#70 Ending Racism

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Been fighting a pr battle here at Rocky Mountain. Self defense and fitness, all big fun. How are you doing today, Josh?

Well, I’m as good as it can be right now. It’s just been a heck of a crazy week, man. So you know how it goes.

Yeah, it is. Uh, my, uh, daughter graduated yesterday afternoon from Castleview. That, uh, is awesome. And, uh, super, uh, proud of her. That’s a positive for the week. And actually, you know, as much of a pain in the ass this is, um. Um. I’ve, uh, talked to a lot of good people, so it’s.

I’m trying to go on. It sucks. I’m really pissed off. So, you know, the story is, one of our coaches, Jordi Mayo, made some racist comments on, I believe. Was it Twitter? And then it blew up on the rest of social media. I believe it was TikTok, uh, is where it really blew up on and totally justified everybody that’s, uh, upset.

I totally get, um. I get free speech. I’m a big proponent of free speech, but your words have and have, have consequences. It’s been, uh, nonstop for us here. Um, you know, it started on Sunday, kind of my only full day off, and dealing with putting out statements, dealing with contact forms and phone calls and text messages to our.

To our phone numbers has been crazy. It’s been crazy. I, um, have no idea what Josh is doing, but he’s being Josh, so

it’s, you know, I don’t know. I had 50 calls yesterday and interactions with people, and that’s been Wednesday. Uh, May 22 has been our slowest day, and I’m trying to talk to or text every single person that contacts us, because this is my reputation. Um, my wife and I were horrified the moment we saw that.

And, um, I don’t agree with the statements that he made. You know, you can go look it up yourself. We’re not gonna clip it in here into this show at all, but. Horrible racist statement.

Those caught, though, those affect the people around you. Those affect the entire staff, um, and myself and my livelihood. I have no idea. I mean it already. I mean, I’m already looking at it as we’re on five days here, of me doing nothing but dealing with this problem and trying to.

I don’t want to ignore any of the phone calls or any of the texts. Um, I think it was like Sunday. My wife was like, you’re really gonna call Pete? You’re really calling people? M. I’m like, yes, I’m really calling everyone. And at least, or I am personally texting them.

And what I’m getting back is even just thank you for responding. I think most people think that we’re going to ignore them, um, and bury our head, or, you know, so many people thought he was given. He was just a part time coach here. I mean, we had somebody like, I want to talk to corporate.

I’m like, well, you’re talking to him. That’s me. That’s it. We’re, you know, really a, uh, you know, one person show and a whole lot of, you know, great coaches around us. And, you know, my wife supports me with her. She’s got a full time job. She’s more to bounce things off of and.

And everything here. And, you know, she was the one that watched all the videos that I recorded on Sunday. I’m going, what. What was the best one? I’ve never, um, thought I would have to do anything like this to defend my business. And even people. People are calling me a racist.

And you must be a racist if you’re employing a racist. I mean, it’s. It’s been horrible that, um, way. And, uh, I was gonna say something else yet. The videos. Oh, the, uh. There was, you know, just trying to stay ahead of social media. We were. Man, we managed to get, uh, where somebody found it on TikTok.

I had been ignoring tick tock as a business. I hate all. I wish I could go back to putting a,

uh, ad in the, uh, Inquirer Mirror, which they might be out of business now in Nantucket. I don’t even know if they have a paper, but putting, um, it. Putting a flyer up at the hub bulletin board on Main street on Nantucket. I wish I could go back to those days.

I’ve been saying that for a long time. But the social media aspect, I couldn’t keep up with the reshares. But we got one guy to post out off. He was one that shared out our Google business, uh, listing and said, contact here. And the only thing I was great.

But the only thing I’m now disappointed in, because at the time, I was like, go great. He’s at least sharing it out. Um, was. He kind of took credit for it when I terminated him on Sunday morning. When we got alerted, we got one contact form, right? Like, Sunday morning.

You’re like, hey, something’s going on. You know, we went on Facebook, and there was some weird, you know, a handful of stuff like messenger, you know, that were, um, business messenger, because even some of our guys were like, I don’t see a lot on Facebook. I’m like, well, we also have messenger m.

