#65 Are You a Fat Warrior?

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This is the John Hallett podcast with John Hallett. Because the way we’re living, we need to change it. Make it change today. And all learn from failure. Maybe they just wanted it a little bit more than you. That’s probably the fact. And now your host, John Hallett. Hey, everyone. Welcome back. We are just hanging out today. We’ve been talking about genetics. a little bit in your DNA and, you know, fighting your genetics and what you can do. And as always, you know, get out there and work out. Do something. Do something every day to suck a little bit less, be a little bit better, try a little bit harder. You know, the world would be a way better place if people just try to be nice and friendly. Josh doesn’t think that. Josh seven a hard time because I kicked him with my pinky toe today. He was going a little hard. Oh, I’m paying the price. The price. I feel like I can. I can actually go and throw up right now. That was, like, a half hour ago. That was a hell. Suck it up. Suck it up, hammer. Suck it up. Don’t be a wuss. Put on the show. I don’t know what else is going on, Josh. Anything good? I mean, there’s nothing ever good in the world, man. You gotta be talking out there. I’m always seeing something, like, you know, I always watch the self defense videos. I see the scenarios at play on, like, Twitter about people being attacked, because I want to see what’s happening in the real world when people attack and, like, thieves and evil, people just get more and more brazen or at least clever with what they’re doing. Yeah, I mean, they have no. They have no moral compass anymore. There’s people just standing on stage theirs and getting knocked out for it. There’s. There’s Twitter trends of people knocking people out. Right. I mean, and we wonder why we’re always looking at self defense. You know, it’s because of people doing stupid stuff. Yeah. I mean, there’s always. Throughout time, there’s always been stupid people. So is there any more stupid people? 7,000,000,001% of that population. Stupid people. That’s a lot of people. That’s a lot of stupid people. But you know, that’s what we feel, that we should be prepared and be. Be alert. Actually, we had a lead the other day that they’re like, oh, I was looking for more boxing, cardio, or. And they said kickboxing. And I was You mean. Do you mean fighting or do you mean cardio and the lead actually came back and said, well, yeah, I guess I don’t want to freeze up. I guess maybe I, what I am looking for is more what you do. Like, we’re about self defense and fighting. Are you gonna get in shape that way? Yeah, it’s not a cardio kickboxing class because it’s still. Even if I, even if you were taking I just, I love boss Rutin way back, UFC guy, and have trained with him a bit. Even if you’re doing a kickboxing class, that’s car, like, it’s a workout class with boss rooting. You’re learning good kicks and good punches. I mean, I see a lot of terrible stuff in the cardio fitness world, but you’re still not fighting anybody. You’re just getting a workout with a heavy bag is great, but you’re still not putting hands on, you’re still not learning to block, you’re still not doing those things. And what we do here at rocky Mountain, we take beginners and slowly evolve. You know, you’re not going to get your butt kick coming in to learn self defense with us. We’re going to teach you and you’re going to accelerate through at your own pace through the different belt levels. But I’ve all, I always tell students, unless you’re doing sparring and you’re rolling, grappling, ground fighting with people, you haven’t actually done krav maga with us. You’ve learned some basic stuff, but you’re not really doing it. And you know, those intermediate, you know, beginner, intermediate students, you, how much have you done? It’s not a lot. You can always get better. And that’s what being training like a fighter. You’re gonna get in shape. Yeah. Oh, yeah. our members here have our bonus. We have our project fit, which is all about functional fitness for health and longevity. You know, be strong, be healthy. That’s gonna help you if you get attacked or, you know, sometimes I’ll joke with the kids. What if you go to drag your mom to safety? You know, how strong are you? Yeah. and that, that is huge in today’s society. I still, I can’t find it. I’m probably stupid. my little rant there from when I was in spring break, I can’t find it. I can’t find it either. I’m gonna kill you. Now that kick is. Oh, that was a great piece of content. And I remember recording it. I know, I remember recording it all. Fancy, Josh. And you cut it out. I didn’t cut it. Well, where is it? It had to be cut. The master file. Right? And I created an audio created an audio copy of it was what I do. But that video should be on there. Unless I hit the stop button, which if it did. Now that was a great phenomenon. That was my best piece of content, people. And Josh didn’t hit it. This is why he gets kicked around every once in a while. This is this is why it’s so nice to do that. We’re doing this self defense and fighting podcast and mindset health and life and everything. If this was a cooking podcast, I couldn’t kick you. I mean, I guess I could slip with a knife, cutting carrots. What if we created a martial arts cooking show? Go that way a little bit. Whatever. I need to go that way. Yeah, I’m gonna have to go this way to look at what we really want to talk about. Top killer chef or something. Or top fighter chef. Top fighter chef. They’re going to go head to head. Do they go, do they fight for the food or