#63 The Evolution of John Hallett

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This is the John Hallett podcast with John Hallett.
Because the way we’re living, we need to change it. Make it change today. Maybe they just wanted it a little bit more than you. That’s probably the fact.
And now your host, John Hallett.
Hey, we’re just going today. We’re behind, and we are just wrapping about this and that here before. We probably should have been rolling it before, as Josh and I were just discussing different things going on. Good to have you guys back. Remember, get in there, train hard. No matter where you’re at, your martial arts, your fitness instructor just wants to see you back.
So many people will say, oh, I’m rusty. I haven’t been there. They’re gonna be mad. Just get in and get back. Training. The reward is just so worth it. Just the health and longevity. Never mind being safer if you’re doing a martial art, and it’s just great for your head.
I know I much, uh, more prone to depression if I’m not training. I don’t do well mentally. Uh, I need it just to feel good. So many people just don’t know how bad they feel. Get in there. Get after it. You know, we’re talking about kids. Are you mute today?
You’re just.
You didn’t bring me in yet, and I was waiting.
It’s called a monologue, dude.
You get a monologue, and then we training.
We’re gonna do podcasts every day.
Everyone thinks podcasting is easy till you do it. Like, it’s hard. Just trying to think of things to talk about.
Things to talk about and what you’re gonna do. You know, my, uh, the podcast. What am I gonna talk about?
You make it sound like it’s a chore. And I was like, I love this. No, it’s not. This is great. This is.
It’s fun once it’s going. But you’re like, is it worth it? Like, every.
Yes, I need employment.
I go do burpees. Um, I know that was worth it.
I don’t know. I. I think down the road, when you’re long and retired and your kids are listening to it, you’ll come back and listen to these, and, you know, it’ll be a nice little record that everybody has, you know?
Kids class yesterday, we kinda. Hey, failure, you know, you’re. You’re not doing well in a technique, and especially when you’re kind of free grappling.
And somebody’s better than you, it can be discouraging.
And, you know, even from our adults, you just got to keep after it. Keep after it.
Um, right. We’re rolling with our buddy Eric today.
Which is a blast.
Um, and what do you say? He worked on baseball bat choke for three years.
Three years. He’s like, I was just forgotten.
Working on it. Working on it. That’s why I say get good at a move.
And work it. And work it.
And some people get here and there, they’re all over the place. They’re all over the place. And, you know. You know what they say, uh, jack.
Of all trades, master of none.
Get good in a move, just practice it. Who cares if you fail at it? Get good at it. It’s got a good concept.
In five minutes, I was learning how to use my weight differently. Like, when somebody’s better than you, they’re.
Teaching you something, right?
If they’re a really good partner. Yeah.
It’s good to fail.
It is, because you learn a lot. And just seeing, you know, new positions, lead by weight, where to put the knee, how to. How to work things was worth its weight in gold.
Like, uh.
It’S tough. We were talking about, uh, the book bill recommended, thinking in bets. Former poker player slash psychologist. I think she had said she found poker when she was, uh, avoiding her dissertate dissertation.
She was. Started playing poker. And, you know, a lot of people will blame it on luck, you know? Oh, I. There’s a famous quote in there from some famous gambler. Uh, I’d, uh, win every time if it wasn’t for luck. Luck and percentages and doing different things. I mean, we.
It might have been the right call for you to do. Go to your gun. Like the scenario we’re talking about, um, that you are in a struggle on the ground, technically in the guard of the attacker.
You get somebody on their back, but they have a knife, and you’re monitoring that. You’re trying to control that and wanting to go to your gun because you feel you’re justified. And how many times do you succeed at that and shoot them away? Or justify. They had a knife in their hand, and how many times do they grab your gun?
Or as you’re grabbing your gun, lose a little bit of weight and pressure on that control of the knife, and you’re getting cut.
Where did you get cut? Your cut, their shot.
And not a great, great. But how. What’s the percentage?
Yeah, it’s a gamble, though. I mean, you know, as soon as.
The knife comes out, trying to play with it. Right. We know, um, that our instructor Todd fosse from integrative defense strategies. He’s, you know, here at Rocky Mountain, self defense and fitness, we call it citizen defender. That’s our program. That’s kind of his brand. And looking at other, um, ids schools, they were calling it different things, whatever.
And it’s that whole thing of brand recognition. So we’re really just trying to, you know, key on something here.
