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This is the John Hallett podcast with John Hallett. Because the way we’re living, we need to change it, make a change today. We all learn from failure. Maybe they just wanted it a little bit more than you. That’s probably the fact. And now your host, a black belt. Uh, is a white belt who never gave up.

Um, it’s been said over and over again. You can say a lot of things in there, but it’s staying the course. You just need to overcome every obstacle that gets in your way. And to think that there’s not going to be an obstacle that comes up in your way, whether it’s injury, family, you name it, there’s going to be an obstacle that gets in your way.

That’s part of the journey. How are you overcoming those trainings? Um, I think Josh had said something about plateaus in episode, uh, two on this one, and there’s been so many of them. I think the hardest thing for me is generally the business side of things, uh, will beat me more up than the actual training.

Injuries have been really tough and overcoming those. And how are you still training through those? There’s so many obstacle guys, you just need to almost plan for it. Like, what am I going to do when I blow out my knee? Are you going to sit home and cry or eat ice cream and get even more out of shave?

If I’m hurt, I’m like, man, I got to get after this. I can’t slip off even a little bit because I’m not burning the calories that I typically do. I’ve got to readjust when I’m injured. I kind of take that even more serious than I typically would because I’m not working out, I’m not training.

I’ve got to take that side even more serious. And it’s one of those things that, uh, I’ve gone back and forth. It’s very hard to manage and push people when you’re not talking about a small number and just the cost of it in a gym, of trying to manage these people, uh, for weight loss and giving them specific goals, it becomes really time consuming.

We’ve kind of tried, and it’s just a whole ton of work that pops up in a small business that we just cannot handle. Um, and for the most part, you start to look at it and go, gosh, we need to charge x amount of dollars for this. And then people don’t want to pay that.

I would love to do it, but we can’t do stuff for free. Essentially, what it boils down to, of adding extra stuff. I’d love to do it to really push you on being accountable for your black belt journey. Are you getting stagnant? Are you constantly getting better? We’ll bring in Josh.

We’ve had some kind of discussions on this one and kind of said the last episode, I feel like it needed. I was driving home, and I’m like, I really feel like it needs a. Yeah. Uh, like, after you laid out all that stuff, the, uh, first thing I was thinking I.

How do I start the roadmap? Right? What do I need to get going? Because you give me lots of advice. And where’s the first place to start? First place to start is like, walking in the door is the hardest thing to do. Get in and get a class in whatever martial art you’re doing.

You might be, um, checking things out. I would check out different things. If you’ve done martial arts. Uh, I know this is what I want to do. I check things out on YouTube, different things of that nature. Um, but just checking out different brands and seeing what you get, not, uh, everything’s equal.

So you’re trying to tell me, try something, right? Try out and get. I would know a lot of people, as we know, what’s the price? What’s the price? Well, they want to know if they can afford it, but the price over there might be like, oh, that’s in my budget, but the one that’s $20 more, is that really worth it?

You’re like Starbucks. Um, once a week, twice a week. Uh, what are you getting over there? Right? What am I paying for, essentially, right? Is it worth it on price? And they end up at a place that they’re not happy with just the quality. Maybe they’re packing in the people because they have a lower price.

There’s so many things to consider. I would look at that different martial art. Maybe you got one to pick from that, uh, stinks in your town. Uh, yeah. Availability. Right. What it is. But I think just getting in and getting, uh, a schedule down and sticking to that schedule and then, well, I missed a class.

Okay. I’ve had people, like, I don’t work out on Saturdays. I just like to hang out. It’s too early to come in on a Saturday. I’m like, probably not making black belt. That’s what goes to can’t. Oh, geez. I like to hang out on Saturdays. Oh, college football. I’ve heard.

Know you name it. You’re usually out by the time the games are on. You got pregame, Josh? Uh, no, my pregame is showing up here, that’s my pregame. There’s those excuses, and you’re like, you’re not going to make black belt, that you can’t readjust your schedule just one day a week because you missed something.

Just sticking to that schedule. It’s just the biggest thing. Just come in that white belt, that black belt. There’s a white belt that just kept showing up, uh, time and time and time again. I’m going to be so many students that were just consistent. They just showed up, uh, and they got so much better.

Yeah. That time changes everything. Time is the hardest one. Just finding it happen, finding time to make it happen. That’s why you need that schedule. There’s people that live and die up by it, but put your life in that schedule. I mean, it’s more than just training. It’s life.