do they fight it out at the end? What do they do? Josh is. This is Josh’s first podcast, people. Sorry. Keep talking. Yeah, but I did, I had, I needed a sip of Americano. Back to what we really want to talk about. We’ve been talking about fighting your genetics, some other things. Andrew Huberman, some people. You know, I always say I’m a motivator. I am not, you know, a nurse practitioner like Chrissy is, or I’m not a doctor. I’m none of those things. I’m a motivator. Does it work? Right? I can put good workouts together. I don’t really care why it works. Like the scientists, I get good results. I’m going to get stronger. Some people get down that path and they love all of it. I like coaching people with good technique and they’re. And leave it to the experts out there to do other things. So we were looking for something I’m gonna forget the other guy that we were talking about on the podcast that I think he was on. Huberman, or probably both, because they just all go in circles there. or Joe Rogan. But Christy, one of our members, she’s a nurse practitioner over at Colorado integrative healthcare. You can reach out to her if you’re interested in this test through 303-86-2801 again, it’s 303-86-2801 and you can get set up with Chrissy to do this three x four genetics test. My wife and I both had it. And I had said to you, I believe, you know, people get caught up in my dad, my mom, my genetics. Now, when my wife got hers back, it was basically the short story was, you should be overweight, and you should probably, and you should probably have type two diabetes. Your risk for type two diabetes should be overweight. She’s obviously fighting her genetics by working out, living a healthy lifestyle. and the nutrition side of it. So that really was kind of the easy side of this genetic test, because it gives you your top things, and again it’ll break down your top three pathways. I always know, like genetics. My cholesterol is very high and what should I be doing? And it gives you things that you should do. You know, focus on monounsaturated fats and medium chain triglycerides. You know, should be avocados, olives, olive oil, nuts, wild caught fat, wild caught fish coconut. Optimize fiber rich whole grains, fresh fruit, blah, blah, blah. Eat two to three servings of niacin rich food. Chicken tune turkey. help optimize your hdl levels with 30 minutes of moderate activity five days a week. Practice deep breathing, healthy body composition avoid all forms of smoking. And then what I really like and what I’m trying to like, the bigger piece, what are you missing? Or what, you know, am I not supplementing? So one of the things, red yeast, rice, what was that is supposed to be testing as good as some things to lower. What’s the. You, you know, your wife would know the drug for cholesterol, the lower, like. Statins, like lipostatins or whatever statins is. So that’s supposed to be a really good supplement to take to lower your cholesterol naturally. Omega three niacin, they give you a cup vitamin e. They give you a couple things to try to supplement. And going, does my multivitamin have that? What, what can I get that has these things in it? You know, my, my next pathway with methylation is a biochemical process of making sure every cell is functioning optimally. Methylation is not just responsible for how we repair genetic material, but also how we make energy respond to stress, handle inflammation, how well our cells detoxify, and how our brain chemistry works. Methylation is a process involved in actually turning genes on or off. We may be able to reduce our risk of developing certain diseases and some types of cancers by optimizing methylation. So it gives you, you know, your your nutrition. It gives you your kind of workout suggestions. Let’s see which one continuously limit exposure to substances that overload the methylation cycle, including medication, alcohol, and endocrine disruptors. and there’s three or four bullet points on each one. and then again, b vitamins, including five mthF 240 milligrams methylated b twelve, which I believe Huberman goes into. Like, there’s so much b twelve that you’re not processing, and I can’t even do it. So, yeah, you can only take up. Take so much before you end up pinging it out, or. But some of it you’re. But, yeah, you’re not even. You’re not even using. Like, if it’s not methylated, I think everybody should be doing methylated, but especially somebody like me should be doing that because, oh, 100% of your recommended daily allowance, you’re not even getting zero because it’s not methylated, is my understanding of that. So, uptake is important. zinc, magnesium, you know, so it goes through these things, and Christy will kind of walk you through those once those tests are done. And, I mean, it goes on and on. I mean, there’s so much. I mean, they give you your full gene report. I mean, I might go back to her again, but mainly, I’m like, that’s a lot for me to work on, but it gives you your whole gene realizing, you know, what’s very high, high, what’s medium risk or where you’re at. let’s scroll through this PDF. Like, that’s pretty wild. They’re giving me a lot to work. You know, like cellular overview. and again, our podcast is really budget, guys. Like, I can’t even get this over to Josh because I’m not technically savvy. No, we we need your support. Right. We need your support. you can shop and help us shop. Clear sky dot training for all our clear sky merchandise, for all our rocky Mountain self defense and fitness merchandise here in Castle Rock, Colorado, you can go to shop dot rm s d f comm. We’ve got our prestige loud supplements on