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Hey, welcome back, everybody. This is John Hallett joined with Josh Hammerling. Thanks for tuning in to us all. Your support is greatly appreciated. I gotta tell you, today, like so many days over the last bunch of years, I am concerned about America. I’m concerned about our kids. Um, there’s just so much going on.

This election and just social media. I was just saying to Josh, I’m like, I am so sick of it all. It is time consuming, and people are negative on it. And just with the election, you know, people twist things and AI, it is just a scary time. You know, I was a.

Watched a ton of war movies when I was a kid. Um, good or bad? Shocker chucker. Um, and I think I went through this time, maybe around fifth grade, that I was really concerned and worried, um, you know, about nuclear war and with Russia. And even then, as a little kid, I think I’m just more concerned now.

There’s just so much going on. And you got the Chinese, um, doing one grain of sand at a time. I really highly encourage you guys to listen to Sean Ryan and his episode 101 Michael Yon the secrets of the Darien Gap. It’s just really scary stuff. There’s, you know, a lot going on and a lot of things that we don’t hear about.

And that is one of the really good things about social media. But there’s a lot of bad things, especially with our kids. Um, it was on the coddling of the american mind. I’m gonna forget the guy’s name. John Hyatt. I don’t know how to pronounce his last name. Jonathan Hyde, I think, is how you pronounce his name.

He has a new book, um, and that’s on Joe Rogan, the anxious generation, how the great rewiring of childhood is causing an epidemic of mental illness. And that just concerns me because these kids are just on these phones, and it’s a. Ah, they’re just crazy. It’s. It’s a dopamine hit.

You know, they freak out. Um, it’s crazy. You know, I. You know, God, I don’t know how many years ago, my. I took my daughter’s phone away, and she was freaking out

about it. And these kids. And of course, with this tick tock band and these kids freaking out. You know, I don’t want to ban anything. You know, that’s actually an interesting conversation, um, there on Joe Rogan, episode 21. 21. Uh, they get into it, and, you know, how do you do it?

How do we manage social media? And we don’t want to ban anything, but I certainly don’t want a foreign government feeding our kids. Um, this crap. Like, this is the scary thing. People, like, parents have to get together. He’s got a great plan, uh, that he proposes of no social media.

Um, up until. I don’t even. I think he said 16. And parents just could get together as a whole and make it a norm. Like, they have a flip phone. They don’t need that. And, you know, I. Listen, I wish I had this guy, you know, ten years ago, 15 years ago, um, my kids are grown.

It’s kind of like, oh, well, I wish I had this. And, you know, that hopefully, you know, I don’t even know how many parents at the gym listen to this podcast. It’s like everything else. I’m like, I don’t. We’re doing it. It’s out there. Could I be. Take our advice.

Dang it. Take our advice.

You know, read this book. There was that other. I don’t know if I talked about it on the podcast. That other, um. She’s an author. I’m gonna find her right now. That. Well, I told you about her, Josh. You did. Abigail Schreier. She’s an independent journalist. Bad therapy. Another m fantastic book for everybody, but let alone parents and divorced parents.

And it’s tough. I’m concerned about the world, as you know. I’m like, what the heck, um, is going on here? You don’t know what to believe. Bill’s got me reading a book. That’s fantastic. And there was. There’s a little, um, clip in it. It’s called thinking in bets by Annie Duke.

Very interesting. I’m only on chapter. I can’t even tell. So, um, here. But there’s a. That they did this testing that the smarter you were, you did worse on picking out. Was it fake news and just the bias? I forget. Maybe it was on my clips. I think I added a clip to it.

I want to see my clips.

Audible certainly changed.

Ah, being smart makes it worse. I could pull play the clip, but I don’t know if we’d get, um. I doubt we’d get in trouble. I doubt, too, with, uh. And I don’t know where it’s cued up, as usual. We don’t have enough time in the day. But that’s a great book, you know, gave a couple ideas to be doing.

