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This is the John Hallett podcast with John Hallett. It’s because the way we’re living, we need to change it, make a change today, and all from failure. Maybe they just wanted it a little bit more than you. That’s probably the fact. And now your host, John Howlett. Welcome back, everybody.

I’m glad you could join me. Today, we were talking about my journey to to where I am today, just talking training, different things, stories, see what comes up. You know, everybody’s journey is different, and the tracks we take, always lead us to some place. You know? I do have to say, Josh does the show intro, and he he looks like John Travolta, and he closes his eyes.

It’s super funny. Can you do it for everybody, Josh? Well, here. Let me get myself because I I don’t think I can do it. What do you mean? Like, when I when I do this one, like Yes. And then you point to me. It’s called a cue. It’s called a cue.

It’s called a cue, dude. It’s called trying to make John laugh. Oh my god. I’m trying to get here. Grab your cup. What cup? Your sippy cup. What sippy cup? Here you go. Where’s the oh, there it is. I always lose it. Oh, my god. My daughter says the other day, she goes, is that your cup?

And I was like, no. That’s not my cup. I’m like, that’s Josh’s. What the heck? What’s wrong with my cup, Lucy? Like, it’s a sippy cup. So It’s messed up. It’s nice. It’s a okay. Fine. It’s an adult sippy cup, but this thing needs me hydrated. I know I need two before I workout.

Right? I need two after I have two before working out. Gosh. I drink a lot of fluids in the morning. Drink a lot of water. I know it’s good. No. I mean, I try to drink two a day, but sometimes it’s like one and a half. But I think no.

That is not my guess. What came on Amazon the other day that she ordered? A stash? No. Like a really nice one. Sippy cup like that. I’m like Who did? Lucy. I’m like I’m like I’m like, you got a sippy cup like Josh. Like, it’s just easier to sip out of him.

I’m like, I know, but it’s just not manly for Josh. It’s just never come up before in the conversation. I have said that’s not manly. Whatever. Sometimes you just I identify as half manly sometimes. Half manly. Half manly. I like my sippy cup. There’s a meme out there. People are like white girls are going dehydrated unless they drink out of the giant Stanley Cups.

The first one I had that was blue. Yeah. Like, it’s all the rage now. Is it? I was wondering why my wife was like, these are great. I love it. And I was like, another white girl trying to stay hydrated with a giant Stanley cup. Yeah. Probably makes sense now.

Yeah. Yeah. One of Jenny’s friends came in the other day with that. I’m like, look. You have a sippy cup. It’s real. That’s real. Oh, great. Yeah. Great. Stay hydrated. Else going on? Well, we’re still been training like crazy. We still have the clear sky defender for everyone to purchase.

So if you haven’t gotten yours today, you had a knife class just recently that was really focusing on using it. And how did that go? Because that looked like a ton of fun when it was going. It was good. Good. You know? Always good to train with a group of people for, you know, a couple hours and just get through some stuff.

I mean, I had a guy asking me some questions. Two guys asking me some questions. So I’m like, god, we just did two hours on this.

Get into another one because it’s Yeah. It’s specific. I’m I can’t cover it all In one. On the side of a class that other things going on. I mean, I try Mhmm. But, know, one of the things that came up was, what if what do you mean by justified?

If I fear for my life Really? And I’m like, if I fear for my life, I’m like, that’s pretty open ended. I’m like, how do you fear for your life? I mean, there’s a lot to that. You can’t just say I feared for my life. Yeah. I mean And I went to my knife.

Could you have gotten out of there? Could you avoided it? Sure. You know, if you blow any of the five elements of self defense out of the water or they, you know, the an attorney does Right. You’re not justified. Right. You’re pretty screwed. You avoided the situation. You know?

I’m and I’m hearing that a lot. I fear for my life. I can go to my gun. I can go to my well Yeah. What what’s the context around that? Mhmm. You know, are are you able to get away? That’s number one. That’s just great self defense. Sure. Distance.