there. I have gone on and off of those placebo effects, kind of. How do I feel? They’re really good supplement line. There’s some really good multivitamins, some other things on there you can get. You can get there and directly to our affiliate link on either one of those websites for nutrition. So some awesome stuff there that’ll help support the podcast. but a lot of you guys are listening, so even if we brought it up, there, you wouldn’t see it. quickly, it said that, like, Jenny said that she was She had all these pre indicators. Right? Well, just because you got indicators doesn’t mean that’s your destiny. Yeah, exactly. You can fight, like, you can fight your stuff. I mean, yeah. If she hasn’t been working out forever, what would her body composition look like? Yeah. I mean, and it’s. And you guys eat well, too. That’s the other thing is you. You. You eat better than most. You guys do a really good job at the diet part of it, too, which is. Yeah, it’s always hard, man. Oh, it’s always hard. I can imagine. I mean, it’s. And who cares? You know, sometimes, like, who cares? I’ve been a little, you know, I was fighting that sinus infection last week. Still nowhere near 100% this week, but better. But it was also my birthday, and one of the coaches here got me a whole bunch of Reese’s peanut butter cups, and I’m feeling like crap. Can’t work out. Reese’s peanut butter cup made me feel good. Yeah, for you, that don’t. For those of you, but do not get John sweets as a gift. I’m like, I’m really kind of mad at her. Really. I was like, oh, thank you. But I’m still, part of me still, like, oh you gave me those. I didn’t want those. I wanted them, but I didn’t, you know, it’s a nice, super nice gesture. I love it. But once in a while. But, man, you know, your guards down. You’re not feeling yourself. Especially when I’m not working out. My mental state is just not there. But what would Jenny look like if she hadn’t been working out in the last five years? You know, what would her body composition. Just taking away the workout aspect and maybe, you know, like, feel good diet. Maybe she’s ignorant and she’s listening to all the major food companies going, this is healthy for me. And it’s not. It’s just advertising, you know, what would she look like there? So let me hit this, and I want to come back to 1010. Remind me that 1010. So it gives you, you know on this page, it’s not in order, but your. Your cellular overview. And they go into a paragraph or so, like, methylation, inflammation is a problem for me. Oxidative stress was actually number three. Detoxification was a troublesome. That’s, like, number two for me. so they go through and they break down. I think this report. Let’s go to the pa. It’s a third. Well, we won’t count that page because it’s just a glamorous. It’s just the COVID Back cover. So I guess it’s like 29 to 30 pages, minus the The front. Yeah, the front. I mean, it’s a very nice PDF that they put together for you and give you your whole genetic test. I thought it was great. It’s super affordable. Don’t quote me on that. I can’t remember exactly what the. What the fee is. but it’s super reasonable. And we had looked at a bunch of others, like, Christie was looking in, like, oh, my gosh, this test is full 599. We were looking at four night, like some other tests and some other companies, and she found this one. I is around half price of that, if not a little bit less, somewhere in there. again, I’m not quoting you. and if you do that, Chrissy’s gonna punch in the face. She hit bill with a pipe the other day, so don’t think she won’t rough you up. And then she’ll. Then she’ll fix you up. She’ll kick your button and fix you up. Oh, I wish I had that. I wish I was running video because the. The look on Bill’s face when she smacked him with that pipe. Can’t really say she was going a little faster than them or just missed the block or what the heck happened. But, you know, better to get bipped in the head with a foam pipe here, get stabbed here, lose my gun here. That’s all part of it. It’s where people. I just don’t get it that concealed carry holders don’t want to train more. You have such a responsibility on your hip, ad appendix in your fucking backpack that you’re not training more, you know? I mean, God, when Josh just came here, he was carrying in his fanny pack. I did carry some other things that I have subsequently gotten rid of because I can barely. I can barely hold on to the gun. Right? Yeah. So if you’re a concealed carry holder, get into Rocky Mountain. Yeah. Self defense and fitness here in casserole. Just get a little better and not have that false confidence. But yeah, Chrissy is awesome. She’s been a longtime member here. Getting up to that black, you know, she’s getting close. She just tested for red belt here. super awesome. Really like her very motivating person. She said. She’s a delight. Yeah. And she has changed her lifestyle. Wow. You wouldn’t you know, even the amount of progress that she has made from white belts is unbelievable. She looks phenomenal. So you know, and she put herself, like, what can I do? What. What are pre indicators that I can do? It’s going to give you, you know, are you at risk for Alzheimer’s? Are you at risk for this? And things you can try to do to mitigate it now to limit your risk, instead of going hell with it, my dad’s 300 pounds. I’m just gonna be 300 pounds. A lot of people just give in to it, right? As though that’s destiny. We. They all think it’s their destiny, right? But it’s not your destiny. You can. You can be something different. You can. I wish I could. I’m not good at movie quotes. What’s that? I’m just