But I’m concerned about our kids. And, you know, yesterday in my elementary school class, you know, we. It turned into a crap show. Cause kids are kind of like, get a partner, and it can turn into, like, playing favorites, right? And getting with your friend and all this other stuff.

But I have kid. I have four kids wandering around

and not getting a partner. I’m like, you just walked by another kid. Nobody’s talking. These are elementary school age kids. And not even my fifth, you know, like the fifth ish, you know, uh, age group. They, you know, those kids actually had a partner, but, um, it was a little bit more buddy buddy.

Sure. And some of these kids, they’re just wandering around, and I’m like, hey, hold on a second. Bring it back in. Let’s huddle it up. Did I just not talk about when we broke out that I was like, it’s not a prom date, is what I always say. You’re not going to get married to the person.

You can’t pick the person that attacks you on the street, work with different people, learn to get along, communicate. Then they can’t even find a partner right after this. I bring them in, tell them something else. They go back. Uh, and then I get a kid that’s late, which fine traffic life.

I’d rather see you. But the kid just comes right in and barges into a group. And then this other kid’s like, what just happened? I gotta bring him in again and go, you’re late. Let’s talk about etiquette. The world does not revolve around you kids. You’re late. I’m probably going to tell you to shadow box that I’m, um, in the middle of a drill and you don’t know what’s going on.

You can’t barge in. But the kid just barged in. I mean, he’s played the game. You know, he played the warm up game before, but now this other kid’s lost. So I asked the kids,

what does the world does not revolve around you. The earth is not revolving around you. The earth revolves around what? And thank goodness, one of my fifth graders, there was a couple kids were like, the moon. And there’s one or two other, like, funny little kid things. And one of the older kids was like, the son.

Um, but the parents were over there going like, oh, no.

One question. One question.

Like, maybe this should be kindergarten. I mean, what are we teaching kids in kindergarten? And what are we teaching our kids, it’s crazy.

So do you see a lot? Do they have a hard time communicating with each other? And you, do you think it’s communication?

That’s the. Sometimes I think a lot of it is communicating what’s going on. Yeah. You know, and speaking up of what’s going on, of kids not self advocating for themselves. And I try to come talk to me, you have a problem with a technique and another instructor, you should question the authorities.

Kind of been the focus this week. Like, one, somebody taught you uppercut this way, and somebody teaches you this way, are you going to walk around life confused? But I do think, you know, kids, sometimes they don’t want to. I don’t know. I had a kid. I didn’t know what he.

I was giving. I was behind schedule and had realized that our kid was not upgraded on his last test. He wasn’t promoted. Uh, so when I printed it out, I got a green belt for this kid and a green belt certificate for this kid. And I realized, and I’m always about behind at the end of class, I’m like, wait, the kid has a green belt on?

I have a green belt. You have to give the kid. But I have another kid that we’re standing there and I’m trying to explain to them, like, m. Hey, my apologies. I probably have another blue belt upstairs, but I have the wrong certificate for you, so I’m going to get it for you.

But, you know, we all make mistakes. And the computer system had you in at Greenbelt, and I print out the roster, try to go over it. We try to ask the kids. It’s my new thing, because I’ve taken it that over in the gym of going through the list and asking the kids, you’re testing, Josh.

You’re testing for orange. Whether this kid missed that day or didn’t speak up, then, I have no idea. He could have missed the day. But I was trying to do, you know, a bit of just roster check to make. Try to double check the roster again. I obviously missed it on the roster.

You know, I did it for a couple classes, but, you know, it’s hard managing the, uh, little kids and trying to check a roster and manage your whole little kid, but it’s like, hey, I apologize. And this other kid, I had, uh, he just wanted to get out of there.

I’m like, where do you want to go? I’m like, you haven’t gotten your belt yet. And he’s like, I don’t know. It’s like doing your belt. Do you feel like you’re not in trouble over here. I just want to get the. The three kids that weren’t promoted, that weren’t at the last class that I promoted some kids, and I wanted to get my teen class going.

