#60 Fat, Pepper Spray and Exercise.

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Because the way we’re living, we need to change it, make a change today, and all learn from failure. Maybe they just wanted it a little bit more than you. That’s probably the fact.

And now your host, John Hallett.

Hey, everyone. Welcome back to the John Hallett podcast. I am John hallett. We are here today. We’re talking mountain self defense and fitness, the sponsor of this show. So if you know somebody that might be interested in self defense or fitness, send them our way. You never know, uh, thinking it might be for you.

It’s not for everybody, but I feel like, and I just talking to, uh, somebody that wanted to set up something for their work, um, and do a little event, um, team training that I feel like everybody should learn self defense. I talked to another group that, uh, they did a lot of stuff, like trails or something.

I forget the name of the group. Um, a nonprofit. And we’re out there on the trails, and I feel like everybody should do it. I’m like, yes. I mean, it’s my career. But so many people just put it off, put it off. And here we try to make it doable for everybody.

We’ve got a great kids program. We’ve got the fitness side, um, the teenagers, um, the adult program, the concealed carry. I mean, everybody needs training, and so many people suffer from thinking that they’re better than they actually are. I mean, really, I think everybody thinks they’re a little bit better.

We all want to be better, but when it comes to self defense and protecting ourselves and our know, you can’t train enough. Um, that Dunning Kruger effect is really scary when you don’t do anything and your skills aren’t there. So I’m always get in the gym, train more. You’re going to be healthier, you’re going to live longer.

Just the benefits, health wise, overall, the mental state of doing something. Find your fit. Come on in here, check it out. We’re a good group of people, always trying to make it doable for everybody. Hashtag suck less. We just want the whole community to be a little bit better every single day.

So how are you, Josh?

For a, uh, day or two, I felt like I was held together by sheer willpower and duct tape. But I’m good. I feel better. Went and pulled off some training, 35 hours of intense combat training, stuff you’ve already gone through. And, uh, it changes your world when you’ve got new people beating you up and giving you new advice, new training and all that stuff.

It’s fun. It’s worth it.

Right. At the end of the day, you feel good. That’s where I’m at. Right.

Ten hour days are, uh, long days. When you’re talking about doing self defense training, it is tiring. It is not being in the gym for an hour or even two for one day. It’s a big difference being there for eight to 10 hours. I mean, you were there 10 hours.

And you really got to plan out your hot and your fluids, what you’re eating when you can’t eat, not to eat too much, especially if you’re going to grapple, because you eat too much and you get on the floor, you can fill reversals wanting to happen, right?

Yeah. Depending on what you have for lunch.

Yeah. So it was good. It’s exciting because when I was taking, uh, this training, I did another integrated defense strategies testing. Uh, I did 2.0. Um, when I was sitting there training, I was thinking about how integrated, what you had been teaching me at the school was working well with Fosse system over there, and it felt complete thanks to your training.

Right. It felt like I had, well, not complete. Like I haven’t finished, but I’m saying it feels more complete. Like, it really ties.

Yeah. Things start to tie together more, and that’s where we want just self defense. Who cares where it comes from? But let’s look at the data. What are we training for? So many people get caught up in training, for one thing. I mean, that’s kind of where CrossFit got really popular of, well, if you’re just doing strength training or you’re just running, you’re just good at running.

You want to be all around. But also, what we’re talking about in self defense is high probability attacks of what’s going to happen to you out on the street. Uh, so we want things to work and be practical.

Yeah. And they were. It felt good. I mean, there was some successes, there was a lot of failures, and it was a lot of fun. The hardest part was the, uh. I think halfway through, I got sick as a dog. Like, I got one really crappy night’s worth of sleep and having to do back and doing 17 hours of grappling.

You can’t drop out. There was actually a person, I think one or two did drop out this time because they were ill. Right. Yeah. Um, it was just sheer willpower to just get up and try to get out there and not let everybody know that you’re not 100% right.

Trying and pushing. Uh, it’s just rough and I think on the last day at noon, when he’s like, it’s over. You’ve passed. I just kind of just slumped.


It was over.

Yeah. Then you’re like, oh, all that. I’m not sick. I’m not sick. Gets to be a little less.

And I’m like, oh, God, I feel like crap.

You kind of let your guard down, so to speak. Um, when you’ve been fighting that way and trying to push through. And even a lot of times people get sick after an intense training just because they’re so depleted from that 35, 40. It was our days of training. You just can end up depleted and sick.