thinking Star wars. When you said destiny, there’s a great line in Star wars. Destiny. I forget that line, but 1010. What’s 1010? So that again, great book recommendation from Bill Anderson here, one of our phenomenal longtime coaches thinking in bets, and there’s a little chat bit in one of her chapters about what’s this decision going to do in ten minutes, ten months, ten years? And I think it’s with her whole postmortem pre mortem, postmortem discussion. and I thought it was really good of how picture yourself, how you want to look as a black belt. Like, what’s my body composition? What type of shape am I in at black belt? How. How’s my skill? And how awesome am I thinking backwards from that? And I thought that was phenomenal. And I’m sure I’ve heard it before, but I’m not sure if I have. The 1010 is similar to other things, but working your way backwards to get there you know, even just quit. Like, well, I better be showing up two to three times a week. I gotta improve my diet. How are you getting there and working yourself backwards versus forward, where I think people get lost quite easily and, you know, hey, I’m gonna skip. I’m gonna skip today. All right, well, I had fun sitting on the couch watching Monday night football tonight, but in ten months of skipping Monday night, where am I? And in ten years, yeah, you know, I’m eating those Reese peanut butter cups. Ten minutes from now, I’m feeling guilty. And ten months of that, what’s my body composition going to look like? And in ten years, where I’m. I’m gonna be. I mean, I say you know, when I was in martial arts, originally, I was, you know, I’m single. My diet consisted of. I always have rotini with crap, craft parmesan cheese, and probably butter on it and, like, turkey burgers, hamburgers, maybe a steak. and I was doing ginger ale, and I took out the ginger ale, and. Holy mackerel, did my body composition change over time? Six months, a year. And I take out the rotini, but just that. Just that easy. Like, I’m coming home. What am I gonna go, a single guy, you know, I’m gonna have some pasta, you know, and, gosh, I was so much fatter. That’s like a. Yeah, and even. You probably even looked pretty lean then. You’re lean now. And, oh, I totally looked at you. Look at my face. I was fat. It was. But you, like, going from that to where you lean just takes time, too. That’s the other thing is that people want that. That fast, easy button on all the stuff. They just want instantaneous fix, and it’s. It doesn’t work that way. Anything that’s worth it, you have to put the time into. Yeah. You got to work hard, people. Oh, it’s hard. Oh, I stink at this. You just got to say, good. I stink at everything I do here. But I keep trying. Yeah, I mean, just keep going. Yeah, it’s that actually Derek was saying because he’s in with his daughter for kids, Krav Maga. you know, we start those little kids, three and a half. That’s my. I love those kids. They’re so. They’re so cute. Three and a half to five is kind of our preschool, kindergarten. And we’ll leave them in there. Sometimes we’ll leave them in there. Yeah. And it’s the same thing. Like, sometimes the teens are. Don’t want to move up to the adults. It doesn’t have to be hard and fast, as long as it’s a they’re appropriate in the class and it’s not a safety concern. but he’s like, how many of the adults know the principles of black belts or the tenants of the martial arts? I call it like, I had kids leading the class yesterday. I’m like, oh, they know. Why are we here? Yeah, to build a strong mind, strong body. But the kid that volunteered was like, I don’t know how to start. I’m like, I know because I say it and you’re ready to answer, but you need to ask the class, why are we here? To build a strong mind. And a strong body. And what’s the principles of black belt martial arts? Same thing. All. I any good martial arts should be teaching modesty, courtesy, integrity, perseverance, and indomitable spirit. Oh, yeah, and he’s a common, either does. I don’t push that in our adult self defense, in fighting our krav maga, you know, side of it, you know, and over the years, I’ve thought of, you know, what do I do? You know, from my traditional background in martial arts and everything else of, like, how much do you put on those people? Sometimes I tell the adults, I’ve given, you’re too old. I’ve given up on you. But it’s a joke. I mean, you can you can change too old. what does you ought to say about that? But it doesn’t matter. We take it any age, but, yeah. I mean, kids, you can, you can change your life at whatever age. And a lot of people at death, like, they, oh, we’re gonna die and they’re gonna change and they’re gonna be nice and blah, blah, blah. So how many of our adults know those things? I can. It’s like being a good adult. Yeah. You know, our kid, our teenagers. Ooh, gosh. I mean, it’s awkward enough, but just ask them. They’re like, why are we here? I’m like, come on, guys. This is being a good person. These are all fundamental things that we want to instill in our youth programs, you know, and our adults. Am I really trying to instill these values? There’s so much to focus on. Could we, I mean, everybody’s being like, we don’t like people that are jerks here. I mean, that’s one, one thing we should get. Oh, people are really nice here. Like, absolutely. Because I’m not inviting you back into my gym if you’re a jerk, because you’re gonna just be a cancer and people are gonna quit because you’re a jerk. Yeah. Like, that’s gonna hurt my business. And you’re. Nobody wants to be around a jerk. Yeah. And if you’re really open to learning, everybody will be nice. Yeah. Because