Um, of, you know, I’ve branded Crossfit, and, hey, Crossfit changed from super functional to competitive. But we know Todd doesn’t like carrying a backup blade because of the problem of. Now you have two things to retain. Ah, absolutely. Is so hard. But I’ve been playing around because I’ve carried a knife for years and years of what is the success of me having that backup blade?
How many times is it successful, and how many times do I lose or lose one of the weapons, whatever? Does that cause an additional problem? I kind of have feeling in what I’m doing. You know, it’s, you know, a 60 40, 70 30 that that knife helps me out.
Now, even 20%, you’re like, 20% of the time, you die. How many people want to play that game?
Yeah, it’s bailed you out a couple times. I can barely work on the one right. I’m just trying to work on the gun. I stopped carrying a knife altogether because I’m afraid of knives. I really am. They’re super sharp, but I’ve seen it bail you out more than it hasn’t.
Right there. There are times where it’s like, man, that was a poop sandwich. And, you know, everybody loses one, but, yeah, I think more often than not.
It’S bailed you out. Yeah, a lot of those are not. It’s bailed. Bailed you out.
So it’s tough. Yeah, you’ve got a. You’ve got to compile data. Uh, you got to play with it and see, and that’s the key, is.
You got to play with it.
So many people give up on a guillotine choke, whatever it is, you know, I can’t land a round kick. How many have you thrown? Yeah, you just gotta do it and do it. And a year is a drop in the bucket of training.
Oh, gosh.
It is just a drop in the bucket. I feel.
I mean, I’m on, uh, sad to say, I used to be super excited when I was 19 to be one of the guys with this many years of training, but, you know, I started training when I was 19. I’m gonna be 52 in a couple days.
And what day is your birthday? John telling you I don’t like?
No, we’re singing him happy birthday. I’m gonna do it. I’m singing you a happy birthday and you will chase me and you’ll try to punch me. You will. And it’ll be totally worth it.
Only if we film it for content.
I don’t like making a big deal out of my birthday. We were gonna do the, uh. We have a Cinco de Mayo party coming up here at RMSDF.
It’ll be fun.com.
I’m working on my radio voice.
He’s working on it.
Um, we’ve got that. We were gonna do that, and I even said it. Just how hard is it? Hey, we’re gonna be doing a promotion for our conditional. It’s kind of gotten away from us this year, and we had some stuff just come up and I’ve, um, been behind with staffing and that type of stuff.
I was gonna do the black belt presentation under. It’s John’s birthday, and I really didn’t want to do it because I don’t. I don’t like it.
We’ll bring you in.
Like, I like to do a hard workout. I like to go to dinner with my wife, do like a. Something with the kids.
Stay quiet and low key and go.
Home, you know, or you were talking. You know, I almost. I forgot. From Sunday. Today’s Thursday. We’re recording this on Thursday. It comes out on Thursday. Thursday. YouTube’s Friday. Usually a little bit delayed because somebody forgot to upload it to kapwing or somebody, uh, frail to upload it to YouTube.
Once somebody did part of their job, it’s one of the two of us, but it gets onto YouTube.
You know, if you’re not a YouTube subscriber, please help us out, because I really think we’re being shadow banned. But my favorite place to go for my birthday last couple years has been the sauce on the blue up in Silverthorne.
What do you order?
Fat Tony’s. I think it’s fat Tony. I think it’s called fat.
That sounds like it.
It’s his meatballs. Oh, yeah.
Italian joint.
It is more italian. It’s a. It’s good, I guess. I think you can get. Yeah. What else do I get there? I mean, they have some really good pizza. I usually don’t get the pizza. I usually get fat Tony’s. Maybe I get. I use. I get that as an appetizer.
A pizza.
I can see whole pizza. Oh, yeah. I can eat a whole pizza.
Oh, yeah.
Uh, so you’re an italian food guy, then. I mean, is that good?
Yeah, I mean, I like meatballs. Yeah. It’s not worth it to me to eat spaghetti. I had some over COVID, some sort of something that was, uh. I didn’t feel good. I mean, unless it’s, you know, non enriched flour.
But I still. It’s still bogging you down. It’s still not the best.
Uh, even though it doesn’t have the gluten and the, uh, folic acid in it, but so I usually don’t. I mean, pizza, then I’m like, oh, I like pizza more, so.