Especially. I probably was rehydrating and really trying to take care of yourself.

Yeah. Those first two days, I was trying to catch up on hydration. It was intense. I was in a new place, too. Right. There’s more humidity. It was warm, it was cold. Yeah. I wouldn’t be moving to St. Louis, Missouri, anytime soon. Pizza is fantastic.

You keep talking about the pizza.

Oh, it was amazing. They have nothing but convenience stores out there. Their convenience stores look like shopping centers. There’s something, uh, like a QT. When people go to lunch, they don’t go to your local restaurant or something. They’re like, I’m going to go buy the QT and pick up lunch.

And it just blows my mind that convenience stores are those sort of things. And then it was a Wally’s was the other one. You walk inside and there’s all these.

Things that they’re building up at the. Bucky’s. Bucky’s.

So Bucky’s is even more of a cultural phenomenon.

And it’s like, people stop eating like.

Crap, and you walk in and it’s all great looking food, but it’s processed cheese on pretzels and a taco, and you get your 44 ounce soda.

That good looking, uh, I don’t know. I’m reading Peter, uh, Atiya’s book. It’s just so crucial if you want to live longer. Uh, people just eat like crap. There’s a little piece in there. I bookmarked it, but I forget what they said. Like, the average guy, even if you had going, you have 20 or 40 pounds of fat on you.

And even if I think, what do you say, stat? Because it was like, 4% of it was visceral fat. And just your percentages of having a cardiovascular incident. People are just carrying too much weight. They said, uh, diabetes was originally, uh, just started from the aristocrats that had the money to kind of eat like crap and sugar.


Our diet is so key. And yes, it’s a struggle, but how many people, again, lie to themselves? Like, I’m okay, um, I’m at you feel better? Average. But is that the right body weight for you? Yeah, I mean, guys are really bad at it. This whole dad BoD crap and everything else.

And just the health problems that it leads to. It’s freaking hard. You want to live longer, it takes some effort. That’s where I said, coming to a gym is not for everybody because most people want to just sit on their ass and be lazy. But then you’re like, oh, uh, it’s not going to happen.

It’s kind of burying their head in the sand eating that crap. And I feel good today until you don’t. That’s really where it comes down to, this food, this crap that they’re putting into it. You just have to fight the battle and fight it as much as you, um, know.

For those people here at RMSDF, we’ve been talking about the yucca app that my wife had stumbled across. And there’s some good things and some bad things about, um, that app because some of it will come up as poor, but there’s some good things in it. Maybe it’s a little high.

You got to look like, why did it get a poor rating? Oh, they’re a little too much tied to fat. Where I’m like, well, I need fat. People have totally villainized fat, but I’m trying to scroll across my thing like there were some things like, oh, uh, simple mills, um, soft baked dark chocolate almond.

It came up as poor because. Why sugar? Sugar, saturated fat, the number of calories, it was too fatty. And I’m like, maybe not for me. I don’t know. You can get into it. But some of it, they were getting bad ratings. Some others, um, every brand. Well, there was one that had an okay one.

It was archers brand, grass fed beef jerky. The mango habanero.

Sounds delicious.

Um, had a good rating, like 63 out of 100. It had too much sodium that it brought it down. But then a lot of the other, um, beef jerkies were poor, poor, poor. All for, take a guess, were the additives fillers?


It’s all fillers and just the preservatives and the additives and stuff in there. So I actually started making my own, uh, jerky.

Yeah. It’s an interesting process. How many people.

No, I wouldn’t even say interesting. It’s kind of easy if you’re, you’re not doing it out in the woods and really trying to smoke it out over a fire or anything like that. I’ve done one in the oven. I’ve done one on the traeger.

Sure. They both work pretty darn well.

And too, I’m, like, experimenting too. Both of them are different thicknesses, cuts. So they’re a little different there. The first one in the oven was more like a steak cut, a little bit thicker. Um, because I did really like the costco brand of their steak cut jerky. But it’s got all these additives and other preservatives, and it had a poor rating.

Like, I’ll just make my own.

You can. Then you know what you’re putting into it, right. You can marinate them. Right. You know what’s going in the marinade? Some soy sauce, a little bit of, um.

Yeah, you can do a low sodium soy sauce. You can tweak that marinade.

I mean, if you’re going to add any sugars, just use fruit juices. Like, the citrus is very little sugar.

Monstrous taste.