if you’re open to learning, you generally don’t have the ego. Everybody’s got an ego. We all have it. I mean, we’re always fighting. You just. That’s what. Check your ego. Yeah. And just learn. Right. I walk into every class thinking, what am I learning today? And that’s. Or what? I’m going to try to work on myself because there’s a lot of techniques I got to keep working. Yeah. We all get better and better. So. I don’t know. I feel like I’ve gotten better since I’ve started, but there’s a. There’s more in front of me than there is behind me. A lot more in front of me. I mean, just years of it, right? And then every time I think I’m getting to a place where I’m like, okay, maybe I’m getting this concept, every. Somebody threw something new at me, right? And then suddenly it’s like, oh, my God, what does this even apply anymore? I mean, they’re all good little things I can. I can grab. Yeah, but I get shown new stuff all the time. Even watching the kids role. Even the little kids. Oh, I mean, the stuff the little kids do. Yeah. I mean, there’s so much great little things in the kids class, and it’s a great place, I think, to start sometimes. Just start teaching. Yeah, because it’s not your peers, you know, you’re the adults. And it takes a certain personality to teach kids. But I love teaching the kids and is. It’s. It’s easier, I think, sometimes because it’s not so much pressure from the kids then the adults. You had so many adults with preconceived ideas or even sometimes they want to make the coach look bad, or they just. You know, if you’re doing that, you’re. Trying to, you know, being a rookie coach is tough. That’s. Yeah. You know, that’s not not easy, especially the amount of black belts that we have here. You know, everybody has more experience, but we all have to start out. You know, I always tell people I started out as a yellow belt level one Krav maga instructor. I only knew yellow belt curriculum. And for those of you guys that, you know, because we do a rotating curriculum here versus what I call the traditional Krav maga curriculum, you know, those are basically just, you know, your punches, elbows, hooks, uppercuts, knees, round kick, front kick, you know, kicks on the ground, I guess, you know, traditional level one and, you know, chokes all around. I don’t even think armbar choke might have been in level two. I can’t remember. But it could have been armbar choke and headlock from the side, I think. Or now that we’ve been doing the rotating curriculum so long, I’ve kind of can’t put the curriculum where it is sometimes from my traditional training, quote unquote, always say something like our. Our krav maga has definitely evolved here. I think for the better. I mean. Oh, yeah, you can always integrate, and that’s where we had kind of that debate of, well, geez, we’re integrating this, our citizen defender program, and adapting some of that stuff into our krav maga program. Is this still krav maga? Well, the heart of Krav maga is. What use what works. Great. Something comes in, and something goes out. I mean, yeah. You in? Yeah. Old things out. And what works. Sure. We’ll adapt it from anything that’s krav maga. So, you know, it’s kind of you know, Bruce Lee way of. No way. It doesn’t matter. Just use whatever works. I don’t care. Yeah. I mean, the one principle that I had to just figure out was just do something. Yeah, something. Do something. Who cares? don’t. Don’t worry about looking dumb. Don’t feel like you’re slowing the class down. Do something. Move on. Get your rep, and then the next rep, maybe change a little bit. Maybe you see more of it. The game slurps, slowing down is that. It was really fast when I all started. Now the game is slowing down, not to the point where it’s, you know, an expire man jumping around, but, you know, it slows down to the point where you can start trying new things. And if it fails, get the next one. Get the next one. Get the next one. Get the next one. Oh, I got one. Get the next one. Get the next one. Get the next one. Oh, I got one. Right? Yeah. I mean, one of my favorite things is with anything, even with a beginner going, all right, get a surprise attack, self defense. Somebody bear hugged you. What are you gonna do tonight? If somebody bear hugs you? You can’t go, hey, I haven’t learned that. My self defense class. I mean, I guess you could try that tactic, but probably not gonna work, right? Or figure it out. Hey, maybe do it again. okay. Could I get a little bit better or. For that student that’s been coming a while? Okay, so you think, you know, you know, all chokes, bear hugs, whatever, and you get a surprise one, and that surprise one catches you off guard, maybe your techniques a little bit off. Okay, let’s now do it the same exact thing and try to improve on that, you know, do a live ish one, and then go back and fix it. Or just do it again. Was I a little bit off with something? You know, a little bit off there versus. Okay, move on. Well, but you just had a mistake. You might as well fix it. That’s one of my that’s. I love doing that kind of drills with people, like, okay, go back and fix it. You know? What was wrong with it? I did that to my elementary school class. I failed three quarters of the class I was gonna do. If you fail the technique, you’re out of a game. And if you pass. But all the kids were messing things up. I’m like, nope, fail. You didn’t get your hands to the end of the lever. You did x, y, and z. You didn’t base in the bear hug. you didn’t do this. So I was just moving the kit, and I finally like Hey, guys, do we think we should pay more attention? Should you practice at home? I’m