#67 RMSDF Saved My Life

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This is the John Hallett podcast with John Hallett. Because the way we’re living, we need to change it. Make it change today. And all learn from failure. Maybe they just wanted it a little bit more than you. That’s probably the fact. And now your host, John Hallett. Hey, everybody.

Welcome back. Hope you guys are having a good week. We, uh, got the, uh, Frenchies in Axel and Leo. So you hear any, uh, strange snorting? It’s not jaw shock. Well, that’s a pretty good frenchie impression. So actually fart a lot. They fart a lot, too. You’re blaming them?

Uh, they do Frenchies. There’s plenty of good instagrams on Frenchies, but they’re cute. Good. Good personality, good dogs. Oh, you know, I saw a thing, and I don’t know, you know, anything on the Internet, but it had rFK ahead of the other two clowns. I brought myself in just because.

Really, you couldn’t help. I couldn’t help it. It’s like, uh. Where was this at? Because he had twitter. He is pulling better than Biden, for sure. I I think he’s the hope for the country. I’m sorry. I don’t care. I mean, I sent you a picture of a Trump ar the other day.

Yeah, I I was a fan up until COVID. I thought he handled COVID, uh, poorly. We’ll say. I thought he could have done. I don’t know what the heck convinced him not to keep, uh, a free and open society and support business and everything else. So he kind of lost me a COVID.

Uh, I wasn’t happy there. And, you know, he’s never. He’s not the perfect person, but whoever is perfect, and he. He’s just too divisive. We’re dividing. If he gets elected, we’re into another four years of the liberals friggin hating him. And it being a problem, I think RFK could.

I’ve been saying, we need to unify this country. I think RFK is our greatest hope. I mean, I don’t spend a ton of time in politics. I really, you know, God, in my twenties, I listen to more, um, Rush Limbaugh and different shows, and I’ve got just too much to go on, you know?

And I think that. I think that stresses out a lot of people. My wife got upset at me the other day. Like, I don’t have time to think about this stuff. Yeah. And people don’t want to think about what happens, uh, if we have. We get hit with an EMP or there’s a solar storm that knocks out everything.

People don’t want to think about that.


Let alone they don’t even want to think about the president.


And look at politics. And so people are just. Yeah, I’m sick of it. I’m tired of them. And they’re both ridiculous. Biden and Trump are just ridiculous. If, uh, remember in COVID, when gyms were told to be need to shut down, I’m sure that really sat well with a lot of gym owners out there.

I mean, it. It probably ticked a lot of people off, certainly. I mean, business wise. Like, I was excited for the first week of COVID Um,

I went to home Depot, and I was like, all right, I’m gonna paint the gym, and nobody’s in here. Let’s get some, you know, stuff done. And then you’re like, okay, it’s going on another week. All right, what else can I do? Okay. But after that, it’s just. It’s just ridiculous.

Yeah. Yeah.

It had to be crushing. I mean, it’s. Politics is just that third rail, right? Nobody wants to touch it. Everybody thinks you’re gonna get shocked for it. And the answer is yes. That happens.

Right? You. I’ve seen.

I’ve lost friends over politics. I’ve lost. You know, I dated someone. We had different political views, and that didn’t work out. It’s. Politics can be divisive, but it’s the thing that drives us. It’s the thing that, you know, when we wake up, we. We don’t realize it, but we deal with it every day.


All those laws, all those legislation that they create inside politics, those people that you put. We put in power in charge, it’s. You know, it’s. It’s a difficult thing, but if you don’t get involved to some degree, then you get a bunch of jackasses in there that are just doing whatever.



And really, at the end of the day, you just want to be able to earn a living, go home, you know, pay your taxes. We should pay a lot less of those. But that’s a different show. Let’s not even talk. That’s where it’s at. And it’s tax season. I mean, it’s.

It’s always tough. So I wasn’t really gonna try to go into that today.

But you got. Right.

No, that’s a.


You’re trying to run my show again. Yeah.


Cuz I know what we’re talking about. I’m like, I don’t want to talk about it. I want to talk about what it was. I don’t. If you want to talk about it, I don’t want to do it.