And we saw it there and looked at the video and went, oh, my God. This is it. We can’t have this. We can’t have one of our coaches doing that. Yeah. And here’s. Here’s another call coming in that I’m gonna have to decline and text back. Um, I hate to do that.

Had to not take a whole bunch. My wife was even like, you’re not gonna take phone calls during your daughter’s graduation. I’m like, of course not. Of course not. But, I mean, that’s been, you know, she. That’s how involved in it she thought I was, that I was gonna actually take calls, um, when we were sitting at red rocks in a beautiful, um, uh, I was gonna say Sunday, Wednesday, uh, afternoon there, um, such a beautiful place for graduation.


but this effect, you know, the effect that it’s had on my business just makes me so mad that, you know, we all, as we know, free speech, like, say things and people can.

Say whatever they want, but you don’t have to agree with it. And we don’t agree with it.

Yeah, we don’t agree with it.

What he said does not reflect our values. Um, it just doesn’t. Never has.

No. Yeah, not whatsoever. I mean. Yeah.

So, I just want people to know that John has run a really amazing gym with amazing people, and this one bad apple just kind of. It spoils the bunch is the old word, right? But John’s not racist, guys. He’s the most calm, kind person you’re ever going to meet in reality.

And it tears me up to see you this hurt by the actions of somebody that, you know, you think you can trust everybody sometimes, and you can because you get to the entertainment thanksgiving.

Do you ever truly know somebody?


Um. You know, that was all so many people accusing me of. You knew your stat, like, people you’re telling me other coaches didn’t know and all of this stuff. And do you ever truly know somebody? I mean, that, uh. Do you really?

Obviously not. I mean, everybody’s got, uh, a home life, right? Everybody’s got things they say, traumas that they have to deal with. You know, you just don’t know everybody right? You see people in small doses most of the time. And when they’re in public, most people are very. They have manners, right?

But when they’re home alone and they start going off on rants and they start recording these rants, you never know what’s going to come out. And that doesn’t necessarily reflect your opinion on that, right. It doesn’t reflect what you stand for, and it was super disappointing. I I don’t agree with any of it.

You obviously never. You don’t and never have agreed with that.

No. I mean, even that’s. I grew up in a pretty eclectic place. I mean, even though sometimes people don’t think Nantucket island is. It’s kind of like Castle Rock is worse demographic wise, where we are now. I mean, I just moved because I want to. I love the mountains.

I had no idea what the demographics were when I came, um, out here to buy a house. It just looked like a beautiful place to live and raise kids. And, um, I grew up surrounded, sometimes the only white kid hanging out, and it just blows my mind. It’s even, like some people, you can’t talk about Cosby now because.

Whatever. But, uh, really, um, there’s. No matter what we do and what is the answer? There’s racist people. No matter what. There’s bigots of every nature, um, of every culture. And that’s what makes the world a great place, that there’s different cultures and different things, and people have their own traditions and whatever it may be, uh, those are all great things.

And, you know, everybody being the same, that would be freaking a boring world, in my opinion. But, um, just, uh, the hate, um, spewed over to everyone. Yeah. I mean, you can be mad at one person, but still, I don’t. I don’t know.

It’s the guilt by association part. Right? That’s. You don’t live with this person. You don’t go home with this person. Right. You don’t know them. So I can’t be responsible for someone else’s actions. So when you all are out there and you’re thinking that, John, um, you know, stop hammering us, because we didn’t.

We don’t espouse this. We don’t promote this. So, you know.

She’S trying to be all pr.

I am.

We just don’t.

And that’s it. Yeah. I mean, right? There was never a script.

You know, I don’t. I don’t know. I don’t like scripts. I don’t like to do stuff like that. Yeah, we, you know, I don’t like, uh, like to be scripted. I’d rather, uh. Hey, this is what I’m talking about. This is how I feel. Um, you know, uh, I made a couple videos, and I was trying to keep it under a minute.

I just wanted to get the statement out, get to the point not get long winded at all. And now that statement would be different. I mean, I put out a second video, of course. You can never get anything to go big that you really want to. I mean, I’ve talked to so many nice people that, you know, even some, some of it is just starting conversation, text message, if.