Yeah. So I had some of my junior black belts. Just warming up the teen class, and I was just given this little presentation to these three or four kids. Like, he was being weird. I’m like, you’re not in trouble. Like, gonna give you a belt. He is a belt.

Here. You’re up for a belt. But I think it can be hard. I mean, even my teenagers like getting them to talk sometimes and communicate. I don’t know how bad I was. I mean, teenagers, it’s always a hard, hard years. I don’t.

One of my biggest fears as an anthropologist, and it’s starting to show up in a lot of these journals as I study kids and new cohorts that are dealing with social media and, like, having technology and answers to questions at their fingertips, right. Is that they lose the ability to ask questions because they would rather just go to the Internet, and they’re losing the ability to articulate.

Right. How do I talk to a person? So they’re losing social cues, they’re losing social norms, they’re losing the ability to tell when it’s. When you’re in trouble or not. Right. Like, if this is a bad or good situation, like, they don’t have these skills anymore. They’re not taught how to critically think on those levels.

So now they can’t critically think through these situations that they have no basis for, you know, and then it’s got to make for a really tough generation because that’s the next generation raising kids. Right?

Yeah, I’m, um, you know, I’m guilty of it. I mean, again, like, I suck. I wish I had this stuff. I wish I was a better parent and had this. Had this knowledge of what’s going on. And you were. We were. I guess I get right there at the beginning of it, like, you know, all these other kids have a smartphone and, huh.

They can get in touch with us. Uh, and modern in that. But, you know, this Jonathan, hide it or hate, maybe it’s pronounced hate. H a I d t. Yeah, that’s a cool name. Um. You gonna change your name?


You could put hate Hammer.

Let’s not try to put the word my last name with anything. It’s got hatement. Hammerhead. Sounds like a website.

No? Yeah, but, you know, this guy’s got the data and is doing the research and is all about it. And is trying to create this movement. Um, all in. I want to help. It’s. These kids are being rewired. They’re exposed to pornography at a younger, younger age. And all of these things are really tough.

Yeah. And how they’re just exposed to stuff and are they, like, irony, I think he was saying. And these kids are like, I don’t want to do that. And you’re like, it’s a. It’s not even real. It’s a, uh, freaking gross. And the concepts and all these other things, it’s.

It’s crazy. And it’s just getting harder and harder.


And if you have a bias to something or you’re being fed this information.

There you go. Now you’re touching on it.

You know, the Chinese are doing so much that they’re just trying to take over the culture of so many countries. There was a little point in that and the Sean Ryan show where he’s saying that, you know, in the library, there’s a lot of, like, video games or something like that, that you could get game time if you read the book the librarian gave you.


30 minutes of reading and an hour of game time. Let’s change your mind. Let’s change the way you’re thinking. Let’s feed our kids. I mean, tick tock is different in China than it is here.


They’re feed. They’re not letting their kids see things. And algorithm and all this crap. It is just scary.

So, yeah, you’ve got all these social media companies feeding kids what they, uh, think they should be watching. Right. They say that they try to tailor it, because if a kid, if they’re after something and content, they feed you more of it. But I think, you know, they purposefully feed you content.

So the phones changed everything. Right. But now we’ve got a new generation of phones coming out in 2024 and 25 where AI will be completely incorporated into your experience. So how powerful is this AI? What does this AI do for you?


You know what I’m saying?


You’re putting a whole new. You’re putting, like, something that’s like a supreme intelligence on a phone for an eight year old.

Yeah. What was the Google? I guess it was on the, uh, Joe, um, Rogan episode there, 21. 21 of Apple was working with me, like, going to talk to Google because they’re, like, finding, like, they’re behind the Samsung phone that’s got it integrated.


And they’re not. And they were, I think, trying to integrate with one of the chat GPT somebody doesn’t matter for their next phone. Like, how scary is this? And then was it the Google one that they rolled out, that they, um, um, have changed stuff that, oh, it’s, um, um.

If you Google, like, nazi soldiers, they’re interracial. Yeah, they did some crappy stuff there.