No, just kidding. We can talk. I want that back. I’ll hold that back. No, that’s the show. But, um, I think RFK could unify. We need to make a change. This country needs a change. I mean, the whole political structure, you know, we’ve we’ve hashed it out there. So I blamed Spotify for taking an episode off of Joe Rogan.

Oh, uh, I was wrong. We want to retract that here. Yeah, we were tracked. Million listeners. Um, there is a great episode, at least I do, because I geek out on this stuff, and I think it’s super interesting because we don’t know crap. We don’t know crap. We don’t even know what the pyramids are like.

We don’t know. No, we don’t know mysterious. I mean, everything. So there’s a. There is an episode 93, Billy Carson on the Shawn Ryan show. I think it’s super interesting. Of course, you know, a lot of. He’s like, this is what I think. I have no evidence, but he just goes on and on from Mars to the pyramids to, um.

Oh, what is that? We talked about it. Um, the CIA, deep, um, state illuminati, uh, throwing, uh, them out here. Um, essentially.

My God.

Blanket on the words. My goodness. We trained hard. Um, train hard. It wasn’t physically hard. Uh, the printer’s acting up again. Thanks a lot, hP. Why don’t you sponsor the show, send us a new printer. Cliff orient, psychics, what, uh, do they call that? What are they. What side of the word the CIA has that?

Uh, you mean, um, uh, remote viewing. Remote viewing.

Thank you.

That’s what we project. Stargate and air force is what it was. So he goes on from that. It’s super interesting. I think it it’s really interesting. You know, you’ve, um, Rogan headhead on. Um.

I’m gonna.

I’m gonna mess up. I’m thinking of a guy that’s a preacher.

That bad?

But maybe they have the same name. Yeah, so he had that debate, the long awaited debate that he’s been. He put together. Um, Graham Hancock and Flint Dibble. Yeah, the debate, Graham Hancock show. I mean, I was just watching his show again because it’s super interesting. I love Graham.

Um, what’s the. The. Is it an ancient apocalypse? I think in, like, in Turkey, there’s that whole underground, like, they think they can hit, like, 30,000. They’ve uncovered, like, hundreds of them. And they. They said if you. If you did things that were just two levels deep, then there were hundreds, but there was things like six, nine stories deep cut into solid rock.

And they’re. It’s just so mind boggling to me of, like, who did this? We don’t know. And who came in and moved in.


Just because you’re living there didn’t mean you built the house. So that episode, Graham Hancock and Flint Dibble. But then he just had on, well, talk to Carlson. I talked about that.

That was great.

I love Tucker. He, um, had this guy on. Christopher. Must be.


Christopher Dunn. And he’s talking about Giza, the Tesla connection, and. Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah. His other book, lost technologies of ancient Egypt.


Um, so great. I’ve been kind of nerding out on those three. You’re gonna love it episodes. No, I mean, I got my wife, like, we’re gonna watch one of these shows on the History Channel, um, or anything like that. I love that stuff. And the pyramids and, uh. Like, we don’t know.

Right. I’ve heard one guy saying that there was a mixture of two chemicals they would pour into the pyramids.


Billy Carson’s talking about it. That’s got to be him. And then what it would do, it was. It was producing some sort of, like, electrons and basically turning the pyramids into batteries, which were like giant Tesla coils.


And that’s why you see those. Those pictures of what looked like light bulbs inside the pyramids when they were working on them.


Because there may have been an electric source. But, you know, the question is, what were they powering? And the pyramids look completely different.


They were encapsulated in white granite stone with a, uh, golden top to it.

Right. Yeah.

Wasn’t an antenna. What were they doing? It lies along late lines across the planet. I mean, there’s a. Yeah, all that. Interesting.


The, uh, episode. I’m surprised Joe Rogan hasn’t had that guy on Billy Carson. That’s why I thought, like, that’s because Joe loves that stuff.


Um, but the Christopher Dunn. That’s a route. That’s a really good episode. And he’s had Graham Hancock on, you know, two or three other times. They’re almost. They’re all good. I, uh, like that stuff. It’s very interesting of what the heck’s going on in this world. And.