If that’s what it is, of going, I think we all need to be united as a people. I spoke with an awesome woman the other day that, um, we’re. I was talking to her, you know, had her on the phone. I was like, look, there’s, there’s bad people. Doesn’t matter.

White, black. I mean, look at our last president, our current president. Two white guys that, they’re not helping anybody. They’re not uniting the country. They’re dividing it. That’s not the president of the United States, in my opinion. You know, I think Trump, you know, let things slide. And you can’t help if, uh, some white supremacist groups like you, but you could certainly do a better job denouncing their beliefs, in my opinion.

Um, we need to be united. You know, she was saying, yeah, we don’t have anybody good to vote for. And I think a lot of people, I mean, I hope I don’t agree with everything, anything, you know, everything. I didn’t with Trump or Biden, any of them. But I see Kennedy is maybe somebody that could unify the country, and that’s what we need.

And that’s exactly what this woman said. She’s like, yeah, I was thinking the same thing. Because I said, I said I’m thinking Kennedy. And she’s like, I was thinking the same thing. I’m like, I really hope more people are thinking that, you know, but I see the, the dividend, you know, of.

I got my Trump stuff all over my pickup truck, and I’m Trump. Trump. And I don’t think he’s gonna unite the country. And that’s what, at this point in time, I think we really need. And I’m afraid of either one of them. I mean, we’ll roll on as a country.

Maybe it won’t get super, um, bad one, either one of them. But who knows? I mean, Biden’s letting everybody in, and that’s not a racist thing. This is a country that we need to take care of our own, never mind doing the things that he’s doing, costing so much money, so much money.

I mean, there’s a church here in town that I guess is filing federal lawsuits to have, bring in a homeless, uh, encampment of some sort in the meadows in Castle Rock. I’m like, how much money? They met m. What’s the end game here. There’s got to be money. I’m always like, what’s the money?

You get some federal grants, some federal money, some state money on bringing this thing in, people are making money off the homeless. I mean, we’ve got to come up with some better, some better things, because the things that they’re doing is just spending money and not solving problems. And unfortunately, there’s.

People that just need, you know, their own drugs, and we’re giving them freaking needles, and we’re giving them. What’s that stuff? You know, that we’re. To get them out of a, uh, od. What’s that? Yeah, we’re giving them Narcan four or five times. Yeah. I mean, at some point here, this is.

This has been my thing. If you want to vote for that, you can. I want my money going to education, to the environment. I could list other things, but they, um. Um. Why I don’t want to give any of my tax dollars anymore to some of these programs. And if you do, then you give your money.

Then you give your money. You give your money. So that’s, like, the fifth call.


Just, um, on the podcast here in a little bit that we’ve declined, unfortunately, I was debating on bringing somebody in, but, man, some of them. Shut up, Josh, and do whatever I want. It’s called the John Hawlet Hallett podcast. Do whatever I want. Um, some of them have been really freaking good.

Josh. Like, he’s, like, really good, supportive. Um, they start off. I mean, I’ve had the voicemails who. I mean, something like, hey, you’re being just as racist. You don’t have the guy.


If you want to say those, that you got the wrong guy. Hold on. Let’s talk here. Hold on.

When you meet racism with other racism, it just.


It’s hollow, right? I mean, the best way to get rid of racism is just start to accept people, realize that nobody’s perfect. Turn the other cheek, and.


And, uh, what you can. Right.

Jordy’s, uh, been a great guy around here. He, you know, really turned his life around. Things haven’t been easy for him, and he was a great success story of somebody that just changed their life. He’s. And that’s what the martial arts is about. That’s what we’re about here, of helping people no matter what.

And I’m gonna give anybody a chance, and. But when they prove me wrong, I’ve got no choice. I mean, I have no choice here.


It’s horrible. Um, you know, he. He’s a. He’s a really good guy, and, you know, he had a. He had a break. Whatever. You’re mad, but, man, it affected everybody. Everybody here at the gym, all the coaches, all the French. Your actions put us all in a bad spot.

I mean, the amount you didn’t run the bumper. We have a ton of editing to do on the website and social media, because we’re getting. I mean, we had a. Caught. We had somebody comment on, uh, I guess it was probably a video, but somebody said, it looks like the racist there.

