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Alright. So slippery slope when you start talking about doing away with money makes me kinda think like, you know, jeez, communism. Are you sounding like a communist? F that. Communism has not worked, and nobody’s doing it right. That’s like the right to come back. Right. Nobody’s done it done.

Well, you can’t do it right. Communism has never worked. Because they want the top, they want to set the money. Yeah. They want the control just like all these other people. It’s just they want total control. Love that song. So let me pull up. But actually, you know, I did this test.

My son sent me. I could put it out there. If you guys are on band, you know, maybe we’ll What’s the website? Stick it with it. You want me to text it to you? No. Just It is pew research dot org Okay. Politic well, politics, quiz, political, backslash, so this is supposed to give you your political, leanings Uh-huh.

In the head. I came out. They were all like, John, it’s gotta be so far right. And I forget what the the super far right one was. Yeah. And I’d have to go through the test again to get to the end. I’m guessing left in the middle. I was guessing you were more to the middle than people realized.

I was right on the middle. Yeah. And they were all like, well, let me go back. And, like, two days later, I took it again. Yeah. Just go, let me see if I change it. Because I was kinda on the fence. Yeah. Let me just change an answer or two.

And then I came out a little bit more to the right. But I changed, but some of it it’s like, man, I didn’t change it. That one didn’t change that much. That one didn’t change it that much. I’m like, oh, the answer. So it was interesting. I can put it out there.

I mean, I’m sure some people have seen it. Weighted scores and all that. Yeah. You know, I changed a couple of things, and I’m like, here and there is on the fence this one. But it only kicked me over, like, one maybe maybe two. But some of it was like America should be the only superpower.

I’m like Okay. Should it be global? Should Should we have global power? And I’m like I really don’t. Some of these things, like Yeah. A global you know, is the world too big? I mean, there’s so many different it’s just so hard. I know. It’s so hard. I don’t you know, you start to lean that way and you’re like, and then they totally have control.

At what point do you weigh freedom versus safety? Right? Yeah. And safety always leads to some sort of socialist utopia is what everybody thinks. And socialism devolves into communism. It’s it’s a hundred percent effective. And it devolving that way. It’s always done it. Yeah. And I I don’t wanna see cash go away.

And that’s really why I don’t wanna see, like, a digital bank currency. Right? A digital dollar. It just cause what happens one day and if you don’t meet their standards, they take dollars away. Right? And I you we spent our whole lives earning dollars trying to make our businesses worth something.

And if they take away the ability to to sell those things for cash or money, like, what what was the whole point of all this work I put into it? It? Right? It’s like the state with us on it or it has to disappear. Yep. And everybody builds business because at the end, you either wanna sell it or retire happy.

Right? I mean, that’s the only way to build wealth. Wanna you know, I’m like, I wanna help the homeless, but at least to a certain point of, like, you have to help yourself. Yeah. And if you just wanna be a druggie and not productive, I’m done. I’m done with you.

I’m sorry. You know, mental illness, you know, is a big part of that. I wanna help you. We did away With institutions. Institutions and whereas if there’s bad in everything, we just have to you know? Again, money corrupts everything. I mean But,

you gotta be doing something. But this whole communist thing, if you haven’t listened to former KGB agent, Yury, y u r I, Bezmeneov, b e z m e n o v. Yeah. Listen to the interviews that come up on there. You know, I think the one I have saved here is, from three years ago, one point one million views.

I mean, it really needs, like, a hundred million views. That

the communist plan to infiltrate America. Yeah. Listen to that. Listen to him and he there’s no social media when he’s making this. And then you add in social media and how scary these things are. It’s slow and steady. Yeah. Again, I’m like, freedom freedom of speech. I am so like, it’s the coddling of the American mind.

You know, you’re hurting my feelings and all these other things. You’re taking about my ability to say things in my point of view. Yeah. Is hateful and everything’s hateful now because you disagree with me. It’s crazy. It is. Yeah. They’re just trying to take away power slow and steady.

We need to take control. And also And how to do that and, again, I’ll just say the person that gets taken control of, nobody like, you know, Joe Rogan does it. He’s he’s fine. He’s got tons of money. So, you know, at the end of the day, does he really, really care?

Mhmm. Because he’s got so much money that does he wanna change it? He’s nobody wants to step into that driver’s seat because if you really step into the driver’s seat, you’ve got a target on your back Yeah. Bigger than JFK. And any any Yeah. Anybody else that’s ever been assassinated or Mhmm.