Right. And then I’ve done that before. When you look at really well made homemade jerky, it looks totally different than what’s in the package because we’re not adding back to it a bunch of things. Right. Uh, there’s some weird package. Yeah.

It’s staying in that package.

Yeah. And it’s preservatives. But the whole point of salted meats is to preserve the meat over time.


I mean, it’s the old school stuff. I like it. I’ve, um, enjoyed doing it before. I was recently looking to some nutrition stuff. Um, the whole concept of the modern breakfast of cereals is just something that was created to get cheap grains off of manufacturers. Right. They had these grains that didn’t know what to do with them.

So the idea of the break fast means just that you’re breaking a fast from when you wake up. But we’ve got this whole culture where it had to be brand flakes or corn flakes, and you get cheap grains.


And they’re usually loaded with sugar. When really, humans, if you look at it, you need a high fat breakfast. It should be like eggs and not necessarily potatoes, but anything that’s super high fat.

Cheeses, avocado. Avocado cheeses. Uh, there’s a lot of, if you.

Got a problem with, uh, milk products. Yeah, it doesn’t good, but yes.

And some of it is just crap. People like, it’s healthy. And you’re like, is it, is that cheese healthy? I don’t know.

I think it’s good.

I do.

I like cheese.

Yeah. I don’t know. I think I’ll just go back to, uh, everything in moderation. But I think there’s a lot of. Just the processed cheese is crap.

Yeah. There’s some cheeses out there that aren’t chees, right?

Yes. And that’s where people, uh oh, cheese is great, and it’s healthy. No, it’s not.


Get yourself. You’ve got to get really dialed in on that.

It’s not organic. What’s, uh, that? My wife likes some cheeses, but it’s just real raw cheese. It’s just cheese.

Yeah. It’s not compressed curds versus some of the fillers and the colors they add. Right.

And all this other stuff. But it doesn’t look pretty, just like you said earlier. Oh, it looks so good. Just because it looks good doesn’t mean it is. You have to put in the work, and that’s getting into a gym. You want to be safer. So many people want to take the easy route out of things.

They don’t want to train. And it takes some freaking training. We just did, um, pepper spray and taser. And so many people just don’t understand it. Getting hit with a taser and fighting through some stuff. But that full ride, getting hit with a taser, and it’s not the prongs kind of where they’re landing on you.

Shooting that taser out at somebody. I mean, it’s great. It’s a distance weapon. We both like distance weapons, but, uh, one of those probes don’t hit. Now, you got to get up and touch the person.


Like everything else, it can fail. But we’re doing the taser tape to you. We’re not shooting anybody with, uh, the prongs. Then it’s on your shoulder, and it’s on your opposite instep. I mean, it’s just feeling that. Of what it feels like for the experience of knowing. Again, like, okay, now, anything that the prongs are closer, that’s a little bit easier, quote unquote.

Uh, you’ve been there. You’ve kind of faced it. Um, you know what it feels like. And if somebody did actually tase you. And we’re, again, not talking about law enforcement being justified, but we know people grab all these things, and I think it could become more and more common.

You’re seeing people pepper spray, uh, people being in the riots or just. I mean, I watched a cameraman just being a jerk. I don’t know what it was over. I don’t know if it was over COVID. He’s asking him to move out from front. Don’t obstruct my door to my business.

And, of course, he’s pushing the guy’s camera. He’s touching him, but the guy pepper sprays him. But carrying a taser, I don’t need a permit.

Yeah, you got to be over 18 in most states and jurisdictions to carry a taser.

Yeah. Can you get your hands on one easier? It’s just another thing that you got to be out there and be mindful of that. Somebody that has ill intentions might have a taser.


Of some sort to even intimidate you.


Um, they’re intimidating. Just, uh, a regular handheld taser that I have to make contact with you is not getting hit by those prongs and it arcing between two points on you and contracting those muscles, but, uh, it’s an experience. And being pepper sprayed and going, okay, yeah, I can fight.

I can do something.

Sure. Trying to just be.

Because if you carry pepper spray and you’ve never had a drop of it in your eye, you’re going to freak out. I mean, there are people, like, really panicking, and, like I told you yesterday, the scenario we mocked up where they had to try to make a gun disarm as part of the whole experience and then simulating somebody’s now coming at you with a knife and can you put rounds on them?

And the amount of people that were panicking and actually were not putting rounds were pretty surprising that people crouched over holding their eyes, and I had even given them, like, you might have to hold an eye open. When I got pepper sprayed in the, uh, kma, Krav maga alliance force training, that’s what I was doing.