Kid. I don’t want any part of you. Yeah. If you’re not in the fight, man. If I can avoid it Yeah. It’s going into that danger. And it’d be one thing, you know, it pops into my head if you’re going to protect somebody and you see somebody and you’re like, oh, look at that.

You know, that guy’s bullying that other guy. He’s really pushing him around. I’m gonna go and stand up for this guy even if it’s not physically. Like, hey. Take your hands off this guy. Like, you’re obviously bullying him Mhmm. In one manner. Like, I remember seeing one not too long ago of, like, a a schoolyard drop off kind of thing of one dad just pushing around.

I can’t remember if he punched the guy to the ground or what happened. But, you know, are you coming in there and, like, hey. Let’s let’s back off here. I don’t know what’s going on. You know, that that’d be one thing going to that danger. But Sure. That still can get you in trouble.

Mhmm. That in more ways than one. I mean, legally and physically, you know, coming into the defense of others, that that’s a tough one. You know, you wanna protect people, but what if you’re beating up Tara? When I come I mean, like, what if Tara’s beaten you? That that that makes more sense.

And I come to save my body.

And now I do whatever to her. Yeah. There’s a really good chance you as a spouse are gonna say, I was fine. Yeah. And with her, it’s a misunderstanding, and now I let’s just say worst case scenario, it she had a knife on you, whatever, and I shoot her.

What if you don’t come to my aid? Defense. Defense. Defense. Yeah. And say, like, no. Yeah. He he didn’t need to help me for whatever reason. Yeah. You know, that that’s tricky. You come in and help somebody and you get in the middle of a domestic and Yeah. Well Oh my god.

Then you get sued later for saving a life. Right? You could because, you know, if you were to shoot somebody’s spouse and they lose their spouse, they they try to Or just injured them. Like, you know, if it’s just you injured them, broke their arm, whatever, and they could turn it against you.

Wow. And now it’s their word, two people versus your one. And, you know, let’s hope there’s video, but what if there’s not? You know, we we like to say there’s video everywhere, but Yeah. Sometimes there’s just not. It’s sometimes there’s just not. Right. Still count on those video guys.

Like Yeah. Like the whole some of the old school dads telling these women to to kill the guy. Yeah. That’s I mean, did you see students go to weapon too quick in the knife scenarios? Like, does the thinking change between the knife and a gun? Oh, sometimes. No. Knife or gun, people go to it just as quick.

I feel like they go if they’re going to the weapon too quick, I don’t think it matters what the what the weapon is. They’re they’re they could be going too quickly. Wow. And that’s not surprising because in in training, like, the stuff you do in training is the stuff you might do that we would do in real life.

So that’s something you’ve gotta monitor when we when you create these classes. You’re like, you gotta figure out when when to go to it, when you’re actually justified, when not to. Right? That’s the biggest Making those decisions is so tough. But I feel, you know, sometimes when people are training, they’re just so ready to go to the gun or the knife because it’s they’re thinking it like, okay, I’m doing knife training.

And then they go to it too quickly and just kinda get too amped up because they’re in that situation. But you gotta be careful of that that you don’t always do that. Yeah. You know, there’s those, hey, I just poked you, man. Yeah. Like, and you fold your knife.

Right. And that’s Could you have escalated it? You know, sometimes the simplest thing is what we say in kids class, build a strong mind and a strong body. You know, the principles, you know, be smart. Mhmm. Just use your mind. How smart the guy. Because if you can just get away, wouldn’t that be way better?

I got two guys. I’m justified. If I can just get out of there and avoid it versus now I’ve got a knife. I’m going to my knife. Avoid it. Right. You know? I I think that could be a real problem for people. If not, just avoid it. Yeah. Or going, well, I’ve got these skills and I’m confident, which is great that you’re confident, but use your mind and go, you know, things go wrong in a split second.

Yeah. Especially my You know, I I don’t I don’t care who you are. You know, you could die at any point. Like, just one little mishap Yeah. In the fight Yeah. It’s over. And you’ve lost your life. I mean, if you could’ve just avoided it and not even gotten that conflict in the first place, it’s a whole lot better.