People save up for vacations, you name it. I want to go to this concert. They make it happen. If you want to get a black belt, you’ve got to make it happen.

There is the cost of it, and it stinks. And I go, if I hit powerball, I would love to do scholarships for, well, reserving people, uh, and things of that nature, but I haven’t hit powerball yet, so I need to make a living. We need to pay freaking rent.

It’s just the facts of freaking life. So you’ve got to make it happen if you really want it. Where can you cut, uh, the budget part of it? Yeah. What are you doing to make it happen? But, uh, just walking in the door. Step one. Yeah. And the next is affordability and stuff like that.

If you want to do something, I usually make a budget for it. Just f. And make it happen. Step three. Oh, no. An obstacle got in the way. Pulled my hammy. Whatever it may be. Kids are sick for a week or two

for here. Are you watching our videos? I was like, watch our videos. Just try to stay focused. I was like, there’s tons of good stuff out there, and there’s tons of bad stuff. But the problem is when you watch tons of bad stuff or stuff that’s not focused on, uh, what you should be doing.

We’ve got our portal, and the main reason I do it is for our students that they can get on there and they can see our videos and things that we are working on that is a ton better. There is also the issue of people trying to get ahead. That can be an issue of just trying to, like, I’m just watching videos, like, well, great.

You watch a whole bunch of videos, but you haven’t trained it. It’s like, try and keep it simple. Focus on one thing for a week. But that would be something I would do if the work schedule changed. You’re getting up earlier.

No gym can sometimes essentially accommodate every possible schedule change. But once you find a gym that has a schedule, then get back on the horse. You missed a week. We talked about it. Just compounds and compounds. You just got to get in there. When I hear from people, oh, I’m out of shape, the instructors are going to be disappointed.

No, we’re not. We’re get back on. Just get in the path. Just get in. You haven’t done anything. It’s just started. That’s the biggest thing. People are like, I’m going to get in shape, just get in. You’re not going to get in shape. Hit plateaus. Yeah, well, I excel at, ah, in classroom stuff.

Right. It’s just what I do. So when I get in this classroom, I feel like I can’t excel like I normally do. So there’s that fear of the unknown and that fear of myself not being able to pull it off. What do you say to folks like that? Because there’s people out there that are.

Always accelerated stuff, and they get to this and they hit a wall and they’re like, uhoh, difficult. Yeah. You’Re going to have to. There’s the tenets of the martial arts. Modesty, courtesy, integrity, perseverance, self control, and abdominal spirit. We have our dedicated, disciplined, resilient, and relentless. You might suck at it, but you want it.

You want to be able to defend your family, your personal what if and you’re not good at it. Great, good. The people I see that have difficulty overcoming that are, in the long run, a lot of times better than the person that just got it. They have a deeper understanding of it.

They’re able to translate it as the black belt to the white belt that was struggling like them. The person that just got it. Sometimes they’re not the best coach. They didn’t have that struggle. You just do this, it’s not working for me. The person that struggled, uh, I think a lot of times ends up being better.

You got gifted athletes and they can’t coach. Sure. Just easy for them. Right. So the struggle is good. Yeah, because I’m not. That’s what becoming a black belt is, is the struggle. It’s not easy. Like, oh, I got in my head good. That’s the course stayed. Like, keep struggling.

Yeah, that’s what I think. I just don’t have that kinetic intelligence, like some people do. Like you’re saying they have the ability to just get their body to do anything watching at once. That’s not me. And that’s a lot of other students should have muted you. That’s a huge thing to overcome.

Bless you, John. And I’m sure you see that a lot. So that’s something I really need to overcome. Right? Yeah. People have to overcome that in themselves. We say you’re getting in your own way of, uh, defeating yourself and saying, oh, I’m not good at this. This is kind of the general realm.

I can’t get this. I’m, um, never going to get this. You got to get that voice out of your head. Like I tell our little kids, tell them to shut up. You can’t say that. Yeah, you can. It’s in your own head. You’re not telling your mom to shut up.

You’re not telling your friend to shut up. You’re telling that stupid voice, that weak little voice in your head to shut up. You need to constantly say you’re weak to stop being weak. Well, that leads to the next set. Of questions, like, is it a bunch of hard work?

Right? Because I don’t want to put in. A bunch of hard work into something that I feel like I’m not going to get paid off in. Right. And how often have you heard that? That they’re not going to make it. You’re not going to make it to black belt, so why even try?