What’s really the truth? We don’t know. We don’t know. I mean, everyone thinks that, you know, according to evolution, humans been on the planet for four to 5 million years for at least what would turn into modern humans. But if the planet really is that old and it’s billions of years old and we’re intelligent enough that we just pop up in 5 million years?

What happened to the 120 million years when dinosaurs ruled the earth?


Was there another civilization? Was there. Were there people out there that were in flying vehicles? When you look at the Bhagavita, that was the. The, uh, indian Bible. And at least in the areas of Sri Lanka and India, there’s green glass in those deserts, which is the same green glass that they produce during the atomic tests in the US.

So the idea was, did nuclear technology exist thousands of years ago, and if there was an apocalypse and everybody blew themselves up, we’d never remember any of it.

Yeah. Ah.

It would just disappear from the record. So where did we come from? What do we do? He hasn’t even touched the Antarctica stuff. I’ve read every book by Graham Hancock, like, every single one. Really good reads.


I haven’t read any of his books. Start with the sign and the seal. It talks about Moses and his. The exodus and hit the ties to. Because he was, like, the, um. He was toth, meaning he was in charge of all the sciences. So when he left Egypt, he took all the science with him.


And they never talked. Like, that’s never mentioned in the Bible.


Because that’s just not the purpose of it. So, of course, Pharaoh wouldn’t want him to go.

I mean, he was.

Yeah. It’s crazy. There’s so much lost history.


So much lost history.


You should give the, um, the Sean Ryan Billy Carson. I think you’ll like that because he just goes on and on, um, about it. It’s a. It’s a good one, but that’s my.

You know.

And probably good with this one, you know? Listen, I’ve been listening to audible and podcasts at 1.2 speed. Just a little bit faster. Just a little bit faster. You get through it sometimes. Uh, you know, we’re here contemplating, you know, this is what I think. And just speeds it up just a little bit in that conversation.

I enjoyed it, especially some audibles, you know. Billy Carson, I think he kind of talks fast. I was like, I should put it back to one to see.


But, um, sometimes it seems like he might be a little fast because he’s just excited.


He’s passionate, and he’ll just get into it.

But did you.

I mean, everything that we see there are these weird things in the sky. We know it now. The government’s dealing with it. Everyone’s like, is it aliens? But what if it’s not aliens? What if they’ve already been here, right? What if those ancient civilizations actually never left? They’re just hiding.

And if that’s the case, I mean, that would blow the. I mean, it would change the entire course of history. Everything we know about evolution would be changed, right? Everything we know about written history could be changed in one way. Uh, Billy Carson talks about, uh, DNA and how much information.

I forget how many books it was a crate. Insane amount of books. And I’ve, I guess they’ve actually encoded DNA, um, and then took it back out like it’s a store. Like now it’s a, it’s a hard drive for everything. So could the aliens have encoded, you know, we supposedly have junk DNA that we don’t know it’s, it’s doing?

Right. Did the aliens in bet, right. And we just need to take that DNA out. Where do they, where they’ve gone? I mean, I don’t think we’re alone. And there’s so many things that you could go down the path on. But, you know, if you want to support the podcast, shop dot rmsdf.com or shop dot clearsky.com, you can get your suck less gear on the clear sky store.

And there’s some also on the RMSDF store, but you need a cert training pistol. We’ve got a great discount there. There’s a ton of different options and stuff and ways you can support the podcast. But also tell a friend, or hey, if you’re out there listening, get into your local martial arts gym.

They need your support. I remember my martial arts instructor saying, uh, you know, we need your support. You know, if you’re not going to be here for just a month or two weeks, I need your support. If you don’t pay, I might not be here. And it didn’t make a lot of sense to me when I was 19.

Um, um, but teaching martial arts for 25 years. Yeah, you need that support. We were just talking about COVID We had a lot of good members that, you know, supported and, you know, even called like, hey, how things doing? Look, I kept my membership going, um, but I’m going to move on.

Kind, um, of lost it or whatever. But they were, you know, greatly appreciated for supporting us over COVID, um, because there was a lot of people that just pulled the plug and you expect things to be here, and that’s this whole, you know, giant corporations taking over which I hate.