Yeah. I had a trainer once tell me the fight that you don’t get in is the one everybody wins. Yeah. And it’s like, that made a lot of sense to me. Right? He’s like, use your head. Get out. Don’t do it. Be smart. De escalate. I don’t wanna be there.

Yeah. But it it can be a problem. So And you focus I I was watching a lot of technique. Do you feel like when you do those special classes, you can you can really get into the deep level technique stuff with it that you can’t normally in a class since you’re just time is so compact sometimes?

Well, you can really just start building, building, building things and scenarios or whatever it may be. They can they can get a lot covered. And yet, you can get more. You can go, Alright. I’m not spending ten minutes on this. I’m spending fifteen minutes. And I got a just an extra five minutes of, know, here’s a little nuance or, hey.

Here’s something else you guys wanna think about. Because sometimes when you’re teaching, you’re just giving a block of whatever it is. Mhmm. And there’s always the what if. Yeah. And sometimes you go, okay. Well, let’s talk about where they could go from here. Sometimes we don’t have that time.

There’s always Time. Time time for the problem. Right? Everything. So, we’re all dying. So Are you busy living? But I feel like you can really just get in deep and spend some more time or at least build build build where in a class you might go, alright, we’re spending fifteen minutes total on this topic and Yeah.

You know, sometimes you let the class run long. I mean, it just depends, you know, I’ll kinda, you know, feel and flow a class as I go and just take what happens in there and take where the students are going a lot. I mean, and that can be tough for a newer instructor.

Like, you know, you should have a game plan. Know where you’re going. Because obviously they’re like, I don’t know what I’m doing. Mhmm. And I always tell people, like, have some sort of default. Get them like, alright. Let’s go. Let’s get four minutes of kicking in. Right. Let’s practice some random kicking.

Alright. And it might be you don’t know where you wanted to go with the class or you’re a little lost as a new instructor. Yeah. Sometimes I use it as a reboot. Like, alright. Yeah. Yeah. Like kids classes will do a game. Just reboot the kids, blah blah blah.

Okay. You were really focused, you know, especially elementary school. They were really focused. Alright. Let’s play a game. Alright. Boom. Yeah. Bring it back in. It’s just a little system reboot. Grab attention again. I’ve seen you do that with the kids and it works really well, really well because by the end of the game, you got them into the next technique and stuff.

Yeah. It’s they they had a little fun. They just gives them a little break. It’s like recess. You know, it can be, you know, you know, probably two minutes. It could be, like, a little four minute game. And a lot of the games I play, you know, we try to have it’s either athleticism, coordination, or just they’re getting a little tiny workout Sure.

As part of the game or, like, you know, pizza delivery game. They work in their fight stance, delivering pizzas. They freaking love it. That was fun. So So have you done a lot of big game, like, other training like that? Like, you offer a knife class in somebody, you know, your students take it.

So did you take a bunch of stuff like that in your early career? Were you going to because I think you said you’ve trained the past route and you’ve trained with some pretty good names that are out there. And you do the trial by fire and So, you know, way back when, would always Krav Maga would always do seminars were usually the bigger thing.

You know, I didn’t do a lot, in ta on Taekwondo. We did tournaments and stuff like that, and, occasionally, and I really didn’t like doing tournaments. I really did it for my instructor. Really? So you weren’t into the competitive side on a lot of that stuff? No. I mean, I didn’t I didn’t like taekwondo sparring Oh?

At all. You know, I trained with a guy, Jack Marshall, Rick LaRue, and different other guys along the line, and we’d usually train on Sundays and do our own thing. Mhmm. You know, Jack was a boxer. We’re to add in, listen, what was that guy’s name? It doesn’t matter, but a guy that did judo, mix in whatever we could without him going, oh, that’s against the rules.

You can’t do that. It’s not Taekwondo. We eventually kinda convinced him a bit in classes for sparring that, hey. We’re we’re gonna do this. Yeah. Like, we’re the client. Hey. The new people don’t wanna do it. That’s fine. If you wanna, like, but when we’re going together, I’m gonna punch Jack in the face.