I was holding an eye open and get on the ground. Get on the ground. And trying to see and just force that eye open. With the amount of people holding their eyes, and they were actually saying, bang, bang, bang. With the gun pointed at the ground, it’s going off, but it’s because they’re going, I got to shoot this person.

But they’ve never been there. M so it’s been there, done that kind of thing. It’s nothing you’d want to do on a weekly or even a year.

No. Regardless, uh, of what you tell me I need to.

But if you’re carrying pepper spray and you’re not training.

Yeah. And if you’ve just been around pepper spray that’s being sprayed away from you, it’s irritant. Like, you can feel it in the room. It’s strong. So when you use it as a self defense mechanism and weapon, it works very well. It works on you.

It’s going to work on you. So training, training and train some more. Uh, find a martial arts gym that fits your life, fits you, your culture and what your mission is. I think so many people get caught up in trendy. I just want to do self defense.


And I want to be balanced out. If I start to specialize. Hey, I might be really good at the range, but, um, I’m not good, but good marksman. Uh, but we’ve got to be decision makers and

there’s really high probability that you’re not going to need that weapon and you’re going to need some hand to hand skills. And there’s not enough time in the day. And when you specialize, if I go to the range with somebody that just shoots, they’re going to blow me away.

Uh, I’ve said it before, like, I don’t knife fight the knife fighter. It is not enough time, but you’ve got to train people. I mean, this, I’m good. It’s the same, um, I’m um, fit. No, you’re not. You don’t do jack, you don’t do anything. Being a human being should be a whole lot harder than it is.

We’ve been talking grid down. I’m like, nobody. People want to bury their head in the sand about the power going out and this and that,

ways of separating the grid. Some guy was telling me like, uh, separating the grids and. But an EMP is just going to take out all of them. A solar flare is just going to take out all of them. People want to bury their head in the sand about just about everything because we’re looking for this easy path.


And do you really want to live in that? 10% of the population that has gone to. I uh, like to just go with the zombie apocalypse. Uh, do you really want to be alive in there? Do you want to be part of the 90% that died early on? I really want to live, but man, that’s going to be hard.

Just getting water and fire, maintaining that and food of how much that effort is going to take. I’ll give the shout out to this guy because I think the book is really dialed in. Um, Bill Anderson here. And of course I’m on outlive by Peter Attia, but survival theory by Jonathan Hollerman.

It’s really good book and it just makes you go, I am not prepared in what’s going to happen, but at least my head’s not buried in the sand. Most people don’t want to talk about, oh, solar flare, they have no clue. And I look at you, start going, how many calories you need?

You’re going, God, you need like $20,000 of, like, let’s just say mountain house. Uh-huh. To survive in a family of four for x amount for a year. I think he was like, a lot of his stuff was a year.


Can you get through the first year? Get your garden, like, holy moly. And it’s better. You’re like, oh, I just buried my head in the sand. I don’t want to think about it. Because you look at it and there’s a lot of people out there just saying, get back to your house.

Right. Your bug out bag is really like, get back home to your family. But, man, staying in a freaking neighborhood, when your neighbors go crazy and then when people start to starve and what they’re willing to do, it’s crazy.

Yeah. Like, in the first six months, there’s going to be people that will starve to death, but in that time, they will be skinny zombies coming for your food. They don’t want to eat you, they want to eat what you have, right?

Yeah. And if you seem to have food or you’re cooking, the smell of food and all of that stuff, it’s just kind of crazy to think about. And it’s that training. Train more, train more. Um, if you hear at RMSDF, we’ve got to do another medical one. We’ve got to get that ah on there.

Because you look at just trying to survive without modern medical, not being able to go to the urgent care comfortable.

It’s nice. It’s comfort.

Yeah, I love my pillow, too.

I love my running water. I like being able to wash my hands after I eat. If you don’t have running water and water is precious, what are you going to do?

There’s a lot of what ifs.

There’s a lot of what ifs. And people bury their head in the sand about their diet and they fool themselves all the time and you start looking at the science behind it. People, uh, just want to ignore it and it just blows my mind. My mind can’t go even right now.

You got to cycle your training. I haven’t been as dialed in with my fitness as I have been, but there’s those ups and downs because you can’t run your body at 100% all the time, especially the older you get. You got to have that recovery. Things have to be balanced out.

