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This is the John Hallett podcast with John Hallett. Because the way we’re living, we need to change it. Make it change today. And all learn from failure. Maybe they just wanted it a little bit more than you. That’s probably the fact. And now your host, John Hallett. Hey, everybody.

Welcome back. We were talking about being motivated and, uh, our recent black belt promotion, some of the things that came up in that conversation. And also, you know, we’ve got the election coming up, and, uh, that scares the crap out of me with all of these illegal aliens supposedly, you know, bringing in to vote.

That. That stuff scares me, people that. I’m sorry. I think there’s even something going on here in Douglas county with, um, they were going to have the DC graduation at Air Force Academy. And I said, because if they were undocumented, they couldn’t get under the Air Force base. So I guess now they’re having an echo park.

But that was on. That was on the news last night. My wife had heard about it already. And, um, again, we’ve got to change and do things. It is extremely upsetting to me. And m if people are looking for a better place, you’re going to do it the right way.

This open border, uh, Biden, in my opinion, is really doing a lot to degrade America by bringing in so many illegals over his term. It’s crazy. And if they’re going to vote, that’s just changing the whole thing. Of course they’re thankful for him opening the border and making it easy.

Um, I think it’s a conspiracy on his part and the democratic party to bring in legal aliens. And Josh, of course, wants to bring himself in, but I think it’s crazy. I’m all for when people are, but we can’t have asylum for the entire world. We’re paying so much.

I was listening to tulsi, uh, Gabbert, Galbert. Galbert, tulsi gabbard, um, on Joe Rogan, and it just blew me away. And you forget about things, like so many people forget about the hurricane on Sanibel. My mother in law’s just moved back in on my hurricane that destroyed, um, Sanibel island down in Florida.

But, um, the fires and the lava, uh, and that eruption from a year ago. Now, those people haven’t recovered from that. I don’t know if they can even build back. But FEMA gave them. Hold on. Uh, you’re gonna freak out. You’re gonna freak out at how much money FEMA just gave these people.

How much? $700 for the whole thing or each for the whole. No, probably, yeah. For each person or that lost property, I’m not exactly sure. But you can’t even rent a room on, uh, Hawaii. And that’s what she said. I’m like, you can’t even rent a room on antagonist.

For $700, let alone Hawaii, which is even more expensive than Antagon island. And it’s all tourism. It’s all tourism. How much money are we giving these illegal aliens? We’re flying them around the country. They’re getting all of this stuff, uh, on the american taxpayer. I don’t know how people are freaking out on the democratic party.

If you vote, you’re just giving away money. But here we have these people in Hawaii that got $700. We got these. We’ve got these cities giving illegal immigrants money every month. And the home, they’re not doing anything they don’t want. It just blows my mind, the things that are going on.

And, you know, there’s been several things, um, people talking about it. It scares the crap out of me because,

uh, we. You, uh, guys have heard me. I’ll, uh, go for RFK as an independent over. Trump’s too polarizing. He’s. He’s got too much baggage. We need to just freaking eject out of that. And both of those two. Oh, my God, we need to dive. We need a. We need a unified country.

And I hate to say maybe, what is it going to take to unify this country? Another 911?

I mean, nobody wants anything like that, but people got to get their head out of their butt. Nobody wants to talk about anything. We got the Drake and what’s the other dude, the rapper beef. There’s a drive by, and people would rather talk about that crap and. Right. Nobody wants to talk about what’s real.

Yeah, like, nobody. And you got the. This stuff going on on college campuses. They, you know, who are they being funded by? It’s. That’s some crazy stuff. But I think, uh, Joe Rogan was talking to Mike Baker. If you guys don’t listen to the president’s daily brief, uh, podcast, that’s great.

He’s actually was kind of promoting. They’re getting a new thing. Uh, they’re going to video. They’re doing like a weekend show, I guess. So it’s like 20 minutes or less in the, uh, morning. And then he’s got. He expanded to his afternoon brief, which is like ten minutes. But they were talking, and I think it was a pretty good idea.

They were almost saying it. I guess they were. They were talking about, why don’t we bring two sides on, uh, Joe Rogan? Let him freaking talk about it. Because they were like, why don’t they have a dance off? Why aren’t the Israelis and Palestinians? Or they could rap battle.