He’s gonna punch me in the face. Mhmm. So wasn’t too into it. You know, even one early tournament, it wasn’t even early. It was just a long time ago. I think I was a first degree Taekwondo. I guess, I was first degree Taekwondo probably, maybe red belt. I don’t know.

And I was sparring with this guy second or third degree, and I had just been so diligent of not throw I didn’t even throw any punches in training. Like, don’t punch anybody. Don’t punch anybody. Don’t punch anybody in the face. Don’t punch anybody in the face. It was the first thing I do is like and I just I just threw a left straight at the guy and he covered his face.

Oh, it’s against the rules. You know, I lost a point. I probably lost on points Yeah. Because I got deducted points. But I remember seeing the guy in the locker room, he’s like, that was a good that was a good punch, man. Like, it was a left straight. Dude, tough it up.

Like, it wasn’t much.

It wasn’t much. I mean, it might have been quick, it might have been, but it was nothing really behind it. There was nothing like this one’s coming, like you’re coming. It it was really just straight, like, not I mean, I was probably in a taekwondo stance too. I mean, it probably didn’t have a ton of it wasn’t a a good fighting stance, so to speak, like what we use.

And Sure. Like, are we serious? Like, those things. I mean, I used to I took all the padding pretty much out of my, like, the protective vest that you had to wear because I felt like, I was letting things hit me, especially kicks because you had that padding. Yeah.

And people were relying on that pad that you were wearing for TaeKwonDo. I just, you know, and my instructor would make me take it out. Master Miller, like, you gotta have your chest protector on. It’s, you know But I don’t have that in a street fight. Yeah. That’s what I’m like.

I’m not it’s in the way it kind of messes up my Yeah. You’re all, like, bulky underneath you and are you gonna wear it? It’s, you know, okay. So I was respectful. I’m like, I’ll wear I’ll wear it, but I’m gonna take this stuff out. Really? That’s like I modified, like, the the piece underneath your arm and I, like, dipped it down so I could get my elbows in and protect my ribs a little bit.

I was wearing it. Yeah. But it took him a while. I mean, eventually figured it out. How are you doing? There’s no padding in your thing. I’m like, man. I’ve got the chest protector on my head. Right? Because there’s no padding in it. Oh. But, you know, going into Krav Maga, you know, I did a lot more like, you know, the boss root thing that they had a thing called the, what was it called?

The ultimate combat. What was it called? Ultimate combat. I forget Is that the very start of the UFC style stuff? No. No. But Boss had been friends with some of the LA guys Yeah. Out there, and they did Amir Perez that was on National Geographic, one. Yeah. That so that featured Kravaga.

He, like, did better than, like, the whole test that they put him through. Wow. Under stress, they put him in heat of, like, the desert. Sure. And he did better. He’s a phenomenal that guy’s a phenomenal athlete. Yeah. We do that. And Darren Levine did that. It was, like, two or three days or something.

Crazy. So you used to get exposure to that. Yeah. You know, there’s a good one. We did a Krav Maga in Boston beach weekend that Dennis Amato Krav Maga Boston kinda had a student that had a, property. I think we’re we’re near Gloucester. And for all of you, Gloucester.

Oh, Gloucester. See, that’s how I would’ve called. Gloucester.

Don’t look at me that way. It’s just some of the words you say You don’t go there. And you ask somebody You sound it’s still natural coming out of you too. You ask somebody where? Gloucester. Where is Gloucester? They’re gonna be like, I don’t know. Gloucester? I don’t even know what you’re talking about.

So it was nice. You guys are on a beach or something? We did that. That was fun. Different people exposure. Ernie Kirk from Philadelphia did a bunch of stuff. That guy’s great. Believe he’s still, Krav Maga, PA or whatever is. But Ernie Kirk, he’s phenomenal guy. I mean, he had somebody in on there that did I forget what style was like.

Basically, take a punch to the throat or groin. I forget the name of the style, but base you know, that was pretty impressive. But I I asked the it was I was a female, so she would like and she didn’t look like some freaking tough freaking warrior. Like, woah.

