#64 Practice Makes Permanent. Tips for the Beginner

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This is the John Hallett podcast with John Hallett. Because the way we’re living, we need to change it. Make it change today. And all learn from failure. Maybe they just wanted it a little bit more than you. That’s probably the fact. And now your host, John Hallett. Welcome back, everyone. Thanks for joining me again. Sorry if I don’t sound the same. I am battling a sinus infection. Been sick all week. Feeling crappy. But we’re gonna battle through this thing, and I’m gonna laugh at Josh cuz he’s funny. That’s the best I felt all week. I’m just doing what I’m not even. I’m not in there. You don’t monologue. Monologue. His radio stuff over there, he cracks me up. So, been another good week, basically. some good training going on as always. And, you know, springtime. You got to get on it, people. Now we just. I was just talking to a buddy of mine that just. So many people that need it don’t want to do anything, any type of training, whether it’s even just basic exercise, to doing a martial art, whatever it may be, whatever fits you and your lifestyle. What, what, you know, what are you thinking? You know, one thing that I think of is, when society breaks down, where are you gonna be? I don’t want to be left unprepared. I want to be positive. But, man, there’s some people that. They’re gonna go down in the first wave. Good. Positive start, buddy. I’m positive for me, not for you. I mean, I’m positive, like, you’re going down to the first wave. You have no skill. I feel okay about myself. Maybe the second wave for myself, I don’t know. Do you think fat zombies run slower? No, they run faster. No fat to burn it off of fat. What, are zombies actually powered up, just going, do they survive the winter? It’s fat. They’re burning fat. Zombies burn fat. That’s what they’re like. That’s their energy. You just wrote an entire, like, narrative for a book where zombies have to eat to survive. Write it, John. Write it, write it. you ever thought about Sci-Fi noveling? Maybe do it. but, you know, there’s all sorts of scenarios from the grid down, like things that people don’t want to think about. But I want to be healthy and strong, and that’s going to help if you’re just in a natural disaster, whatever it may be. You know, somebody I’ve been following lately on YouTube, is what is it? Suspicious observer. The sun guy. Sun guy? Yeah, he does a daily sun report. The suspicious observer. I could be getting his YouTube channel wrong. I kind of like the name. Yeah, pretty groovy. yeah, suspicious observers. And you know, if you just do like the sun report or the sun guy, YouTube. He does space weather, all sorts of things. He’s been, you know, the magnetic pole shifts, things that have happened. Yeah, that what if that happens? You know, that’s going to affect. I like your look. That’s. I’m gonna bring my face. Okay, well, okay. I’m making a face. I’m him. Hawing. Cuz there’s been a lot I can’t mute that. Cool. But there’s been a lot of pull changes in the past. Yeah. you know, it’s happened a lot. And has it been catastrophic? I don’t know. Now when it comes to weather satellites, satellites, clocks, atomic clocks, all those weird things, anything that might deal with electromagnetism might be affected. I don’t know, it could be a disaster or we just kind of watch this blink up and nothing happened. Right? Yeah, I mean, there’s all sorts of what ifs, what ifs. I mean, there could be a solar flare and. Yeah, knockout stuff. I mean, the polls have shifted over time, so it’s kind of interesting, you know, space weather affecting our weather and different science that’s out there and, you know, it’s always good to be looking at stuff. Yeah. Apollyon’s on its way. That was a comet that’ll move with between our satellites and earth. That’s how close it’s gonna be. At least some satellites, which is scary. Right. But it’s. If that were to just. It’s not a zero chance that a comment hits you, right? Yeah. There’s just zero chance of whatever could happen. And it hit, let’s say, political unrest. Yeah. I mean, tornadoes, people freak out. So I want to be prepared no matter what, you know, have some martial arts go be able to defend yourself. Yeah. You know, it’s ridiculous. And how many people just have zero scale? Like, I Hey, you’re doing a martial art. At least you’re doing something. Yeah. Does it fit your lifestyle? You know, what’s your, what’s your interest? You know, I’m not a big competition sport thing. I think that’s what happens to a lot of things. it’s one thing I didn’t like about Crossfit. That’s why one of the reasons I was pushing to drop the brand crossfit for a long time because it just got too competitive. And that’s great. Test yourself. But people would cheat the movement. Yeah. And