#66 You’re Living to Easy! Suckless!

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This is the John Hallett podcast with John Hallett. Because the way we’re living, we need to change it, make it change today. And all learn from failure. Maybe they just wanted it a little bit more than you. That’s probably the fact. And now your host, John Hallett. Hey, everybody. What’s going on? We are here just talking away. Josh and I were shooting the shit about what’s going on in the world, and, you know, what’s up with me? What’s going on? you know, we were talking about genetic testing. I am given a peptide CJ. Oh, no. CJC 1295. And epimorlin two of them combined, about 5% uptick. and using them both combined versus using them alone. So keep you kind of posted on that. I think it’s a six week cycle of doing that. So a lot of people have been on the peptide craze and, you know, some natural stuff. Just, what can you supplement and feel a little better? So we will keep you posted. You know, one of the big things with that is recovery and sleep with those two. so I’m excited to see because, you know, sleeping have you just can’t. I’m. You know, as far as, like, your excuses, you know, I’m tired at 430 in the morning, and I’m tired at 07:00, like, Sundays. If I sleep in, you know, lucky we have teenagers. If I sleep into seven, eight, I’m still tired. I’m tired at 04:00 a.m.. I sometimes if I wake up at 130, I feel, like, ready to go. I’m like, oh, good, I can still sleep. But, man, I’m feeling awake right now, so sleep is really important to me. And, you know, recovery time is always huge the older you get. So we’ll kind of keep you guys posted on that. And again Chrissy’s info, you can reach out. It’s on our band app here for our students here at Rocky Mountain, self defense and fitness, if you’re interested. Or we can put you in touch. Again, we don’t read the comments, and when I do, I just get upset. Somebody called me at dork the other day, stupid YouTube, putting the comments right on that, on your dashboard. You can’t help but see them sometimes. I was like, are you talking about Josh? I don’t think you’re talking about me. Yeah, I mean, clearly, I will accept that I am a dork. I mean, that. That it’s clear I’m a dork. I’m not going to deny that one, but I know I’ve never in the dorky category. I. You know, if I was gonna insult you, I wouldn’t use dork. Yeah. It’s kinda being silly. Stupid of you know, what was it was the gun? travel anxiety. Oh, yeah. Leaving your guns and, man, I have it. Like, for real. You land in a new place, you know, it. I mean, there’s no reason that everyone gets concealed carry permits and stuff, right? The world’s a dangerous place. There’s plenty of danger. It just seems like the world is crazier and crazier these days, and I feel like the government is taking more and more freedoms away. It’s just ridiculous the things that go on and just the power structure. Most people want to bury their head in the sand, and they keep you content. And if you don’t think so, you know, one example is COVID. And when they close down the liquor stores and then they open the bow back up. Better keep the peasants at bay. Right. Just freaking sedate you. that was kind of weird, allowing the liquor stores to stay open, but they would try to close gyms. Right, right. One clearly has health benefits, and one is, it’s a vice, you know, you do not need alcohol to live. It’s nice to have as a treat. You know, I understand why people want it, but I thought that was the oddest thing. I mean and all it really did was crush small business. I mean, it, the whole thing. But, you know, they just want to control us. And I think it’s just ridiculous. We don’t really have good leadership. I listened to a great. I thought. I think it was a great podcast with Rogan and Tucker Carlson. You know, kind of when you get somebody on Rogan and just that long format talking, and you can really get to know that person. I think it’s a great format. And I think, you know, he really seems like a good guy. And some of the things that he was saying just about AI and being a huge. It’s going to be the number one consumer of power. Yeah, but, yeah, so maybe we should shut it down. If we’re really concerned about the environment, quote unquote, and everything else is going on, maybe you should shut that down. Or like, private air travel. You know, they go on to a few things of that nature. And I think it’s a really good podcast. He’s got some really good things in there. You know, we talked a little bit off air about who was it? In what’s that guy’s name? You knew him. You said you followed him more. Alex Jones. Alex Jones, yeah, the guy that predicted 911. So Alex Jones has gotten a bad rap. You know, there was clearly that Sandy hook stuff that. Oh yeah, that was, yeah, they were talking about that, which I. Yeah, which wasn’t aware of. Yeah, which is kind of. Yeah he was, I mean, he had that going for him. But when you look at the predictions he made in like June of 2001, he predicted that Osama bin Laden would blow up