Wouldn’t that be way better? I mean, wouldn’t it? They killing people. It’s like a wrap off. Whoever’s better wins. But why don’t we bring that? That is such a disaster. Yeah. Can you bring people together on a show like Joe Rogan and let him, like, let’s hear the signs, dude.

I hear. What’s the freaking solution? I, uh, pay per view that and make a fortune. I would watch it. Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. I mean, have that. Have some experts on Joe Rogan, because he just gets to the bottom of people and they talk about real things. So Rogan doesn’t have any rules.

Right. The thing is, is that on a lot of these news channels and stuff, everybody’s got rules, right? There’s somebody that pays their bills, so they gotta listen to the boss upstairs. Rogan gets to talk about whatever he wants because that’s what he established. Right. And that’s why things are a little different with him.

You know, he certainly has his, his biases, but for the most part, I think he’s done more good journalism than most of the 24 hours news cycle stuff. Right. Just by being. Just by allowing people to debate stuff and talk. Yeah. Everybody’s afraid to do that anymore, you know.

Yeah. There’s. What’s the, what’s the motive behind the whole thing? It’s, you know, you don’t know where they’re coming from. And I think he does. You know, he had Jordan Peterson on. That was a really good one. That was a really good episode. Plus, if things go horribly wrong, like, I think he can handle himself in the room.

I think Rogan would be okay, right? I think he’d be all right. I mean, he does have, uh, uh, his MMA guys that come on and BJJ guys and everything else that come on his show. So, I mean, he’s getting older, but he can, he can friggin handle it.

Yeah, that’d be all. I could see him putting up, like, two people on headlock simultaneously. Be nice, be nice. Uh, yeah. So I don’t know what the answer is, right? I don’t. I don’t have one either. I mean, if you want John, run for president, email m him@johnstf.com and say.

I want John for president. And then donate money. Then donate money. Yeah. We need to start a campaign because I’m gonna, uh, reach more people. So that is constant, the constant battle. And it’s, you know, the battle of getting people in the gym. I know a friends, please tell a friend.

Word of mouth is so huge. So if you’re in that castle Rock area or you just support your gym you know, like the struggle for martial arts school owners, fitness school owners to get people in. I always say, geez, a donut shop might have been easier opening a Dunkin donuts.

Man, I always thought it was tough, but once you work inside the industry, it is. It’s unlike anything else I’ve ever worked, because I’ve sold cars. And like I’ve said, it was easier selling somebody a car, which is a huge purchase. Yeah, they’re excited. Yeah. Gotta have a new car status symbol.

See me driving down the road. But the moment I’m like, you know, invest in yourself. They’re like, oh.

Hold on.

And it’s like there’s total return on the investment. It’s 100% return on your investment. If you train, there it is. You get better, you get more skills, you get in shape. Yeah. Scientifically proven. But people, you know, especially people that weren’t athletes in, you know, growing up, that they’ve never done anything athlete, it makes it really hard.

And then you got the athlete that, you know, oh, I’m sick of it. And they stop, you know, or stop at college because either sick of it or they go to a school that the level of play is so much higher. Um, and maybe they don’t do intermural. They don’t get in and continue their fitness journey, you know, that, into some capacity.

It gets really hard, but it’s only getting harder. So you gotta remind yourself. Um, I find a lot of people that never, since they never did sports early, they just don’t have the discipline to get up and go do it. Right. Anybody who’s worked in a, or has done sport in school, there’s a discipline having to go and doing the, having to do it.

Yeah. Of just the whole thing. Um, I think that the episode with Jordan Peterson and I think he’s, that guy’s a treasure. Um, I wish I was as smart as that guy.

He is.

God, he’s brilliant. You got your own intelligence. Yeah. Uh, not Jordan Peterson smart. I, um, think he’s fantastic. I think he’s. I think, you know, more people maybe realize, you know, like after he’s gone, kind of thing. And, you know, he had a health scare, I think, over COVID that, um, it looks like he’s, you know, recovered from.