now they’re not. Now they’re doing just crap movement. Like, stay true to the movement versus now. Competitions affecting it just the way even just sometimes people do. Burpees would drive me crazy. So, I mean, competition is a great thing, but it also can be a bad thing. It could be a bad thing in martial arts that. Yeah, you’re. Yeah, like, you’re training for a competition and it’s not out in the street. That’s not the rules. And different things can happen. It’s crazy. Yeah. I mean, one of the things that you always reminded me is that we’re training for the real stuff, like, the real things that’s going to happen. And even that. You going, am I training enough? Is it the right, you know, what are going to be the odds of some, what. What’s coming at me? That’s why I do like, you know, our citizen defender program is based off of Josh, you’re so funny. Off of Todd Fosse stuff from integrated defense strategies, you know, and playing odds of things that happen to civilians out there that are carrying a firearm. What are your odds? You know, I think, you know, our buddy Eric that we were just rolling around with this morning I lost my train of thought. What are the odds of these things happening to you? You know, he he had said, oh, in my head, always had more time to draw that firearm. Yeah, we always have more time, and we don’t always have more time, and that’s a difficult thing, thinking, well, I’m just going to go in my purse and I’m going to pull up my gun. Odds are you got ambushed and now trying to draw that firearm out of your fanny pack, out of your purse. Oh, man, you know, that’s tough stuff. Yeah. What if they’re stealing your purse? A women’s attire is really hard for concealed carry if they’re, you know, got the kind of, you know, so typical look that so many women have of you know, yoga pants or whatever. Right. It’s a lot tougher to carry that firearm. Yeah. So it’s all hard things, you know, I hope I’m traded enough. What are the odds? What’s going to come at me? If I have a crystal ball? That’d be great. And go, all right, I need to prepare for this scenario, and we can’t prepare for, you know, unknown scenario. We’ve got to prepare for all different things coming at us, so. But we wanted to talk about, before we get too off track, mistakes in martial arts or mistakes school owner might make the new newbie beginner. Yeah, certainly, you know, being new to martial arts of what mistakes are just so common out there for new people. My. I’ll tell you what my first mistake was, and that was not trying sooner. Not trying sooner. Yeah. That was my first mistake. Right. And I think I’m not alone in that. Right. Yeah, I think there’s a lot of people. A lot of people hold back. Yeah. And I still have a lot of self doubt about what I do, so I doubt myself when I’m on that floor doing things. Yeah. I think that’s the biggest, you know, probably maybe my number one or, you know, one or two. You know, people doubt that they could do it, so they don’t try. So you didn’t even get in the door, and that’s a huge one. But once you’re on the floor, it is like, people get down on themselves. Similar that they’re failing. They messed up. They didn’t feel like they, you know, were good at the technique in the first minute, five minutes of doing something that they think they’re just gonna have it. That’s where, you know, for years, I’m like, good, you’re doing good. And sometimes the more advanced. Oh, they’re gonna do this. And they’re like, they’re doing good. Yeah, like, guilty. Everybody who do this, do this. But they’re off. You know, they’re trotting down the road. They’re doing a good job. That it’s not going to be perfect. They’ve got to just get that part down, down. Good, good, good. Keep progressing through. But, you know, the beginner instructor can make the mistake of giving too much correction kind of the same path. You know, a new instructor, it’s like somebody’s just be patient with them. Hey, they’re off. They’re doing okay. So it’s it’s hard. People get really down to themselves that you should be learning this faster. Yeah. And you’re doing great. Failure’s part of it. Yeah. It’s required. It’s okay. And, you know, I’ve had people like, I would have quit. Cause I’m slowing down the class. You’re doing fine. Everybody messes up. Just stay, just keep going. So, you know, and sometimes it’s over teaching, like Oh, it’s fine. It’s good. Whatever. We’re doing, we’re doing something. I had a group of black belts and we were reviewing for testing. We had a white belt that wasn’t up for testing, and we were doing some stuff, and Nick wanted to show more. I’m like, no, it’s fine, he’s here. I was like, hey, I should be kicking him over. He should just even be reviewing with the other white belts, even though he’s not testing. But for whatever reason, I brought him over