#71 An Angry Caller and a Carjacking

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This is the John Hallett podcast with John Hallett. Because the way we’re living, we need to change it. Make it change today. And all learn from failure. Maybe they just wanted it a little bit more than you. That’s probably the fact. And now your host, John Hallett.

Hey, everybody. Welcome back. I hope you’re doing well out there. Hope you, uh, are staying on track. You know, that is always hard. There’s always something. It seems like, you know, getting in the way. You know, it’s almost summer, so I should slack off or let something else get in the way.

I know it’s hard, but just staying on the path, you just got to keep grinding away. Keep grinding. You know, there’s so much to any martial art, but just training more and really being safe is my thing. And if you’re not doing it, man, I’ve done it for so long now.

Even just being off just a little bit, you start to notice that. And the more limited your training is, you might not even realize how off you are. What are you doing over there, Josh?

I’m squaring myself up in the shot, man.

I gotta get squared up in the shot.

That’s all it is.

No, I just. I don’t know if you’re gonna have a heart attack. I don’t know.

No, no, let’s not even bring.

A heart attack.

Oh, I don’t. Well, I mean, that’s why I train here, so, like, I don’t. Right. I gotta get the cardio in.

Yeah, it’s hard. It’s not easy. You know, none of this is. None of this is easy. Who knows? Who knows, you know, what the world’s gonna bring. You know, we wanted to talk a little bit about that carjacking here, and, you know, peaceful suburbia, castle rock for the most part, but bad things happen here, and there’s plenty of drug deal people everywhere.

I have the, uh, funniest, funniest guy that is called on the, uh, racist comments on our former coach, Jordi Mayo. Um, lost his stuff. What? You lot? It’s on the Internet, Josh. And, you know, I’ve had a lot of people like, hey, thanks for not burying this. And you’re not ignoring it.

And, you know, this is the crap that happened. It’s damaged my reputation. I’ve got people calling me a racist because one of my coaches did something, and the whole guilt by association. Um, I’m not ignoring it. You know, hey, I mean, we’re not gonna plaster it all over, you know, the home page of the website or something, but, uh, we do have it on our social media.

Part of me actually thinks I could probably put another thing out because our daily messages and stuff out there. Bury that thing down there just because of the fact that we post, you know, once or twice a day, um, for some things. So I think that’s made it harder for some people to find our response?

Possibly. I mean, tick tock is the first thing, but that’s where it’s got a lot of traffic. I mean, what? It’s getting close to one of the, uh, I out racists on x and 2 million or three. What did you. I mean, it.

Last time I saw. Was over one point something million. That was like, 1.7. I was like, oh, my gosh. Yeah, I looked at it yesterday.

I thought it was in the twos.

I might have gone up, but to. Your credit, man, you took those phone calls. You didn’t hide from this.

Yeah, a lot of good people. Um, there’s a lot of people angry and going, well, the guy that said this stuff might have been angrier and. No, whatever. But, you know, people were just so divided in the whole. I was listening to something. I don’t know on who, but maybe it was Tucker Carlson’s stuff, but just.

They want to divide us, and racism is a great way to divide us. I talk to more people, um, from around the country that have the same beliefs. That doesn’t matter your skin color. God. Just ruined the whole podcast, Josh. So unprofessional.

I’m out.

So unprofessional.

I’m out.

Sorry, um, about that, guys. But anytime I can make fun of Josh, I will.

He doesn’t miss a chance.

It’s part of the course.

Um, I just.

People should know how much. How stressful it is when you own a business and somebody does something that’s stupid.

Well, we’ve been here for, you know, in Castle Rock. Yeah, we’ve been here. This is going on the 19th year in Castle Rock. And, you know, that’s our reputation.

Yeah, yeah.

Um, and I don’t care where you are. We’re not a national brand by any means, but it is when you’re on YouTube and TikTok and anybody across the country is gonna see it. I just wanted to talk to as many people as I can.


And try to connect with them. And, you know, I had one woman on TikTok that, um, was saying, you know, essentially, I was a racist, um, as well. And I was trying to get her to get on the phone, you know, talk to a lot of nice people and connected, and we’re closer, and she just wanted that, you know, I’m behind the screen.

I, um, don’t want to talk to you. I’m like, you’re still behind a screen?

Kind of like the keyboard.

You’re not talking in person.


It’s not like I invited you to Starbucks, like I’ve done to people, um, that want to comment our stuff here locally, and she didn’t even want to get on a phone call. Like, that’s what’s wrong. That’s what’s wrong with this country. And, you know, there’s so much. And, you know, even the word you know, Bill said it today, like, be careful, John Hitler united the country.

Not what I’m saying, but we can take everything. And it’s just so crazy. This world that we’re living in is changing. This AI stuff is extremely scary.


Especially when you think this could be and it, like a life form is being born.


And then you get some of these techie guys that are. Going, yeah, I could essentially become some sort of cyborg. And I think that the. Where I hadn’t heard it, like, you’re a species that can even say it.

Uh, I’ve heard us and people say that.

Yeah, it’s. Is it really? I mean, these things are getting. There’s no curb on it. There’s no stop. Nobody knows what the hell can happen.