showing you how to practice at home with no partner. You guys see that? You guys are messing up right now is messing up. Okay. But I think it was really good to see, like, fail. Mm Fail. Not feel good. Not feel good stuff. Like fail. It’s back to coach Thomas’s podcast. And I just put a little clip on him. I think it was on Rocky Mountain my football coach, of him giving his speech, I’m like, oh, I’ve heard that speech as a sophomore. And it meant something different, you know, junior and then senior year, you know, essentially, that speech that he gave, that’s not my high school football team. We’re the Nantucket whalers. That was a team he moved over to, the Bobcats. but essentially the same speech. But he told me, and I think I put a little thing in there, and I could have spent a day trying to tweak it and make it better, but, you know, with social media and everything else, I just want to put it out and did a little bit on it. But he had told me and he had forgotten from the pot, you know, because I asked him on the podcast, he told me I was going to be a nantucket loser because of my decision to want to pursue a career as a carpenter general contractor. He told me I was going to end up drinking beer on beer drinkers Hill which kind of. In Colorado, it’s not a hill, but on Nantucket, there was probably little bit of, like, eight foot to ten foot elevation gain on a road that wasn’t on school property that overlooked part of the football field. And that’s where all the has been would sit in their pickup trucks and drink beer. Obviously, you can’t get it. No drinking on that. In the high school property, they would drink beer and watch and then, you know, armchair quarterback of how good they were and blah, blah, blah. But he told me I was going to be a nantucket loser. And that motivated me so much to succeed and to push myself hard as a carpenter, not to be that traditional Nantucket loser going to high school parties. I tried to move on and separate myself and going, okay this is what I’m doing. Want to be a carpenter. I didn’t quite see the path if I went, you know, there’s other. My God, my mom talked me out of going into the military. Wish. I did. She didn’t talk my little brother out. She probably, like, would have reversed her decisions if she could. of which one of us went in. But cuz, you know, we caught my coach. Actually, our head coach, Vito, would call him baby Howlett which, he freaking hated the baby. that, you know, moms never want to give up their baby. And what was I just gonna say? Yeah, that I pushed myself. That I didn’t want to be that loser in coaches eyes. And, you know, I pushed myself. I bought a piece of property at 21 years old. I might have been a little bit, you know, almost 20. I might have been 20, but I built my own house. And I remember inviting coach over for a barbecue over and going, how much of a loser am I now? And, you know, we never. I never brought it up, but it was just a good time. But like, hey, look at you have success. You’ve done something you’re not, you know, renting a room somewhere and got a beer gut. You’re trying. And, you know, that path also led to finding taekwondo with master Miller on Nantucket and leading to going, oh, this is. I can coach kids where I didn’t see myself becoming a football coach, you know, I just was like, I don’t know, I like building houses, you know, something I still want to get back into. I tell my wife all the time when I retire, I think I might just want to, you know, fix either, you know, be handyman fix up or, you know, or renovate houses and sell them. I love that stuff. I built my own workbench, and I was sitting there cutting wood and framing stuff up, and I’m like, I really enjoy this. Yeah, I feel good seeing a complete job. It was really amazing what your coach did because he knew you could be anything you wanted to be. But sometimes you got to tell somebody something to make sure that they see a path, right. You can’t put them on it, but you can at least show it to them. And. And I think too many kids are frowned upon for going to the trades. And we need people in the trades of all sorts. It’s a respectable career. It’s a respectable career to fix somebody’s freaking toilet, because we need that. And you make good money. I mean, most of the wealthiest people I ever met own their own trade business eventually and they were hiring other people. They became like movers and shakers in their communities because they had the resources to do stuff right. And that’s, I don’t know when that became dishonorable. And it always, you have to go to college, you have to follow that path. And I think there’s a switch again, because people realize it’s okay to be a truck driver. You make good money, right? Yeah, you can. There’s plenty of things you can Alright. guys, if you are in Castle Rock , Colorado, you’re looking for a small gym. Check out Rocky Mountain self defense and fitness. If you’re not in Castle Rock, hey, shoot us an email info@rmsdf.com. Maybe I know somebody in your area. Gladly put you in the right direction. You can also check Krav Maga alliance. That’s our affiliation with an outstanding instructor. John Whitman is another good resource out there for training. Check that out. But we have our little kids program. We have adults and bunch of other good stuff going here. Women’s class, we’ve got our, you know, obviously our CCW citizen defender class, our regular krav maga class. we’ve got some good things coming down the pipe if you’re looking to join us. So now is a great time. Get in. And you know, it’s always the excuse of I don’t have time, never have time. So you might end up