here. Hey, he’s with this group of black belts discussing things. We don’t need to show him all this stuff. Let me show you, like, no, he’s fine. Three days later, he writes a review on Google about the experience. It was great that he was playing around with these black belts. We didn’t teach him anything. I was like, just leave him alone. He’s fine. Let him figure it out. If like, that’s great. Just let it happen. We don’t need to show him anything else already. He’s in over his head. We don’t need to now show the tech. Like, let’s. We can’t get you up to speed. You can’t make up in five minutes for five years of training. Yeah, yeah, we did learn. He was watching. He did. And he had a great time experience, and that’s really what it’s turned into, because not only am I training, I’m getting stuff. I’m having a great time here. I’ve made a lot of friends and I, I love what I do. Like, I really love what I do here. I told you once, I was like, I want to know what I want to do for the rest of my life. John, that’s train here with you. Yeah, that was that. I mean, it’s. Yeah, it’s great when somebody gets that spark right away. yeah, yeah. I don’t know. I don’t know if I got it right away. You know, I was, I was having a lot of self doubt, man. I really was like, I don’t. Yeah, I was that person. Such a big problem. Yeah, such a big problem. I don’t belong here is what I kept telling myself. Yeah, well, it, it’s just the opposite. You do belong here, right? That’s why we want here. If you want to get, if you want to learn, you just have to keep coming in the door. Yeah. You know, that’s sometimes maybe another mistake of just failure to come in the door again and again and again. If you just keep opening up the door and keep coming in, you’re gonna get better? Yeah. Slow and steady. I’ve seen some, like, honestly unathletic people get really good by just coming in the door time and time again. And, you know, that’s, that’s tough. You know, it’s, you know, even as an instructor. Yeah, that okay, that class didn’t go again. Didn’t go well. Alright, do it again. How could I improve? You know, that happens a lot with kids. Like, things get off the rails in a kid’s class so fast. Like, you know, and it. Sometimes it’s fun. I like, like, mess around with the kids and, you know, seeing their little personalities. Like, actually we were doing touch something. I don’t even know what we were doing. We might have doing some ground stuff. and I told the kids, like, anybody, what are you guys drinking these days? what are you guys drinking at the table? What are you drinking for dinner? You know, water in there, like, kids, like, you know, milk or whatever. And some kid goes, beer. And you’re like, oh, God, you’re gonna. He’s probably like eight or nine, right? And I was just like, beer. I’m like, is your mother over there? It’s your father over there. And he’s totally like, he’s getting, he’s like, IBC like, you’re gonna be a funny little guy. Like, you’re a little kid. You got a sense of humor. He knew he was gonna get me by saying, beer, right? I’m drinking beer at dinner. but it was like, you’re not knocking over your cup. You have enough control. You’re not a little toddler knocker. You need a sippy cup. You can reach out and grab the salt. You should be able to reach out and touch your partner without smashing them in the face and going too hard. but you get off the rails, like, oh, I’m not good at teaching this. You know, some instructors will avoid it instead of just keep going and going. Yeah. You know, I think it’s one benefit of having a kids program is I’ll use the kids to do it because something they forget, it’s less pressure sometimes even a teenager class of just teaching things that I’m not good at getting better over the years. I mean, I did that a ton coming up through krav maga now, like, you know, with citizen defender stuff, I do that with the kids. I’ll teach with the kids because it’s good reps. And their kids, you got to bring them in again. They thought, you know, they weren’t really paying attention. Sure. and then it ends up. Being. A good learning. I just do it again. They think they’re easy, but. Can you mute me? Oh, I’m gonna try my best here. Hold on, hold on, hold on. Mutin John’s mic. Go for it. Okay, maybe. Okay. I’ll get it in post. What’s that? I’ll get it in post. Yeah. Sorry. I am. not feeling good. Super congested. You’re a tough son of a gun. It’s really fun to watch the kids sometimes because they show you things that, I mean, they figure things out sometimes. I was like, whoa. Like, wow. You know, there’s a lot to learn from watching kiddos. Just trying to figure something out, which is what I should be. Like, a kid on that floor. Yeah. There’s so trying to work out do that. The adults do little things, but, you know, sometimes kids don’t care if they