You remember in Jurassic park where Malcolm says, um, no one stopped to think we should do this, right? Everyone knew we could, but no one stopped to think if we should, right? And then it’s the transhumanist movement, right? Becoming something different than human adding technology to you. So, uh, Elon musk just had a really successful test with neuralink.

For a guy to be able to, uh, move stuff on a computer, right? And his next statement was, what if we got a bunch of neuralinks to work down the spine so he connect his body in the same way?


And then at that point, you become cyborg. Yeah.

I mean, there’s some great stuff to all of it. There’s great stuff to all of this stuff. But there’s also the bad stuff. And that’s the, uh. The scary thing, right, of what are these guys creating? And gals.


Creating with this AI. And what could it do?

Happen, right?

Well, you say it’s gonna happen. I mean, there’s. Right now, nobody’s putting any stops on it, and they’re all racing like it’s a nuclear arms race. And, like, talk about another thing we should get rid of. Um.

My biggest worry is that governments do listen to AI’s and, like, do war games and stuff. And that scares me. Right.

I mean, Joe Rogan was talking to somebody. He’s got two different, uh, people, or there’s two brothers that are really interesting. Really. Um, on his podcast recently, they’re an AI company. They had some other guy, um, talking about, uh. Is this a, um, simulation, the simulation theory?

God. Yeah, I’ve seen that one. Yeah. It’s scary.

Yeah. I said, it’s my wife. She’s like, that’s stupid. But I’m like, seriously, if you know this will give bill something to come, uh, back on me with. But what is God?

Who? Go on.

You start to look and you go, the odds can’t be zero. The odds can’t be zero. Is somebody up there running a simulation? Is this a simulation? What it. Like, what? I mean, this guy had some little things about, like, glitches and how people. People’s memories, from fruit loops to the Berenstein Baron.



How? And I can’t remember.

Mandela effect.

Yeah, yeah. Like all that, um. Um, people remembering, uh, the, uh, guy in tenement square getting run over by the tank. And I remember he got run over by the tank.

He didn’t, he didn’t know he stood there.

But, I mean, like, there’s little glitches. Like, that guy’s super, uh, interesting, too. I forget what his name was.

He was.

Ah, but my wife, I think maybe. Out of a little bit of, like, I don’t even want to go there. Like, a lot of times you want to go there going, you know, I don’t know, uh, what’s going on. And even, you know, what? Like, what are you thinking about?

You’re talking. I’m running scenarios in my head.


I’m a guy.


Always trying, uh, pretty basic stuff there. I don’t know, like, women are just so different. But what is this guy’s name?

I don’t know. I’d like to think I’m not a simulation, but there, I pay attention to, like, physics and some stuff. I’m not a physicist. I read it because I think it’s interesting now, because I’m coming up with the next formula that travel time. Right? And one of the things I read is that the further they tried to look down beyond an atom for stuff in size, I start to see that either the universe is pixelated just like a computer screen, or our technology is trying to take what it refers to as time, space, whatever, and is just creating a pixel in it.

But the idea was, is that if everything comes down to a pixel, that means it’s just some sort of image, and everything’s just this image. And you might be in a simulation. That’s where they start getting that stuff from it. It freaks me out because it’s like, Riz.

Riz. Juan Virk episode 21 51.


Uh, it’s interesting. But then there’s the two. Did I have to go back on that one? Maybe that. No. And their programmers, Jeremy and Eduardo Harris. Yeah, they’re like Gladstone. Uh, AI I’ve heard of. They were, yeah, I think they’ve been on before, on Rogan. Uh, it was interesting stuff.

But, you know, you go, if God’s all knowing, all seeing, all powerful, how powerful? You know, it’s just interesting. Going, okay, so where. What’s heaven? Is that the other side of the game? Are you in the Matrix?

Well, you’ve heard of the. There’s a.

It’s kind of. I mean, most people, you’re. You can’t say zero. I’m not saying. Yeah, I completely agree with this guy and these theories. But you’re going, it’s kind of interesting because you’re going, well, what if.

Well, God never said how he created the heavens and the earth.

Yeah, it was all created, but holy crap, how did he do it? If there’s some civilization a thousand years ahead of us, think how far we’ve come with our technology in the last 25 years. Yeah, imagine a civilization or a species a thousand years or a million years ahead of us.

Did they create it? What would be the point? I don’t know. Why do people play freaking video games? Yeah, maybe we’re like the sims.

Yeah, maybe we’re just a planet where they put a bunch of animals on it to see what we do. We’re just, you know, it’s a simulator.

Let’s see what the hell.

Uh, we could be entertainment for all we know, right? Think of all the drama. Create.

We’re reality tv for foreign.

Aliens are our higher beings, but it. You know, who knows? It freaks me out.

Yeah, it was about that.

I guess that was that.


It’s interesting stuff to think about. Oh, I was gonna bring back up. Let’s listen. So racist.


Terrible. And, you know, I grew up with all sorts of people. Nantucket was pretty eclectic. One, um, of my, uh, football buddies, um, Louis Viera, he just passed away recently, um, and he was, uh, Cape Verdean. And, you know, there’s people all over from Nantucket. You know, we. There was, you know, everything, and there’s jackasses everywhere.