You’Re right. Because you just said you’re not going to make it. You’re right. Mhm. You got that little voice in your head that’s saying, oh, I’m not even going to make it. I’m going to put all this hard work and I’m not going to make it. Yeah, you’re not.

You’re not going to make it because you got that weak little voice in your head. Tell it to shut up. Stop being right. I am my own worst enemy on a lot of these things. And I’m all, I am dedicated.

I am the warrior. We have our peaceful warrior program, this, whatever. You have to embody it. No, I am the black belt. There is the struggle. But if you let that little voice in your head in that one little conversation, yeah, I’m probably not going to get this. Look at that guy.

You don’t see the struggle that they had. Mhm. You don’t see what they went through. And you just get in your head that this guy’s so gifted. It must be so easy for them. Oh, yeah, people have to stop being. I mean, it’s everything we taught you, like the coddling of the american mind.

Shut up. Stop being weak. That’s not a black belt. Get the voice out of your head. Are they going to creep in there? Certainly. Tell it to shut up. I am dedicated, I am disciplined. I can do this. You just got to tell it to shut up and find a way out of it.

Because if you just keep letting that little voice creep in there, you got to beat it down like an opponent coming at you. Oh, here’s that little voice again. Tell it to shut up. Oh, I’m struggling. I’ve been on this plateau. I mean, people, I’m like, am I. Really going to move on from the plateau?

That’s the other voice that’s in the head. Like, am I ever going to get out of this? I, ah, get myself into a rut and that’s the big fight. I’m in a rut. You just keep showing up. I’ve had herniated discs, like multipling. I’m going to do what I can.

I’m teaching from the floor and I think we talked about that. Those are all tough things to overcome. You’re getting older, it’s great. You’re not as fast, you’re not as strong. You’ve got to readjust. Ah, I think that’s where sometimes you see school owners, they get fat. They’re not doing anything.

Uh, I don’t know what’s going on in their head, but I know getting older, you’re battling it. You’re like, the younger guys are stronger, faster. I’m losing my fight vision. My knees hurt and do extremely painful things, especially, um, grappling. These things happen and you just got to beat that voice down, right?

I am a warrior. I am strike. Like, you’ve got to beat it down. I mean, it happens to me. Like I said, it happens more on the business side that you’re like, God, business just beats you up and you’re like, bring you down, but then get on the floor and you’re like, yes, this is why I do all of, uh, the crap that you have to do on the business side of running a gym and trying not to let it beat you down, but it certainly can.

That’s where sometimes I’m like, well, screw it, um, let’s go work at Home Depot. You’re like, whatever, I’m just going to try my best, is what I see a lot. Like, all right, there’s always something to do, but I’m trying my best. Hopefully that works out. So I’m writing down my roadmap to get where you’re saying, and like you said, show up, do the work, make the time, select a good school.

Right? And I say that we’re really a great school. You guys should select us because that’s my job. But how do I measure myself at that point? What am I looking for in myself to see if I’ve gotten to where I want to be? Am I setting goals for myself?

I mean, there’s a lot of non. Goal setters out there. So how do I measure myself? That’s what we, uh, brought belts back into our gym. Uh, that it gives somebody something to shoot for and to aim at. Like, okay, I need x amount of classes to get my yellow belt.

And it gets bigger and bigger as we go up our belts. We need so many months of training, so much time in between belts to gain some more maturity at that belt level. Those are like the little belts, I think those are really good, those little small achievements. And I tell people to film themselves and watch themselves.

It’s kind of like take pictures of your weight loss, watch your shadow boxing, and have something to come back. That’s what I’ve said. I would love to do it for students, but goodness, great. We know video. It’d be a full time job archiving. Yeah, it would be great to.

That’s like an NFL. Here’s all your at bats from this last season. They probably have that, but it’s probably a team of people. Oh, yeah. Doing the at bat. They’ve got a budget specifically for that. Most of your local gyms are. We’re all small business. You need to film yourself shadow boxing at your house or whatever it may be, and have that little bright, like, oh, look at my improvement.

Like I always say, like, man, my first degree black belt, I suck compared to second degree. Have something to look back and see your progress because a lot of times you don’t see it because it is so gradual over time. Uh uh. That’s a big one. I try to tell people, just create your own archive.

It’s up to you. I can’t do that freely. Uh, like, even going back and archiving stuff we have on YouTube of tests of who was in that test and who’s in that little thing. That’s up to you to, uh, clip that video and save it so you can see your personal progress that really, I think, helps people.