But I’m still doing stuff. I’m still doing way more. I’m just not as dialed in. I’ll just go through phases. Like, man, I’m feeling really freaking good, and I’ll push it harder on those, and then sometimes I’ll cycle off. That’s what our project fit class here at rmsdf. I say, maybe you’ve done some other functional fitness, and maybe it wasn’t for you because it was all about the weight, go faster, and whatever else.

You didn’t like the culture. There’s a lot of gym. Like, I don’t like the culture here. Um, some fitness gyms get way too competitive. The whole crossfit games, and that’s great for that games athlete, but I’m in it for the long haul. I really don’t want to hurt myself.

How do I feel today? Am I doing it a little bit lighter? Am I just doing something? But just trying to get in there and doing something five days a week, getting out there, but people bury their head in the sand. And our project fit class is all about functional training, but it doesn’t have to be.

Sometimes I’ll say it’s a suggestion. 30 reps. Well, maybe you’re dying at 25, Josh. Uh, do 25.


I mean, some people get in there, and it’s that mindset of, like, it said, 150 pull ups on this website thing, and this is a workout.

150 pull ups would be.

That’s a lot. That’s a lot, right? That’s a lot. There’s a time I could do it, but sometimes it’s just the wear in the body. Do I really need to do 150 pull ups? Um. Is that just a lot of wear and tear there?


Get challenges. It’s kind of like, murph, like, 100 pull ups. It’s a good challenge. Um, and they’re broken up. They’re not 100 in a row. 100 or something in a row is totally different than breaking it up over 30 minutes of doing other things, but it’s doing whatever you can take.

Maybe you didn’t like some other gym. You tried it, you thought you were going to like it. Maybe just a culture. You got to find your fit. That’s what I’m like, give it a try. You got to find your fit. Um, and that’s why I say, my gym is not for everybody, and it doesn’t hurt my feelings.

You’re like, I didn’t like it. We’ve had a guy try our fitness class and said it sucked. And hated it and came back. You’re like, you know what? Wrap your head. You’re like, sometimes it takes you a second to wrap your head around it. You’re not always doing the things you like.

It’s about being emotional and being well rounded in your fitness.

Yeah, it’s terrifying because people do dumb things when they want things. Like during COVID of all the things they hoarded, it was toilet paper. Right? Like the decisions they made of what they wanted to keep was just stupid.

Let’s just call it what it was.

It’s worse than stupid. If you had two years worth of toilet paper, how do you feed your babies on that? Right?

You can’t, I need toilet paper. Right.

And really we don’t. But it’s nice to have.


But I need water. I need.

What are those people going to do when the toilet doesn’t flush?

I’ve seen that happen.

Yeah. I’ve seen the panic. There were people that were just standing at a latrine and they just stared at it for a solid five minutes like they had no concept of how they were going to go to the bathroom without a toilet. Adults, like college students, grown ass adults just contemplating, right.

Have no clue. And it’s not like you can get out there and try to demonstrate because that’s always very uncomfortable, right. It never happens. But that was true panic. So much so that a bunch of them left. I know two that left.

They were just like, what was it for?

Uh, it was another anthropology thing. We just didn’t have toilets. There was no running water. One person asked, where’s the bathroom? And I was like, well, we have to go dig latrines. And the question was, what’s a latrine? I had to tell them what it was. And then they said, you mean I have to go to the bathroom outside?

And I said, yes.

And, uh, there are phone calls made. Eventually a porta potty was brought in because people, um, that was the one. But there was no concept of it. You could see in their mind where they’re trying to think about how they’re going to squat. You can kind of see how their body’s like going through the motions and.

It’S like, yeah, a lot of people don’t even want to camp because they’re like. And it’s also why, oh, I hate them too. You’re like campgrounds.


Oh, that’s not camping. It’s the porta potties. There still a lot of, uh, so many comfort, right? Just the porta potties being there, right. Never mind if it’s like an RV, one where people can bring their camper and now they’re just like driving up in there. Man, I just love backpacking.

Your stuff in, that’s camping to me. I mean, everything. Car camping or clamping. But people will do that because there’s a Porta potty there. Do you want to go backpacking with us?

There’s no bathrooms, are there?

People don’t know how to poop in the woods. They just don’t.

But they’re going to panic. That’s why I look at just being prepared, having some self defense skills. I think it’s a necessary skill.

Right. We have to practice to get our martial arts skills.

There’s any other skill, they think they’re good.