the Twin towers and months later it happened. He’s had solid reporting on infowars is what they call it. Like, the reporting has been really good, but he goes against the narrative, so everybody’s just piled up against him. He has good stuff. Don’t, don’t get me wrong. I think some of the stuff, everybody’s wrong about something. I think like Tucker Carlson was like, I was wrong about, you know, the Iraq wars and, you know, different things. I was wrong, you know, thinking about things that happened with Kennedy and, you know, I mean, Trump was talking about Kennedy of like, if you knew the things I knew, you wouldn’t talk about it either. Just, there are things that go on with people that they just have so much power and they want to keep it. And Alex Jones, that clip I sent a view was from seven years ago. And he was on, I mean, he’s basically caught like their pedophiles And everything else that he was talking about. And AI, I mean, that conversation, if you didn’t know, it could have been yesterday because you’re like, jesus. He talking about referring to Epstein island and he’s talking about it seven years ago. And you know, I really think we should shut down AI. And it seems like all my software, you know, our gym software that we use they’re not a sponsor, so we’re not gonna tell who they are. Joshua man at the end. no. If you’re a business owner, want to know what hit me up with an email? It’s a great way to contact me on any of my websites. but they’re doubling down. AI, we’ve got a thing. AI, AI. And you know, you can upgrade this, this and your account and it’s AI and everything, you know, Adobe illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, you know, content studio. Oops, I let one slip. that I’m sure Hootsuite, you know, I’ll just throw out two of them there. Yeah, I used to use Hootsuite. but we’ve moved to content studio for pushing things out. And even that, we kind of backed off because I am just sick of the time that it takes. Yeah. Is it good? Is it bad? You’re trying to reach people and, man, I I’m just over social media, you know, before I told you, I’m like a little. What are we doing with the podcast? We’re out there talking. Is it, you know, at the end of the day, it’s fun. I enjoy talking to you. I mean, I gotta pay you, maybe. I think you should pay me. If I wife alone. If you pay me. No, no. If I lose this gig, my wife will leave me all that power. So it’s tough, right? Everything out there, the social media, everything else. And at the end of the day, everyone’s trying to make a paycheck, the government’s trying to take it away. I mean, small business is crazy. My wife just, you know, got upset. She was having a bad day. But I’m talking about, hey, you know, I think when we decide to retire, which I’m not going to do, but retire from the gym and somebody taking it over, I was going to make it to 60, you know I’d still like to do it, but I’m much smaller scale, you know, the kids are super satisfying, adult. It’s great. You know, there’s so many, there’s so many quote, small business. You know, maybe we could start a show like restaurant impossible. I love it. but people don’t realize the toll that small business takes on you. There’s so much behind the scenes that you do. Like, everybody sees the cool side where they get to come in, they train. They don’t realize that the moment they leave, you’re upstairs working your butt off for hours a day. Oh, yeah, people don’t think you work. Yeah. And it’s like that much. And you got payroll, you got schedules. You got people sick, you’ve got life stuff, there’s maintenance in the gym. It’s everything. Yeah, I mean, it’s time consuming. Just following up with people is super time consuming. And you know, we gotta, you gotta have a social media presence. And, you know, how long did it take us to put out our latest campaign? That was, you know, ten days. It’d be longer to do that campaign that we’re doing. So it’s, it’s tough. And I had said, we’re, we’ve got a couple things going on right now in the hopper, but I said to my wife, you know, God I kind of miss construction because it’s just satisfying. You’re calling people, people don’t answer you, even members will ghost you. And you’re going, geez, maybe it’s easier if I just go back to building houses, because at least if I paint a wall, frame, a doorway, put in a new door, window, whatever, you did something, you accomplished something. And that satisfying, like, okay, look, I did this. That’s what I loved about construction. Yeah. that you could sit back and go, there’s a house, it was a hole a year ago. right, and you built a house. It’s satisfying. It is. Now, I’ve talked about, I don’t know if I talked about in the podcast, but you’re, it’s slow and steady working with students, and it’s over and over, but it’s satisfying to look back like, wow, look at how far they’ve come. And it’s that, hey, I wish I hit that ginormo powerball or mega millions that you could archive and show the journey and how much time consuming that would be just to take on that project. Like, let’s