getting your butt kicked. What, what type of shape are you in? I think it’s back to when I was on spring break. There’s this conservative guy, way overweight, talking his stuff in the pool. And my mindset goes, dude, you can’t even carry your ammo cans to your truck and you’re going to be freaking winded. Like, get in battle shape, be ready, be a warrior. You’re gonna feel better than just being a putts. Like our modern culture sometimes just sucks and it’s nine to five and kids, sports and everything else. You gotta make time for it, otherwise you’re not battle ready. You’re gonna feel so much better as a person, you know, I always relate, think, you know, myself as a man, you’re gonna feel better. I mean, I can’t speak for women, but I know everybody feels better working out. But, dude, if you’re the protector of your family and you’re not training in something, man, God, no wonder why we need all these freaking pills. It doesn’t magically show up when you think it’s going to. It’s just, you know, everyone thinks I’ll perform well in the moment, and I’m like, you all only perform to the level that you’ve gotten yourself ready to. Yeah, everybody thinks they’re gonna be better than they actually are. And that’s, you know, my frustration with, you know, lately with concealed carry holders that are you really training? Just going to the range is not enough. That’s a piece of it. But it’s kind of the easy piece of it because everything we do here is not easy. Correct. But it’s going to make you a better decision maker. It’s going to keep you safer and get you better prepared for criminal prosecution, civil. Whatever charges may come up against you for using your gun. Uh-huh. You’re definitely going to be fighting as a civil case. No, you’re gonna have the criminal case. It’s going to make you better. It blows me away. And that’s my style of self defense. I do not specialize. I am not going to just specialize in stand up. I’m not going to just specialize in, you know, grappling or BJJ. You know, if you, you know, just grapple the grappler, just box the boxer, you’re going to lose. Be well rounded because you don’t know what’s gonna, you’re gonna face out there in the street. Yeah. And it’s all branded. You know, you gotta get your yourself in shape there, bud. I think I was saying in our lost files, it’s gonna go into the lost files, and Josh is just so mad at himself. he keep going. Please stop talking about it now. I forgot my train of thought. Oh, gosh, Josh. It’s always Josh’s fault. I’m just sitting here, but you had. That look in your face and I’m like, oh, I’m making Josh feel bad. Oh, I’m gonna get in trouble with the HR department for making him feel bad. Stoppable. Don’t think that you can. You can stop her. No, you can’t stop her. just be ready. Like, just get out and do something. You know, if your neighborhood, you had to leave your neighborhood because of a tornado, you had to defend that spot afterwards. I mean, could you do it? Right? I mean, that’s the question you need to ask yourself is, could I do it? And how many people don’t even get out and do a daily walk, you know, how long do you think you could run before you were winded? Yeah. Before, right? Yes. So many people. And I’m not talking about you one percenters. No. Out there. And you, if you’re doing a martial art of anything, I, hats off to, you have a ton of respect for you doing anything. But so many people fool themselves that they’re working out hard until they get into a group class. Like, oh, geez, I wasn’t. Yeah. Working out hard, or I’ve hit people, you know, hey, you’re not even actually doing a thruster the correct way. You think you’re freaking awesome at her so fast, and you’re not doing a full depth squat, and you’re not getting that weight on the barbell or dumbbells completely over your head. Like, it. It’s good for somebody to have a coach and go, your form needs work. And it’s that same thing. Like, hey, buddy, you’re 20 pounds overweight. You’re 30, 40 pounds overweight. Nobody really wants to say that to their friend. And I think that was the best part of the lost files, was, hey, man, you’re 2040 pounds overweight. I need you to be battle ready. Your wife needs you to be the best man you can be. She wants that hot guy, but she doesn’t want to say, hey, you’re 40 pounds overweight. Nobody wants to say it. Like, hey, you’re a little bit off. And guy, like, I know you say that to your wife, and I agree with my wife, and she gets mad. I’m like, wait a second. I’m just agreeing with what you said. I’ve been there, too. hold on a second. so we’re not talking there. And again, that would be another podcast where getting better at dealing with women, Josh. Like, but honestly, you’re out of shape. Yeah. What are you really doing there, bud? If we. If freaking red dawn happens? Are you really ready? Yeah. Are you really ready? No, I mean, I do not want to get in a gunfight. I I do not want any of those things to happen, but I want to be prepared. But so many people think that they’re ready for it. And I’m like, dude, you can’t even. Actually, I saw a funny. A funny thing. I don’t know if somebody sent it to me, but it was this road worker holding up the stop sign. And there’s a semi right in front of him. And that’s what was videoing. and this dude was 50, 60 pounds overweight. And there’s another semi that comes on the side, like, in the breakdown lane. And this dude’s like. And they were like, when you’re running for your life at 0.5 miles an hour, like, he was like, oh, no. I mean, he was lucky. But, dude, you’re. You could barely fucking walk your way out of the way of the truck that’s coming