But I think it was a, a great episode. Talking about everything. But he’s talking, you know, six and sixties, people were like, free, be free and do what I want. And there’s really something to be said with the discipline of. Even I’ve been on lately here at RMSDF. Where’s your uniform?

Had some kids. I mean, we had, uh, it’s been moved. You know, it’s like people look at it enough, but we had a full uniform required. It’s the discipline of putting on and getting ready. Oh, I just wear whatever you’re supposed to have. Your belts, your MMA gloves and the rest of your uniform.

And just how irresponsible some of the teenagers are. Like, where’s your stuff? Sometimes I’m sick of talking about it. And you’re like, but I’ve, uh, been on a kick the last two weeks going, where’s your stuff? For the adults. I mean, how many weeks have I been saying, if you’re doing peaceful warrior and you want to wear tactical pants and do concealed carry, we have the patches.

Spent $800 on patches because that was the answer. Everybody, you know, like, what are we going to do for uniform if we’re concealed carry? How many weeks is it taking you, Josh, to put it on? Uh, I put it on a pair of pants, but they were dirty and let.

You couldn’t wear them today? No, there’s no way I’m gonna let you. Uniform smells well, that becomes another issue for men. You need to be able to wash your stinky crap and be prepared for class. There’s another form of discipline, the uniform. And I’ve had a lot of people say, I’ll put it on, especially our evening crew that I put it on, and then part of me says, oh, I don’t want to go.

And they lose. But they’re already dressed to go. And they go, uh.

Unfortunately, I. If you didn’t know, I sweat a lot, and I stink really bad. And the pants that I had them on were. Is that when Leo’s, like, just hanging out near me? Last week, he’s like, it was me last week. Now it stinks in the office. No, it turns out it was me.

And the wife’s like, what are you doing? I’m like, I’m Pat. I’m sewing this on there. She’s like, you’re doing a terrible job. I said, you do it for me. No, it’s your job. It’s your job. And, uh, I washed them, and, well, I thought I washed them, and then I got up this morning, but it’s been.

Been a while. But I think that’s part of discipline, you know, having that, you know, team uniform, everybody’s the same. Nobody’s coming in. I used to say, nobody’s coming in. A Budweiser shirt and whatever. Everything’s the same. Yeah, and there’s so many. There’s part of that. You put on the uniform for the military, for taekwondo, BJJ, you have a uniform, you have something.

And I think it’s part of being the same crew, the same team, but especially for the kids, it’s discipline. My mom forgot my belts. Yeah, no, get. Be. Be ready. I mean, you get these kids, they can remember their phone. Their phone, or even a little kid. They. Oh, they’ve got a game, like a tablet, even.

Whatever’s got learning games, whatever it is, those little kids, don’t forget that freaking tablet. You’re telling me that little kid can’t remember? I’m, um, going to crav class. I got to get my belt. I think they can. And, yeah, I mean, some of them are forgetful. I mean, that’s.

But it helps improve. You’d be a whole lot worse, um, for different kids. I mean, everybody’s a little different, so. Yeah. Yes, sir. I understand, sir. Get your stuff. Yes, sir. I’m just trying to show up more. I’m just trying to show up more. I’m here, though. Just trying to show more.

That’s it. And I feel that way with the kids. Well, you’re here. Maybe there’s laundry, but then it just becomes this thing that it’s everybody’s laundry day, and then the new guy doesn’t realize it’s your laundry day, and, like, oh, Josh K is casual Wednesday.

I guess we just like, come in with whatever we got. Like, I had a girl. I don’t even know what. Who was it? Some. I don’t like the singer. What? I kept calling her. She had some, like a concert ish t shirt on. I don’t know, some guy I don’t like.

Don’t say Taylor Swift, cuz they’ll undo you. Oh, yeah, Taylor Swift. People are. Never make fun of Taylor Swift, John. Oh, ever. Oh, is that what the swifties are? Oh, dude, they’re an orange. I’m like, the swifties. I’m um, like, who are the swifties? They will tear you down.

Whatever, people. They’re the most dangerous group out there. They’re almost a terrorist organization. They probably are. They probably should be on the register. Yeah. Never. Don’t. Don’t piss off the swifties. Why? What’s her problem? Why? What do people piss off? Oh, I forgot. Who. There was just some sort of a, uh, podcast that came out.