Yeah. Because you don’t know how to use it. You have to practice it in order to know that you can do it. Right. So if you’re saying you can, you can’t, you have to do it.

Yeah. And that’s where our gym, we don’t specialize. It’s not a specialized self defense. Well, a specialized gym. We’re not just boxing. We’re not just doing. We try to integrate everything. But unless you have mounds and mounds of time, which the average person doesn’t. Yeah. There’s those martial artists that they’ll join three different gyms.

Yeah. Which is crazy because they can’t get it. You get in a big city, there’s places that you can train with really world class people in one location. They might have different membership tiers, whatever. But some people, they’re going to their BJJ gym, they’re going to their Moitai gym.

They might be doing crossfit somewhere. That’s the exception. That’s the one percenter. We’re trying to play the data here and go and get people well rounded. We’re not specializing because most people have two to 3 hours a week. Uh-huh maybe there’s people that have dedicate an hour of it.

I’m like, it’s better than nothing coming to one class. But we’re trying to create well rounded people here. And that’s where, yeah, if you go and do something with somebody that specializes, they’re going to be better at it than you.

Yeah, that’s their, we’re trying to be.

What happens out in the street. And I look at grid down, at least I’ve got some hand to hand skills. Our firearms training. I’ve, uh, got firearms training. I’m not Rambo.

No one is.

But there’s a lot of people that I think feel like they are and they’re going to be really proficient with their gun because they carry their gun. Uh, and awesome, my man. Yes. But if you’re not training with it outside of the range and doing other things, that’s where we came in.

That’s what we’ve been looking for. The range is great, but we specialize in self defense and integrating that firearm into hand to hand, where most people just want to go to the range and shoot.

Yeah. There’s also feel good training, like going out there and just trying to feel good about what you do and not challenging yourself too much. You got to be really cautious about just doing feel good training. Like, go out and do the things that make you uncomfortable. Do the things that.

Not the best.

It’s the, uh. Well, I brought it by Nick last night. He was the same way. Being in law enforcement, I’m like, Josh wants me to tase him and see if he can get to his gun while he’s getting tased. I’m like, man, that’s just such a bad picture because most people that tase people are law enforcement.

And I really feel.

I said, pepper spray.

You said, then I’m going to pepper spray your ass. Like right now.

No, don’t.

Do not now.

I got to teach class in a little while.

It’s going to be unpleasant that it’s a challenge. Some of us, there’s a couple of black belts talking about after. I’m like, yeah, we talked about doing that. Maybe we do it as black belts of like, if you’re getting tased, how much can you fight from those being twelve inches or so apart versus that full ride?

You’re not fighting that. You’re not being compatible. A bunch of people like, I wanted to hit you and I’m like, but you couldn’t, right? You’re locked up, right? Like, you’d be there. I’m going to kill you right now. But there’s not a whole lot of killing going on when you’re getting fully lit up.

Yeah, but that check. Hey, if somebody, worst case scenario did tase me, could I fight through that or the panic? And that’s what we’re talking about. I’m talking about every Internet idiot out there of commenting on the post because no matter what you say, they’re going to say something else.

Mhm. And you want that out there on your channel. I think it’s a good experience.

I’m just looking forward to the ride. The lightning t shirt. You’re going to put out, ride the lightning and, uh, embrace the pepper suck or something like that. Have a little badge for, like, the Zeus juice. That’s the other thing. I’ve heard it. Yeah.

It doesn’t feel good. No.

Super hard to fight through. But just be cautious of the training. Get out there. Actually do it. Practice. Make sure you meet some people.

Be uncomfortable. Just somebody’s hands on your throat, somebody on top of you. It’s a place you’re not normally at and getting used to it.


It’s not comfortable, and you’re not going to be good at it right off the bat. Who cares? Who cares? A good gym is going to be supportive of it and try to help you along. And finding that fit can be hard. Finding the culture that fits you. Like I said, not every gym is for you.

Gosh, I took my mother in law a bunch of years ago to, uh, a crossfit gym, and the guy said, yeah, we have a few people like you. Ouch, meaning old. I mean, it could mean like, jeez, good thing you ouch.

Like, you can take that lots of different ways.

Yeah, you can take that lots of depending on who the person is. Um, but, yeah, meeting old people, she was turned off right there.

That is like the end of it. There’s no cell there. There’s no membership showing up on your door from that one.

Yeah. And sometimes

you never know.