You know, I mean, it doesn’t matter your skin color. And there was so many people. Doesn’t matter your skin color. Uh, we can’t hold people to what happened, or every white guy. There was a lot of angry. We were white, or we did this, like, somebody. At some point, I’m gonna forget who it was now.

Um. Darn it, I should have. I’m so bad at the show prep and with names, but, um, going, you know, pick yourself up by your bootstraps. It doesn’t matter your color. There’s so many opportunities now. Oh, but you can’t say that as a white guy.


And at some point, you know, somebody’s gonna say it. We can’t. You can’t just.

It’s, uh.

The whole. Our whole suck less. Like, stop going. Being in the negative and being a victim. You got to choose what you want to choose. If you want to choose that every person. Every white guy’s a racist, then that’s what you’re choosing. You got to look at the good in people.


And there was a lot of good, good people that I talked to. Um, yeah, there were a lot of scary people. A lot of scary people. I don’t know if we talk. If we talked about podcasts. There was that one gentleman, I will say he, uh, wanted to raped, uh, the individual, and he hadn’t raped somebody since prison, and I had.

We’re gonna burn your building down, all sorts of stuff. Um, we’re gonna come down there and threatening. I’m m. Like, well, hold on a second here. I’m welcoming you into my gym. If you want to come, you are welcome no matter what. But, you know, we had several individuals that, uh.

Like. You’re starting to threaten me. Yeah, do not threaten me with this. I am welcoming you into the gym. Don’t. You’re copping attitude on me. There’s been no attitude. Like, yeah, sure, you’re a black guy. Come on in. We’re going to be doing some fighting this day. Yeah, it was.

No, no. Um, so we had a lot of that. And the one individual I really took serious about raping, I was like, whoa, this dude’s.

That was a different, I’m going to get it.

We’re getting plane tickets. We’re going to. Shut your business down. You might as well pack your bags now. We’re coming for you. And I’m like, whoa, hold on. Not, not my comment. Not us. You know, some people, the majority I was able to get to come around, but. And that was, you know, it was nice to be like, to calm somebody down and go, look, this is where I’m coming from.

This has damaged my business. Yeah. My reputation personally. Yeah, um, it’s terrible. But this guy, hopefully any. I wish his connection was better. I wish his connection was better. We’ll see how, uh, how well the podcast picks it up. The transcript might be better, but I’m not sure. You know, we’re so low budget here and short on time.

We don’t have a big production run that run up like some other people with big Spotify money.

Um, let’s see. What. Shit, the transcripts, really good. Maybe I’ll read it to you guys after. Maybe that. Is that the better way to do it? Yeah, cuz you can control what you say. Like there’s anything he’s like. It’s funny because the train, Google train, like bleeps out everything in the transcript, but it doesn’t bleep it out in here.

And I don’t care. We’re not like, tick tock. This is what a guy said. We’re reporting it. Oh, and I won’t show it. I won’t put it on the screen because there’s numbers there. I don’t want you guys calling them and getting all mad. No docs. I want to call him and get him on the show.

What he just read. It’s my show. Freaking. This dude I think is racked me up. So I’ll get it closer to the mic. Let’s see. Okay.

black man have, you stupid redneck.

Yeah, your wife sucking a black man

right now. Your daughter is to your grandmamma too

And now this is a second voicemail. It goes to this next one here. Two voicemails and your mama should have.

Been beat the

What have, um,

Yeah, I know the black motherfucker was calling your wife funky ass. You

Yeah, we own your ass, bitch.

redneck here, billy. And you white trash.

don’t you tell us that y’all can’t goddamn stand too long. Fuck it by die. And your mama too, bitch.

Guy just cracks me up. The whole thing cracks me up.

He just gave me, like, an hour’s worth of extra work in two minutes. Here’s the two things I took away from this, though, which really.

Hold on. Let me read it. Let me read it. And Google translates was having a hard time, um, on that. Listen, how you read next, son of a bitch,

you white honky without. And they think it’s pink

And then something, um, black folks name. I don’t know the transcripts. Bye bye. I told you, motherfucker.

Racist ass mouth. You talking having something, uh, all white honking, probably honky so bad you all want the black dicks

black man. But like, the black man has, I think he, uh. They messed that up in the transcript. You have stupid redneck, and it says hunting in this one, but I’m pretty sure you’re saying

Yeah. Your wife sucking a black man dick

now. And your daughter is, too. And my favorite line, and your grand mammy, too. Um, um, and then, like, I think the transcript is messed up there. And then the second one. And your mama should have been beat the f up for. See, I bleep that one out. Thank you.

Thank you, um, for having a damn

f effing ass bitch ass. And it says universe here, but I’m not sure what he said. Like you. Yeah, I know the black. I think it’s a motherfucker maybe been calling your wife honky ass, you redneck. And he did. They messed it up here. But then he messed up.