I like mom and pop businesses. I like those old hardware stores that home Depot and Lowe’s have just taken out. It kind of sucks.


I’m not a big fan. I mean, it. You know, is it nice that you can go in one giant, like, it’s all here, but I don’t know, it was a little bit simpler time. Uh, didn’t seem like it then. But you gotta wait a week for. For something to come in where.

But it’s. People are just so impatient these days and like, with martial arts and fitness. But, you know, you can support your local school. Get in there.


Help them out. And they probably need help.


I mean, sometimes. Hey, guys, tell a friend, bring a friend, talk about us. We need that word of mouth. That’s another great way to, uh, support your local gym. Or if you’re a member here at RMSDF Castle Rock, tell a friend, bring a friend. You never know who’s interested.

And remember, you’re usually more excited about it. Don’t intimidate them. You know, people didn’t start off that way. Advanced students or even intermediate or even basic students, once they get in there, they can sometimes intimidate their friend out of it. They don’t realize that they’re doing it. We’ve had a lot of members like that.

Sounds scary, but it’s not. It’s a fun, welcoming place. Oh, yeah. It’s the point of it. Right? And that’s. I mean, I was gonna touch on. This before, but, see, I segued you. I know, and you brought us into it because not only do you support your gym, your gym supports you.

And you don’t realize this because when I first joined you, I had just lost a job, the highest paying job I ever had. And I was low, scary, low scary, though. And, uh, you never think you’re there, right? Yeah,


You called me. But you contacted me. But you called me back. And the day I felt lowest. I know people can’t call, but the. Day I felt lowest,

you told me to come in and you changed my life.

I’m not kidding. I was low.


You never know when somebody walks in. Yeah, and that’s, you know, that’s the reason to do it now. Like, now, uh, Leo is gonna come over. He’s like, oh, no, Josh is sad. Josh is sad. I am here. I’m a Frenchie. And that’s what I do. I’m a lover.

It was tough.

Um, yeah, when you’re. I mean. But what spurred you to contact me on that low was it. Where was it you contacted me before or after you had lost the job? It was after. After. So you.

And after.

And I was. You’re looking to channel your aggression on your boss. Oh, I was depressed. Yeah, but, yeah, you reached out when you were depressed, looking for something. Yeah, that helped, you know, I mean, calling people back. I mean, how many people can’t respond to a text? I mean, we.

We get that all the time. I’m not showing my face. And I was low. Yeah, yeah, it’s. It only took one class.

Yeah. So.

Thanks. Well, I’m glad. That’s what makes it all worth it, right? All the tough days, you know, now being the back end and just how it is to get somebody into the door is so freaking hard. Con just come in and so many. People are there, they’re intimidated. Or maybe life sucks.

Whatever it is, you know, martial arts and fitness can change you because it’s so good for you.

I just.

So good for your mental state. A million download show.

Yeah, sorry.

Keep talking. No, you die.

Not me.

I mean, I was gonna give you crap of like, let’s get to a million downloads so I can fire you, but it was tough, man. Like, I lost so much. Yeah, that, you know, that’s hard. That’s hard.


I mean, I’ve, uh. Jeez, I can’t. I mean, my dad’s fired me, but then, you know, he hired me back.

A little while later.

Yeah, but being self employed, you know, it’s a little different, but it’s the same, because when people are coming in and revenues down, you’re like, geez, what’s going on here? And you’re trying to figure out branding and marketing and all that stuff, it, you know, it beats you up, right?

I mean, life beats you up. That’s what I tell the little kids. I mean, if you think life is going to be easy, you’ve got to be a fighter. And that’s, you know, the mentality that we’re trying to teach all of our students. You know, you do these hard things and then it makes other things in your life easier when you’re doing hard things.

Whatever it is, it might. Walking around the block might be hard for you. You did a hard thing.


Every. It’s all different for everybody. In that first class, I hurt. Oh, my God, you started so sore. My neck. Just trying to do the sit ups the first day. Yeah. And then the first thing I thought was, what am I doing? Do I, uh. I don’t belong here.

And you do. I mean, people can always themselves. I don’t belong here. I’m slowing down the class. Oh, my gosh, that hit me, too. And then you’re not. That’s a good gym is going to support you.