It was a radio show. The guy was a little bit critical of Taylor Swift’s music, like her re recording and stuff. And the swifties were trying to get him banned on stuff. I mean, swifties are okay. You’re banned. You’re gonna stop somebody’s free speech. So right there, I’m done with the swifties because they want to take away somebody’s free.

Somebody’s free speech. You want to ban somebody saying it’s like the whole Drake thing. And though the other guy. Yeah, I don’t know who that is. I had it last night. Uh, I guess Drake has a lot of ghost writers, and the other guy writes a lot of his own stuff.

Hey, awesome. Yeah, but the guy that writes his own stuff and records it, I have more respect for that guy overall. Is that guy just a good musician? Yeah. Are you looking up the guy’s name? Yeah. Kendrick Lamar. Yeah, Kendrick Lamar. Okay. Um, I have a lot of respect for that.

Hey, you got a great view voice. Not everybody can write, but you’ve got a great voice. But as far as, like, overall, I’d have to. Drake supposedly has more hits, but somebody else is writing your hits, so I do like, best overall. I’m going to give it to Lamar if I’m just looking at it.

And artistically speaking, I don’t really. I mean, I could. I know some of Drake song Lamar I’m not as familiar with, but, uh. Taylor Swift writes all around stuff. We love Taylor Swift. Don’t come after us, please. Josh does. Didn’t you go to the concert? No, I’ve never been to a swifty con.

Actually, I worked at the Pepsi center when. It was the Pepsi center when Taylor Swift was there, uh, we went Tal and Jackson. That was pretty cool. It was a girl. You went and saw some country girl? Oh, maybe we did. I don’t remember. She wants to go see all of the Shania Twain.

We saw Shania Twain. That was a crazy concert, too. But we’re hitting up all the nineties country people for her. Next is Brooks and Dunn. Oh, gosh, she loves Brooks and Dunn. Had to get her the t shirt, like, happy birthday, so. But, yeah, feuds, man. There were girls who were wearing the shirt, and I just kept calling her.

I can’t even remember the guy’s name now. Is it the guy with the red hair? Carrot top. No, a singer. Oh, I know you’re talking about, uh, uh, Ed Sheeran. Sheeran.

You’re gonna wear Ed Sheeran t shirt. I just think your name’s Ed. So,

uh, let’s get her uniform. It’s. I think one of the big things that came out of that promotion was how many people said that their family, you know, helped motivate them to get up and go, oh, you took a class. Yeah. The black belt promotion. Yeah. So many of them, you know, their family help motivate them and they’re supported.

And we had talked about it here, you know, in the last couple weeks. Yeah. Uh, before that, of surrounding yourself with supportive people when you have the negative people around you or you’re at, uh, work and they’re going to go out for drinks after, they just, people just bring each other down.

And what we saw with, you know, nine, was it 910? Eleven. I don’t even know. I think it was eleven. Is it eleven of them? Um, that just got promoted to either first or, you know, huge second degree. Yeah. Step. But, you know, this is something, you know, that I was thinking of last week.

I might talk about it some more. Um, and instructor training this weekend has been on my mind of just sometimes people get to black belt and they just start letting things slide and I’m seeing that and, yeah, just, you know, do you, uh, have stuff come up? Like, life happens, but.

And we’re gonna. We can’t always be just accelerating up or training super high. You end up breaking yourself. And sometimes I look at little things that come up as, hey, it was an unintended rest day. Is it good? And I’m not gonna beat myself up. But some people’s extended rest days take now they’re on a month.

Yeah. And they haven’t done anything that, you know, staying on the throttle to some degree. I’m seeing a lot, um, and it’s not everybody. Like, jordy, um, was coaching a fight class and said, like, more people need to be sparring, even. It doesn’t have to be hard and killer.

Uh, but you need to be doing that. And I’m seeing a lot of, like, those upper black belts that are doing. Are there some doing it? Absolutely. But, you know, uh, people just sliding off and staying motivated of going. It’s what Lee said who, you know, Lee’s fantastic at second degree and I’m gonna forget what, um, his degree isn’t aikido.