fail. Yeah, they’re just trying stuff. Like they’re just doing it. No ego and try, you know. Yeah. but that’s all self doubt. Who? It’s. It’s a killer. Oh, right. Doubting yourself. Doubting yourself. You got to just be positive, you know? You got to have this kind of warrior mentality of, I can do this. I’m awesome. I’ve got this. I’m winning. You know, something that we’re always trying to instill in people. Like, you’re winning the fight. You’re winning the fight. Mentally, you screwed up, but you’re still winning. You’re still winning. Yeah, yeah. You know, that’s a mistake that newbies do. We could do it as an advance of just getting pissed off at yourself, going, I screwed that one up. Crap. Let’s do it again. But wait a second. You just screwed up. In a real fight, you can’t ask for timeout. And let’s start over of just flowing through that. Like, who cares? I messed up. Move on. Keep. Keep running the drill, the scenario. Whatever you’re doing, work off of that. Where beginners all the time, like, I messed up? Like, no, just keep going from there. Throw a punch. Move away from that. There’s. Do something. Right. There’s no harm in it. I mean, just keep moving. It’s. That’s all I kept thinking was more like, keep. Keep it up, keep it up. Do something. Do something. Do something. That’s what I keep telling in my head. Do something. Yeah, just do something. Who cares? It’s not always right. I mean, there’s a lot of not rights, but sometimes you get those ones where it’s like, it works. Yeah. And it opens your eyes. You’re like, holy smokes. I can keep coming back to this, right? Yeah. In the same way. So that’s. I think I just had a video on clear sky dot training on YouTube that a guy tested for cable belt for us is He messed up. Choked from the side. Yeah. And I don’t even know if at the time that he. He realized he ripped the hand off of his throat with the wrong hand, but he just kept going, like, yeah, he was ready. Yeah. He was like, I’m in the fight. Yeah, you’re like, good. Maybe you didn’t even realize you screwed up until you see that video. Maybe you did. Like. But he kept going. So you’re like, yeah, good. Right? You’re right. That’s the thing. Just like, you. Good job. You just. You didn’t stop. Yeah, you screwed something up. You can’t ask for timeout. Right? And nothing’s perfect out there. I mean, everybody wants to. That was the other thing is that, you know, that fight to be perfect, that’s another beginner mistake for everybody’s. Because if you’re always driving for perfection, it’s gonna be hard to reach it. Yeah. I was told a long time ago, strive for excellence. Just try to be as good as you can. Right. Yeah. Because that’s gonna be more useful to me. Yeah. And that’s my thinking on it. Right. Just try to be good. Yeah. Keep doing it. Right. Yeah, do it. Practice makes permanent. That’s a really good statement. Who was that? I’m gonna forget. The guy’s Dave. crossfit weightlifting guy practice or Olympic. Olympic lifting practice makes permanent. What’s his name? He’s super up there. I think it’s Berger. Had says that practice makes permanent. He’s right, though. I mean. Yeah, it’s really good statement. I mean, that’s. That’s good. Stick with that. Yeah. I mean, it’s so easy to get caught up in trying to be perfect. That’s that whole teaching girls to be brave, that everything’s got to be perfect. It’s. You know, that’s a Ted talks if you don’t know. That’s a great, great listen, teaching girls to be brave and just striving like, I’m not gonna try, cuz I’m not gonna be perfect at it. I don’t. Okay. Like, who cares? And some people don’t want to start a martial art. Like, I’m not gonna be good at it. I want to be awesome at it. Everybody wants to be awesome. Yeah, but you have to suck to get awesome. Right. But people have in their head they’re going to be just phenomenal. Right. You’re going to jump in a race car and you’re going to be freaking awesome. No, I mean, bite the wheel. You’re probably going to bite the wall and spin out. I mean, your bike had training wheels. Not a lot of people just got on the bike. Yeah. And then I’ll just get it in post. Go That’S my marker. That’s your marker. It’s my marker. But you know that it’s like you have to be a beginner at something and you realize to get okay at, it’s the next step. Right. You don’t get to awesome without being okay. Hey. Yeah. And better. Right? I mean, it’s why you always say, just get better. That’s really good. Right? Keep working it, keep working it. And that’s where people, you know, so that they plateau and people can’t fight through the plateau. Yeah, it’s a letdown sometimes. Yeah. You get your black belt and there’s a letdown there of like, oh, I’ve been training for this. And now. Oh it was like, I was training and, like, looking forward to being 50. I know, at 50, I’m like, that’s