Along the road. Yeah, because we’re not there. And you did. Uh, so, you know, it’s got to be a good experience because you don’t know where, you know, I don’t know where this guy is coming from that he just lost a huge thing and just at the bottom. And they walk into my gym.

You don’t know. That’s what I always felt like. You don’t know where somebody’s coming from and what their day was like, what my wife says, you know, like, we’re here to build you up, not beat you down. And there’s a point like, yeah, we’re working out. We’re trying to get you better.


Uh, but nobody should be harping on that person so much and beating them up. Come on, Josh. I couldn’t even afford it. But I’m, you know, you convinced me.



And then you convinced me to do a podcast, so then you just made on that one. That was actually the hardest part. Yeah. Cuz I’m a tough sell. Oh, God.

I, uh.

Yeah, the first time I put a camera on you, too, I was like, well, if he’s gonna coach me, I’m gonna coach him. Cuz you’re a great martial artist, man. You are a fantastic, uh, for the camera sucks. It’s the hardest thing that most people will do. There’s more.

I see more fear and people getting in front of the camera than going to a martial arts gym.


Yet being out on camera and putting it out there, you know, don’t read the comments, but don’t recognize when you first start, you do it and, you know, you’re putting stuff out there. Should have been doing it a ton earlier, but it’s hard. And, you know, having that coach to help you along like, I was doing it, but you didn’t have anybody to direct you.


Because you can lean on your spouse and you do. That’s the point of them. Um, sometimes you need that other person. Yeah, I mean, she’s not helping me with filming.


Doing that stuff and, I mean, it’s hard. My wife gives me a ton of support. She’s the greatest person ever. But it was tough. Yeah, I can imagine. So, yeah, it’s. It’s hard. It’s hard.


You got your little buddy Leo, and. He farts a lot like his farts stink like my farts. This is awful. His dog is farting over here, and.

It’S not even funny.

But you just don’t know what you’re gonna run into. You don’t know what you’re going to get.


When somebody walks, you don’t know somebody else’s. I mean, right? You don’t. You don’t know their journey until you’ve walked in their shoes. It’s hard, but now I got friends.


It’s a community, and everybody’s here to help you get better. And when you start, you know, the harder things just keep coming back. But people convince themselves otherwise, and you really do just suck.


You suck. You’re. You’re. You’re talking yourself out of it. You’ve got to be the person. It’s the voice in your own head. You got to tell it to shut up. Uh, yeah, I tell the little kids that tell, you can’t tell it to shut, and it’s your voice. You tell it to shut up.

Get, uh, it out of your head. Tell it, like, I want to suck less. Go and do something. You’re going to be better off for it. And it blows my mind because that the amount of people and the state that they’re in physically. Yeah, that was the other part.

And their personal protection is not there. And, you know, people just, uh. I mean, I I was. I thought I at least had good physical, um, movement and stuff like that. But until you start trying to do a martial art, you don’t realize that you just don’t have the coordination.

I don’t have any of the skill I thought I had.


Yeah, that was really eye opening on that. But you want to get better.


It’s like what we did, um, today. I did it also last night in citizen defender, you know, weapon in hand. And you fall.


How’s your fall? You know, those aren’t things that people are practicing. Definitely not in indoor ranges for the most, you know, for the most part, unless you’re doing maybe a special class. But how. What’s the percentage of that, of you falling on your butt and being able to fall correctly?

Get back up and engage. And, uh, even if they were getting close and they’re coming in with a blade and, you know, the firearms not doing what you thought it was going to do, and now you need to throw a front kick to kick them away or even move on the ground.


And that’s tough stuff. And it goes bad so quickly, like, the gun stops working or I drop it, like everyone thinks that just having something on you is good enough and it’s not. Yeah, I gotta know how to use it. Yeah, we had a guy last night, hey, you know, just watch that trigger finger.

And he said, yeah, uh, I did in the last one. And I was waiting as the instructor not to harp on him or anything and just seeing if he’ll figure it out. And hey, you know when you’re off the trigger and you feel like you need to kick them, get your trigger finger off.