That’s why it’s fun here, because we’ll support each other through it if we fail. I mean, embrace the failure. Expect to fail. That’s the thing is everybody expects, like, I’m going to be great the first day, or they just don’t want to be embarrassed by other people. And you got to get over that.

Just go in and train it. I’m going to look dumb, is what I hear. Well, I look dumb every day.

Yeah, who cares? It’s better to look dumb in the class instead of in front of your loved ones or just a failure. It’s like, what? Uh, I do a lot to my, especially elementary school class. I’m like, your teacher gives you a frowny face or smiley face, whatever it is.

I’m like, you know what you get when your self defense doesn’t work and you do bad? Like, you get an emoji face that’s real. You go home to your mom and you get a black eye and they’re going to be like, oh, your inside defense didn’t work. You’re going to have a beat up emoji face.

I mean, the kids think it’s funny, but it sinks into them that you’re going to be a beat up emoji face because you’re fooling around in class. You aren’t taking it serious. That’s the truth.

But learn the skills that you practice.

Yeah, you got to do it. Gosh, actually, I just told somebody. It sounds like. It sounds like you’re all over the place with your martial arts. Um, and the lady didn’t like it? Not really. But I think she was kind of looking for a deal. And I was over here with a friend, but it’s kind of far away.

So I’m like, okay, you’re over here with one kid, now you want to move this other kid due to schedule. Okay, maybe. But I’m like, it does sound like you’re all over the place, so why don’t you just come in and check us out? Right, but was it the right thing to say?

But you’re all over the place. It sounds like you’re all over the place. Why don’t you just come in and check us out, see if you even like it. Because I don’t want to keep talking to you. Uh, going to go over membership options with you and already. Can you give me a deal?

It was already fishing for a deal, like, right from the get go.

Um, no deal for you. No deals.

No deals.

No deals. No refunds.

No soup for you. But that turned her off. But I’m like, come in and see. You didn’t check us out in the first place, and we’re close to you. Why didn’t you check me out in the first place? Because you were looking for deals is what I’m like in there.

Check out our culture. Check it out, make sure. But a lot of times, and the older I get,

sometimes I don’t want to hurt people’s feelings. But, dude, you’re overweight. Let do something. Get out there. You’re going to be better. Uh, I’m sick of the feel good crap. I think you wanted to ask me on this podcast what 51, almost two year old John would say to the john that started, I can’t even remember how old I was when I officially left my martial arts instructor and started teaching entirely on my own.

But I was definitely more one percenters. Uh, the training was a lot harder. You had to definitely kind of be at least a ten percenter to survive in the gym. Long term, I probably would have been like, chill out, get more people in there. But I wasn’t concerned so much of for a long time, even when it was my full time living of making it easier, because I was just too caught up in the way I train.

And those were the people that were coming to my gym and were a little, I would say, a lot harder in there. Classes were harder. If you’re going to fight through it. Uh, we’ve definitely made classes easier over the last ten years, at least, of, um, like, let’s make it a little bit more beginner friendly.

Where I was, this is what we’re doing. Like, the younger you, like, train this way and not knowing how hard it was on that 40 year old guy, um, let alone 50 or 60. So we’ve definitely toned it down, I think, and trying, hey, everybody, should we want people to suck less?

We’ve got know, ramp them in a little bit easier. I mean, my first, uh, very first krab maga test, all of the people in that test became instructors.


The pictures right downstairs next to the front desk, uh, the original gangsters, they all became krab maga instructors for a period of time.


Uh, but where were they all the. They were the hardcore, right? They were the hardcore out of that. They wanted it, that group. So I’d, you know, say, sometimes chill out a little bit. Know. I think

I’ve always been patient. I think a lot, especially with the kids and stuff. But impatient doesn’t mean that you’re not being hardcore.


That didn’t help. Um, so I was definitely

running a gym and training for 10% of the people.


But that’s hard. Some people want that gym. That’s their mentality here. We’re like, just keep ramping it up. It’s going to get harder and harder. If you want it super hard. Day one, it’s really hard to run a gym that you are for the one percenter.

Yeah, because there’s not a lot of them.

Because most people are coming to your gym are not one percenters. But when that one percenter comes in, you’re like, oh, I want it harder. You can keep coming or prove over time that you’re getting that you might be a tough guy or girl, but you don’t have the skill.

So, like, okay, but we still need to get you an established skill. You don’t need to kill each other just because you’re tough or you played football, you did this or that, and you’re physically tough, mentally tough. You can take a hit. You still got to learn the technique.