Stuck in, you know, a Russian gulag for speaking out, you know, all of these other things. You’re a target. Or they’re trying to bribe you out. Did you hear about Cary Lake Yeah. In New Mexico? The I went out with Cary Lake. Cary Lake was running for some a senate seat for the GOP, Arizona.

And, the head of the GOP in Arizona yesterday resigned because he was caught on, audio, and I think maybe video, of trying to bribe her to get out of the race from people from back east, a group that he’s never named. Right? And he kept saying, what’s the amount she starts with, what’s the amount gonna take?

And Carrie says, it’s not about money. It’s about saving the country. So first off, she’s a politician I want. Right? Because she somebody just offered her millions. Most likely a talking head position on a show somewhere. Right? Is what they do. They make you wait a few years. All they’re asking is to wait a few years.

Right? Wait a few years so they can get this this puppet in that they want to run. Right? Not actual people. So how often is that happening? How how many have been bribed? Right? How many are are working for themselves and not for the American people? It’s like the FDA.

Oh, now you have a job with the FDA after you approved or no. Sorry. Now you have a job with my company after you approve my freaking drug, and now I’ll come to work with me for a year later Yeah. After I mean, money just corrupts and it you know, I don’t know what the number is to corrupt me.

I mean Right. And I it’s easy to say I would never do it. Yeah. But I’ve never had anybody say, I’ll pay you two million dollars now to run for office. That’s it. You’re just not running for office. Yeah. And you go And you never had that much for mind ten million, a hundred million not to do this or do that or, you know, set up your every generation after you will be set for life.

Mhmm. It’s ridiculous, but it’s for the good of just mankind. Yeah. I agree. Not destroy the planet. Everything else, like, have human beings, like, live like who as much of a perfect life as we can. Yeah. And be happy and be able to do the things that we want, and these politicians are just poisoning us with approving chemical.

You know, you name it. The stuff that gets approved in this country is crazy. You’re like, it’s not the diet. It’s big companies not really caring. Yeah. You know, Florida, the toothpaste. You name it. Which is poison. Yeah. It’s it’s pretty wild. It’s crazy that these things are allowed to happen, but it all come back to money.

And we need to get these politicians the hell out. Either fix it and get out. That’s right. Because the longer you’re in something, the more apt you’re gonna be corrupt. So go back and get an effing job like the rest of us have to do. Yeah. Essentially, unless you’re, like, a freeloader, and that’s gonna just piss me off.

Well, that that that’s what people in, government do. Right? They they they don’t really most of them never own a business. Right? Yeah. Get a freaking job. Start start a you know, get in, get out. It’s this whole, like, I’m so pissed off about them buying these hotels in Denver for the homeless.

Trying to make They’re buying whatever. We can work these. Okay. Good. We need institutions back. That’s essentially what they’re saying. But it’s still not a good plan. They don’t really have a good plan. No. Listen to Michael Shellenberger. He’s got a way better plan. But they’re buying these things, and now you’re gonna get this room.

Can I get a room? Yeah. I’m a taxpayer. Can I Airbnb that room? Why do you get because you checked out of society and you’re you don’t have a man mental illness. Why? Yeah. Show me something. They can just keep doing drugs and living off, like, San Francisco, how much money they give freaking the homeless or bankrupt themselves?

Usually, when they give folks these places to live, they don’t their lives generally don’t improve. It just gives them a shelter to continue the behavior they’re already conducting. Right? So they turn into kind of these drug spots. Yeah. Fix your behavior. That that’s it doesn’t do anything to fix the the behavior.

All it does is fix the problem of people seeing it on the street. Because the problem goes away if you can’t see it. Right? They’re just hiding the problem. That’s all it is. They’re just moving the problem to a place where you can’t see it. We’re always gonna have some people that are mentally ill, and we need to help them humanely.

You know, it’s always those old institutions, what was happening to them and people being cruel. Can we, fix the people that are working there? Yeah. And maybe we need to rotate you out because you’re just burnt out Mhmm. And you’re frustrated. Mhmm. You need to go do something else for two years and roll people back around.

But we need to treat, you know, see the mentally ill, the handicap. Like, treat them humanely. Mhmm. But if you’re just doing drugs, everything else if you’re not trying to help yourself, you don’t get the free housing. Or you’re just a big you’re in a big group place that, you know, essentially, you’re safer Mhmm.

