And usually they’re so far and, uh, removed from the people that they’re making policy for, right. That it’s kind of crazy. Plus, these are usually non elected positions, right? They’re people that are assigned by folks that you did vote for, right?

So you can get anybody in there. And there’s people that chase power and wealth. If. If there’s money and wealth in being a government agent, who would ever want to be out of government? Yeah. Right? I mean, this whole, like, government. Some of these big. All these organization. All these, uh, you know, organizations, all these different things get.

Guess what their budget is for 2023. Is it in the billions? $100 billion? I don’t know. $88.3 billion. Holy crap. And I can’t even tell you really what they’re really doing. What do they need to be doing that the, uh, local town and the people in that town aren’t doing for their kids?

I mean, it goes, uh. My wife and we were talking about. We, uh, were hiking, um, this weekend, we did a good five mile hike up, uh, near, uh, Frisco. And school vouchers and getting your tax money to go somewhere else? No. Can we invest in our own public school and making that great versus.

I’m going to start a charter. I’m going to do this. And, hey, if you have the money to go to some private school, then great, you can pay for that and you can leave that money in the local schools here, I think, take your tax money out and back and forth.

But we just see the public school system being eroded because we’re going to start a charter, we’re going to do this. And nobody’s really invested in that, in that local school. And here in Castle Rock, we. We have so many elementary schools. I mean, there’s two middle schools, there’s a ton of elementary schools, two big high schools, and then there’s, you know, the charters.

I mean, there’s, I don’t know. Well, that charter, there’s a renaissance, uh, whatever they call that. Now they have a high school, and I believe academy charter goes to high school now, I think. But it all just erodes. Like, why can’t we invest in our school? And if you have the money, then go ahead and go start your own school.

But can we leave that? I mean, what is it that’s coming out of your yearly tax? Um, I don’t think it’s that big, and it’s probably not affecting that person’s wallet. And education is so huge. But $88 billion, what are they really doing?

I would love to have 1% of their budget.

What are they really doing?

I mean, could you imagine just having 1% of that budget? What we’d be able to just state.

That the state or the local town couldn’t be doing? I mean, don’t we have the Douglas county school district?

Well, the thing.

What do they do? Like, what is it? What is the US Department of Education actually doing?

So we give the Department of Education 88 billion. Right. And then they give money back to schools, is generally the idea, but generally. But anytime the government gives you money, right, you have to start doing what they ask, because they now become the

rich uncle in it, right. If you want this money, you have to do x, right. And I think a lot of parents don’t like the current atmosphere and culture at some of these public schools because they’ve gone to, I don’t even know if most kids would be able to name the first three presidents, you know what I’m saying?

So the money keeps continuing, funneling into these systems. These systems keep cranking out, uh, kids, and these kids still don’t know basic arithmetic. You know, they lack critical thinking skills. And I think that’s where the, uh, voucher system comes into play. I think parents really do want another choice because you don’t get a lot of school choice when you get government involved.

Yeah, I mean, the government gets involved with everything.

I mean, I. I don’t have kids, but I pay taxes for schools. I mean, I don’t get a voucher for not wanting to pay taxes. You know, I don’t get a voucher that says, you know, you don’t have to pay this.


But I, uh, pay into the system because I do want, generally, an educated public. I disagree.

Smart kids.

Yeah. I mean, that’s the, that’s our future generations. We gotta teach them critical thinking. We gotta teach them how to. You know, I want. I want artists just as much as I want scientists. And I think art and sciences can be melt, blended together, but we always separate them.

And I don’t know, it’s, uh. Anytime the government gets involved with anything in our lives that has a tendency to be really, really messy, mucky.

Yeah, they. We don’t need them. It’s just so much. Just a waste. And I hope people wake, uh, up and figure some stuff out here that.

Our government’s not trying to help us. They’re lying to us. You know, I mean, just the, uh, incentives over giving the COVID vaccine an incentive. That kind of sounds like a bribe to me.

Yeah. And this is a time when a lot of doctors offices couldn’t have people come in. Are they all the elective procedures that people would have closed down so they weren’t even generating income? And then they’re told, if they give this job, we’ll pay you money. Well, if you’re trying to run your own doctor’s office, which is a business, and suddenly you’re out of revenue and you find this new way of making revenue, who wouldn’t do it?

Because you got to keep the doors open. It’s how you make your living.

Yeah, an incentive. And, hey, and again, if people died because they didn’t have a procedure done or they couldn’t get to the hospital, it’s just a COVID death anyways.

And the way that was recorded, like.

There’S so much m. Tell us the truth. It’s ridiculous. Of. You’re too stupid.

Did you see Fauci’s, um, testimony on the hill yesterday? They had him up. Uh, Jeff Jordan from Ohio was asking him questions. Did you ever tell the public that? What, and I’m paraphrasing that you were, uh. The rules that you were setting for them was based on science, and he essentially starts dodging the question.

He goes, a lot of what we were coming up with. Um, I didn’t, um. And again, I’m paraphrasing. He was saying he didn’t give the idea for. Even though he said they were his direct, um, rulings, meaning, you know, the six foot distance when you should be doing what you’re doing, and it was all arbitrary, and he’s trying to deny that was the case.

So imagine all the businesses that they shut down, where they got to pick winners and losers all of a sudden, right? And if you owned a gym, you could go to the liquor store, and it’d be fine, but you couldn’t go to a gym.

Yeah. I mean, our government. Oh, goodness, it needs an overhaul. It needs an overhaul. And, you know, let’s hope that happens at some point, because it’s. It doesn’t look like it did with the founding fathers. And I think, you know, keep it simple, and we just have more government agencies, more money.

It’s ridiculous of what they’re doing. I, um, don’t think, uh, the Ukraine, again, why are we giving all these. They’re so corrupt. What is this stuff that our government’s.

Doing makes me wonder who’s actually in charge of the United States right now.

What’s going on? So I hope people uh, wake up. Alright guys, if you want to support the podcast you can do that at shop dot rmsdf.com. that really helps us out. You can also get online training with us. Clearsky training is our training site. And check out um, our new brand of supplements coming soon.

I’ve been this soft launch, um, for that it is suckless co and you can get our brand of uh, performance supplements and uh, kind of uh, testing it out. We’ll be doing a bigger launch here but if you’re listening to our podcast you can get in on it. Now if you’re looking for anything from protein to just a good multivitamin, check it out.

All right guys, uh, we’ll talk to you next week.

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