show the evolution of this person and then the person quits. You’re like, great you would have to do it on so many people, it would be super cool, but it would be super time consuming to create that, you know, movie or that documentary of somebody’s progress through self defense. I mean, it would be a big budget. The directing, the amount of business hours you have to put into that stuff blows people’s minds because, you know, there’s been clients that have, I’ve worked with in the past are like, we’d love to have a, you know, some sort of show about us. And once they realize the amount of work that goes into it, they gotta choose run my business or do this show. Yeah. You realize when you hear the production cost of a movie in Hollywood. Yeah, yeah. And what it takes, I mean, is it probably inflated a little bit, but still not really. Even though like what’s a big move? I can’t even think what’s a big movie production or the average movie production. I always think back to the Matrix because they used a bunch of new tech, but it still cost a bunch of money, even though there was. A lot of, it’s wild. Even if it’s 25 million, that’s an insane amount of money to make a movie. And a lot of them are hitting the hundred million. Yeah, I think, yeah I think I’ve heard hundred million and it’s just the same thing on a smaller scale for us. And you’re going, is this even going to get you anywhere? You know, it’s continuing, I think. You know, small business owners are fighters and gym owners and martial arts school owners are obviously fighters and have that tenacity man, you gotta keep at it and it’s, it’s defeating sometimes you just gotta, those rewarding things of seeing a student progress or you know, get their first, you know, pull up or just you, you know, lose ten pounds, whatever it may be. Those are, those are the rewarding things and you know, you gotta balance those things that what, you know, just beats you up. And you know, I go, geez, you know, building houses a whole lot easier. Hey, I love trade work, man. I really did, because it’s satisfying. I make, the other part of it is that you get to use the. Artistic side of you. Not only do you know you’re building a home or you’re building something that’s going to make somebody happy, you make it look beautiful, right? And there’s that that sense of satisfaction that you’ve created something that’s awesome. Right? And they walk in, they see it, they’re like, oh my gosh, this is my dreams come true. Right? And that’s where I really enjoyed about the trades because you know, when I would put like almost glass, like finish on baseboards and some of these really amazing houses, dark, black, finished in there on the wall and it looks like a piano finish and they walk in, the whole room’s elegant. Right? And I had a piece in doing that and you know, it’s, I enjoy it. Like those things are cool. Yeah, I know. Yeah. Building something’s awesome. Like somebody that restores a car, I always wish I would, I would do that too, but I have no mechanical, if not no mechanical skills. Yeah. You know, really not, I always like, that’s super cool to restore an old vehicle and bring it back. Yeah, it’s awesome. I know somebody that’s doing that with old antique guns they would find like things are just completely rusted and they’ll bring it back. You know, you can’t really shoot it to some degree, but you know, there’s that historical museum piece is what they turn it into. Yeah, that would be really, that’d be another fun thing, right? Cause that’s stuff I, the history side of it, archaeology and all that stuff I’ve done, it’s satisfying, so. But you know, back onto the government, what do you think? Man, things have gotten really weird. Like the state of the world, first off, is crazy, right? There’s never been a time in history where we’ve had supreme technology that’s going to be connected to a supreme intelligence that can track everything we do. You know what I mean? And we’re about to have these AI’s. You like talking about AI’s because they are so resource hungry. But imagine that what, and this is happening. All the chip makers are making sure that all new chips coming out have some sort of AI interface. Yeah. So you’re going to be forced into a right. You don’t even have a choice. They’re giving. That’s the way the world is moving. And consumer electronics makers are putting it in everything. Yeah, we got to stop it. I got to tell you, it’s, it’s cool. But, yeah what else is cool? cigarettes used to be cool. Yeah. And the fiberglass butts, right. That they used to put in there. I mean, but that went away just. Because it’s cool and easy and there’s stuff we talk about. It’s, it’s great to help titling something and it’s great aspects, but us hashing it back and forth, is it just as beneficial? You know, you’re bringing in, it’s cool. I like different things, but when you step back and go, but I’m fine without it. And seeing this thing evolve and what it could turn into is just crazy to me. Like, the world just seems crazy, the stuff that’s going