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This is the John Hallett podcast with John Hallett. Because the way we’re living, we need to change it. Make a change today and learn from failure. Maybe they just wanted it a little bit more than you. That’s probably the fact. And now your host, John Hallett. Hey, everyone. Welcome back.

We were talking about some of my training and of journey through and tough things. And we’re also going to talk a little bit, I guess, about bullies. Kind of fed up with that. And I think the way school systems handle bullies, I don’t agree with. So we’ll talk a little bit about that.

Have a student or two being, um, bullied. And it really just annoys me, um, of how the school handles things. Um, it’s ridiculous. I think they just empower bullies, I believe. But

the toughest one, you’re asking. Physically demanding. Physically demanding, yeah. Which one were you doing where you were spent afterwards? That total feel of exhaustion? I mean, are you talking, like, one day? Well, it could be a multitude, because we’ve done the.

And it’s what I tell students all the time that, um, just walking in the door is the toughest one. My level one. I had come off Taekwondo. I was trying to get myself ready the best I could, and I was running. I remember some guys, like, I saw you running, John.

I’m like, yeah, I suck at, like, you look like you were dying. I was. Guitar is like, john runs like crazy. He runs great. And then John’s like, I can’t run. So I don’t get it. I’ve gotten better because of how we train on the fitness side, that it forces me to run.

But I was doing sprinting, uh, telephone poles, jogging. I was hitting my bag and doing all this stuff, and I got to level one, krab maga, and I was not ready for krab Maga. And I had gone. And remember the rep guy that I was working with as my whatever you want to call him, they weren’t called a sponsor, but he was my rep, and getting me into krab Maga and what to expect and different things, and I’m like, man, I should have gone up to Krav Maga Boston, and trained with those guys.

And I’m like, I’m regretting that now. And level one was tough because I was just not ready for it. And so many people. There was only one guy out of 25 ish people that had done krav maga, really, at that point. I mean, we’re talking like, 22 years ago.

Sure. So people were adding it to their martial arts school. What have you, like, the same thing. I was, like, adding it, and then I was like, oh, we are getting rid of. This is how we’re training now. This is what I was originally looking for. But I tell the story of being lost in the grocery store, of, uh, we were just trying to get some stuff to bring back to the hotel room, Jack and I.

And he’s like, what are you doing? I’m like, I’m looking for the front. Wow. And he’s like, it’s over here. Come on. I was just so exhausted. So exhausted. I don’t even know if it was the same night, but we were at, um, a group of us went out to dinner, and we were in a booth, and I was at that, on the wall at the booth, and the waitress was like, can you hand me your plate?

And I was like, no. And she thought I was just being an ass. I’m like, no, I can’t physically lift up my plate. And she’s like, wow. And of course, like, whoa. What do you guys do? Nobody knew a crop. Like, oh, we’re doing a cromagon instructor certification. I’m like, I’m sorry.

We’ve been training for days. I can’t move my arms. Sure. And I remember one guy blew out. He was black and blue, um, in his chest. From the amount of push ups we had done, he had done something to himself, that one. Just because I didn’t know what I was getting into.

Right. You’re starting any martial art. You have no idea. I always say black belt is, quote, easy because you know what to expect. You’ve been training in all of this stuff. You should be prepared. Is it going to be physically demanding? Is it going to be really hard? Is it going to be harder than your yellow belt test?

Absolutely. But that first one is just hard because you’re, uh, not ready for it. You’re just starting off. I always think the first one was the hardest one. If you’re really depressed. Me, that first week, and I mean, again, we were doing a week of training. Day seven is the test.

8 hours a day. 10 hours a day. Yeah. There were at least eight plus hours a day, um, in there. And then you are Monday to Sunday on that. It was a long week. And just, uh, toast just so sore, um, doing things, just framing up, clenching people, and having that krav maga wall or frame, whatever you want to call it.

Um, I was like, oh, my traps are killing me. Just from the other guy being on you and doing all of that stuff. You just weren’t ready for that training. I think that was probably the most physically demanding because people would quit. I’ve seen people not ready for it, um, and just wash out because they can’t make it.

I’ve seen people, it could have been orange blood or. No, just these guys are like from the fighting. They’re like, my leg, I got kicked and I just can’t continue. I think some of that’s mental. Yeah, I was going to say the. Mental perseverance because I’ve seen some of like, I’m like, okay, you guys are bowing out.