And it was like, hey, just another white ball dude, man. Just another white ball dude. There’s lots of them out there. Yeah, there’s plenty of mother. Um, so, yeah, that’s been our week. And your. Your actions have consequences all the time. We say we, you know, we’ve, um. You know, I’ve been off the last two nights, um, with, um, the little kids.

I mean, I did our preschool, not a preschool kindergarten conversation, but they’re like, I always say they’re the cutest, they’re the best group. They crack me up. I have more, um, stories about the kindergarten, preschool, kindergarten kids. They’re, they’re so cute. Um, but where was I? We’ve used it as a, uh, talking point.

Huddle up for the kids, you know? And one of the dads like, thank you so much for talking again about social media and the consequences and everything else. He’s like, I had my son go home and say it to his two older sisters of what coach John said. Um, we had a message from one of our, I don’t know if you saw it as a Facebook message.

I pinned it or I screenshotted it, um, from one of our old members that, like, made, um,

my day, you know, good little short that somebody should take out of it. And actually, I meant to ping them back, but I’ll read it. I might get a little choked up. I read it for my daughter, uh, and, uh, wife, uh, when it came in where actually one of her, my wife’s girlfriends was over and, oh, my God, teenagers and da da da.

And I’m like, here’s one for you. Watch this video. This is what I’ve been dealing with since Sunday. But, um, um, this is one of my guys, Evan Bennett. Um, now, last I knew, he was living in Minnesota, I believe, um, and I could be wrong. Sorry, Evan, if I’m wrong, but so many people, um, that he was, like, doing something like cancer research or something like, something along those lines, um, the last I heard, but that’s been a little bit, um, for folks that haven’t met John or anyone in the RMSDF community in person, I wanted to leave a comment to vouch for them.

My name is Evan, and I started training with John back in 2004. Holy crap. Yes. When I was eleven years old, John was literally like a second father to me as far as having a positive male role model in my life and a huge influence on not going to go the right way.

Um. On.

Oh, I scrolled the wrong way. I screenshotted this guy. Sorry. Influence on technology. Sure. Probably, yeah.

And that’s not me making the snorting noises, y’all.

Yeah. That’s excellent, Leo. They get so excited now to come to work. Um, RMSDF was my home away from home after school. I was always. It was always an amazing and inclusive environment for anyone, uh, from any walk of life. I would spend hours and hours there as much as I could because I loved it.

And it was the one place in the community that I felt like I belonged. As an awkward kid. I went on to continue training and got my instructor certification and worked as a part time instructor there around 2009 to 2012. It was, and still is a place where anyone is welcome.

Old, young, gay, white, straight, black, disabled, doesn’t matter. If you want to be better yourself, show up with a positive. Um, my screenshots are terrible. Um, show up with a positive attitude. And it goes on a little bit.

Which is very nice. I mean, that is. It just goes to show you that, you know, you have spent your life being kind to people. You have spent your life making people better. When I see you do the kids, the kindergarten classes, you always make them talk about the commitment stuff and what they’re supposed to do, right?

And then that translates into everything. Uh, what do you make them say each time?

You know, um, the kids start with, why are we here? To build a strong mind and a strong body. That’s right. Um, we always say mind comes first because, you know, that’s the biggest thing. You can have a strong body, but it’s your mind that carries you and through.

Through all the tough times and everything else. And, uh, then they go, uh, um. Principles of black belt. Modesty, courtesy, integrity, perseverance, self control and indomitable spirit.


Tenants of black belt. Uh, in any real. I mean, most martial arts, it’s the same thing. Tenants of the martial arts, they’re all, you know, some people will add one or take one away, but you’re just not saying it.

To say it.

You mean it.

And then these kids pick it up.


And that’s what we teach, is you have to have that presence of mind to control yourself. Right. And that’s.

Yeah, you can teach. Yeah, you can be mad in the moment and we all mess up in the moment, um, and might say something to our spouse, our kid, whatever it is, but they do. They do add up. I mean, it’s somebody that’s abusive to their. Their spouse, their kids, and say mean things.