I think it’s maybe higher. Yeah. The same, um, um, somewhere that, you know, it is the beginning that we say that you’re no longer a novice. And people seem to let off the throttle and even was, yes. Sparring hard. Yeah, but you got to keep doing it. Yeah, you’re.

I mean, I think I suck and I do. You do? I do. No, I’m kidding. Don’t hit me. You can always get better. Yeah, but you’re. Your experience level wasn’t that high. I’m sorry. You got a, uh, really far, but now it’s really time to train hard. And I see a lot of people backing off, and you’ve got a wave and, you know, plateau and then get up higher on the mountain.

And I’m not saying every week you’re going to be going 100%. And that’s, you know what, even your fitness routine, you can’t be going 100% telling people you can’t kill yourself every time. And the weight doesn’t have to be the same all of the time. Some people end up, oh, I gotta do this weight.

And they get this in their head and maybe today’s a light day. At least you did something that happened. To me with just push ups, right. The last two classes, I was like. Man, I’m really cranking out these push ups. I got up today, went to go do it, and I’m like, I just.

I don’t know what. Like, there’s nothing there. Like, the tank was already empty. I kept going through it, but I mean, just slow plank. Do something slow. You don’t need to kill yourself. I mean, really, in a peaceful warrior class. Um, it’s just a warm up. It’s not a workout.

It’s just a warm up. Yeah. You’re just getting ready to go and get your body prepared for class.

It’s kind of a known, like my warm up, I’ll change them over the years or different things. Mix it up here and there. But you’re kind of coming in. It’s a known getting the mind ready. Okay, we’re shadowboxing. We’re doing push ups, sit up, squats. Just basic stuff. We can do a ton of other things, but it’s kind of little autopilot.

Yeah. That people come in, they know what they’re getting, and it gets their mindset going. And you’re getting warm for class, and you’re working your shadow boxing skill. You know, we just did that, um, video this weekend, and we’re really trying to improve, improve on Clearsky dot training. And if you’re listening to this, we’re really trying to make that portal and record as much of the crap that I say.

If you think it’s valuable, awesome. If you don’t discard it, it’s valuable. Even. There’s a little thing in there. If I listen to something like, oh, that’s a good little point, whatever it may be. You know, you might get, you know, one thing out of a Jordan Peterson, you know, podcaster short or whatever.

But, hey, I got one thing that’s valuable. That’s one great thing about the Internet. I mean, the rest of it freaking sucks. And evidently, like, 30% of its pornography, so that’s a crazy number of, like. Internet or whatever, right? Um, I guess Joe Rogan, was it. Joe that was dedicated to porn instead of, like, other stuff?

It’s pretty wild. It’s crazy. But, uh, yeah, he’s talking to Colin Quinn. That’s another quick one. And I’m getting through a lot of podcasts. I’m listening to a 1.2 speed, but I gotta remember, it’s kind of perfect. It’s kind of. It’s not too fast. Um, I have to remember what I’m doing.

Non sleep deep rest from Andrew Huberman, um, to put it back on one, because otherwise, non sleep deep rest is not good. Accelerated. That’s got to be at the. At the pace. But I’ll forget to take, uh, and change it, uh, on there. And I’m like, that seems to be breast is really going fast, and you want to be calming your body, your mind down, and everything else.

So it was good to listen to everybody when they got their belts, talk about their journey and what it took to get there. And it was really beautiful to see a lot of the dedication that was put in, the number of people that were supporting, especially with wise. I know my wife, every morning she’s like, you have to go in and do it today.

Because there’s days I’m just like, yeah. You don’t want to do it. And then she’s like, if you don’t go, you’re just gonna let. She says you’re gonna let John down. I’m like, all right, all right, all right. Yeah, you gotta be. I’ll go. You’ve gotta stay on it.

It’s even black, you know, black belt. You’ve made it so far. But, uh, improve that technique. Improve that technique. It’s one thing when you’re kind of forced to get good. Yeah, I’m, uh, gonna start a martial arts school. You have to be doing that martial art on the days you don’t want to.