Because when you kick, we tend to, uh, tighten up and flex. And now you squeezed off around and you got your, your leg out there. And an errand is scary. Just trigger discipline. People don’t do that stuff in the context that we do it at. Uh, in our citizen defender program, there’s.

People that have the guns accidentally go off when they’re doing nothing.


It’s called a unexpected, uh, discharge or whatever they call it. So unexpected discharge. And it’s true. Like, people will have, like, there are plenty of stories where everyone’s like, yeah, I had a discharge and I didn’t mean to. Right, but you learn those things here. And if you’re having problems with discharging without training, you know, you need to get some training.

You just need to. And, uh, we do. People don’t train enough. They’re not in shape. They eat like crap. Yeah. Big food companies trying to kill you. They’re in cahoots with the, uh, pharmaceutical. Companies and there’s plenty of people to sit there that want to pull you down later, like, why are you going and doing that?

You know? Yeah, they suck. You suck. Like, tell that person to f off. And it’s like what a, uh, drag on society. The crowd buckle are. They’re just pulling you back in. All the crabs are trying to pull each other back down. All you gotta do is start lifting each other up and everybody gets out of there.


Surround yourself with better people. Surround yourself with much better

visit rmsdf.com for when you need to be a badass and kick ass. RMSDF suck less, be a badass. I had that thing. Be a badass. Be a badass. Oh, that was my. That would be a lot of work. We could insert my peaceful warrior. I have a peaceful warrior.

Uh, upgrade promo. Oh. Oh, what is it? Um, we can insert it in there. Like, okay, we’re professionals.


Like, we know how to hit split. You don’t have to hire a professional. Split the audio.

We can actually, like, insert things versus just letting it roll. So if you just had, like, what was that? Five minutes of dead air and frenchy sounds. Josh. Josh forgot to splice it in because all I can do is like, I think the podcast is over. All I could hear was these guys.

Good people love frenchies.


They’ve got a good temperament. They’re good little guys. I mean, they’re nice. I’ve seen a couple, like, little attack frenchies, but I mean, come on, it’s like the little kids coming after you.


And I. Sometimes when you hear them, like, howl and bark, it’s like these things, you know, like, is that really scary? You can get me fired up, but we don’t do that.

Let’s not do that.

But, uh, you know, be better. Yeah, I mean, we’ve got, uh, it might be a little early, but we are going to be launching the suck less, uh, co store. We joked around about the gummies and that stuff.


Finding somebody. We’re gonna have a whole line of suck less nutritional products coming out. So get them. So you can’t get them yet. Well, when the time comes, you need to get up. Just a little heads up there. I mean, we still have our prestige labs, I think. I’ve, uh, beta tested that stuff a ton.

But we’re working on our own line of supplements to, uh, try to help support this podcast so Josh can keep, uh, his job. We need more people in there. Need to put my daughter in right now for that one. Please buy it, y’all. Please. Y’all gotta put a daughter through college.

Oh, uh, goodness gracious. The stresses of the world. Yeah, it’s much simpler. Chop would carry water. I’d be so much happier. We have a hard enough time trying to get people exercise. You think I’m gonna chop wood. Chop with freaking good workout. Carry water, good workout. You know, people.

Something in the class of the day. I, uh, don’t want to do that because I’m not gonna be good at it. I don’t want to do things that I’m good at. And we always want to be good at things. Yeah, but the suck less, you know, embrace failure, you know, if you don’t enjoy it, it’s one thing, like, well, I I think I’m gonna suck at that.

I’m gonna suck at martial arts, so I want to be good. I’m not gonna try it because. But you’re not gonna get good unless you try to do it. So how do you really know, uh, that you’re gonna suck at pickleball? Well, if you only do things you’re. Good at, you give yourself a sense.

Of false confidence because you’ll never be able to figure out the things that you don’t know. So you would fail more often than you would succeed at that point. And I think it’s a really interesting mentality because, I mean, I try to do things I’m not good at because I know I can’t do them right, and I have to practice them and practice.

Way to get your left round kick up to par is to practice your left round kick. Well, I suck at it. Not gonna do it. It’s just kind of interesting. It’s the same of getting people in and convincing them, like, you’re not gonna be that great and you’re not gonna look like a freaking supermodel after working out for a month, let alone a year.