But earn like, Michael Saylor, like, earn the apartment, quote, unquote, in this, you you know, in this hotel or whatever whatever we convert it. Earn it. And if you go off the rails, you’re back into general co population, I guess, I call it. Like, you know, it’s not prison, but it might feel like it if you, you know, were in with a whole bunch of people, and everybody kinda likes their own privacy at different points.

But at least it’s safer than being out on the street and street and things happening to people, people being raped because they’re homeless or out on the streets. At least it could be monitored by people that were overseeing it. Mhmm. And there’s no drugs happening in this thing because open air you know, these homeless encampments or just drug encampments.

For the most part, yeah. Or the crime, there’s certainly a crime limit that ends up showing up there in it. It. But there’s things that we can do. It’s just crazy. But I I listen. I get that. You’re a Besanoff. I’ll listen. It’s scary. America like, people need to wake up because communism is not the answer.

It is not. I mean, can you take aspects of you know, it’s like, listen to both sides. Let’s come together in the middle. What’s best for everybody? You’re like Yeah. They’re they’re you’re making a face over there. Yeah. I hit the, I hit the screen. I hit the monitor, and I was like, oh, crap.

Face of my No. No. No. I was just thinking if you’ve ever talked to anybody that’s lived in the Soviet Union, like, it was horrible, the stuff they would talk about. They would wait in line for hours to get two rolls of toilet paper because that’s all you had.

You walk in the store and you would have one choice, and it wasn’t really a store. It was like Yeah. The communist party storage house. Right? And then most of the time, the only thing that it really had to offer you was alcohol because there always seem to be vodka, but they never seem to be fish or food or bread or toilet paper.

Kinda sounds like COVID. Like, keep the liquor stores open. And when people at at one point in the Soviet Union were being paid with with vodka, Like, teachers were being paid with vodka because there was nothing else to pay them with. Right? And that it just blows my mind.

You’ve got a bunch of imagine your population would have substances substance abuse problems and that’s all they get to consume. Right? Yeah. I mean, the choices weren’t there. Or if you said something bad about the party, friends and family members would turn you in. If they didn’t like you, they would really turn you in and you would disappear.

Right? That’s that’s what communism does. I mean, if you go to China right now, how many people disappear? Right? Who who don’t fall in line? And they’ll never admit it. It’s gotta be a an astronomical number. Right? Especially the Uyghurs that were over there. And they how they’ve been disappearing.

It’s It’s Sorry. They’ll never let me in the country. Yeah. It’s crazy. Because it’s just big power. It’s just corruption, and nobody wants to go against that. But it seems to me that we’re we’re not on a good track Yeah. Overall, we’re you know, things go up and down, you know, politics and but just as like, we should be further along than we are.

We should be the Jetsons by now. We should have some better cars. I was I was really you know, when I watched Back to the Future part two, I wanted a floating skateboard. Like, where is that? Yeah. You know? We never got that. We got a bunch of electric cars that get bricked when it gets cold.

I do love the cell phone. Don’t get me wrong. I got that one right. Kinda. Yeah. But look at all the every time you agree something, you create a new problem. Right? Yeah. There’s always problems. You gotta work through them. Yeah. You know? Like, manage you know, learn how to manage social media.

But it is hard because it’s, like, you’re fighting an algorithm. Yeah. You know, some of these things are, like, it’s just too much technology. Can we get people off? Because they’re just getting sucked down. They’re just sucked into a video game. Yeah. It’s like that one I sent you the kid freaking out.

Oh my gosh. Yeah. That was awesome. That was a total meltdown. Yeah. He did the same. Kid was like he seemed like he was four. Yeah. And he was it looked like he was twenty plus. Yeah. I’m saying yeah. He was a young man. Let’s just say that. Yeah.

Because because I’m like at sixteen, bro. Oh, yeah. You’re starting to feel your man about a little bit more, you know, in those ages. And he freaked out. It was awesome. And the dad, like, so to be able to do that, like The kid yelled or the the man yells, I built a life on there.

Yes. That was I built a life on there. We’ll just call it vacation a different situation. What did the dad say? It was Yeah. The dad is like, I’ll throw this away. It’s just Rodney. I built a life. I built a life on this. Like, his all of his his his interaction with people was through a a digital medium.

Yeah. It’s scary. He never left the house. My god. And he the kid looked pale. He never looked like he had done anything in this life. He’s, you know, he’s he’s The heaviest thing he’s lifted is the controller. Truly. Yeah. Like, dude, lift some weights, man. I’m sorry. Like Dad, chop out there and do some chop some wood, carry some water.