I’m like, chill out. It’ll get harder and harder as we advance, but, um, a beginner class can’t be this killer. No, they’re just there and learn 1%. Right. It’s going to be really hard to run a gym that way.

Sure. Because there are people, and that’s where.

I never done anything I did and going, gosh, I should have been more focused on the business or looking at the training, but the way I looked at training then was just a lot harder. Because you’re younger, you can do more, you can take more.

Yeah. The mind and the body become wiser as we move forward. And sometimes the body is like, yeah.

You got to get smarter, because you’re.

Like, I can’t do that anymore. Because during my training, I was taking on some 20 year olds, and I was like, man, I’m twice their age now. I feel I can still put up decent fight. But, man, it was just tougher. It’s just tougher.

Yeah. It’s even on the fitness side, I’m like, yeah, I could do 100 pull ups, but you know what? 75 might be a better number for me.


And some of that is a learning curve of being like, man, I’m really sore, but you go, let me dial it back. And it’s all numbers. Sometimes some people get too tied up. I think on the fitness side, on a number, just walk. Hey, you were here. I’m happy you were doing something.

Once in a while, I think people get. You’re getting too religious with what’s up on the board. And so I say, it’s what works for you. Sometimes there’s a little voice in your head, like, you’re like, oh, that’s enough. And usually I say, let me get two more. Let me get three more.

Come on. That’s just that little voice in your head looking for easy. But it’s an evolution in fitness sometimes, of, uh, hey, I just got to the friggin gym. That was a battle for the person versus the person that can come in and go, all right, I’m here, no problem.

But I can do 50. That beginner might start off and go, I can do 50. And they get in there and it gets hard. You’re like, well, maybe 30, maybe, and don’t get tied up in it. But as I’m older, what do I need to do 150 pull ups for in a workout?

It’s just not worth it. I just want to be overall fit. I want to work my strength. I want to work my metabolic conditioning.


And it might not be that number from when I was 30, from when I was 40. My different numbers will change or your time domain. Okay, I can do 50, but it’s taken me 40 minutes instead of 30 minutes. Sure, sometimes you do have to push yourself. Yeah, and have those hard days, but it’s tough.

They happen.

You just got to walk in. You got to start doing something to be better.

Yeah, just getting out of the house is the battle for some. We’re not here to judge. Just come on in. Just come in, do something.

Yeah, absolutely. And if you want to do something to support the podcast, check out shop rmsdf.com. That’ll get you all your Rocky Mountain self defense and fitness gear. There’s a ton of stuff on there for you. Crowd maga and self defense, two a minded people, and then our shop clearsky training.

You can get all our clear sky branded self defense and two a stuff as well as our just online portal, which is. What is it? Do you know? You don’t know the portal. Something. I am saying something. I’m quizzing you, because if you don’t know the portal, I’m going to punch you in the face and pepper spray you.

Now. You’re still going to do that anyway.

No, seriously, can you. I don’t remember the portal. Under the stress of me coming around the desk, getting into the case where the taser and pepper spray are. Are you going to be able to get to the website and find the portal? No, Josh cannot. Oh, man, he’s demoted.

All right, our training portal is clearsky training. That’s it? No, it’s clearsky training. For all our online videos. We house them there. Um, if you’re a member here. Yeah, it’s a little add on. We tried to include it in the membership and then people wanted it taken out. They didn’t want to pay for it.

So it’s entirely up to you. You don’t want to use it, don’t use it. Always kind of like, hey, consider this technique. If you don’t want to do it, then do some other thing from your other system. I don’t care, really. Just don’t inflict your tactics on other people.

Um, let them make up their own mind. But it is, uh, out there for people to use. It’s amazing how many members don’t use it. And then they go, I was online and I found this technique. It seems a little different than what you taught. Like, yeah, it’s a tweak.

Somebody’s got another, maybe it’s good. I’m like, hey, that’s something to consider. But you want our technique? It’s right there on the portal, guys. It’s right there. Parents um, it’s going to help you guys out, uh, with your kids training, that you can reference the actual video versus trying to google something and hope it’s the same thing that we’re training.

Um, there’s plenty of good stuff out there, guys. I think our stuff’s pretty good, so check it out. I think Josh wants to wrap it up, so we are out of here for another week. You guys, thanks for tuning in. Get out there. Do something. Tell somebody about rmsdf.com.

Um, this could be a good fit for them. You never know until they try it out. So get in there and train more guys and suck a little less every day.

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