The days that you’re in a fight. With your wife, the days you’re just exhausted mentally. It is. If you’re there, you have to do it. And you’re going, oh, my gosh. It’s like my little kids, and they’re even the elementary school. I don’t even know what grade these boys are in, but they’re probably like fourth grade ish.

I don’t know, but they’re climber. I took two of them outside. Uh, and of course, like, look around. Is it anywhere? Say clown school? And these two boys are looking at the freaking ground. And I’m like, no boys. The building. When you walk in anywhere on this building, do you see clowns, anything like that?

Is it a clown school? No, it’s a self defense school. Get back in there and stop clowning around. Have some fun. But they’re just, you have older kids in your class, and they’re fooling around. The younger kids think that they can fool around. But I told these boys, you know, we only have one place to go, and I’m gonna move you up to the tweens and teens, and then you’re gonna be at the bottom of the class, and that might just be a good thing.

And the other kids are now being. Now you have to be partners with this big teenage kid. Have fun. Little scrawny kid. Yeah, that’ll make you good. Scares me. But you’re. You’re gonna be at the bottom of the barrel because. Because now you’re at the top, and you’re, you don’t have the discipline.

Let’s get serious, boys. There’s time in my class to have some fun, but they’re just goofing off on the whole darn thing. And the other kids see it, but, yeah. And respect your coach. Like, they’re putting in a lot of time and effort to teach you something. Like, it’s not like your parents are paying for you to be here.

Oh, that, too. I mean, it’s almost like your parents care about you. They’re bringing you here. Ah, I wish I got involved in a martial art when I was this young. Yeah. And, you know, whatever. It’s all. There’s a good. Yeah, there’s some such good things with surrounding yourself by that culture or get into a good gym that has good culture.

Get out of the bottom of the barrel. People are just bringing you down. What are they really doing with their life? Yeah, yeah. But, uh, right before Lee was, uh, doing. Went up and accepted his award, we were standing around, and he was talking martial arts and motivation. He goes, remember the black belt?

That’s when your coach now knows that they can start teaching the stuff you need to know, right? That becomes the contract that says, I’m ready to show you what it means to be a martial artist. And I thought that was really profound because, uh, that’s the point, because, you know, you’re not going to teach me a bunch of things I wouldn’t be ready for.

But once you have that black belt and you know that they’re at that place where you can start showing them the meat and potatoes on stuff, it. It’s a whole different world. And it opens up now because there’s, there’s a whole new avenue to explore. And I think that’s what they don’t realize, right, is you’re not getting to the end of it.

Welcome to the beginning. You’re, you’re not a novice right now. I can start giving you the good stuff, the stuff that, that will change you, right? That will make you that martial artist you’ve always wanted to be. And that was his perspective on it. I thought it was refreshing, you know, because now you don’t have to deal with a bunch of offices.

You can just jump in. John can give them whatever John wants. And that’s really what he was saying. Yeah. Here you can even flow through where people will say, what now you m have will flow to here. You know, this guy does this, then do that. You’ve learned these basic kind of things, and, you know, that’s totally true.

And it’s also just a deeper understanding. There’s so much to be said about having reps and doing it for so long, uh, that you get a higher understanding of the technique and then flowing from other things, and you get little concepts. And that’s where I see people plateau out and they think they’ve got it and you don’t.

That’s, that’s like basic. You’re still, you’re a higher level belt, but on this technique, you’re still kind of at the 101 version, um, of it. Don’t stop training it. Don’t think I’ve got it. I never think I’ve got it. I better keep working it. Something else is gonna happen, you just gotta.

Do it more.


Just. Just having the 101 concept of it isn’t really it. It’s kind of like, okay, you got subtraction and addition. Go.


Well, what about multiplication and division?

Yeah, all those. Yeah.

You know, you just have adding and subtracting. You’re missing so much more. So much of it. And, you know, I always kind of relate it to, uh, you know, you’re going through the grades in, you know, elementary school, you’re middle school, you’re in high school, you’re in college now.

You’re in the workforce, and there’s so much to learn, and then your job changes.

Yeah, yeah.

Can you flow with it? Are you still, you know, AI took, uh, your job, whatever it is, you know, are you still valuable to that company? But how much you have to pivot so much? It’s where, you know, having that. Having a martial arts going, I just love to go back to, hey, John, you need a website.