He was made who he was being racist against because he calls a white person a

pack. Um, motherfucker. Yeah, we are on your ass, bitch. And yeah, we on your ass,

redneck hillbilly. He white trash. And then he’s back on to, your kids are probably

now, your grandma, your mama, and your daddy on that one, he comes back to. Now your dad is, too. Don’t get jealous of us black folks, because we all got. I think what he was saying is we all got, um, this as themselves, too. Long pocket. I think he said we can stay.

I think it was something about we, um, stay harder, longer or something. And then bye bye. And your mama to bitch.

It just cracked me up. So, I mean, and not even the, ah, um, it was racist, obviously. And, you know, you’re upset, but is that a cause to it? I think it was more. I’m like, God, that guy’s a comedian.

Oh, I don’t even know if I’m gonna have to put this as explicit. You know what I’m saying?


Here’s two of the things that I noticed when this went down is that people would call up and be just as racist.

Back there was a segment. A segment. It was smaller.



Which I thought thought was ironic because, I mean, if we’re gonna get rid of racism, don’t use it for anybody. Right.

Yes. The whole thing, it’s not. Two wrongs don’t make a right.

Yeah. So that was really, really odd. And the second is, is that

I forgot what the second was because it took so long, but that they used, um, um, racial slurs against you. And the other was. Is the number of people that wanted to call who really didn’t have any idea what most of it was about. They were just calling to vent.

There was a lot of venting and frustration. It sounded like in these people’s voices.

No, no, they were just more call to action.


Like, uh, a few of the tick tock were, you know, called this business. And this guy’s. You know, most of the people were, you know. Do you know you have a racist employee? You know, that this other. That was the majority. It was not venting.

Interesting. Okay.

Um, it was. Do you know, like. Yes, I know. And we had a couple, uh, Facebook things and, uh,

the Twitter whatever. We had a couple and no couple. Contact form. We have one or two contact forms on our email.


And, uh, my wife had a, uh, text message from somebody, uh, here in town. Oh, that saw it. So.


That was, uh. We made the call then when we. Yeah, that’s when we call it. Then it got worse as, uh, that Sunday, and. That was the 19th.


And you guys start, like, changing things. So I was saying, hey, we. We fired that guy on Sunday. And I’m like, oh, wait, it’s Sunday now. They’re gonna think it just happened. Um, but that was. That did happen.


As soon as it came to that, what it was.

Yeah. And you guys acted quickly on the 19th. Yeah, I mean, it was. It was that moment, and it was just really. I mean, you have to, though. You have to respond. You gotta pivot quickly because that’s not what the gym is.


That’s this. It’s amazing how fast people want to cancel you. And we can’t control what everybody says.

Yeah, right.

But we can. If we don’t tolerate what you’re saying, we get you out, and that’s, uh, what you did. It was instant.

That’s, you know, you can’t tolerate it. It shouldn’t be accepted from anyone. I mean, that was so many people. It doesn’t matter. We can’t tolerate it, but we can’t. And sometimes people let things go, and that can be any, you know, it doesn’t matter. Any culture, you know, there was a lot of people, like, everybody has their own things.

And that’s what makes the world special, everybody being the same. You get born different cultures. Yeah, I mean, goodness, great. You know, that’s. Diversity is great. We don’t want all the same stuff and, you know, different things, different customs from, you know, it’s fun.


But some people, you know, the human brain, like people. It’s really hard for people.

Yeah. And man, it, it’s just been tough overall. I mean, we, we don’t accept that kind of behavior, but you’re the one that ultimately has to deal with it. Right. That’s. The other thing is people don’t realize how powerful actions can be and the effect it has on others, not just, not you, because that individual is most likely ruined their life, but imagine how many.

How did they ruin their life? You can shut off your shelves to social media and walk away.

Well, it follows. Mainly, it follows you.

Yeah. You’re out there. I’m like, man, I don’t get recognized.

Um, but you, you, you certainly felt the majority of the fallout.

Yeah, yeah. Hm. I’m here dealing with it. We’ve used it as, uh, a kid huddle up in our, in our kids krav maga classes. And it’s a great mart, you know, great discussion for kids, especially the teenagers.


That, you know, what you put out there on social media is gonna stay out there and. Yeah, freedom of speech. Say whatever you want, but it has ramifications.


It’s going to affect other people and this, uh, it’s going to affect him. I mean, it affected him because now a place he liked to come.


And was a big part of is done because of your words, but it’s really, you know, affected our reputation and our business. So you gotta, you know, it’s the world. You got to be careful of what you say. And I’m not all that, you know, touchy feely. And this whole political correctness stuff is gone extremely too far, um, especially in the last four years or five years.

It just continues to get to the extreme with people. But stuff like that is extremely, that’s throwing everybody into the bus in a particular race. So I’d like to make another coffee, take a tv, time out. Um.

All right, I’ve got another americana. We’re good. And Josh is complaining about, uh, having to bleep out that guy, but, you know, I think it was funny. I thought that guy cracked me up. Part of it’s funny, but it really drives me crazy that, you know,

I don’t think we’re ever going to eradicate it, but we can’t tolerate it and go. Yeah. Be a martial arts instructor and it’s okay. It’s gonna make people uncomfortable.


Um, in there it’s even, you know, people going, great. My black belt pictures with this guy.