on, and I don’t care. You’re like, are we offending anybody at this point? I don’t care. And I’ve always said, you know, I’ll just go work at Home Depot. and I actually said that to my wife. She’s like, well, she got a, oh, my God. Like, healthcare. If I don’t have my job and I don’t have healthcare, what are we gonna do? I’m like, I’ll go work at Home Depot. She’s like, you’re not gonna be able to make your living. I’m like, what? You said healthcare is that important. I’ll go there. I’m like, I’ll figure it out. You know, babe, we’ll figure it out. I’ve never had a real freaking corporate job, and I think these, everything being corporate and bigger, it’s the conversation again, like, sidetracked on, you know, these guerrilla, what was it? Guerrilla capitalism. Yeah, that they want to. These, they’re going to shut down the small people. We’ve seen that over the years, all the hometown lumber yards and hardware stores are gone. It’s a shame. Mom’s restaurants, you know? I know. Like, let’s just go corporate gyms and crap. It’s just a load of crap to me. And health insurance costs a ton of money. yeah. And they’re taking more and more money. They want to tax you, and then they want to tax your ammo. They want to tax. I mean, Colorado. I’m like, I’m done. The administration. It’S crazy to me. It’s not for the good. They’re evil people. Huh? It’s just a load of crap to me, and I’m done with it. And, you know, Tucker Carlson’s like, everybody’s afraid they’re gonna put kiddie porn on your computer. Yeah. And they can hack into whatever yada, yada. I mean, I thought he had to think, like, who. Who’s more free, the north korean people or the american people? Who has more freedom? Well, I mean, the government tracks me on my phone everywhere I go. Right there. He’s like, North Korea, they don’t have as much technology. I mean, it’s crazy, Arka. It’s. I’m done with it. They’re not helping people, and they want to take more and more freedoms away, and they want to get more and more insane or give people, like, talking. they were talking about. And it was like, are you serious? This is. And I’m not. They were talking about a guy, two guys. It’s transitioning, whatever. And they’re breastfeeding. They’re taking hormones to breastfeed the baby. You’re like, that just seems insane to me. I think Rogan said that he’s. That’s Satan. That’s something Satan would do. It is not real people. I don’t know where these people are. I didn’t know we couldn’t make that happen. I didn’t. I didn’t know either. But that’s something pure evil. And you’re gonna have people out there going, you’re not letting them do. That’s not human. Males were not designed to do that. And it just blows my mind. Yeah. That. The insanity out there. I mean, who, like, people are like the clown world, like these. It’s just the government’s turned into a bunch of clowns. They haven’t turned into. They’ve always. There’s always been those crazy things out there from the Kennedy conspiracy, Nixon. You know, I, you know, listen to that Rogan podcast with Tucker Carlson. You know, he goes into a few things on each of those things. And you’re going, you know, forever connected the dots on. On that. That what’s his face, is it. Who broke the Watergate? Woodward and Bernstein. So one of those guys was a Navy intelligence officer. Okay. And he was the rookie reporter. Now Tucker calls like, I grew up. My father was a reporter. I grew up in this industry. That doesn’t happen. You don’t send the rookie guy on the biggest story. Like, and he goes into it, and the other person was like, an FBI something, you know? But this guy was a former Navy intelligence officer of some sorts. Now he. I think. I can’t. I think it was Bernstein, but maybe I listen to that episode. But weird. You send the weakest link to go get the biggest story. Yeah. You’re like in a fight gym. They’re not gonna send, like, get challenged and go, let’s send the rookie. Yeah. To stand up for our reputation and send him on the biggest freaking. Not unless you want to botch it up. But they didn’t botch it out. Yeah. Connection. Yeah. So the government just blows me away. It. They’re not really helping anybody. When was the last time they helped anybody? It was Reagan who had those famous nine words, I’m from the government, and I’m here to help. You know, that was lower taxes. They really don’t. That’s not going to happen. The administration needs to roll back taxes. We’re sending money, you know, to all these countries, and, you know, I’ll piss people off by. I, you know, the Ukraine is crazy to me, you know, protecting Israel. I feel a little bit different there. Yes. But we’re still just shelling out just so much money. Let’s put that into perspective for a moment. Right. They tax us on everything we do. Right. And not only do they tax us right, they’re spending more than they’re taxing us. Yeah. So they’ve already taken everything we’ve had, and now we’ve got $30 trillion in debt. 30, 330 with trillion. It’s absolutely insane. And we’re sending money. We need to get our house in. Order, unless