not so exciting. I was, like, really excited to be 50. I know, 52 yesterday. Regulations, like, another year dealing with, you. Know how Like, if we go watch our original videos. In your videos now, I have given you nothing but gray hair. Yeah. All this gray in the beard. And that was the other thing. Like, hitting 40 is when the gray and the beard started showing up. Like, I don’t have it up here. But I was like, oh, my gosh. Oh, yeah, it’s there. It’s there. You like this out there? Well, it’s there a little bit. Like, that’s why I keep the hair long. Right? Hides. Yeah, hide the gray. Long as the gray stays underneath. Yeah, but. But that’s a letdown. You know, just coming up with a new goal. And even as new black belts, I don’t realize there’s so much growth on what you already quote know, but you were training for, and you’re just a first degree. Yeah. And there’s such the What is the word? Like, not Persona, but so what’s the word, like around black belt? Mystique. What is that? There’s a mystique. Right. You get there and you think that this is the place I’ve gotten to. And this is where it was all coming to a head. And you stop like. And if you look at, you know, martial arts throughout history, all of those masters were like, now your training starts. But people have such a letdown because they were training for it. You’re like, okay, now you’re training for second degree. But there can be that letdown thinking that they. Now they have it all when now your training is ready to start in that, you know, expert level of training. Yeah. And working through those plateaus, there’s so much growth that come out of those just. Yeah. Plugging through. Even as, you know, the school owner, a lot of times you’re plugging through, and it seems to be a turnover of beginners, beginners, beginners. And, like, trying to grow your school to where you have more advanced people you know, that’s such a challenge. I mean, I moved. I don’t even know how many years into Krav Maga I was. It wasn’t that many. I moved. What belt was I when I got to Colorado? Had to be going on blue, maybe. Mm So, because I definitely did my green belt in New York, upstate New York. So it’s definitely like, probably maybe I got my blue. I don’t know. But somewhere in. Around there. And I had, you know, had a decent base for, you know, little tiny Nantucket island of quote, people that were more advanced. And now you’re starting over and, you know, moving. And now it’s just beginners. Beginners, beginners of And we know that’s always a wash, right. If we could just keep the people that came in the door for yellow belt, you know, there’d be no need for marketing and all this other crap. But there’s that turnover because people doubt themselves because they let life get in the way. And that’s really hard, you know, building that school back up. Building, building. And people move. It’s just plugging through, battling that. Oh, gosh, I just. We want to have this advanced program, but it takes time to get people up to that level to have an advanced program. Yeah. Especially I was listening to a talk by Steve Jobs, an old interview from, like, I want to say around the early nineties. This is after he had reacquired his company, right. And he said that there’s this disease of thinking that you can just jump into something and expect to get something out of it. Right. Like with a product or a place. And what he started describing is that it was the journeys and finding the little bits and pieces inside of that journey where you started getting an idea from a fleshed out idea to something that’s built. And then you run into problems, which means there’s a new level of growth and whatever that is. And every time you run into that obstacle, there’s a new opportunity to grow and make something better. And I thought that’s why Apple did so well under his tutelage. Right? It was the journey. Yeah. it was the journey all the way. Yeah, definitely. It’s. Even, as, you know, a school owner, you’re trying to start a school. I think it’s Probably the number one mistake is people think it’s all gonna be fun. Oh, yeah. But you have just as many hours running the business. Oh, yeah. Oh. Of what it takes to run that school. And so many people get caught up in. You know, maybe somebody’s interested in this sweet spot, and it’s, like, all easy, right? Like, wow, these people are making a ton of cash selling guns online. They’re only carrying any inventory, but they’re making a ton of money. Well, how many people are doing that? Were they in at the right time? do they have the quote algorithm? Are they coming up first? Now you’re all going to do the same thing, and now you’re at the bottom of the freaking pie. You’re on page four of Google. Who’s ever been to that fourth page of a Google search? They call that Google black hole. Once you’re