Really? I really like the newspaper. I go back, uh, and putting a, uh, flyer on bulletin boards. That. That was killer.


Where we’re at now, and you, you’re putting out this social media. We’re doing more than ever, and it’s harder than ever to get people in, and I just don’t. Is it the state of the world? You know, if we’re putting out this much social media eight years ago, uh, what results would we be getting?

Would we be getting? Makes me want to. I don’t know. But where we’re at now, we’re doing more than ever. It takes more to run this school than ever. And you’re going, where are they at? Where are they at? Uh. Or it’s going like, geez, you know, so many businesses we’ve seen, you know, restaurants go out.

I know things of that nature. And you’re going, nobody’s giving me a raise. You know, when people, hey, we’re gonna do a, uh, we need to make this podcast, whatever. And you’re gonna go, John, we need. We need more funds for that. That’s gonna take me more time. Yeah, that’s like when you’re running your own business, people don’t track those ups and downs of it, of running that martial arts school, but you have to put in a lot of effort for the most part.

There’s a lot more people. You know, there’s videos and. Yeah, uh, God, if you’re not putting out your own video, then your students are watching someone else. Other things I might. I was telling the little kids, there’s better people than me out there. There’s worse people out there. But you’re getting the techniques and stuff that we’re doing here, so you’re not deviating or learning something wrong quote that you have to unlearn, which can be hard.

And maybe it’s a good thing, maybe it’s a bad thing. But, you know, from an instructor standpoint, we all need to be on the same page for here’s a. Technique. Is there a variation? Sure. But that might not run the um. Uh, another module or course right in that black belt.

If you’re at black belt level and anybody can purchase it. We’re putting the instructor conversations on there. We’re not going to put them on YouTube. They’re not there. Might take little sound bites out of it, but those are there for the clear, for the clear sky dot training members to get on there.

Um, we’re putting the citizen defender stuff. I think we got the whole warm up for citizen Defender is on that. We put a few other training videos on there, but we’ll be building that one out every week, every month. So there’s a lot of effort. There’s a lot of time cutting video.

Never mind recording it, which we’re doing it on class time, a lot of it now. But cutting a video and the time it takes to cut the video and then handing it off to Lucy like alright, there’s the video edited. I mean most of the time I don’t have to do too, too much, but you gotta put subtitles in there and title it.

I mean it’s just put a thumbnail on there so when you look at it you can go oh, that’s what it is with a visual as well as nobody can read anymore. So they’re looking at the video and the video’s got the thumbnail on it for the most part.

But there’s been videos like oh crap. It didn’t have it because you’re trying to get it done. Yeah. So there’s, we’re trying to build that out. And as I told the uh, little kids, you know, so many people want things a la carte now and big businesses are all doing that.

We tried that and some people said they didn’t. We tried including in the membership a bunch of years ago. Ah, what if I don’t want that? They want that off of their, their monthly tuition. You should use it. But then I know uh, I’m not on. I don’t learn that way.

I’m like, it’s a good reference. It’s really good reference. So we took it off there and it’s not included in the membership. But it’s like my daughter just went to her friend’s uh, graduation party. I think it’s only $160 to fly there on frontier. Okay, well great. Let’s look at that.

And the time she booked the ticket. Right now they’re up to three, which is crazy because everything’s all oh, do you want to see the seat? She had gotten all the way to the front. She’d say, what seat should I book? There’s no in, like, some. Who is it?

United? I don’t even know. But on frontier, you go all the way through this process, and then you pay an extra $1218 for this seat. Wait a second. Yeah, um, you just told me it was this price now to pick an action. Wait a second. Didn’t I just get the ticket?

Oh, no, there’s another $1218. Charge whatever they had to pick your seat. Yeah, like that. Like. Wait, hold on a second. Second, didn’t I just book it? And then the luggage and everything else. So that’s kind of where we’ve gotten that. I think, you know, we’ve got it on sale because I think the value of it is a lot more.

But we’re trying to get people to use this site, and that’s a great way to support the podcast. So, Dan, you don’t realize how valuable it is. If you’re trying to train on your own, you can’t get in. You can watch these videos at a minimum and at least just keep hearing the lesson.