the plan is to make sure that the house falls. And that’s where we get into being called conspiracy theorists and all that crazy stuff. But how many of the conspiracy theories of the last ten years started being real? And it’s like, you were crazy for thinking it, though. And you’re crazy you know, that the pole, the magnetic shift is going to happen and what’s going to happen there, you know, I mean, I think that guy, suspicious observer on YouTube is fantastic. And looking at the sun and how it affects our weather, he. I had my wife listen to this one. I didn’t follow up on it, but he’s predicting. He’s like, this is going to. There’s going to be more. More earthquake activity potential because of what’s going on with the sun. And then just saw somewhere had, like, 22. Was it Taiwan somewhere? I mean, I I didn’t click on it, but there was somewhere they had, like. I think it was insane. Like, 22 magnitude five earthquakes in 24 hours or something like that. Yeah. Just talking about it. Yeah. Like, and how the sun affects the earth’s weather from and earthquakes and seismic activity. It’s crazy. Yeah. I mean, anytime you got. They know this is gonna happen. There’s supposedly, you know, CIA reports on the polls shifting and what’s gonna happen. So they give a crap that they’re spending this money, but then why not, like, why not blow it on a party? Why? We have an award. Yeah. Like, if these guys really cared, why don’t they just make it clown world, United States. We’re all going to the Super bowl every day, and, like, whatever. Instead, we’re funding wars. Yeah. And then they want you to pay more. And only for you that happens is through tax increases. So wait for that. Wait for the next couple of years. Depends on which way this next election goes. But if it goes one way, I guarantee you there are going to be even more taxes. Far more taxes. Oh, yeah. If we get another clown far left. And I hate, like, they’re not even damp. They’re just clowns. They’re not even far left liberals. The woke agenda, I think that’s a cult. I talked about that in other places. Yeah, it is. The whole agenda is like, you’re a cult. That if it goes that way. Holy moly. Holy moly. You know, there was a stat yesterday to that 10% used to be that 38% of renters thought they would never be able to own a home, which is kind of a high stat. And it went up to almost 48% in less than a year. So there’s 48% of people out there who are renting who say they will never, ever be able to afford a house. Yeah, it’s crazy. Isn’t that wild? I mean, yeah, I was talking to my daughter, who’s 18 of, hey, first, getting, you know, getting out of college and being able to buy something, you’ve got to get in the evidence. I say that to my little kids all the time. I get some out space. You guys should invest in real estate. You had that thing. I like, life coach. I always telling those kids, you know, like, invest in real estate, or I tell the little kids, like, invest in retirement homes because all of you guys are going to be there when you’re 40 because you can’t even do a squat right now. You’re moaning and groaning. I invest and I don’t. I don’t have any money in retirement homes. but I don’t take my own advice. I do other things. But, man, it’s a good investment because people are headed there earlier and earlier because they don’t do crap. They don’t get off their butt. They don’t, you know, freaking try, yo. It’s hard. I’m just so sick of you like, what’s the best excuse? Excuse you. I’ve heard they’re all. They all suck. You suck. You’re making excuses. You suck. Want to make an excuse, Josh? No. What? Look at Josh’s face. He made an excuse. Punched him in the nose. If you’re wondering why Josh says that band aid there. It was an accident. I walked. It was my fault. It was my fault. Follow the story that I punched you for making an excuse. It’s a better story. I don’t remember. All I remember is hearing pop and then we moved on. But, yeah, it’s just, you know, what. Would you rather tell kids in the future? Now, should you spend your investment money on a college education that, depending on what kind of degree you get, is, will make you money, right? It won’t make you rich for the most part, maybe Stem’s backgrounds. But if you were to take that. Same money and invest it into a property and you worked your butt off while you were paying off that house, who’s going to be further ahead financially in ten years? If you had those two groups going head to head? Yeah, it just depends, right? That’s why I said, if you’ve got. Those stem side, where you’ve got those, those engineers and you got scientists, let’s. Say you went into construction or auto mechanic, they’re making good money. So if you invested that and made it, it’s like some of these jobs like Nantucket people used to make ton of money, but do you really want to be working at a bike shop your entire life? Do you want to be in, you know, in restaurants that, you know, there’s good careers there, you know, there you make a ton of money and it’s it sucks you in. But now are