I just remember doing a thing with James up at, uh, was, uh, watching. He was, uh, testing my people. I was testing his as, um, not playing favorites as you know, I don’t play favorites anyways with my people. Um, but it can be tough. You want somebody to pass, but you have to sometimes go, you’re just not instructor worthy.

I really love your passion about kram maga, but you’re just not there yet. Yeah, and you’re not there yet. Or you might just be always a really good student, uh, and be really good at protecting yourself, but you just might not be an instructor. Sorry, not everybody’s, not everybody makes division one football.

Not everybody makes it here and there. You’re a really good college player. You just didn’t make pro. Hey, most people don’t even play college ball, never mind get to the NFL. But, um, that one sounds like it totally south. Yeah, that one. I remember one of my students was just so banged up.

I think it was Lisa, who’s a state patrol here in Colorado now, but she was with me for years and years and years, um, and stepped away family. And you were with me for twelve plus years of training that she was so beaten up. I believe it was Lisa.

Ah. And these two guys that were both like, I can’t even see a bruise on this guy. Oh, my leg. And you’re like, okay, hey, if you physically can’t like, come on back and do another one. Like, you took an injury. But is it mental of people going, I don’t know.

I remember a guy I got ahead of and was like, hey, was that next one? Was it as hard as it might have been? Uh, I had done one and two with him now three, which I said was a culmination, a stopping point. He’s like, is it harder than two?

And I just laughed at him. I’m like, what do you think? It’s the next level up. Um, they did get a bit nicer to you when you went the expert series, like, you earned a lot more respect with that rank, but you had to earn it. But, yeah, I don’t know if he ever did it.

I don’t know if he ever went to three. He had a kempo school. And is it up here? Is it going, I don’t know if I can do it or I don’t know if I want to push myself there. And that’s fine. That’s where you’re at, but. Oh, well.

And I think just that mental toughness, sometimes it’s a good quality to have. Sure. Just because you can do the technique, does it mean you’re an instructor or are you like, physically tough as well? You could take it out and be like, hey, you don’t have to be physically tough to teach, but I do kind of like that aspect of you’re mentally tough, you’re teaching people self defense.

You should have some mental toughness and fight through in your training that you’ve pushed yourself, ground, stand up, uh, physically demanding stuff that you keep going. Do it again. Whether you’re exhausted. Good. Push yourself through that. Use it. Some people don’t want to. Some people don’t like that aspect.

We’re like, we want you to be in shape. I wish we spend more time on technique and we try to balance it out here. And sometimes we tend to balance. I wouldn’t even say balance it out, but hey, we’ve got a spar. We got all this stuff. But, yeah, there’s got to be a physical component of it, of, uh, being shape.

Is it 50 50? I don’t think so. But depending on a class, it might be 50 50. But that’s a class that’s not overall training somebody, but be in shape, be as strong as you can. Half later. Uh, the strong man people that you’re harder to kill. Strong, right?

Yeah, you are harder to kill because you’re physically strong. You have as much muscle as you can, and if you’re not doing that, you’re just weak. You get a phenomenal skill, but sometimes you do need strength. I’m sorry. And, you know, I love technique and techniqueing it through, but at least push yourself.

Have some physical. What if you have to freaking carry your wife and whatever? Uh, I’m too weak to carry you. I could do it. It’s going to hurt. I can do it. Be freaking strong. Be strong. So of all your trainings, all the things you did, what was the one that mentally you were like, uh, I’m in over my head or I can’t finish this or what have I done?

I’m not ready for this. Which one grabbed you and you were? I mean, a lot of self doubt, I guess would be what I’m asking, you know, did there one that hit. You where you were like, probably m one of like, what the hell did I get myself into, really?

Maybe. But it wasn’t, but there wasn’t any real stuff. I’m like, I’m finishing this. I told my students back on antiquate island that I’m going to get certified in krab Maga. Yeah, there was no, I’m coming back. Instead, I failed. Wow. Yeah, there was no doubt. I’m, um, passing.

Did it suck? Did I go like, what the hell? I am not. I thought I was in shape. I am not in this level of shape of what they want you to be in shape for. Um, um. But there was no, like, I’m going to fail this. It’s okay.

Study. Get it down. If you, um, are a student in whatever, just think of all the stuff that you need to know for your first belt and having to do that in seven days and it all being brand new of Never training it before. Uh, besides, oh, like a front kick is, uh, the krav maga version was different a little bit.