And it was it was like watching a four year old have a meltdown

They had a meltdown at Thanksgiving too, which is an epic one if you can find them. Like, they’ve recorded Same guy? Oh, it’s the same Just battling this kid? Oh, it This kid needs to be like He the kid gets mad at him because the dad says he’s complaining too many video games, so he takes a Thanksgiving table that everybody’s sitting at and he flips it.

The kid? He did. Dude, it like, it’s a meltdown. Like, yeah. This kid needs to be in. Like, if he was ever detox. He needs to go to detox for gaming. Well, here’s the thing. Like, if you ever could

Detox for gaming? Yes. Is that our new tagline? Gonna no. Let’s just close down the gym. We can do detox from gaming. What about We’ll make a shit ton. What about esports? And we’ll go the opposite direction, and we’ll train people to do esports down stairs. All you see is thumbs moving frantically.

Detox. Detox. Okay. What if we do video, like, video game detox, but we teach men how to be men too? Yeah. Well, that would have to be part of it. Okay. Detox. Right. How do we do it? You Yeah. Off this stupid game. We’re gonna teach you to lift some weights.

Come over here. Let me see you. I’m Bob your man now. Teach you how to defend a punch. Yeah. Do some real stuff instead of Mortal Kombat. Yeah. Learn how to pitch a little. Badass on the gaming system. Like, dude, get out there and do it for real. Do some citizen defender.

Do some cert pistol training with a actual guy coming at you with a training knife. Right. Do some things like that. But And we wonder why he’s so They can’t even, like sound like such an old guy, these kids. But we set them up that way, but it’s learning to navigate new technologies.

And then there’s gonna be a learning curve. There’s nothing large for us. Like, there’s nothing really difficult anymore. You know, computers handle the math. You know, they’re they’re trying to print all of our homes. Everything’s built for us. You go to the store to find whatever you need. The age of making the stuff yourself and trying to to make stuff better for you has gone.

Right? Because, actually, you can either find it online or at the store. But when we were young, if we wanted something, we had to either make it or figure out something that worked like it and change it. Right? There were there’s a lot of obstacles. If you wanted to go research, you could just jump on the Internet.

You had to go to the library. Right? You had to physically go places. You had to go through the hard work. If you wanted to meet people, you had to go to bars or places where people congregate. And you had to go through the steps of being shot down.

Right? Yeah. That doesn’t that’s not even happening anymore. They just go to an app, They say a few texts back and forth. And then before you know it, you’ve got people that are just in these relationships that are kind of empty. Right. And the options, it’s just there’s so many options in in the mating world.

Right? I mean, trying to find a mate. Well, then they’re sick. There’s the filters and all this other crap. Or you’re presenting yourself with something completely opposite of what you are. Right? Because there were people that will will will pretend they’re women or men online and be the opposite sex and and the the other person doesn’t find out until it’s quote too late.

Right? And then they wonder why people don’t accept them for what they are. It’s because it it runs counter to what generations have learned, what biology says to some degree. And I’ll probably get beat up for that one, but that’s that’s my feelings. There’s some research from, doctor Deborah So, I think, is how you pronounce her last name.

Yeah. S o h. She’s a sex neuroscientist. She’s very interesting. And, again, I’m like Yeah. So I’m like, I’m pushing people away from my own podcast. I’m just a guy. She’s super smart. She’s on Joe Rogan. Okay. I mean, you get, like, a fifty fifty shot with whatever I’m talking about that is either Sean Ryan or Joe Rogan.

Yeah. I I kinda figured that out. And then you’re like, or Huberman, if it sounds really Huberman’s kind of interesting cat. He’s very interesting. I mean, there’s just so much out there. Right? You know, Bill, like, I’m just another voice. You know, just talking to coach Bill here. Awesome guy.

I love his perspectives, but I feel the same way. Mhmm. And it’s also, like, some, a lot very common when you get your black belt that you feel like an imposter. Like, whoo, I’m not ready for you. Like, you get you get up there, and you’ve been training for it, but you’re like, now you’re a black belt, Josh.

You’re like, oh, wait. Hold on a second. I don’t feel. Like a black belt. Like a black belt. Like, oh, jeez. I don’t know. Mhmm. And and it’s super common. Like, sometimes I go, I’m like, I can’t believe I’m teaching self defense. Like, here I am, you know, you’re like, jeez.