barreling down the highway that can’t stop. Oh, God. People get in shape. Your knees hurt, your ankles hurt because you’re overweight, you blah, blah, blah. Because you eat like crap. Get on it, get into a gym, start living a healthy lifestyle. Is it hard? Yeah, it’s hard. You know, you’re really gonna have a hard time with when there’s no freaking food. I did a bunch of years ago. Jenny got me probably, like, I think, was it pre COVID or is it just back from COVID Who knows? I did the green beret, the gray. Now I kind of mix them all up. The gray bearded green beret. I did his, like, wilderness 101. I forget the name of the course. So you got there, and he didn’t let anybody eat until dinner. And all these dudes, 40 pounds overweight. He’s like, oh, you guys are getting grumpy. But what, boom, something happened. You have no food. And look at you, your blood sugars crashing as you. Crappy diet. And I was like, oh, this is fine. I’m fine. I intermittent fast all the time. I’ve been in a 48 hours fast. Okay, wrap your head around it. Where them needing the quick burn carbohydrates. They’re freaking dying. They’re crashing. Yeah. The one thing I picked up was you know, an early day fast. I don’t even bother with breakfast really anymore. I can go quite a long time before I need to eat again. And then what are you eating next? Right? Because that. I have plenty of guys like, oh, I can skip breakfast. Yeah, but you ate like shit. They’re like, oh, yeah, I do that. But did you eat like shit? after that, like, great. You skip breakfast, then what? Yeah, was a good quality stuff because I should see progress over a year, over time. And it might be really subtle, like just slow, steady progress. Other than that. Cuz I’ve had guys. Oh, yeah, I do that. I skip breakfast. Dude, you’re 40 pounds overweight, so you’re not really doing a healthy lifestyle. You might be skipping breakfast. Is it a intermittent fasting between like 15, 16 hours? 17? You know, there’s different numbers. and, you know, again, in the science behind it, but you’re fat, so what the hell else is wrong? Beer. Yeah. Crap. Lies. There’s a lot of alcohol on one’s diet that supply a lot of calories. And I mean, you can eat great all day, but you add alcohol, beer, soda. Yeah. In this genetic, I think was one of. It was like limit. Limit alcohol consumption to For men, it was like two, like two every day. That’s way too much like drink at all. but what else is going on? Sure, yeah. I don’t. You realize when you start getting to a diet level where you don’t have to eat a lot, you don’t need to eat a lot. Right. I can. You can go without food. And then that may happen in those survival situations. You may be staring at four days without eating before you get your next set. source of calories. Right. Yeah. And depending on what you’re doing, you’re gonna have to get used to it. I also say to folks, you know, if you think you’re in shape and you’re not coming to this gym and you go and you shovel your driveway when it does snow and you are beat up from it, you’re not in shape. Because one of the things my wife had noticed, I noticed after we started training here is that now shoveling the driveway was just. It was just another workout. Right. We were going through it. Sure, the heart rate gets up, but when we’re done, we’re like, man, we could do that again. Yeah, we could do it all day. And when you start seeing the subtle changes in your life that it makes in just your everyday activities, it’s huge. Yeah. It’s transformed us. And can I train more and do more? Of course I can, you know. Yeah. Found a beautiful, happy medium that I love right now. And, you know, keeping the body together and resting. Right. But it’s worked out. Like, I’m really happy where I’m at. I feel good, too. Yeah. I feel. Just continue down the path. I mean, you’re doing a ton better, but I’m like, I want more. I want more. Like get better, be, you know, be a better wingman. Like, how’s my backup guy? Yeah, right. You know cuz you’re dragging weight, you’re gonna slow us down. Like be better. Yeah. And I think that’s hard for people. Like, nobody wants to tell their friend, that’s why. And you know, it’s tough. And I think, you know, sometimes I get older and grumpy. You’re like, dude, you’re. Yeah, I just told one of my private lessons, I said, well, if I lost 20 pounds, I’m like, yeah, absolutely. And he might have said ten. I was like, dude, 20, you need to lose the weight, get it off. It’s such a health risk. Yeah, for you, just in general. Yeah, you’re just overweight and people get just so complacent. So my message and to everybody is just get in, be a little bit better, suck less. You know, our hold, suck less, train more. You know, hashtag suck less. We can all be a little bit better. I’m not up here on that high horse because I think I suck. I think I can get a little bit better. You know, I was just eating Reese’s peanut butter cups on my birthday. But again, you have a bad day, you get back on it. You train, you train. You try to get a little bit better so we’re better for our friends and our family and God forbid you really need it. Are you really living the warrior lifestyle or is it just all freaking lip service and a freaking t shirt? All right guys, train more, suck less. I’m out of here. I will talk to you guys next week if you guys have any ideas. Topics for the podcast, shoot me an email at info@rmsdf.com we don’t look at any other comments out there on social media, so if you want to take the time to email us, we will definitely look at that email. All right, guys, be safe.

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