That stuff adds up. On people. Mhm. It does have a toll, no matter what. I mean, you know, it’s. That’s what I hate, you know, things of people being mean to kids. And sometimes I’m like, I don’t care if you’re gay. Whatever. It doesn’t bother me. Just don’t mess with kids, don’t hurt kids.

Kind, uh, of like some of this stuff going around now and, like, stop influencing kids. I think that’s a. You know, people be all pissed off at me, but it’s my opinion, and it could be wrong, but I think some of this trans stuff and having kids go through these things that are life altering.

Messing with your hormones and everything else as kids, we have to be 21 to drink. Um, I think some of this stuff, um, is getting out of hand of. In this country, and we’re letting things in, but then people are afraid to stand up to different things, I think messing with those kids, influencing them on social media.

Wrong. Um, your words have action. And kids are so malleable and easily influenced that we got to be careful that m. We. I mean, you’re not grown up until.

Whatever choices on anything, you know, especially when you’re young and we’ve all made choices we regret.


And there’s been, uh, one lately that I’m sure that individual regrets, too, so.

But, uh, yeah, we’re gonna. We’re gonna face it head on. We’re gonna. We’ve made statements, and I think that’s the only thing we can do is, I think a lot of people, you know, some good advice from, like, corporate America was, you know, if people are picketing, is, you know, give them porta potties and give them water.

Don’t do anything. Don’t say anything. Just let it go by. That’s what the, uh, stats say. But I’m not going to ignore the text. I’m not going to ignore.

Well, we’re not. We’re not corporate America. We’re a small business. This is our livelihood. Right. That’s why we do it. I mean, we. We don’t have the luxury of ignoring a problem. Let it go away, because we don’t. We’re not a giant corporation. Right.


And John really is taking these phone calls. He really is texting back.


It’s been. It’s probably the hardest thing I’ve ever seen you do, and that’s. That says a lot.

Yeah, it’s been. I don’t know, like, Monday was really bad. I started off really, but then it started to. Started to beat you up. Um, you know, you just start here, like, people calling you a racist yourself and trying to defend yourself, um, for being the employer. I mean, goodness gracious, some of the stuff.

But just hearing the phone call, taking the phone calls and being called names all day until you’re able to potentially get through. You know, usually I’m like, oh, uh, an anonymous call. This one’s gonna be bad. You know, very rarely are they okay. And those are the ones I can’t respond back to when.

If I miss that phone call because I’m talking to somebody else or, um, teaching a class has been the only let up that, um. I, um, can’t try to get through to those people and let them know, hey, at Rocky Mountain, this is not. We’re not going to tolerate this.

This is. This is our. Yeah. Not what we stand for. Like, we’re. It’s like the public pressure is all great that people, um, are kind of making a stand, but I don’t. I didn’t need it. I didn’t. That’s not what I want to be associated with. And it’s unfortunate.

It’s, you know, it’s. It’s really unfortunate that.

Yeah, yeah, you know, you went and effed up big time and really left me with no choice. Like, I. That, you know, from the kids to everything else that, um, you know, and I hate. Uh. Actually, I think it was, uh, yesterday there was some good. You know, it’s always awesome to hear, you know, kids getting out of high school and giving their, you know, they have, like, four different.

Whatever they call them, schools within a school or whatever they call them, cohorts or I don’t know what they call them. Um, at Castle View and listening to each speaker for each section, you know, Stanley, the stem section and drama, art, whatever, you know, are the arts. And listen, all those, like, you know, one kid’s like, my one grandpa says all this conservative stuff, the other side saying the opposite, you know, uh, on the other side, but I believe it, uh, was their principal said, you know, she’s a former english teacher, said something like the most powerful verb.

And, uh, just saying it now, um, you left me with no choice. And she’s like, that’s the most powerful verb. She was good, and I like her. She very, uh, kept things moving and pretty to the point woman, uh, which I liked. And it was like the first time in Castleview history, the principal, the president, and vice president of the class were all female.

It was pretty awesome. She took a selfie. I’m like, oh, I didn’t even realize, um, that that was the first time. So that was kind of awesome that it was my daughter’s graduation, um, that, that happened. But choice. And when you leave me no choice, it’s. It’s really hard as a.