I’m gonna. I mean, I used to live off a pasta routine. Fake parmesan cheese. Yeah, that’s like when I was. When I, uh, when I was moved out of my own. God, I think I had rotini every single day.
It’s easy to make.
Yeah, it’s easy.
But eliminate, uh, that from your diet.
And weight just comes off without trying.
I mean, carbs do make a big difference, but.
Cool, man.
So what day is your birthday? I don’t know.
Is that what it was?
Because you said that once last year.
My birthday is in February.
I don’t like it.
I was like, wait a minute.
I don’t like it when I’m hurt, people. Oh, how you doing? I don’t like to talk about my injuries and. Oh, um, I’m hurt, you know, usually. Hey, I’m, um, hurt. If we’re training, let’s move on. But how are you doing? I don’t know. I don’t like to draw.
I don’t, like party. My phone.
That way it sends a message. We’ll send you one of those. Like, how would you do if we sent you, like, one of those guys that comes in and sings for you, like, a happy birthday singing telegram?
Is it you said dude.
I mean, if it’s a girl.
Well, yeah, okay. I mean, if you want to go that route. But then Jenny’s not gonna be happy.
But, like, a c. U. Telegram. Would you freak out in a singing telegram?
I don’t even know if they do that anymore. They used to be in the cartoons when I was younger, but I don’t.
Think anybody does that.
If you know someone that is singing telegrams on the market for one on April 10. Otherwise, I gotta do it myself, so. Okay, well, that’s cool. We won’t make a big deal. I mean, I will on your birthday, but I won’t. Ah, yeah. How old are you gonna be?
512-4952 okay.
You broke the half century mark. So you made it this far.
Uh, what’s really changed from, like, 1952, like, in your game, like, what has changed? Uh, you just pick something like striking or just the patience in the game. In your training, you definitely get a lot better.
You teach things, you just improve the whole. I hate to use the word master, but you just get better at it. You were younger. The mistakes you make in life. But as an instructor, you just continue, involve and get better and better and see little things. And a lot of times you get more patient with people.
I think those are the best instructors. People that are patient get, get aggravated. Their students feel it. They feel, you know, they have enough pressure on themselves. If the coach seems aggravated, annoyed with you. Um, you know, being a patient instructor, I think I’ve always kind of been patient, but, uh, I definitely, you know, you improve, you learn different things.
You evolve, um, you know, even four years ago, three. You continue to evolve by doing different things and being exposed to different things. You know, I try not to overdo it. I’m one to refine, refine, keep, keep training on it. I’m happy to train on. I’d have been happy to train on level one, uh, with Todd.
Ah, for a good year. The only reason I did the other one was all of you, that you guys wanted to do it. You guys were excited to do it. I was like, okay, we’ll put it together, we’ll do it. We’ll go as a group. But for me, I was perfectly content just training that and trying to improve instead, uh, of learning another one and another and another, and all of a sudden, you get just so far away from stuff.
It is so hard. And then something else in your game could slip, you know, it’s prioritizing different things. I mean, we’ve, you know, discussed taking out some of the things out of the krav maga curriculum that we feel, you know, doesn’t happen a whole lot. How much time are we training on it?
You know, is it not abandoned from the curriculum? But I definitely, um, with some of the stuff that we’re adding from just the clinch fighting from Todd of, do we move some of this stuff out?
Yeah, maybe it’s just a fun day because.
It’s always fun to do something else, break up some of your other training. But how much time are you really spending on it? Sure, but that’s the same way I feel I could have kept training, training, training on that level one and been perfectly content with it, um, in that timeframe.
You know, that was one thing. I feel like that made me better in, uh, Krav exp. The first three. My first three, I think at least the first two were already on the calendar, and they required you to be six months apart. And then I think it might have been a year for the third training somewhere.
It could have been less, I can’t remember. But after that, where they weren’t, you’re kind of. We had a group in the northeast that all kind of signed up all at the same time, and so they had these trainings for us. Um, after that, uh, I went longer on every time requirement, um, that I wasn’t in a rush.
I felt like I could just keep training and getting better and improving at it. Sometimes that can hinder you because you never really got better at instructing that and just getting the reps. Getting the reps of teaching one thing. Now you got so much in your arsenal. I like to take my time and, yeah, I’d like to be, you know, matrix good in a download.
Where’s my thumb drive?
Plugin in neuralink.
Hey, we’re getting closer than.