There’s little nuances, but you’ve still thrown plenty of kicks coming in as a martial artist. So learning all that stuff and retaining it and remembering what each technique was. I was mentally demanding just learning everything in seven days. And I had the old videos, the VHS, I think we talked about them, but I’d watch those a little bit and practice those.

But it was still no substitute to actually training. Sure. That’s where I’m like, if you do our clear sky training, we’d love to build that. As I get older of doing quarterly things with the people that are training with us online, like, hey, let’s get together and do an event, do two day weekend, whatever it may be.

But there was never, I’m not going to do this now. I will say this, that here at, uh, RMSDF, we are doing taser and pepper spray. Fight through it. I’m going to do it that much to you, but, uh, I’ll be gone. Uh, I’ll be gone. Oh, yeah. There’s the makeup.

There’s the makeup. Don’t worry. We can just do it out back one day if you want, uh, just a video of it happening. Yeah. I don’t want you crying. If you want me crying, just follow me home. Just follow me home. Uh, I’ve been hit with a taser, and there’s nothing comfortable about it.

Yeah, I got to pull up my especially taser video, but I’m like, what the heck? Did I sign up for this? And I did it in our law enforcement training. You’re like, why did I get signed up for this? That’s after the pepper spray, and you’re phased. Why did I do this?

I’d rather be tased than pepper spray. Absolutely. Like, pepper spray, taser sucks, but then close to it, it’s over, right? When it’s done, it’s done. Pepper spray stays with you all day. You can feel it almost all day. Well, I mean, you’re still sitting there. It reactivates in the shower.

Yeah. Are you sweat or, if it’s on you, any oils?

Baby shampoo works pretty good. I didn’t have that. I think it does work. It helps flush that out of your eyes a whole lot better. Probably suffering. But we’ve got that kind of. We don’t have baby shampoo. Yeah. February 22, but that, I was like. Why did I do this again?

But, uh, it was over. But you got to learn it in school before it happens in real life, because anybody anywhere can be carrying pepper spray and just fill a room. Right. You’ve got to be able to start overcoming this and the tears and all that stuff, right? Uh, yeah.

We’ll do one that you’re just getting hit with the taser and hitting a heavy bag. And I’m always like, don’t hit me. You’re hitting the guy with the taser. I have to put the taser on you. Usually we’re doing it from behind. Got it. Um, in there. You’re getting zapped.

You’re getting zapped. Like, oh, stay in the fight. But then people like, because I’m holding the taser or another instructor is holding the taser, they want to then attack them, and that can be hurt. You’re like, yes, but no, not for the drill. This is just fight through it.

You’re getting hit with a taser. The heavy bag is the taser guy. Beat him. Beat him. That one. We’re like, don’t hit us. We’re trying to protect ourselves. Keep a hand up. Uh, protect yourself at all times. But students will spaz out and panic. And it’s a tougher side of that one of, like, yeah, if that dude over there is tasing you, I address the taser guy.

But the drill is hit the heavy bag. Keep hitting it. You’re getting zapped. Stay in the fight. You’re getting zapped. Come at him. Come at him. Redirecting and trolling a taser would be a whole different thing. Sure. We will do a little bit of that. I mean, we use the taser, um, just like a knife.

Yeah, it’s scary. It’s zapping you. And controlling that is the same as controlling a knife. You don’t really want to grab onto the taser. Talking to students are like, the sound scares me.

And it’s a big aspect of a taser. It’s intimidating. Electrical fear. Yeah, absolutely. I’ve touched a, uh, 220 socket before and changes your life. Like, when you get really hit by electricity, you become afraid of it, and you really do. February 22. Don’t touch 220. Josh. Oh, it was totally an accident, too.

I mean, it’s always an accident. It’s always an accident. But once you feel it, you’ll never want it again. Yeah, 110 is bad enough. Yeah. Even though some of those electricians are like, it’s nothing.

It’s something. I get hit by those all the time. It’s uncomfortable when you get the 110, you’re like, yeah.

Second part of this, bullies. It is so disheartening to have these little elementary school kids getting bullied. Getting bullied and the school not doing anything. I was trying to tell them. I’m like, some of it’s happening in aftercare, but it’s still the teachers. It’s still sponsored by the school or whatever the heck it is.