And, you know, it’s. It affects a whole lot of people going, geez. I mean, you YouTube people are, you know, we’ve removed some videos that we’re getting comments on it, and, you know, there’s a lot of. There’s a lot of stuff. I mean, he’s in a lot of my clear sky videos, and I’m going, God, I really don’t.

Just the amount of time it would take to redo those. I mean, I’m, um, leaving them on there for our students, and, uh, they’ll slowly get buried as we, you know, record other stuff as we go through time here. But, yeah, it’s tough. I think, uh, you know, it’s other people, you know, thanks for doing it.

Hang in there. And I’ve never been on the edge here. I mean, the. With anything, like, okay, just roll with it. You know, m couple times you’re like, okay, let me put on my game face and talk to somebody that, uh, I don’t really feel like talking to on.

But you did it on Sunday, memorial.

Day and everything else. And m it is what it is, so you just gotta let stuff happen. See? You just gotta roll with it and move on. Try to learn from it. What’s the example? And I think, you know, connecting with so many people that, you know, that whole thing, I’m like, unite.

We need. This country needs to be more together as a, uh, country because the ultra elite just railroad us. And you name it, from food to.

This upcoming, uh, election, you mean.

And you got Google making state, Google people making rep. Like, we’ve got to do something to fix it that’s out there, people. You can go and fact check that sucker and listen to these. Good. That’s scary no matter what side you are on.

Crazy, um, that they’re. We’re gonna do something to fix this.


Like this tech stuff, man.

Who world of dangerous.

That solar flare.

Yeah, it’s a dangerous vicious observer.

Let’s check what out he’s saying today. Maybe there’s one on the way.

Yeah, well, they said there might be a repeat of the, uh, solar flare event. And I was like, oh, my gosh.

Yeah, watch this observer on YouTube. He’s down in Colorado Springs area.

It’s kind of scary stuff.

We’ve got a carjacking in casserole.


So, uh, turns out last, um, say was last weekend a two people were, uh, carjacked at gunpoint at, um, one of the local, um, malls around here. It won’t say which one, but it, um, May 23. Okay, so not just seven days ago, right?

Yeah, the 20.

And, uh, the person, uh. The thing is that the people who committed the crime. Got away and are still at large. But I couldn’t help but think about all the training that I’ve done here with you. Like, how. How would somebody seriously react? What could I do if, uh, prevented that carjacking.

Right? What can I.

Maybe you didn’t. You know, it’s the whole thing. What could I have done to prevent it? Yeah, well, you could have been aware, possibly. Yeah.


Of what’s going on. Get your, you know, head on a swivel, be looking around, observe, check it out. Um, you know, what’s going on, but you could also just give them the car.


I don’t know. I mean, they. They said the person went to the hospital with some injuries, non life threatening injuries. So they beat him up. Do they whack them? Um, I don’t know. We didn’t see that in the report. But being aware, you could have walked past your car, you could have walked back into the mall if you felt somebody was following you.


You know, even this seemed. This was midday, right? They. Didn’t they steal something from a store? Yeah, I think there was.

I think they were.

I read that they had stolen something. And then there’s three of them. You got three people?

Yeah, I mean. I mean, it all escalated, too. It starts as a robbery and it turns into a carjacking, right? And it. The whole thing, like, starts to escalate and, you know, just watching and looking around. It’s hard enough just to get my keys out and get in the car sometimes, right?

I. You’ve got to start looking over the shoulder. And then you got three individuals that walk up, man, that’s like a crap sandwich, you know? Yeah, nothing’s worth your life. Have it all at that point.

I mean, we use that all the time. And, uh, especially my teen class, I’m like, okay, you’re driving your. What’s your dream car? Whatever it is. All right, now somebody’s gonna, you know, give me your car. Are you gonna do a gun defense? Yeah, cuz they’re holding you a gun point.

You’re gonna give them the car. Somebody’s kind of kids. No way. Yeah. Uh, and I’m like, well, seriously, if you can afford that whatever car and even know it’s cool, but I always love lamborghinis. When I was, you know, in middle, uh, school that, uh, if you can afford one, you could probably buy another one.

Think you should be able to in Florida insurance, trying to run a car like that. Insurance better. Um. Come on. I mean, what was it worth? I just saw a report on a guy that unloaded on some, with an ar. I forget where it was. Don’t quote me. Texas or Florida.

It’s a kind of 50 50, I think. And I could be totally wrong about that, but I’m pretty, I’m pretty sure it was one of those. And he hit other vehicles. I mean, it might have been his car. I wasn’t quite sure on the, you know, the report I saw on YouTube that, oh, my God, he put some rounds in some vehicles, which gets you in trouble.

You’re responsible for those. He’s driving away and you’re shooting at somebody. They are. Not a threat to you and shooting somebody over your car and risking shooting somebody else. It’s those things that we do in our citizen defender class going, wrap your brain around it. Come on. You know, be serious in your training.

And if you’re out there with a firearm, train more. And that’s just not going to the range.


That’s running drills and doing things that aren’t live fire, they’re not. Oh, it’s fun to be at the range, but I have worried you guys. We did a little thing on Tuesday and you guys probably didn’t even realize how good it was. It was just two people and one of you guys had a knife or something.