As a friend and a business owner, that, man, you let me down. And you, uh, have cost me a lot of time and money because of what you did. And I think that’s something we all need to. Look at, you know, in society, you know, we say suck less, like.

Like, chill out. People get all, you know, upset in traffic and every other thing. We just need to step back and look at the bigger picture here, and we’ve got bigger problems in the world. So, you know, I’m saying vote for Kennedy because unite the country is what I’m all about.

Their. Dude, who are you going for? Biden. I saw the Biden tattoo you have.

Yeah, you’re on that. You’re on that conspiracy theory.

Come on, Josh. Josh won’t talk. See, baby,

Josh doesn’t want to go put it out there. I’m all about somebody that’s going to unite the country, and we’re never going to agree with all their politics. And, yeah, there’s some bad, bad crap going on, but we can just. We can with everything. It’s big people like, oh, conspiracy theory.

There’s some big ass, powerful people that control, uh, just about all of it. And that’s why I want to run for president. I’m just playing.

You and I disagree on a lot of things, but it doesn’t mean that we go around saying dumb ass stuff. Yeah, yeah, we disagree on a lot of stuff.

I mean, people are gonna freak out if Trump gets elected. People are gonna freak out if Biden gets elected. Let’s just throw a big frigging kink at both of those parties and blow it up as a country.

Vote for.

Vote for the freaking other guy. Like, seriously, let’s.

Let’s vote for John. How? We gotta run you. 2028 now.


So we’re gonna need a war chest, and, you know, we’ll be able to pull it off.

Yeah. Nobody wants it. My thing is, I’m not. It’s that whole, they’ll, uh, assassinate you.

Oh, gosh, I hope they don’t try to assassinate me. I’m not that cool.

If you run for president, you fight the. You fight the big agenda.


From pharmaceuticals to everything else. Big corporate America runs this country, poisons this country, and basically does whatever the hell they want. That’s the real friggin problem, Josh.

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Is big jump. Power, power. The people with the power and the money manipulate the system, you know, sell pharmaceuticals, self freaking crap food, pit everybody against each other and manipulate and divide. Uh, manipulate and divide. And we’ve got to stick together as a people, and I’ve had more people that I’ve said we need to be united as a people, and I’ve had more people.

Absolutely. Totally agree. You know, whatever they’re saying, they’re like, yes, we. We have bigger problems than this type of crap, but is a big load of crap that got put on, uh, mine. I actually. One point, I think. I don’t know. I mean, hopefully my attitude, I’m not excited, but, uh, there’s.

There’s one for the resume that I never thought I’d have to do as a business owner is defend myself, and my business is not being racist. One thing, like, I’ve done so many things, um, in this business that I didn’t think I’d have to do. Yeah, that wasn’t on the 2024 bingo card, right?

That was. 2024 has been tough enough as a small business, and, uh, this made it tougher. So if you’re, uh, in the Castle Rock area, we’ve got kids, we’ve got adults, we’ve got old people, young people, we’ve got all sorts in our gym. You know, it doesn’t matter. I just kind of say young and old.

It doesn’t matter. Do I need to name everything? You probably do. People like, you need to name something. You need to name everybody. I’m wrapping it up, Josh. You shut up. This is my rapper signal. Josh likes to give his little producer signals, and they piss me off because I have a choice.

I can go on for another 5 hours. Just leave the equipment here. Yeah. And we know I can’t. I am not. I am an introvert. Uh, this is a big, giant stretch for me to do this stuff and run it technically live. We did. We don’t cut anything. Hey, guys, do what’s right.

Suck less, train more. Be a good person. If you’re looking for self defense fitness in the Castle rock, Douglas county area here in Colorado, check out rmsdf.com. if you’re out there, you want to support us, we, uh, need it more than ever. You can shop dot rmsdf.com for all our RMsdf gear.

There’s some suck less. That’s what we believe in, and this is just another giant one. Suck less. Um, shop clearsky. Dot training is, ah, my online portal. We’ve got suck less gear on there, so that’d help out. I’ve pretty much lost a whole week of hours actual work, um, dealing with this.

And it will, I’m sure, go on till next week of what this is costing me, um, financially and time wise on nothing I want to spend time on. Hey, guys, train more, suck less than just be a freaking good person, hate mean people.

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