Then when the matrix came out, right?
But I’m all for, you know, training. I just love training and doing it. And we can always be better. There’s always another move you can learn. But is it making you better?
I don’t know. Yeah.
What’s the. What’s the odds, you know?
From, uh, um, the betting. What, are you blank on the book thinking, um, in bets?
Well, what are you gonna bet on learning another move? How much safer is that gonna make you?
Is it taking away from other parts of your game or improving something that you already have? That’s a solid move.
So, yeah, it might be. Hey, I’m really good at this move from guard. Well, I could learn another one, but if I just continue to work that one move, let’s just, you know, call it Uma pilada. Am I going to improve people escaping that, dealing with different people and different sizes and different what ifs and just getting better and better and better at it.
So, I mean, I did that years ago with guillotine show. Can I just work guillotine? We’re guillotine. Yeah, and. And you get better at it. So.
So you just kept practicing more. It seems like you’ve. You’ve matured to your career, then when.
It comes to trying to, definitely not the same coach I was, yeah. I mean, the same coach. What’s that?
What was the energy, intensity? Were you. I mean, was young 19 year old John, like, coming at guy folks pretty hard because you’re new then, right?
Oh, yeah. I mean, I was just a student there. Yeah. My instructor, uh, called me the wild, the crazy one. So it’s not any other. Any other white belt. Like, you’re going too hard.
You know, all I knew, and it kind of opened some of those guys eyes. I mean, trying to get some red and some black belts. I’m here, this white belt, 19 year old, and they’re probably, you know, like, at most martial arts schools in suburbia, it was from 30 to 50s, you know, sure.
We’re kind of that the general population, and now they’ve got this kid that. All I knew was to go forward. If you kicked me, I went forward. It’s like somebody blocking you. Go forward, get the quarterback, get the running back.
That’s all I knew. And I remember one of the guys saying to me, man, m, you just keep coming forward, I’m kicking you. And you continue to come forward and get closer and closer and.
And now that’s messing up that taekwondo guy, because this football kid is just trying to get into him. And, like, I’m, um, going to tackle you.
And it messes up his game versus everybody else. I kicked, moved away, and tried to stay away from my kicks and tried to stay away, and they knew, like, now I’m going to work an advancing kick or whatever. I just came forward.
That was my move.
Oh, you kicked me. Fine.
I’m coming forward again.
And I’m coming forward again. And I’m coming forward again. And eventually, right, the timing is going to get off, especially if they’re not getting off the line. They’re staying on the x, and you keep coming, you keep coming. And now it’s not even a running quarterback. The quarterback’s right in front of you.
They’re not even scrambling. So I was definitely, you know, the wild and crazy one, and, you know, learning different things. Um, definitely did a lot of cheap things sometimes, like grabbing your foot. Like, that’s illegal. Like, I got caught.
Well, it worked.
I’m like, so, uh. Like, why are you kicking me up that high?
Cause if we’re out there, I’m gonna grab it.
But, um, definitely did all. All the white belt stuff, but mature, right? As you go through life.
I tell my kids that, you know, it seems like every five years, there’s a new awakening, you know, so I’m not the same coach I was when I was 40. You continue to improve, and I think as far as coaching, I think continuing to fight through, it’s not always easy of, like, feet, like, trying to battle burnout is extremely difficult.
You know, we talked, um, to my daughter the other day about her restaurant, the restaurant she’s working at. You know, the guy deciding to close down.
Martial arts schools close down all the time. Fitness locations closed down because it’s not always fun.
No, I mean, you really. Fitness is fun for the people that come in and take it.
Because it’s fun to coach a class. It’s fun to coach.
But when you’re the business owner and you’re on the business side of it, man, it’s a grind.
It’s like any other business, like anything else.
And it’s a grind.
You’re continuing just to try to get people in and.
Uh, you know, what. What’s working and trying to keep people, I think that’s the harder part of the job. I mean, not that, like, what we’ve been talking about evolving and learning new techniques and staying relevant. Everything else, that. That’s hard stuff. Uh, but the mo, you know, motivation or the dedication.
To continuing to grind it out when you have the other side of things is really tough.
You know, just little things are up in front of people. Like, often be like, to my white, like, I don’t want to. I’m about to teach kids, like, can we not discuss this topic or get in anything? I’ve got to go and stand up in front of people when your head’s not there.