And just, I’ve been running that little ten second scenario in my head all week, like, oh, let’s do that one again because, oh, you know, this guy was doing that. Running those things slow and working your draw.


With, you know, with uh, an er, laser pistol, uh, it gets you wraps that your brain doesn’t know the difference between the real firearm and that, uh, laser.

Yeah. And then all the decisions you got to make in those moments.


Like, I was just sitting there going through Ooda loops over and over and over. And I’ve got two people here that keep coming at me. I ended up doing a shoot on one. But you’re like, I didn’t even have a weapon as one of the people.

Yeah. And, yeah, we had that one.

And, uh, Bill, who’s the other training partner, did.

But you guys kept walking towards me.


And great shots were like, whoa, man, he you justified on one, right. But that other guy was really just being a jerk. Yeah, I think I was kind of like, kick his ass. Yeah, get him.


Uh, whoa, hold on. You know, and now you went, once you went to guns, you went to guns on everybody in the scenario. I did. So I think, you know, you’re gonna get that guy. You’re justified. And, you know, you were, you kept running it in your head and am I jumped two guys and then you start rewinding that one.

And that other guy had a, uh, I had a good 50. I mean, it’s close. I had a good 15ft away from you.

Wow. It felt so much closer.

I mean, I was mats away. I was at least two and a half, three mats.

And from my perspective, it felt like you were right on top of me, which is the scary part. Right. Because I’m just going through these decisions. I don’t even know your distance.

Yeah. And I’m, um, not. There was never a blow throw. I’m just a jackass. Used to call everybody back when you could give some kids some hard time in high school.

Uh, well, I’ve been thinking about it ever since. Like, I’m just. I just keep thinking, what would have been different?

You didn’t hesitate on pulling the trigger. You didn’t even say, stop. Yak up, don’t come any closer. You just went, bum, bum, bum, bum. And that’s where I feel shooting targets all the time might not be the best thing for a lot of people. And you’re gonna get a lot of kickback.

And, yeah, you need that live fire, but you need to make the decision on who you’re pulling the trigger on and not just doing a drill where you’re shooting freaking targets really fast. Great. Awesome. But one of those. Targets was a potential target. I would still say I could have turned that in.


You know, who knows? I mean, you just shot me. And I went, whoa, man, I don’t have a weapon. I’m m just over here being a mouth. Pretty sure I can, you know, say some crap on the sidelines and people do you see that all the time. And in fights and altercations and people freaking running their mouth from their wife to, you know, their buddy, whatever it is.

So they’re tough.

That’s why that is really weird that it started by itself.


Uh, that freak.

Did we say something?

I don’t know, but, uh, I mean, it’s hard enough trying to pay attention. And this is why we train to the one threat.

Like, I get tunnel three people.


You know, you’re at the, uh, outlets at Castle Rock, and now, whoa, your day goes just somebody carjacking you?


If you’re not out there looking around and trying to be aware and you’re in trouble. I mean, we just, uh, did, Murph, um, at the gym, we did. A bunch of us did it. Wanted to do it on Saturday.


Instead, especially for us, like, it’s an actual long weekend, even though we were, you know, we were in the gym Saturday, and I took freaking phone calls. All had, you know, I don’t know how many calls throughout the weekend, but we did that. Um, if you don’t know, Murph, it’s a hero workout from CrossFit.

1 mile run, 100 pull ups, 200 push ups, 300 squats, 1 mile run. Now, the middle, you can break those 600 reps up into however you want to do it, really. Um, popular is just doing a workout called Cindy. 510 15 of each. And you can keep moving. Burnout.

That’s how I’ve done it for years. Uh, it works out. Some people will have to break up the push ups. That’s, uh, good. Or some people do half of it, like, whatever. To do whatever.


But that. I love that workout because I just try to start an end. And no matter how crappy people are getting with their movement. Scout. No, I’m, um, trying to stick to the movement.

Mm hmm.

That I’m not sacrificing any crappy push ups. I feel like I got a crappy one. I’ll do another one that you’ll see people going half. I actually told one of the guys that was there just, he, uh, wanted to do it on Monday. So he had come in and just kind of run, um, the mile and was kind of encouraging people and I told him, uh, one of my little quick breaks, I’m like, hey, if you see any bad movement, you know, known as not rxed, um, in that functional fitness world that, uh, let the guys know.

And, uh, uh, a couple minutes later, um, uh, when I was in between, um, um, rounds, he I’m afraid somebody’s going to punch me. And it’s like, oh, so you’re seeing some crappy movement where you’re afraid to say something. Okay, you know, that’s one that, you know, I will do kipping on the.

Pull ups and, you know, it’s a hundreds a lot. Oh, my gosh. Yeah, now you’re out. So that was it. Saturday. That was Saturday. I don’t know if it was the next day or Monday. I cannot remember, um, so much yard work and phone calls and other things this weekend, but we’re down in Colorado Springs.

Went to check out a thing in old Colorado City.


Supposed to have some music. It was terrible. We basically walked the street, went into a couple stores, like, oh, hey, this. You know, I like that street.