Should I be here? And Right. Oh, yeah. You know, we it’s it’s a very common feeling that people have and it I it makes me train harder and do things, but you’re just another voice. But I feel, you know, I’m probably going nowhere, let’s be honest, with this podcast until I get totally sick of it or you quit and leave me.

I I have to die before you use your black box over there. I don’t know. I’ll leave the kit to you if I die. I don’t like myself. I could do it off my computer. I’m just making it feel good. Is that what it is? Because No. No. I like talking to you.

You do?

Until I could find somebody to replace you. Yeah. Or somebody better. Yeah. I get Get an AI bot. I’m just gonna get an AI bot and I’ll just have this interactions with this AI bot. Well, speaking of that, what happens when people get the AI girlfriend that’s got the the fake body?

Debra so Dude, it’s Listen to Debra so What happens when they start having a relationships with artificial intelligence? Like there was that movie, Her, where he fell in love with an AI on his his phone. Right? I mean, that stuff is going to happen. Yeah. I think there’s a I think there’s a super old movie.

I was waiting for her to bring it up and I think it’s like call. I don’t even know. All I can think of, like, is it there’s some eighties movie that he had a robot girlfriend. Yeah. I I remember that one. Yeah. Yeah. Was it Cherry or something like that?

Something. And you’re like, we’re getting really freaking close to that. It was almost prophetic because it was described in the eighties. Yeah. I know exactly what you’re talking about. You know, super long ago. Yeah. Maybe we’ll look it up after the podcast. I miss Short Circuit. Johnny Five is Alive.

Oh, yeah. Johnny Five. I love Short Circuit. I don’t know why I haven’t brought that back. My football friends used to call me Johnny Five. Johnny Five. It’s a lot. I had my football jersey started with five, so he was like, Johnny Five. Yeah. I I said that to my wife one day.

I was like, you’ve seen Short Circuit? And she’s like, what is that? And I was like, Johnny Five is alive? She’s like, oh my god. What have I what have I done? How does she even hook up? How does she survive? How does she even hook up to this girl if she’s, like, nothing like you?

Well, that’s that’s why I’m with her because she’s nothing like me. She’s awesome. She’s beautiful and talented and smart. I’m a total nerd. I didn’t know Right. How I ended up I’ll quote a movie and she’ll just look at me like What kind of nerd ass crap are you doing?

Yeah. I’ve heard that. Like, Josh, quit nerding out. Marshall will sit there and I’ll start explaining something and she starts going, uh-huh. Yeah. Uh-huh. I mean, it’s obvious. I mean, she’s attracted to your intelligence. It’s gotta be because it’s nothing. It’s like when you see those hot girls with these like, a guy like you.

You’re like, why is Tara with this guy? It’s not for my money. It’s gotta be the good luck. She’s attracted to them. You know, everything else. Yeah. She’s not attracted to that child. I don’t have a hot girl. Yeah. I’d I’d ask you the same thing. I would beg to differ.


I’m just kidding. She’s the nice one of the relationship, but she’s also HR, so I can’t call her hot. So I won’t. I’m the nice one. Nice one.

I’m a She never listened to this mail. That the high school girls were calling me. They told me I was evil the other day. We were doing, assess. So they’re doing just some basic self defense. I’m like, don’t forget to assess. The lights were off. We’re doing low roll.

I was there. Yeah. You were you were with me. Came in and started yelling. Yeah. Training you to to train the kids a little bit. And I was behind them with an ax or a machete, and they’re like, you’re like an ax murderer. It’s like the thirteenth floor in Denver in Halloween.

Like, just look behind you. Yeah. Assess. Assess. Is there a danger? Move. Move. But, we should wrap it up here. If you’ve made it this far, I greatly appreciate it. You can support the podcast by going to shop dot clear sky dot training. If you’re here in Castle Rock, we’ve got classes for martial arts for kids from age three on up.

And our adult program is our adult program. And we’ve got our women’s program. We’ve got our fitness program. You know, gotta be in good shape. And, if you’ve got a concealed carry and you’re not comfortable carrying that weapon, Just signed up a guy yesterday. I don’t feel comfortable. That’s this class.

Check out you signed up for propaganda. You should check out citizen defender. We’re gonna build your confidence. That’s our gym. We’re all about helping people get just a little bit better every day, suck less, train more guys, and fight communism, free speech. We need these things guys. We’ve got to do something.

I think the answer is in career


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