Uh-huh I mean, if your head’s not there and you’re computer programmer, it’s still not there.
But you’re, you’re in front of a stupid computer when you’re up in front of people and you have to be on, that’s definitely, definitely more of a challenge. And, you know, striving for trying to have good classes, have energy. That can be really difficult as a coach, you know, like, why am I doing it?
You know, I’m doing it part time. Whatever it may be, whatever. You’re, you’re full time, you’re doing it because you like it. Um, and it’s fun and rewarding to coach people, but it does get to be a grind. Oh, we’re working with a bunch of beginners again.
You gotta love it. You gotta love the reward of working with them.
That’s why you were, you know, you’ve done really well as a teacher because you’re really, you’re really good at the, um, teaching part and stuff like that. It’s. And you’ve taught a lot of kids. A lot of. I mean, you’ve seen a lot of kids grow up in your gym, too.
So they’ve matured as you’ve gone through it as well. And that’s interesting because you’re growing as they’re growing, and that’s a. It’s a beautiful thing.
It’s gotta be a challenge. You know, it’s rewarding, actually. Um, when they’re, they’re young. So, um, there’s a young girl, not my daughter, um, but Lucy, she, um, was basically, her mom was one of our fitness coaches, so she’s basically born in the gym. You know, her mom was doing more pull ups than most of the guys pregnant.
Um, but so she’s been with me since she could get into the little kids class.
And she. I want to say it was, I guess. I think it was last year. Yeah, she was going to quit, you know, take the break, and you’re going up. She been here a long time, like, way, way above average of having your students. You’re sad as the coach.
Be like, you know, what is the odds of kids and getting other interests? And it’s sad to see them go, right. But, hey, yeah, it’s life. Maybe you want to play baseball. Um, but she’s gonna quit. And she then said to her mom, if I quit, I can’t get a black belt.
If I quit this. And it was this little kid recognition of, wait, I said I wanted to get a black belt. So it’s like, you know, kind of breaks your, like, oh, that’s so awesome. You know, that they’re going, wait a to second. I’m not gonna get this goal that I said, I want to get a black belt.
I want to be a black belt. And she realized quitting and taking a break, she would, um, last night. And, you know, they’re young. They’re growing up. God, I forget what she was doing. I was like, yes, right. That you. There’s been a. Over the last six months, there’s been some tremendous growth of things clicking, so to speak, that she’s getting it where before, you know, she’s little kid, you know, parents always expect our kids.
And, uh, you know, our joke at our house is everybody’s got a d. One athlete in their house. And so many coaches play in the business of, of sports, um, the business of sport. Of like, your kids got a future, you know? My kids, a d one athlete. I think that’s a great, uh.
Have you ever seen this one? My kid, the mom’s like, my kid’s gonna be a d one athlete. And I think somebody throws a ball or he’s, um, shooting baskets and whatever it is, either somebody throwing a ball at him and hits him in the face, just totally, like, no, no.
No athleticism whatsoever. Right. And just. You can’t catch the ball hits him.
Like, yeah, there’s your d one athlete. But, um, it’s tough, you know, little kids aren’t always on, and it takes them a little bit, but seeing that, so happy for her. Yeah, she’s getting better and better and. Yeah. And now you’re looking closer and closer to that, you know, kid.
Junior black belt.
Um, because, as you guys know, I don’t give kids black belts. I think that’s the thing for adults and martial arts that are. I think it’s false confidence. Um, you can do it. You got a junior, you got a kids, you got a junior black belt. It is not an adult black belt.
You’re a kid. You can’t even vote. Yeah, you can’t, you know, in a.
Difference, because when you hit the adult classes, it’s like you almost start over. Because the whole.
Everything I related to. You’re in preschool, you’re now. You’re in kindergarten. Ooh, big step. Now you’re in first grade, right? You’re in middle school, you go to high school. You know, whatever the track is, even if you’re going to college. Oh, totally different. Uh, now you’re joining the workforce or you skipped it or you’re going to learn a trade, kind of.
It’s kind of the same thing. And more kids should go into the trades. We need trades people mechanics. And we do, you know, just, you know, whatever. I won’t get into people frowning upon that.
You know, I was frowned upon it for going into the trades.
Some of the wealthiest people ever met are tradesmen. So just saying.
Um, it’s a good career, and I think people and parents should value that. If your kid wants to go into that, so many people, you have to. This is the track. It’s not always for you, so it’s.