It was Google’s woke, um, platform.


Was it, uh, someone in the algorithm essentially just said that you couldn’t produce, um, images that had white people on it, too. I’m paraphrasing.


Yeah, that’s essentially what happened.

So it took you, like, every group.

And made it a minor, like a.

Could you imagine if you’re a kid and be like, I guess there’s, oh, look at these Nazis.


They’re white. They’re black. Yeah.

George Washington was black. Right? Or George Washington was, you know, you can make him look any, any way you want to because AI is able to make images, and now video, that.

Is, everything is just. You don’t even know what you’re looking at anymore.


None of it’s real.

There’s no reality in reality anymore.

Yeah. That’s how I’m like, I’m sick of YouTube. I’m sick of it all, really. I mean, I’ve been saying for a while, I wish, you know, the Internet would go down. Um, I mean, it’s a great thing. It’s a great way to communicate. But is it any better than we were in the seventies?

I don’t know that answer, but it certainly seems like it’s worse to me in a lot of ways because you don’t know what you’re looking at. And they feed you and feed you the stuff that’s just gonna go to your biased and you’re going to go to it. Even if you’re smart, you’re gonna just keep believing your natural biases.


Well, what if the system lies to you, right?

What. What is the truth?

That always is, uh, the truth. You know, a line makes its way around the world before the truth can get its boots on.


And imagine what happens when you get AI integrated into that. You get networks of AI’s together. Cause you gotta remember, each one of these phones is its own AI. And then let’s say you’ve got a million of those phones out there, right? Imagine what is the influence it’s going to have on everything, right?


It can pro, AI can now make movies that are almost indistinguishable from the real thing. Like, there’s stuff out there. Barack Obama making speeches, he never had. And in rooms that don’t exist.

I hate to bring Trump into the podcast, but that, uh, it’s going to be a bloodbath speech in that, and that’s in, Joe Rogan talks about it in there and they kind of agreed to disagree. But again, I think it was just, even though Joe’s not really for Trump, I don’t think he’s like, it’s being taken out of context.

The other guys. No, he’s saying it’s going to be a bloodbath. He’s like, he’s talking about the economy and the auto industry, and that’s particularly, like, right there. No, he went back to, it’s going to be civil unrest and people just go to their bias. You, you know that book in that episode, you like, consume both of them and you can see it right there.

But I think he’s correct in, if he doesn’t get in. I mean, I’d like some. Yeah, I think if we continue down the path we’re on with Biden or whoever in that woke crazy liberal like far left and people on the left just going with the left because they’re afraid we got to get somebody in the middle, people.

But I think we’re in trouble. And Trump said, I think this will be your last real election. I would if you heard that part of the speech. I just heard it. Yeah, I just listened to it. I didn’t hear the speech. And I saw the whole. I’m like, what is this b’s about the bloodbath?

It was when I was on vacation. I’m like, I am not right. I saw him. What did he say now? What did he say? I’m, um, like, he probably said something and they’re clipping it and they’re cutting it and you’re not hearing the whole freaking thing. And nobody can consume freaking more than 2 seconds of something before they scroll off.

They just go, it’s ridiculous. But I think we are, I think we’re in trouble with all of these things that can happen. How can we vote? We’ve got illegals that can get firearms and they can get a dry. How can they vote, people? How can illegal aliens vote in this country?

I do not understand your rationale. I am, um, just so upset at you. If you believe in that, you’re just destroying our country. It is ridiculous. Uh, it just blows me away. Never mind. You’re illegal and you can get a firearm in this country.

Okay, so then why do you, if they, how does an illegal alien get ahold of a firearm, what would they have to present?

A driver’s license? A background check?

Yeah, but if they’re here illegally, they’ve already committed a crime that prohibits them from owning a firearm, at least at that point. Right. So why do you or I have.

To go fill it?

One out at all?

Yeah. Does that make sense?

Like, that shows you how weak the argument for, uh, the ATF is, you know? Because if they’re willing to let people who are not citizens of this country possess it in these borders, and everybody who is a citizen is forced to jump through hoops, that. Is it a right?