your friends slowly working up their college? Right. They get out and they spent this money and they’re. They’re going up higher and higher now their potential income is a lot higher. And what seemed like a lot of money in your twenties isn’t a whole lot of money in your forties. Yeah, yeah. Oh, it just depends. I mean, I think. Yeah. you can’t go wrong. I mean, you could also be, you know, just in a bad job. So I think you can’t go wrong with investing in real estate. No matter who you are. Some of the wealthiest people out their own properties and pay off their. If we really cared about kids, college would be freaking virtually free. you could have a little skin in the game. Yeah. You know, it’s the credit cards. They don’t care about it. Like 20% interest. They’re freaking killing it. Do they really care about the american people? Why don’t they put some sort of cap on credit card interest rates? They did. It was at 21%. 21%. Anybody knows anything about interest, right? 21%. You will never pay something off if you pay that. It’s insane. the whole. The whole thing. But I say explore trades, explore something different. Find something you like it. Yeah. I mean, at the end of the day, if you don’t like it, you’re. Not gonna love it. Yeah. You gotta like what you do love. It would be even better. Yeah. That’s the goal, right? Find something you love and find a way to make money at it. That was the advice I heard from when I was in high school from this guy who was. He was. You remember the. The movie good morning, Vietnam. Oh, yeah. He worked at that radio station with that guy, right? And he had showed me the world of broadcasting, and that was the moment I said, wow, that’d be a cool job. Yeah, but there’s no money in it. Yeah. Hey, look, guys, stay on the lookout for our suck less brand. We’ve got a bunch of stuff on shop Clearsky training and shop RMSDF. If you want to support the podcast, it’s a great way to do so. but stay tuned for some stuff coming out strictly with suck less. So check that out on our website. Should be a tab there for all our suck less gear and just being better. it’s, you know, as Josh says, it’s a lifestyle brand. That is a statement that I’m tired of people that just suck. You suck. You woke agenda people. You suck you. People that make excuses and bring down society and you know, be better, be ready for whatever comes. Train more, suck less is, you know, one of my favorite taglines off of our suck less brand. We’ve got some cool stuff coming out. Strictly suck less. somebody has suck hyphen less.com and they want $15,000 for that domain here. I gotta look at the camera with a face. I was like, yeah, thanks, but no I can do suckless co just fine. That’d be fine. I mean, I’d like to have ah.com and whatever, but you know what? $15,000 for a stupid domain. I’m not ford. Remember that? When people were buying the. Buying domains of the very start of it and then, oh yeah, taking domains and all, like there’s some kind of. Do it, they still kind of do it. I mean, people try to, But you know, what I really want to do is just go get an off the grid, on the grid house and you know, have some chickens and cows and do something and live a simpler lifestyle. You know, my wife is always and I’m the same way. I mean, I like my Mexico vacations, I like my jeep, and, you know, being able to off road whatever else, you know, I like to be able to buy ammo, you know, and to live the lifestyle. But sometimes I’m like, am I. Would I be happier if we were just off the grid, you know, or maybe had a little thing and you were teaching, you know, 1020 kids, 30, you know, 15 kids, 15 adults, and you had this little thing, or you did some other part time work or, you know, whatever it is, but geez, now you’re not gonna have enough money to go visit the kids and all this stuff trying to weigh what you do? I really kind of think it would be happier than the grind that people are in. You know, some of these people’s jobs are so stressful, and you got people that are jerks and everything else that it would be so much simpler of a lifestyle, you know, chop wood, carry water. Have you seen what you can do with an acre of land? I was watching a guy that was growing raspberries, strawberries. I mean, he was replenishing all the nutrients in the soil as he was growing corn. And then lots of green leafy things. He had chickens, he kept goats and a cow. And this is all on a single acre of land. he made enough food on that one acre for the whole year. One good season, he had enough food for the year. And think about your relationship with what you eat at that point, right? There’s this wonderful class I took in college. It was called humans and animals in a relationship. What the class was, it’s a different one now. Yeah. If you told me you took this class last week, last year, that would be a different class, right. But it talks about the relationships people have with animals, because generally those, those animals are precious to you, right? Because they. They provide something and you take very. Good