Oh, it was an accident that he punched them and was yelling, okay, let me punch you. Oh, it’s an accident. Seriously? You punched somebody by it. Uh, you threw the kid. Do they need and kids be able to screw up? Absolutely. Sometimes you’re like, these people don’t let kids make mistakes and learn from them, and it’s the freaking end of the world.

But time and time again, and, like, seriously. Oh, I just accidentally punched you, miss teacher. Really? You’re calling the cops? I was like, hey, if their school is not going to do anything, you’re going to have to do something. Be like, have the school. Do I need to bring my lawyer in?

Are you protecting my kid? And just see this little kid upset and, quote, traumatized. It’s been happening time and time again. And like, listen, can you get your lawyer involved? Uh, seriously, they’re not protecting your kid. That’s their responsibility. And I said, actually during, I talked to her super briefly because it’s like, this is coming to me 1 minute before class, and I bring the kids in for a huddle up and talking about it.

Talk to your parents. They’re obviously bringing you here so they believe in self protection, but talk to your parents. It’s a big thing that I try to reinforce what the parents are trying to, uh. Or like, talk to your parents. Your kids don’t want to talk to your parents or too afraid.

I’m like, they’re there to help you. Yeah, they’re your parents, but teenagers get different and all that other stuff. Yeah. Especially young teenage boys are tough. We know everything, but we don’t know everything. I don’t know everything. I don’t even know how to look for the cabinet. Right? Like, I’ll go and look for something.

I can’t find it. She walks over and she goes, it’s right there. I’m like, son of a. But I’m like, what if that little kid called 911?

Because they do have phones these days. Well, he doesn’t. They’re little. They’re little. Um. But what if you did? Yeah, I thought I was like, I wonder how that would go. I wonder how that would go. Yeah. Hey, I’m getting bullied here at school. This kid just punched me.

I was like, interesting. And I’m looking at the mom and, like, the background, I’m like, that’d be interesting. The school’s not going to do anything for you. Why don’t you call 911? It’s a simple assault level. Yeah, I don’t care if you’re seven. The kid’s hitting and. Yeah. Do they need to figure it out?

Sometimes they need to rough house. And when I told them, I’m like, look, I don’t want to. I didn’t feel like, you’re going to have to hit. I’m like, I’m sorry. Sometimes m, you’re going to have to stand up physically. That kid is hitting you and they’re not stopping.

You’re going to stop being too nice. Now you’re being too nice and walking away. This is happening time and time again. I think your mom’s okay with it. You’re going to have to neutralize that bully because sometimes that’s the only way they listen. And, uh, some people don’t like to hear that you’re using physical violence and intimidation and pushing and shoving and accidental punches or real punches.

When’s enough. When is enough. And that’s a personal call. And, uh, conversation with kids of like, man, this bully has been going on and on and on. Like the high school kid that brought the knife to school because the school wasn’t doing anything and this kid is fearful and brings a knife and get into that.

Definitely bully. You’re going to have to stand up whether you feel like it or not. Nobody wants to really do that, but you’re going to have to do something, kid, because whether it’s one kid or two kids, you’re just going to have to do something. I’m sorry this is going on and on, but the school system is suspending everybody.

If you party yourself. Can we please look at this? Every school system that’s doing this, real tolerance. Are you being a hypocrite? Because if I bully you, Mr. Principal. Uh-huh. And punch you and you fight back, should you be punished in some way as an adult? I mean, they’re doing suspended, whatever it is for the school, three days, five, whatever it is, uh, it’s going on your record.

Well, if I attack you as an adult outside of the school, should you be punished for defending yourself? No. That’s what they’re saying. Yes. So what message is this sending? I think it’s absolutely ridiculous. The only ones who win end up being the bullies. Yeah, the bullies. They get to continue again after they’re done.

Okay, I missed a few days of school for being up a kid. I’ll do it again. And it’s making kids fearful for defending themselves. So the bully just now, you got kids that don’t want to get suspended, they don’t want it on their record and they’re backing down. What are we teaching them?

They’re good kids. Good people need to be able to stand up for themselves and not just cower down to the bully. And that might just be in the office of standing up to that same bully. That might just be physically, uh, not physically, uh, verbally being abusive to you in some way or being manipulative.

I mean, the crap that people do, ridiculous. Of, uh, undermining. And now they’re the adult bully and they might be doing it in a different way.