Yeah. You’ve just got a slow, like, the results are in the long term.


And nobody. Oh, it’s gonna take too less, so much effort. Well, but your body just sucks because you suck and you’re overweight and everything else. You’re eating like crap. You’re putting crap into your body, and. Then it just turns into a vicious cycle to me. That feels like worse.


Uh, then putting in the effort to feel good and be healthy, doing all. The training and exercise with you. I’ve gotten to the point where I crave that sense of exhaustion when I’m done, you know, that’s a great feeling. It’s a good feeling because now I know I can just fall asleep at night when I need to go to bed.

I’m not wide awake. I put everything out that day, right, that I can do physically. And I sleep better, I feel better. I go home, and then, you know, I cook my own meals. It just changes everything, right? Because it was just so easy just to sit there and get all gloomy and just stare at the wall and wait for nothing to happen.


Then you eat like crap on top of it, and, you know, your mental health gets bad, your physical health gets bad, and it’s a vicious cycle. You just stay in it.

Right. Yeah.

You don’t realize how bad you really are.


But you’re coming. And then the doctor says, hey. And it’s when they say, you got some issues. Yeah, you’re pretty far down the road. Yeah, you’re pretty far down the road. It’s going to take longer to recover and it’s going to take longer for you to overcome all the easiness that you had.

And if you had just put in a little bit of effort to exercise, just a little bit of effort, it has huge effects down the road. Just your mental state. Your mental m state. I mean, I’m talking about 99% of it. Like, I’m way more depressed or tendencies. Ah, if I’m not working out.

And the martial arts, like, that’s. I found that, and that changed me. I was like, you know, in a funk and I was young and maybe I don’t quite realize where you were, but definitely a little depressed. And, you know, um. And the martial arts changed. I felt great.


Doing it. Yeah, it changed me. I mean, it got me motivated. You got me motivated. I mean, just trying to be a welcoming place is huge. When you walk in saying you can, you can get a lot, and it’s intimidating walking into a gym. So when I talk to customers and I say, it changed my life and it saved my life, I mean it.

Yeah, I’m sure if you break down in tears, that should, uh. Let’s not do that again. Let’s not point that out. It should help really convince them that you’re not just on, um, sleeves. Thank you for throwing me under the.

Bus for that one.

You’re trying to get out. Uh, but I meant it, though. I really. It means a lot. It means a lot. I didn’t know how low. You’ve never told me how low you actually were. I never told anyone. And now you all know. Now everybody knows. All our live listeners know it was low.

Yeah, I could. I can’t imagine. It would be like losing the gym. Yeah, yeah. I lost a big show. I lost significant salary. I was making the best money I’d ever made. And then all of a sudden it was. Yeah. And it sucks.


People, it gets hard even, you know, hey, support the gym. We need members. People always freak out. They always go the worst. Like, oh, my God, you’re going out of business. I can keep this thing running regardless. I could go out and work at home depot in between, you know, like our big bulk.

I mean, it’s our afternoon stuff, but you could get another job. Uh, I always have fallback plans, but, uh, you know, it’s just crazy that sometimes when people don’t want to tell people they don’t want to share. And that can be our biggest thing. Yeah, let us know. Word of mouth.

Tell other people that, hey, this changed my life, where people don’t want it. I wasn’t that low. I was fine when I lost my job. I felt awesome about myself. Uh, I’m happy for that person, if that’s the case, but, well, they weren’t there.

Full of shit.

Yeah, that guy. They’re full of shit. The thing is, is that you can lose everything in a moment. But what I’ve learned here sticks with me. It was the biggest investment myself I ever made. Yeah, it’s huge. I mean, what? Same thing. Starting martial arts. Look at the direction my life has gone.

And you affect more people. And all the people I get to meet, the support that I get from. The other people, the. The learning, right. The constant learning, the critical thinking. There’s gonna be a lot of people who have kids who have never done critical thinking, and they won’t experience it until they come into a martial art, because everything you do is a critical think.