Yeah. And then we’ve got one of our guys, Stan, uh, coming in, been coming in the last two weeks. He had been injured. I’m like, just come to class and observe and pick up little things. So many people tell me how much they pick up by watching the class, watch the video, pick up something.

You’ve trained it. You might see something a little different or pick up something different. So we’ve got all those from the basic all the way up to, you know, getting the black belt with, uh, membership includes everything. We’re trying to really put it in an easy, easy format for people that.

To check out anything that, uh, besides, I mean, everybody. I mean, there’s so many things, um, on a black belt presentation that you want to say, but you also don’t want to take up, uh, yeah. So much time. And this one I really try to hand off to each individual to share their experience, which I thought was a really, really good thing.

You know, I had a few things, like some of the guys that, you know, started as teenagers. Yeah. Pointing back, these guys started when they. Were kids, when, uh, I think it was Braden. I can’t remember which one it was. Braden or Jordy. They said, I’ve spent half my life here.

I was like, jordy, imagine that, the, uh, influence you’ve had on that person’s life, right? You’ve given them something that’s really awesome. And then for them to say, I have spent half my life here, for a moment, you’re like, holy smokes. He really has been here half of his life with me.

Right. And that’s. That’s got to be really rewarding. I thought it was beautiful. Yeah, no, I thought that was. Yeah. Uh, that, uh. That choked me up a little bit. Oh, yeah. Old. But then you go, yeah, well, geez, I started martial arts when I was 19. Yeah. And it was really a lot of everybody was talking about how it was the community of people here that really made it worth it.

Right? And that was. That was, again, like, I choked up a little on that one. I was like, yeah, can I wait? The people here, you know, it’s a huge thing for martial arts school owners or, you know, whatever it is, sometimes you’re. You’re slow or you get that person that’s just, uh, gonna cause you problems in your school is.

It’s not worth it. Worth having them as a member. Yeah. That they’re. They’re gonna scare away people, whatever it may be, just one person. How much they can mess it up and try to. To be, you know, whatever’s m going on. Like sometimes enough is enough. It’s like this morning I told Justin to shut up.

Like, just shut up. You’re enough’s uh, enough.

Yeah, right.

And sometimes you have to do that. Somebody walks in the door and you’re going, you’re not a good fit here. Yeah. And that could be hard as a business owner because that’s like, well, turn down the, turn that paint painting job down. Yeah, it’s so hard but it, you don’t see it sometimes.

And you know, even I think it took me a, uh, long time to realize that as a martial arts school owner that this person might cost me more money than they’re actually worth because they’re not a good fit for this community. Yeah, they just don’t have the right mindset.

They jerk. Um, whatever. They’re in it for themselves. You know, good martial arts school is trying to help everybody get better. They’re not, you know, some school, like, you’re not going to be a competitor. I mean, that happens in fitness gyms, especially like CrossFit competition. Like we’re all about CrossFit competition.

Well, what about me? I just want to get in shape and they’re not, they don’t care about you.


A good school wants to get everybody better or you know, hey, be a competition school, but let that guy know.

Trying to get better, you know?

Hey, I’m not, I mean, one of our firefighters a bunch of years ago said I went to another gym and they told me if I wasn’t gonna be a competitor then yeah, you work out over that. You know, you just interesting. Like he’s like, I want to be functionally fit.


Crazy. So we should probably wrap it up. I’m trying to keep these two around a half hour these days so we can get on and get after it and everything else we have to do. And same with you. Listen, do it, um, 1.2 speed. You’ll get through it faster that way.

So listen, train more, suck less, support the podcast at shop dot rmsdf.com and shop dot Clearsky dot training and train with us online at just Clearsky dot training. Is the URL that dot training. If you didn’t know, you can get that URL or.com whatever the hell is. What are those things called, Josh?

I don’t know.

You have no idea.

I have no idea. I’m listening to music.

You listen to music. We’re fading out.

I’m trying, but still talking.

I’m fading. Where’s Axel and Leo. Actually. You want to be on the podcast? Uh, it’s fading out. You’re not going to get on too slow, Leo.

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