down there, like, you never come out, right? Like, there’s martial arts schools like that. They’re just. Everything kind of sucks sometimes. Seems easy and, like, oh, yeah, my friend opened a school. It’s gonna be easy. It’s not always do payroll part of it. You’ve got to run the business and do everything else involved in that business. A lot of times, it’s you and every seat. Yeah. You’ve worn every hat, so you’ve gone everything from marketing to the janitor to the street sweeper out front. Right. It. When it’s your business, you are usually it most of the time, right? Yeah. It’s. It falls on you. If something is failing, you either have to prop it up or you’re unlikely to succeed. Right. Yeah, that’s blows my mind, the amount of work that goes into running a gym. So, yeah, it’s not a fun part. I think a lot of people think, oh, it’s just fun. Oh, what, do you just teach at classes all day? and you got to make phone calls and you got to deal with everything else in any other business and going, yeah. You know, not getting taken advantage of by ads. You know, that’s one thing. over the years of just your marketing, and you get caught up in things. I mean, it’s the whole scam that some companies do that you’re. They played a business owners and saying you’re not visible on Google. Yeah, right. Yeah. Like your business not eligible. You’re like, you’re not coming up. It’s like, what? And it’s just a total scam that they’re saying they can’t find you, and the business owner panics and like, oh, I gotta do this. I’ll pay you. And then you pay a money. And then you realized it was just. Yeah. So many predators going after your money as a business, which is kind of crazy. Like, scant. Wow. Even the amount of companies that do, like, say they’re gonna do something, and then they really don’t do anything. It’s really kinda. Yeah. There’s so many marketing companies I like. Here’s the template. And then they tell you to pay them more money. Mm After they originally said, whatever, $500 a month. Right. More sport. Again, all of a sudden, like, hey, I’m not getting the leads. I’ve been paying you guys for three months, six months, and they’re like, well. You’Re gonna have to up your spins. Your spend is what. Like, I’m gonna go into company and go just up your. Spent. Up your. Spent. Up your spend. You’ve just said they cut a template stuff and they. They build it out. You might get a little spark because that’s a little bit better, but then it’s kind of a set. Forget that. They don’t do crap on your. On your page, whatever it is, your website, your Google listing, whatever it is. So many companies are out there, and they’re crap. There’s tons of them. Yeah. Every marketing agency is using the same tools. It’s all Google stuff. Right. Except now you’re paying them because. They’Ve. Convinced you, which is kind of crazy. Yeah. But, yeah, here I am as the marketer saying more spins. Right? That’s what they do. Spend more money. That’s like. Yeah, it’s kind of the Hey, Josh, you’re not that good. Do more private lessons. Do more private lessons. I knew that day was coming. You should do more private lessons. And, I mean, private lessons are really good. You get a lot of one on one, but, you know, there are people out there that just push that. Yeah. Oh, geez. You know, I should take some private lessons. I kind of like going up against different people sometimes because I want to, you know, someone’s taller than the other one. Heavier, shorter, wilier. Right. They get squirrely on you and it’s like, those are fun to just feel out that person in the fight. Yeah. And I think well, one last one, especially for the beginner, is just overtraining can be a mistake. Being just too excited. They burn themselves out. Right. They’re training too much and they kind of burn themselves out. They really do it. So they’re kind of like two days a week, three days a week. Five. Five days a week and nothing. but they’re all excited and they haven’t done anything. And then they hurt themselves. they over train or they get an injury because their. Their body wasn’t ready for doing five days a week of anything. And it’s just overdoing it. You’re just excited you’re gonna throttle yourself back sometimes. Okay, I need a rest day. But they don’t. They just get too excited. They either burn out sometimes it’s just too much for their family, for themselves, whatever it may be. but that’s a super common one. So you see gamut of all. Yeah, there’s a ton of them. So, guys, we’re gonna wrap it up here because I’m not feeling great. A couple things for you. And you know, it’s springtime. Get out there, clean your house, get in shape, get off the couch. Stop making excuses. Get out there and do something. Suck less and train some more. Alright, guys, we are out of here.

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