You put this in scenarios, just being. Able to punch, right. You’re critically thinking through everything. And that’s something missing with kids these days. So if you want critical thinking skills for your kids, bring them in. Just, ah, look at confidence for their kids to get them. Um. Yeah, this world is gonna beat them up.

And the more you shelter them, the more you’re creating. Look at freaking these kids out there.


Freaking out, needing their safe space and all this other crap. Or, uh, there’s a great one on my wife. Just listen to it. It’s on the bad, uh, therapy. Joe Rogan. I forget that woman’s name, but, oh, yeah, we’re talking about bad therapy. And the kids, like, there’s some.

There’s some chatter and people. All the hush talking is kind of setting off my. Whatever, freaking thing. The kid. Condition the kid says he has. And the whole world’s not gonna change for you. No, it’s. And we’ve got these kids that are just, uh. So I don’t know what.

They’re not tough. Uh, they’re comfortable, and they’re looking for the easy route, and it’s not always easy. We need people that are freaking strong, tough. I mean, when everything’s given to you in life, you don’t have to work for a thing. And a lot of these kids, now, there’s still a lot of kids out there who aren’t given anything.


Those are tough people. Usually when they come out, but there’s plenty of kids who’ve never had it tough. There’s plenty of kids who’ve never had to face adversity. You know, it’s time to figure it out. I mean, either they sink or swim in life, and unfortunately, I think there’s a lot more sinkers than we have swimmers now.

But swimmers will rise to the top.

You’ll see them.

And those are your future leaders, right? Every kid born is a potential future leader of something.


And how do you want your kids to be? Do you want them to be strong or do you want them to just disappear into the fold? I mean, the choice is yours. The choice is theirs ultimately too. Yeah, it’s hard. It’s hard being a parent. Uh, they don’t want to come.

You gotta motivate them. Yeah, I hate that word. But you gotta let them know. Classes tonight or, uh, tomorrow class. And you got to get them excited. Parent parenting freaking is hard. And you get, I mean, jeez, I think grandparents, probably the Bentley, they’re the ones that should be actually having kids, but they have all that life experience.

We have kids and we don’t know how to. We’re trying to navigate it and, oh, they’re giving us a hard time. Those are kids.


I mean, I wish I was a better parent and knew and read and listened to different things. And the more you learn.


The better parent you are because you’re just trying to figure it out. What’s that? Is usually by the time your grandparent is when you’re like, you kind of figured it out. But, yeah, your kids don’t want to listen to you because, uh, they’re my kids. And times are different, but it’s the same thing.

Everyone thinks it’s different, but it’s the same stuff, you know, it’s always the same. Yeah, parenting is hard. And getting the kid into class, I always tell parents, how hard is it? Do you work out? You know, how hard it is to motivate yourself? You gotta let the kids know.

Hey, classes tomorrow. Let’s get geared up. Let’s get excited. Get your stuff ready. Be ready. Uh, and teaching them that discipline of having. Where’s your belt? Wear your mma gloves? Where’s your uniform? The amount of kids sometimes that don’t come to class with all their stuff, are you prepared for work?

Did you forget?

I know.

I mean, it’s a learning process, but if they get the point later in life, they’re going to work without their laptop or just their general stuff to get their job done, they’re not going to be employed long, right? That’s what we think it really teaches them. And you’re like a second discipline parents.

Um, sometimes, right, like some of these kids will listen to their coach more than they listen to their own parents.


Or just, you know, backing up what the parents are trying to do and they don’t listen. So get your kid into a martial art. You know, if you’re here in Douglas county, check out rmsdf.com. Alright, guys, we will see you guys next week again. Check out RFK. If you haven’t checked them out, give them a look because, I’m sorry, I don’t have high hopes for the other two of unifying this country.

It’s about America. We need people unified, not separated. I’m sorry if you guys are Trump fans. I was, but I think he’s just going to continue to divide the country. He’s going to have to change. He’s not going to do it. And, you know, I’m not sure Biden knows where he’s at, so unfortunately, we’re all getting older.

Josh doesn’t know where he’s at because Leo just farted and he might be going out. The podcast breaks up there. Josh is, uh, needs a gas mask. All right, guys, take care. Train more, suck less.

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