This girl looks like she’s in the UFC. She looked like somebody’s mom is what I say. Really? And she could take a punch to the throat. And I I trained with her one other time and probably after, maybe before. I don’t even know. No. I guess it was before.

The first time I met her because Ernie partnered me partnered me up with her. And, man, she was tough. She was a good fighter. She could take it. And I was asking her. I’m like, okay. So and tell me a little bit. Well, I can’t share was that. I’m like, okay.

Your instructor will ban you or just touch you or whatever. I’m like, okay. I’ll erase your like, sure. But I’m like, here’s what I can you do that live? Mhmm. No. It’s more of what you know as a fighter of being able to absorb a shot. Sure. You know, brace for it, condition your body to take hits.

I’m like, okay. That’s all I need to know. Yeah. It took me a ton of years. You can stand there and go punch me in the throat. But if I just punch you in the throat, you’re gonna be in trouble. Who was that that died that way? Houdini. Who is that?

Because he always had the thing you could strike in the stomach. You wouldn’t be hurt. Yeah. He died like some random college kid, right, that they invited backstage killed him. Yeah. He just randomly punched him. And he took, like, an internal bleeding or something. Yeah. Because he wasn’t ready for it.

Yeah. Like, yeah. And I’ll be doing things again. You gotta suck at Barnes and him. You know, everybody or we just talked about it. Life is fragile. So we did a bunch of, you know, bunch of those, you know, then just, you know, all the training, and getting exposure, from all the way from, you know, my level one is how we used to do it way back when.

You go to level one, seven days. Level two, seven days. Three, same thing. They got shorter at what they called expert series once you were in the old, Krav Maga worldwide, how they did it, before they lost the trademark. And you got exposure to so many martial artists that were coming to add Krav Maga to their school.

So that was always fun and you could network and, you know, even like, okay. What are you doing here? You know, like Prabhupada is very open. Like, is there another does something does somebody else have something else here and working through problems and testing different different things that would come up.

So those were always a whole lot of fun. Yeah. I bet. In there and, you know, we had gosh.

The law enforcement certification. Big Greg Allen and I went to that. It’s been a long time. Yeah. You know, those are fun, you know, getting to to train in those, and doing their, you know, their Krav Maga Alliance’s civilian force training certification that you had to be a certain level in Krav Maga To be able to do it that you, you know, I got it.

I don’t know if it was like what belt it was, but you had to be up there in rank to be able to get civilian certified, to go through all the law enforcement stuff. And that was a whole ton of fun. Sure. You know, the scenarios were always, I felt like the most fun.

And when you left these, you you would then instruct people that, like, you you took the law enforcement one so you can instruct law enforcement. Yeah. We were we were training. We had some of the guys from Douglas County. Oh, wow. Sheriff’s department training with us back then. But, you know, it’s law enforcement’s so hard because then they have their definite protocols and it could be different.

And we’d be like, hey. If you if your arrest and control is different than what we’re doing, then just do yours. Sure. You know? Like, the simple answer is they have more to worry about even back then Mhmm. Of and they had to arrest the person. They get handcuffs on this person.

You know? Probably got law enforcement is very similar to civilian stuff. You know? They have their gun to worry about. They have other factors, but it’s not really any different. Sure. The core of it, they just have other considerations. You know? Am I are they going to their taser?

Are they going to their fire? What, you know, what are the circumstances?

Neutralize that person, I get away. Boom. That’s my I don’t need to arrest this person. I just wanna get away from them. They’re they’ve gotta put them in cuffs and take them into custody. So those are different, but we, you know, we ran into like, everybody had their method.

Like, I used to like, I got I haven’t done arrest and control in forever because it’s just easier to go do what you’re training in and spend more time doing the things that I specialize in. Like, you guys are doing this on duty all the time. Sure. You’re having to do your department’s protocol that just do that.

And when you’re doing your in service training, do that. Sure. And the rest of it is what we do here, really, to put it simply. Yeah. That’s what I felt, what we did, you know, was even then when we came off of it, like, hey. If you have your method, just do your method that works.