Gonna be really sensitive.
Now you’re starting over, right? You’re at the bottom of the ladder again. Yeah, but you have these evolutions. Oh, now you’re a manager, now you’re managing the people.
It’s all just evolving as you go through yeah.
Uh, I think learning sports and team organized anything, combat sports, whatever teaches you that there’s really no such thing as a lone wolf in a workplace unless you do really work by yourself.
And you’re the one man show. You gotta get used to the team. You gotta start working with personalities that may be challenging or are really easy to work with.
And it just shows you that early on, you’re going to see this the.
Rest of your life.
And you’re going to slap at that reality at some point, so you might as well slap them with reality a little earlier, get them into the team.
Sport so they can see it.
Like, it’s so much ready, so much more ready for life down the road.
And I think it’s super valuable.
It’s working. It’s working with people. We talked about it in a podcast recently with the kids. You know, you got to work with other people. And even, you know, in martial arts, we need a training partner to feel and do these things. It’s not like you’re doing kettlebell swings.
Yeah, I just have the. That’s too heavy, it’s too light. You know, learning a martial art is so hard because now you have to work with different personalities. Like, hey, dude, chill out.
You’re working with that. Hey, let’s settle it down. And now you have to work with somebody else’s ego and what they’re thinking they’re doing and navigating those things are always hard to work with somebody that’s, you know, we’ll just say exciting.
Or, you know, they’re just amped up. They’re overly aggressive. Like, dude, you’re just going so hard here. It is such a challenge of, uh, uh.
And I’m blown away by the amount of self control you learn because anybody who’s never done combat sports or any of that, that they can be explosive to anger, but they don’t, like, that’s all they have.
It’s just this anger. They don’t know how to control the body and how to actually try to fight that anger and hold it back.
Right. Yeah.
When you get to combat sport, it doesn’t matter how angry you get. Like, if that person is more skilled than you, they’re just, they’re gonna teach you emotion.
Emotion is getting in the way.
Even as the home easing of the training partner, I mean, I have a private lesson that, um, he loves to just do, like the touch sparring and clinch stuff and working that, and it’s fun, but always gets we’re too amped up. And I was like, hey, it’s just a touch give and take.
You don’t need to land every punch and sneak it in there and accelerate where we’re going. We’re just going nice, light and easy. Um, I say it all the time, and so you got to just. Sometimes it’s. You know, usually I go, I might say it once or twice, and three strikes, you’re out.
So usually I don’t even talk about it in classes. Sometimes I bring it in and, hey, the whole group’s doing it. But when you’re working somebody. I asked you twice just to go slow, and you’re trying to beat in there, and it’s tough. You’re a beginner. Uh, that, um,
you just got to relax. I go, okay, whatever.
And I’m just, okay, you’re gonna go fast and just accept it. I’m still trying to work my tempo so we don’t accelerate it up that. I’m not accelerating, but go. Just relax. All right. They’re not gonna get it today. Maybe tomorrow. Uh, you know, probably in a couple years.
But they’ll get it if. If they stay.
Yeah. If.
If somebody has that desire, you know, the discipline to get out of bed when you could just hit snooze. Yeah, and you shouldn’t even have snooze on your phone.
I don’t even have an alarm clock.
I just wake up at the same time every day. Uh, did you know that I could wake up whenever I want to.
Like, I want you to wake up tomorrow at 430 and text me.
Okay? Okay.
With no alarm.
From Tara’s phone, she’s like, what are you doing?
I’m gonna take your phone. So you can’t magically set an alarm. You get boom. 430 or you just staying awake?
Uh, it depends on the day. Usually it’s 05:00 a.m. Like, right on the nose, because that’s when she’s got to get up. I always beat the alarm, but if I need to get up, it’s just kind of weird. I never set an alarm, even when I was a kid, and there’s certain people.
What if you. So I always set an alarm. Usually I’m awake.
Uh, but sometimes I’m not, or I don’t quite. I don’t have a digital. I don’t want to see anything.
But I’m afraid of not being here to open the gym.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
So, would it change if you had to be somewhere?
I don’t think so.
Because you don’t think so. All of my jobs. Yeah, I’ve done it since you were a kid. Like, it’s always just kind of interesting. If you had to text me at 430. Yeah, and you missed it, then what the heck? No, no, that’s bad. We’re thinking of bets. Um, what.