I’m so tired. So tired. Having the school. I don’t like it. And it’s totally wrong. Yet they continue. And I’m sick of whatever it is. Big government. They can’t say they’re wrong. I mean, come on, jocko it and extreme ownership out of it. Hey, guys, this isn’t, uh, the best thing anymore.

We’re going to take fluoride out of the water. But they can’t backtrack. They can never freaking own up to it. Never admit mistakes. They never do it. And these are the people that are government. Freaking start fresh. Start freaking fresh. I think it’s ridiculous that they can’t take ownership.

The most recent thing here. Well, go back to Taekwondo. That I came back to my class. I don’t even know what I called myself. Where’s the sticker? Um, nantucket martial arts. I don’t know what else. Caramel got hit like a girl and get yours today.

You should wear that. Will you talk? Bully, bully. It’s actually really cool if you guys. It looks sweet. It’s at our store. Check it out. You can get these. We’ve sold a lot of these because they are shop. RMSDF. I believe those are also. I think I had time to upload those, too.

I have to check with Lucy if those are. Yeah, that’d be great. It’d be great on my mean, I’ll wear it. I’ll wear. Yeah, he’ll like, hey, whatever, I don’t care. I get a lot of might. Maybe I’ll do a pink shirt. Are you gonna do one? I just thought of it right now.

Maybe I’ll do a pink shirt and wear it. Because sometimes I’d wear, uh, our pink belt. Got to put hit like a girl in the front of that. Like. Mhm. Josh. Yeah? You look like. You’re like, check out my boobs. Like, no. Weird, dude. No, I’m just saying it’s on the.

But does the pink belt change it? Am I not a black belt? Does it matter what freaking color shirt belt I have on? It doesn’t matter. No. What was I saying right before that? Josh just bullies. He hated bullies. And then I started the whole by art. Well, I’m trying to pay the bill here, attention span.

But the schools, you don’t like what they’re doing there? Nobody can. You can’t be a good guy if. I just finish being good. And I did, like, I had a. Bully, he came at me, and then one day I beat the crap out of him. My backpack. I just started slinging into him and I beat them to the ground.

I was really, really young. And, uh, they didn’t suspend me. They didn’t suspend the other kid because he had tortured me for a whole two years. Right? Yeah. And finally I had enough. And I clearly remember just beating the crap out of my dad was smiles from ear to ear.

But the principal was really worried that I was just too explosive. I kind of remember that, and I. Was like, too explosive? It’s been going on for how two years? I remember the kid’s name. I wouldn’t repeat it now. Yeah, document it. Document it with your parents. You’re getting bullied.

You guys got to document this stuff. Uh, so you have ammunition. Everybody needs more ammo. These are the things that have been happening to me time and time again, right. In the litigious world we live in, you got to have backup evidence. You’ve got to show the record, right.

And, uh, to punish kids for standing them up to themselves, and especially.

These. Kids, that it can take a ton of confidence for them to actually stand up themselves. That’s like, the number one thing I try to get across to our kids is be a confident person. Gain confidence by training a martial arts and knowing you can stand up for yourself and knowing you don’t have to use it.

But when you have to, you have that skill. And even good people like that. I don’t want to hurt you. They don’t want to hurt somebody. And sometimes that can be a detriment, that they’re just too passive when it’s already escalated and they’re already interviewing you and they’re getting into position to attack you and you forgot that and you were just trying to be too nice and not doing anything when that fight’s already started.

I wish they would come to grips. I’m sorry that there’s just so much I think that’s wrong with things and we need to backtrack as a society and go, hey, you know what? This is wrong. We’re doing this and it’s wrong. I don’t know what’s wrong with our politicians and our school systems and what they’re thinking.

Tell me what you’re thinking again. Info@rmsdf.com because if you comment on this, I’m not going to look at it because chances are you’re just angry and blah, blah, blah. You shouldn’t teach kids to stand up for themselves, so teach them to get beaten down and be weak. We know what happens when that, when only evil people are willing to use violence, you’re going to end up under the control and the thumb of a crazy government, a crazy whatever.

So I don’t understand what they’re doing again. Hey, Josh went all fast, and he also did some weird little, uh, out thing that cracks me up. But you want to show you’re out? Show them you’re out. Last time we showed you the intro, I’ve got show me what you do.

Playing in the back of pint. All right, guys, train more, suck less. We’ll see you next time.

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