Sure. You know what I mean? Do it. It’s a whole adopt what works principle with Or, yeah, what your department’s protocol is. Yeah. You need to do it for work. Just do it within the confines of the law. Right? Right. Yeah. Those were fun to me. I bet. But just the law enforcement training of, you know, always say, have a bad guy persona.

That’s where, like, oh, John did this or like, oh, sometimes you’re you even go, oh, it’s John. Yeah. She’s good at I’m like, I’m being the bad guy. And I have lots of people get very confused. Like, I’m just playing a role and those are, you know, those are super fun.

I’ve been loved to I don’t I don’t know whatever happened to those. I know somebody was filming them. I never, saw those, but when we were doing because it was super boring. If you weren’t doing Yeah. The scenario and you’re waiting for all the other guys and girls to go, it’s boring.

Sure. So I I got myself on the bad guy team on that one. I don’t know how I came in, like, let me be in there. Give, you know, and Oh, damn. Yeah. I mean, I’m pretty sure we’re doing simulations. I don’t know what we were it could have been, RAM guns.

I don’t I don’t think it was, what’s the other stupid one? Airsoft. Airsoft. Yeah. I’m pretty sure we’re doing simmunitions, but, for money, we might not have been. But I got myself in the bad guy team. Oh, it’s just so fun. I bet it was, guys. You’re always busy and you’re doing something.

Yeah. You know they’re like, you know they’re coming in and you know they’re trying to do their room entry. You know, they slice in the pie or they just coming in and what are they gonna do? So, you know, I was harassing the harassing my fellow classmates. That’s shocking.

Come on in. Yeah. Come on. Slice the pie. What are you gonna do? What are you gonna do? But, like, you know, bad guys know. They know you’re waiting to come in. Like, come on in, sucker. Like you’re coming in. You gotta make it really tough. You know, and it’s like usually there’s somebody in there.

Help me. Help me. Sure. Like, come on. Are you gonna save them? What are you gonna do? We’re waiting for you. Yeah. Yeah. Come on in. You know, it’s fun being a bad guy. I don’t really relish that. I thought I was good. It’s fun. It puts people like it should be fun.

Training should be fun. Yeah, right. And when people are sucky, you’re like dude, you’re like how many times I’m like Josh, dude, I know. A lot. And just part of it, but I’m like, god. Like, give me something decent here to work with. I know. I know. I’m I’m waiting for you to show me something.

You’re like, quick just come at me. Just do something better than that. Don’t play on top of me, Ale. It doesn’t even have to be fast. Just do something. So of all those that you took, which one, like, stood out as, like, the toughest or the one that took the most, endurance?

Like, you know, there’s a big difference. There’s, like, the mental endurance. There’s the physical endurance. And then sometimes they’re just they’re just hard. So if you had to, like, rank one as really, really hard, Which one stands out? I mean, really, I mean, different tests are all I mean, they all get harder.

Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I do. Right? They all get harder. And at the time, that was the hardest one. Right? You’re like, oh, the last one was the hardest one. And, you know, the typical, my black belt test was harder than yours. You know, people like, you know, my blue belt test was harder than yours.

You know, level three for what we did with Krav Maga worldwide, level three was a big one because now you’re going into the expert

And man, I knew a couple of guys out of Boston that I knew and trained with and would go up, man. Like, I can’t believe you went back to that thing twice or three. I think, okay. Oh my god. Three times? Man, the tenacity. Yeah. I’m like, man, I freaking you failed it?

I’m like, you did it again. I’m like, man, freaking hats off to you. I don’t do that one again. Level three was tough. I mean, there was a lot of sparring, lot of sparring in that one. So I can remember just we were grappling and just the amount of people on the sidelines kinda hurt or, oh, I got an injury.