What’s the bet?
What’s the best?
I hate going up, buddy.
I know, because that’ll be the day. It’s when I wake up like crap.
Let’s put a dollar on it.
That you cannot text me at 04:30 a.m. For the next seven days.
Seven days? I was talking about once.
Are you gonna take the bet or not, mister, I’ve done it since I was kid. Fine.
You want seven days, I want 14. This is why the bets get out of control of him. He starts doubling and doubling that guy at blackjack cable. Like, let it ride, let it rise.
It’s 14. It’s a dollar a day.
A dollar a day.
$14, John.
At the rate I’m going, I need it all. I’ll start texting at 430 in the.
Morning then, for this.
Art, why aren’t you here earlier then. And then I know where you’re going with this.
Because you said you could do it. I do.
Every day.
I think. I think there’s really good odds that you can do it.
I think so too, but I think.
There’S, you know, 30%.
The tires gonna be like, four. Why are you up every day at 430 texting somebody? I’m texting John.
Sink our phone. We’re gonna sync our.
Is there a button I press for that? Like, sync phones.
We can see. We can watch.
Well, this digressed.
It did. It did.
Uh, suddenly we got a bet on whether I could text you at 430 in the morning every day.
And it’s a dollar.
I mean, we could do burpees.
Yeah, I needed to.
Seven burpees. Yeah, we won’t talk about. Are you injured?
I don’t think so.
I haven’t seen you in my fitness class.
Yeah, I was. I went to a Monday one.
Josh, my buddy’s not in my fitness class. I really feel he doesn’t like me anymore.
Well, you know, it’s. I just, uh, hide in the house a lot. I’m a shut in.
You know, just sit there in my.
Little cave and start plotting the demon, like, uh, not demise of anybody, but, you know, just sitting there.
Just sitting there.
Just sitting there.
Turns like, what are you doing? He’s just sitting oh, I was gonna say you’re waiting for him. Just, oh, I have no life until my wife gets home. I’m gonna sit here and wait for.
No, that’s why I got the shop going in the garage, because, uh, I gotta build things.
I like.
I like to make things. 3d printing.
Yeah. Working.
I know I’ve been wanting a bigger garage or how can I set up my little one car garage into a better shop? Just space.
I just took over half of it. And she wasn’t happy, but she knows I needed, I needed. I got to work on something last night with painting.
Right. Yeah.
And it’s just I got to do something. And that’s why I’m here.
I mean, when I first met you, you’re like, you need.
You need something.
Yeah. People need to get out of the house.
And you were 100% right. Like, I felt better.
My dispositions more bright. Like, I’m not melancholy like I was. If you’re melancholy a lot, get out and do something.
Yeah, get out. Uh, you gotta do something. You’re so much better. You feel better for your kids, you know, taking some time for yourself. So many parents don’t take time for themselves. But hey, you’re here in Castle Rock, colorado. You’re looking for a place. Small community for fitness, self defense and firearms training.
Check out Rocky Mountain self defense and fitness. Guys would greatly appreciate it if you’re a subscriber on our Clearsky doc. Uh, oop, sorry. Clearsky training YouTube channel. And we also have our RMSDF. I think it might be under Rocky Mountain self defense and fitness. Either one, you can find us on YouTube.
Be a subscriber. That’ll really help us out. And we have our shop, RMSDF for Rocky Mountain self defense and fitness gear. And we also have shop clearsky training for all your Krav maga self defense and some suck less gear and a bunch of other stuff there. Always trying to improve that a little bit, but that’ll help us keep, uh, paying Josh, I guess, essentially, is why we’re doing this, I guess.
Josh, uh, does not want to lose this job.
My wife would kill me if I lost this one.
I’m gonna fire you for a week and see she kills you. Just teasing, Josh. Because I think, what’s the bets that you guys, if she wins, if you guys grab, um, your destroyer. But it would be.
It would be super funny if you’re. If your wife just came in with no training and just humbled you. You’re like, you didn’t even fight her though, dude, like, you didn’t even know. She’s actually not at work. She’s at some, like, fight gym. She’s with Derek’s, uh, wife doing bare knuckle fighting.
Just a monster Denver. Yeah, and she just destroyed you. Would that be so funny?
Would be hilarious. Yeah.
All right, everyone, thanks for tuning in again. We appreciate it. Until next time, we’re out. Train more, suck less.

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