Uh, there’s a lot of stores. A lot of, you know, just mom and pop stores. So we went to a bunch of stores. You know, we’re not going to go down there, typically. Um, so we went to a few stores, you know, I think Jenny got some tea or something.

It’s lost a step over the years.

What’s that?

It’s lost a step over the years. It used to be a lot of fun. I used to go all the time to some of those events.

Yeah. You know, you’re. I’m, um, being aware.


You know, being down there. But, man, sometimes you’re after a tough workout. You’re tired. Oh, man, my legs hurt. You know, looking around and just being aware of what’s going on around you. But we all get caught off guard, y’all.

Oh, yeah.

Start looking at something, whatever it is, you know. I had Jenny and I couldn’t make out either one because the guy and I, he kind of came around a booth. We were going to the other side of the street, walking back. We’re all the way down the end of the street.

Kind of came into this other guy. Seemed pretty clean cut, you know? Didn’t. Because there were some homeless people around there. Uh, there was some guys, like, man, we had to get Josh out of jail last night. He was really pissed. Kind of like it was an everyday occurrence.

Like, holy crap. You hear what happened to Josh, man? He ended up in shit. Like, that would be a totally different discussion if, like, we had to go pick him up again, these guys hanging out on the, uh, on the sidewalk. But I bumped into him, and he even stuff, like, something about my hair, and I’m like, jeez, I don’t even have hair.

Like, Josh. Like, what? We were just like, that dude was weird. What. What was that about?


And I’m like, at first I thought he was an old student or something, but that. I don’t know, I was just like, kind of just like, yeah, cool. Hey, Mike. Good to see you. Like, he was just weird. Jenny’s like, what was I like? I have no idea. I thought he was just a reality in his head that’s not lining up with water, but he looked totally, totally normal.

Dude, you. I mean, but, you know, walking around after a workout like that, you’re fatigued. Uh, like, you’re mentally fatigued. You’re physically fatigued. You know, that’s always you know who. Man, I hope nothing happens after you did Murph. And you’re sore from Murph. Um, yeah, but, you know, to prevent those, I don’t think sometimes there’s not.

It’s just trying to be smart.


In the time frame that somebody comes up and they want your car. Yeah. Okay. I think. What am I here. Um, I think it was Michael Margolin, one, um, of the fastest. Man, that guy was fast. Um, said, teaching, like, one of the first instructors to do a bunch of gun defense early on in my instructor career.

And he had said, I don’t have kids, but if I have my niece or nephew or something like that, and they’re in the car, then I’m going to defend the gun. I was like, man, this dude’s fucking fast. And that’s his call. Like, other than that, you can have the car, but there’s people in it.

I need to get out. Well, yeah, I’m not gonna let you just jump in and now run from the cops or whatever with a kid in the car. You know, I might be like, hey, Josh is in the car.

He’s on his own. Yeah, yeah, yeah. You’ll be okay.

I’m not. I don’t know.

Thanks, buddy. I appreciate that one.


Opportunity to run some of your training.

Oh, is that what. Okay, cool. Because then I’ll just. I’ll just see what. Hey, I end up after that,

I would probably just want to get out of the cart.

Is it Quentin Tarantino? Like, the gimp, the guy that’s in the.

Oh, the locker?


How about I have to edit this out? Yeah.

I would not want to end up that situation.

John thought Josh could handle it because he got car jacks.

He’s still in the car.

Like, Josh, the big boy Josh.

John calling you the game. I don’t know.

No, I have confidence. And you can at least jump out of the car.

Yeah, like, I’m pretty confident I can.

Do that freaking roll. I saw your side fall breaks. They’re getting better. I’m just falling out of the car, right? Way better than being hit. My head and roll. Well, if you hit your head and then you become the gimp, at least you won’t remember it. And remember, Josh, this is just a simulation, so maybe, uh, next time you get away.

Yeah, can I.

They run a.

You know, I’m changing. This is awful. I’m recoding the whole thing.

They do it again. You know, maybe you won’t become the.

Gimp, but it may. You never know when your training’s gonna have to kick in, when it does really matter. In those moments, uh, you just don’t know. You could just be walking to the mailbox. You could just be getting food at a pizza joint. Right? You’re just walking back to your car with groceries.

Yeah, you just don’t know when something’s gonna happen, so, you know, we always talk about looking for those pre fight indicators, body language that. That the people are displaying out there. Right. Uh, you and you especially, like, you know, keep your head on a swivel, have a good time.

But look, you know, pay attention. Don’t get buried into something.

Yeah. Like a book or your phone. See, when you’re walking out of a store, whatever it may be, or late at night, you know, being aware and doing different things, taking the same path.

Yeah. Don’t be m predictable.

Yeah, you know, that’s. That’s tough. Even here at the gym, sometimes I’ll, uh, open the back door and not go out.


Just to mix it up. That’s how. Know, unfortunately, like, that’s the lockup procedure. Yeah. You know, you’re going out the back door, going out the front, you know, check the ring, you know, check the cameras before you go down, you know, but it’s, uh, you know, have a buddy that leaves with you.