Who knows what, thing. That was a tough one. That was a tough one. That’s for your third degree? That was for your third degree? No. No. This was level three. So Oh. Oh. So,

essentially the equivalent of green belt. You know, we’ve added about here Yeah. To keep people chasing it and staying on track and other reasons we we’ve hit another podcast. But, no. That was essentially Greenbelt. Then you were going into the expert series of instructor, and this was for instructors.

You had level you had one, two, and three. Yeah. So it was yellow, orange, green. And then you went into the expert series, which it was those were and also called phase a a, b, and c. And then you went to expert one, two, three, four, five, blah blah blah blah.

Wow. So that was a tough one because it was a stopping point, and they they made sure you were at a at a certain point. Or otherwise, you would fail if you weren’t there. Wow. So, yeah, you might have gotten through one and two, you know, by the skin of your cheek.

Like, oh, just made it through. You know? They’re like, I think he’s alright. He’s gonna get better, but then you didn’t get better. Yeah. For three, and they’re like, go back and do it again. Yeah. Wait another year. That was a tough one. You know? I mean, first degree black belt’s always tough, but, you know, different different seminars that we do even just different trainings with John Whitman.

Yeah. I always tell people, the one, Brent Wilkinson, really good good Krav Maga guy. Went into law enforcement, actually. He was I think he was a full time instructor for Krav Maga worldwide, then went with John to Krav Maga Alliance. And somewhere along the line, I believe, he went, full time law enforcement.

But, man, that guy, he was a beast. He still is, I’m sure. Yeah. But he was, like, picking me up off the ground. It was,

I forget. I think it was probably Brent. I don’t think it was John, but it could have been John that, said people were grabbing grabbing kicks, people going in, nothing super heavy, and people were grabbing legs and kicks and I was just dealing with it like, alright, you’re grabbing my leg and if you haven’t swept me already, I have a chance to throw a jab in your face and try to work escaping that.

But again, somebody went, alright, full speed kicks. Let’s see you guys grab kicks now. Mhmm. So full speed kicks meant people were kicking to the groin at full speed now, too, which you’re like, I think he was talking about rib kicks a lot. They were like higher front kicks that people are pulling.

And, oh, man, that that I I lost track of, like, getting kicked in the groin. Boom. Like Sounds like it was brutal. Twelve or thirteen times. I’m like, I have been kicked so many times and I’m not wearing a cup.

So it it was a good time, like, okay, stay in the fight, like, keep fighting. And you use those opera those tough days of, okay, I’ve been there, I’ve done that. And it’s just it was terrible. I remember I was kinda getting into, like, with a clinch with Brent.

He’s a bigger, stronger guy, and he’s still on knees. And I just, like, boom, down. And he kinda, you know, get up. And Whitman goes, hey. He’s good. Like, he’s had enough. Like, have you seen how many kicks he’s taken and he and got no. Yeah. Like, I I think we’re at the end here.

But, you know, he didn’t realize that because he was sparring with other people or whatever. And Whitman was like, dude, he’s been getting up plenty or getting kicked and staying up at this point. Like, you’re just going down to a knee. You’re going like Yeah. So much the body can take too.

And he’s like, he’s had enough. And I was just like, oh, that was terrible. Yeah. That was terrible. Like So that one. Which one? Yeah. I just remember going, I don’t wanna sit on ice because that’s gonna sound miserable, but, man, I was just remember being in the hotel or just like Yeah.

Oh my god. So that was probably the most physically demanding one that you did? Probably not. What was the most okay. So that’s the question is, which was the most physically demanding? You know, if you wanna know, you might have to hang on to next week. So, alright guys.

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And every time I go on to the comment section for anything, it just makes me mad or affects me. Like I just told Josh this morning, I went on, Oh, let’s see what people put on this. Everything is negative. There’s five comments, and I believe all five, maybe one, but I think all five of them were negative.

I don’t even know if I list all of them. Like, this is why I do not look at the comments. If you want help, if you want to make a comment to me, don’t look for it on YouTube because I am not going to comment because reading those things are just annoying.

There’s just so many hateful hateful people out there that, you know, just have they just wanna bring everybody else down and just say mean things. I don’t need that. There’s enough negative out there, so we are out of here, guys.

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