care of them, right. And you know what you’re feeding them. So you know what you’re putting into your body. You know those onions you grew grown by you? You know what went into those soils and what came out of it, right? your unpasteurized milk, you know, coming out of it, there is a risk you get sick, but for the most part, it tastes so much better and it’s got so many more nutrients, right. All from a single acre of land that you can do this. But we don’t, we don’t do that at all anymore. Right? There’s no agrarian society is what we call agricultural society. The agrarian world that Thomas Jefferson dreamed of, that’s really what he wanted, is everybody was growing their own food and they took care of themselves. That way. They never had to be reliant on something else. Yeah, that’s the my talk about having a community like that, of people and buying. I’m pretty sure we’ve talked about on the podcast, but I talked to you a lot, so. Pretty sure it was on the podcast. And just having a community like that, it would be. That would be super cool. And, you know, I think we’re going to be in a whole lot worse off position. if something did happen, like a solar flare, some other event, whether it. Only takes things like floods and tornadoes. Yeah, crazy. I mean if, you know, a meteor hits the earth, you know, even a small, like, what that could cause. And in today’s world, the nuclear bombs, right. I mean, it’s not like the fifties. All over again, but it is people with the destruction. People don’t know how to survive anymore. No, it’s it’s hard. I don’t. John People don’t know how to. Survive in the modern world. Right. They don’t know. They don’t know how to. Well, don’t know how to take care of themselves physically and have the motivation to do it. Yeah. Like what it would take to get out there and take care of the animals. Like, I can’t get out of bed. Because they were lying freaking, brush their. Teeth, let alone get out of bed to work out, let alone the take care of some animals. And God, it’s just, I’m so anti. Like, it’s just suck less. Like, create this thing of this movement that be better. It’s all about being better. Just do something. But this modern culture I’m sick of it. It’s just made everything easy. everything’s easy. If I’m hungry, it’s easy. If I need a rest, it’s easy. If I want to relax, it’s easy. If I want to go somewhere, it’s easy. I get in a car and go, right. We don’t have to worry about the hard things anymore, like making that food happen. Because if you didn’t make that food happen, you either have to go hunt for it or you starve. I mean, those are the two options. But when you give people bread to eat, they just sit there and eat the bread. They don’t do much else. That’s where we’re at. We’re like Rome, just give them entertainment and bread. Yeah. And that’s when you know you’re on the end of societal collapse. But societies do recover. Right. They can respond to this stuff. Yeah. I mean, I’m always positive. Yeah. And it’s like, you just gotta get the message out there and hopefully it doesn’t turn to the crab bucket. So when you wanna change the other crabs, don’t keep trying to pull you back down. That’s the other thing you fight is if you try to be better, there’s plenty of others that are happy to start trying to tear you down. Oh, yeah. Your friends and everything else. Family worked out. Yeah. Can’t believe you’re doing that. I’m good at this. Or just sitting here sipping my coffee. It’s like, yeah, why don’t you come. Join us at the bar? Why are you gonna go work out? And really, you should come down into the suck. Right. We should be pulling them up with us into something different. Right. Instead of trying to pull people down, let’s give them the hand up and say, let’s make something different together. Let’s be more suck class. Yeah, it’s, you know, I think it’s the comes down to the government doesn’t do anything. Well, the thing is people want government to do something for and you, because they suck. They just want easy. They just want something to give me money to stay home because I’m scared that there’s a. I’m gonna get sick. I know. How many people out there give me. Money just for nothing? Don’t want great to be beyond that. That’s the other. What, what song? money for nothing and your chicks for free. Great song. But how many people don’t offended people, Josh. Don’t offend people on the podcast. Chicks for free. It was. The eighties were a great time. I don’t care what people say. I was there for a very small portion of it, actually. All of it. But what year were you born? 78. I mean, it was there for all of it, but, you know, I wasn’t enjoying the eighties like other people. Right? I was a kid. Yeah, but the 80 seemed like a time, you know, you didn’t have to worry about the phone in your pocket going off. You could walk down the street. I mean, people can’t disconnect from anything anymore. And I think that maybe one of the societal problems we’re facing is that there has to be this constant urge to be connected in some way. But it’s a connection. There’s