It’s not a right. I mean, it’s a right. You have the right to bear arms. Not if you’re illegal.

If you’re a US citizen. That’s the way I always thought, but that’s. That’s the argument. It does.

I mean, I. Yeah, but I’m like, you’re here illegally, and that’s the crime. You’re here illegally. Yeah. So you don’t get to possess a firearm. I believe everyone should possess it. But you’re in. You did something illegal. And if you’re seeking political asylum. Again, listen to that Sean Ryan episode.

Why do these Chinese have brand new passports if they’re seeking political asylum? How do they have a brand new chinese passport?

It’s a great question, because the Chinese.

Are giving anybody that lost their passport a passport.


They’re doing what? Oh, but you’re seeking political asylum. If they wanted to keep your ass, they would have kept your ass when you were getting that passport. When I lost my passport, they’re like, you’re not leaving this country.

Did you know Venezuela had a 25 year low and violent crime?

Oh, yeah.

That’s because everybody was part of the caravans, and now they’re in the US. Just let us think it. But I want to go back to the kids thing real quick. Did you ever. Have you ever heard of kids having imaginary friends? Right? When we were kids, you would just play with someone that wasn’t there.

Like imaginary friends were a thing. Now, imagine that your imaginary friend is a digital imaginary friend, and they can talk to you on your phone. They can create a. An image of themselves, and they. They influence interact with kids on their phones. That is not outside the realm of possibility, because AI would be able to do it in a flash as soon as it understood the parameters, it knows what to do, and it would know everything about child psychology.

It would have access to every paper ever written about kids and how, uh, like, just how the brain works. And how social cues work and how you talk to each other and voice inflection. Like, you will all know that in an instant. And it will use that as your best friend.

Right. It’s your best friend. Imagine that. That’s gonna be the angle on it. So imagine, like, your best friend now, as you grow older, is still on your phone.

Yeah. Or you have a bot.

Your social circle is not real.

Yeah. I mean, they tie. It’s one of.

I think it’s both of those episodes.

Are that, um, what was her name, shrier, I talked about, briefly about her.


Book, bad therapy of, uh. Now you have an AI girlfriend.

How does that work?

A sex bottom? It’s no longer a sex toy doll. When they were talking about that. Industry has skyrocketed. Yeah.

And they’re gonna incorporate augmented reality with that stuff, too. So potentially digitally, you’d be wearing a headset and that person, whatever, that object that you.

We’re all being sucked into the computer. What’s that movie or anything? We’re being consumed. But you’d be able to your own.

Digital overlay on the individual you’re with. So it could be anyone and anything.

It’s a.

That is the future we face.

Right, right.

How, uh, many kids born now will ever drive a car? Because how long before all the cars are doing all the work for you? Right. So people lose the ability to drive. NASCAR goes away. Right. Like, what happens to all the driving jobs and industries and sports? Nobody knows how to do it anymore.


You know, what happens to truck drivers are gone. They’re replaced by Tesla semis. Right. A semi that could have attitude. You know what I mean? It could have an AI.

Yeah. I mean, we’re down a crazy path. We’re down a crazy field. This is not. Yeah, it’s not. Yeah, it’s years away.

It might be months away for some of this stuff.

I mean, just the way technology grows and it just compounds, um. So fast. Yeah. I’m not saying. I mean, it’s a crazy path. I’m not saying it’s not real. I mean, all of it is just a scary thing from. Just from our politics and just as human beings and our freedoms being taken away.

I mean, everything that happened over COVID and just banning people off of social media for saying things and. It’s okay. Who. We got to take a quick break, guys. Thanks, uh, for tuning in. You can support this podcast by checking out our shop, RMSDF, for all our gear here at Rocky Mountain.

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And I know John’s always there, but he’s a super busy guy, so I have that open on the Clearsky training.

Why do you ignore my phone calls?

Your phone calls? Yeah. Because I give you my burner

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