Yeah. Pay attention.

Carry a light. I mean, I like to have a flashlight on me most of the time, just so I can see. Right. And it’s a tactical advantage to be able to shine a light at somebody. I mean, you can keep them at bay.


For a moment. Right?

Yeah. If you’re coming out or you’re just walking. Like, I got my mother in law a flashlight a couple years ago for Christmas. Like, uh, you’re gonna walk on the beach and at sunset and you’re coming back and it’s a little dark, you know, having a flashlight that you can at least see and you’re being aware.

Yeah, it’s a good. It’s a good self defense tool.

And there’s a lot of you out there who are carrying a pistol, who’ve never actually tried to fight with that weapon. Not just at the range, but the. When somebody starts grabbing you and taking you to the ground and having to hold onto it.

Well, he’s that New York, uh, liquor store owner that discharged the weapon, kind of punching or swinging, doing something, and now he, he discharged his firearm. It’s that whole integrating, it’s what we do here. And that’s, again, like, we’re all about self defense at Rocky Mountain. Self defense and fitness, you know, you want to support our podcast.

That be awesome, because Josh has got more editing work on this particular podcast. You can do that at our, uh, shop, RMSDF, for all our Rocky Mountain gear. And then our online training portal is clearsky training, and it’s got a store attached to it as well. You can get the link, um, from there and, you know, something to be looking out for.

We’ve made, it’s been a little while, but we have some suck, uh, less nutrition products coming soon, uh, here that it’s been working. We’re not quite ready to launch it. Um, but we are going to have our own brand new for performance from everything from creatine to men’s multivitamins and women’s multivitamins.

Some other good stuff there, so be on the lookout.

They do make you feel better. They make you feel a lot better overall.

Well, you haven’t tried it yet, Josh. You can’t.

It’s called the magic of radio. It’s called magic.

It’s not magic. It’s not magic. We’re gonna put you on him, though. Yeah, I know. You shake your hand. I’m ready, John. I’m like, no, don’t. We don’t have them out there. This is coming. You haven’t gotten them? You, um, haven’t gotten them. I like it when Josh gets annoyed.

Just looks away.

I just look. So when you got nothing nice to say, just sit there and shut up.

Just shut up.

My wife taught me that one.

Don’t lie, Josh. Going to hell.

Kidding. Lying. Come on. You’re the first person to tell me that. Don’t lie. But on supplements. When you do supplements.


It does make a really big difference.

Yes. In your life, especially looking for. Good quality. Um, that’s. That’s been the toughest thing. That’s been the toughest thing in this. And, you know, um, we’ll see how well it does. You know, I’m always optimistic. Um, but it’s a big market, and I think the, uh, the suck less, um, gets a lot of attention when I wear.

Wear the shirt out. I think it can resonate traction. And, you know, it’s supplements that don’t suck. Yeah, that was the hardest part. And not fine, you know, not having crappy stuff. That’s just.

Okay, well, everyone just goes to a, uh, Walmart, right, and they just try to pick up the cheapest thing, and you don’t know what’s in it. Fortunately.

Yeah. Uh, so many, like, that’s the mentality they look for.


Oh, this self defense class is this cheap. This, which is also this CCW is so cheap. I’m gonna do that because it’s the cheapest option going, are you going to the cheapest dentist?

Right. You m want quality. You want somebody if you’re learning self defense. I want to learn from somebody who knows what they’re doing. Not that one guy that does the Detroit whatever. Self defense on YouTube. Right.

Legit Josh.

I still can’t tell if he’s being serious or not serious sometimes, and I’m just like, really? You’re gonna tell somebody to do that? Like, at some point, I’m like, if this is a joke now, it’s dangerous joke, right? Because people are paying attention to it.

Well, yeah. Anything else, and it’s that. I don’t know. It’s a big waste. I don’t know. Get off of this thing. Go out there and do something real. Hopefully, you were driving or doing some other mundane task like cooking. I listen to podcasts that I’m cooking or doing some cleaning or something like that, folding laundry, um, that type of stuff.

But get out there, do something real. Stay on track. It’s worth it, you know, to be in shape. You’re gonna feel better just mentally, you’re gonna feel better about yourself being prepared, and you gotta train more to suck less. Otherwise, you are sucking. You are going in the negative because you’re not doing it.

It doesn’t matter how far you’ve come. We all get rusty. You talk to pro fighters, and everybody gets rusty when you’re not training and not doing those things. So get in, find a good, quality martial arts place. You know, what we do here is self defense and street fighting.

We want to be ready for the ground. We want to be ready for stand up. We want to be ready for weapon threats, and we want to be functionally fit. You know, I always say it. Nobody cares. I was yelling at the teenage class, I’m like, nobody cares that you’re tired.

Nobody cares that you’re weak. Oh, so they don’t care? What, are you going to call your mom? Right? You’re getting your ass beat. You know, you got to be in shape, train. That’s what we’re all about here at RMSDF. All right, guys, I appreciate you listening. Share with a friend.

Ah, give us a thumbs up and all that other stuff here. Uh, you guys know what to do. Have a good day, guys. Train more, suck less.

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