other connections. You have a false connection. Yeah. Right. Because if you’re with friends, you can connect with buddies and you’re doing something. That’s common. We train a lot, right. We have this connection because we have this desire to do something. These people are trying to find that same desire in something that’s not tangible. It exists in a virtual world, or it exists in a group that never meets. Right. And they’re constantly trying to replace that with something that’s not real. And with AI on the way, imagine what that’s going to be like for people. They’re going to have more connections with their phone and these virtual groups than they will with real people. And that’s what we’re facing. Yeah. And that’s what they want to do. They want to divide. and they’re embracing it, too. They want these things to happen. Yeah. We need to stop it. We need to stop it. You know? I don’t know how. I know. It’s like, you know, how. How do you disconnect people from that? How do you shut down AI? How do you get people on there? If you have that answer, please share it with us so we can make a bunch of money off of it. Because a solar flare, let’s bring down the grid. I mean, what would that feel? All right, let’s say for a moment everything does go down one day. How is the average person going to actually react like there’s gonna be. Most people are just gonna stay put for the moment because they don’t know where else to go. Then they’re not gonna leave their comfort. Yeah. Give them a couple days, and then. After that, then it’s just gonna be weird. It’s just gonna be weird. Well, 90% of people are gonna die in the first year, is what the numbers are. Some will starve in nine, six, three months. Right. Three months. So, anyway, I don’t know. I have a really hard time thinking about sometimes. Yeah. Going back to the third. This technology is great, but it’s really disconnecting people, you know, all of it. You know, there’s some. Don’t get me wrong, I like learning things and picking things up and, you know, watching somebody or learning, like, I fixed my fridge a bunch of years ago watch a YouTube video. What? There’s. There’s great aspects of it, but as a whole, it’s just bringing people down, and people are disconnected and they’re against each other, and it’s Most people want to turn a blind eye, right? They don’t. It’s not going to happen. It’s not going to happen. Well, even if it doesn’t happen, would you be more happy to be out on your own little farm and doing your own little thing and, you know, a small community of people and have those. Those connections, the self reliance part of it? Right. No one’s self reliant anymore. Or critically thinking, it’s like, oh, God, yeah, there. There’s those people out there that. That do it. I saw a great off the grid. It was somebody. where was it? southern Colorado or southwest Colorado? I think they might have been out Pagosa somewhere out that way. Durango is sharing. Oh, it’s cool, you know, and they had five or ten acres. I was like, house cool. As I already set up. that would be awesome. Just to get. We’re gonna do it where people get my wife. Oh. We’re gonna pay health insurance. And part of me is like, who cares? Let’s just figure it out. Don’t use your real name when you go to the doctor. Yeah, it’s not required. You don’t have to give him a name. It’s lying, Joe. It’s. It’s a different show. It’s lying. I mean. Yeah. Do I think it’s ridiculous that, you know, people that aren’t legal citizens of this country get free stuff and we have to pay for them? Nobody’s giving me free stuff. It’s ridiculous. The borders open. It’s ridiculous. Look at people. What are we going to do about this stuff? I have not a clue. Besides running for president and be willing. I’ve said it. Actually, it was funny because Tucker Carlson wraps up the episode. it’s a good listen. Last 15 minutes of that. The whole episode is good. listen to it at 1.2 speed. That’ll make it a little bit faster. and you can still understand how many times have I said, I’ll run for president, but I’m gonna get sniped. Yeah, and that’s what director Carlson said. We need a president willing to die for this country and for what’s right. I’m like, exactly. That’s the only I want to take it over. But you’re gonna get crushed by these people with this money and or how do we stop these people with so much darn money and power and control to manipulate people? Alright, guys, ponder that as always. Train more, suck less. Be safe out there. Do something. Get a friend doing something. You think you’re gonna quit? Might take them five tries to get into a fitness program or self defense program, but you just gotta keep at it. Keep doing it, keep trying. You know, you’re one of those people. Something happens to you, you just gotta get back on the horse and pound away. It’s like grinding out small business. You just gotta take your bumps and bruises and keep on fighting. Alright, guys, I will talk to you next time. Thanks for joining me.

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