Yeah. Because that helps. Feels like the path is completing. Right. There’s a lot of people that look for I look for. Like, I want to make sure the task gets done or something feels complete, and that’s sort of what I look for myself. But if it’s a constant journey, there’s got to be these little milestones I’ve got to hit for me, that at least say you’ve, uh, completed those, I.

Think work really well for people and not comparing yourself to others. People compare themselves to others all of the time, and that’s just terrible for you. You got to get better for you. It’s great to have somebody to role model and want to be as good as. Be like, um, oh, I’m never going to be as good as Josh’s front kick.

You got to just get better at your front kick, film yourself, and see yourself getting better and not defeating yourself again. It’s just that you beat yourself up. Never going to be that good. Like, I’m never going to be as good as you. Well, yeah, you’re not, because you have said you’re never going to be.

I tell people, I’m like, I love you to be better than me. Train more, train more, especially our young people. I’m like, you could be the time you get to my age, if you continue to train, you’re going to be better because you started at 15. Yeah.

I was in martial arts at 19, but it was just part of the journey, and sometimes you find, like, uh oh, you got to weigh it. Am I on? Is this really what I was looking for? I only had taekwondo and aquito to pick from on Nantucket island. That was it?

Yeah. I mean, once a year, there’s a boys club, uh, fundraiser for boxing, but that was like, six weeks or something like that. So it wasn’t really a choice to be able to go and show up and get trained. Right. I picked taekwondo. I got my black belt, second degree black belt, and in there, I had found Krab McGowan.

I was like, I think this is more what I was looking for as far as self defense and fighting. So your path changes. Everybody’s path is different, or their personal desire, um, for a martial art, it’s your journey to that black belt. Yeah. And you were just talking about the time and the effort.

So how long does this stuff stay with me? Right? I mean, do I just retain it and keep it forever? Am I going to be able to draw on it, or is it, like. A certain amount, but every skill is perishable? I was just telling, if you’re not practicing Pickleball, your pickleball skills are going downhill.

Right? I mean, people, it’s in there, like riding the bike, but is it rusty? Are you wobbling a little bit? Um, I used to work at a bike shop as a kid, um, junior high ish age, middle school, guess. And you know how many people I put on bikes and adjusted their seat and gave them a map of Nantucket island?

And when was the last time you rode a bike? Was usually what we. Yeah, it’s been a while. And seeing you get on and you remember it, but your skills aren’t there. They’re not sharpened, they’re not razor sharp. I think I said, are you training once a week? Uh, it’s better than nothing.

But, man, are you really honing your skills as that black belt? I don’t think so. It’s like having a, uh, drawer full of dull knives, right? They’re there, but are they going to get the job done right? They need to be sharpened, you got to be sharpened. And that’s what I would think.

Do you have people that ask you those kind of questions a lot, though? Like, is any of this going to go on and do they quit because they think they’ve got it all? You know what I mean? I trained once, and I’ve got it. Um, yeah, there is definitely that personality that thinks that they’re the shit and they got it down again.

And you’re not the black belt. Yeah. Getting humbled along the way and fighting better people, that’s all part of the journey, that there’s always somebody better. Um, there’s always somebody better. So let’s say I’m a woman and I want to join, but I don’t want to hurt somebody. That’s been something that’s been expressed to me.

I don’t want to hurt people. So if I’m starting my path and I’m on that side of it, not just woman, but, like, saying, I don’t want to hurt anyone, what do you say to that? I mean, it’s good luck being a pacifist.

What do you honestly think

you’re going to do to somebody when they’re attacking you if you don’t want to hurt them, you think there’s some magic button that you’re not? I mean, I think, you know, different things. Did you choke them out? Did that hurt them? Um. I want to learn a choke, and that’s not going to hurt somebody.

I think you’re fooling yourself. My God, I still want to hurt anybody.

The warrior has to be ready to end somebody, if that is what it’s going to take.

It’s a tough question. I get it a lot and it’s. Like, you get it a lot. I do. People saying that they don’t want to hurt somebody? Absolutely, you bet I do. I haven’t had a lot of people. Tell me that, uh, I’ve had people, folks that I reach out to that I just try to get to come in.

One of the things they’ll say is I don’t want to hurt anyone. Well, I don’t want to hurt anybody either. Yeah, but if they’re going to hurt me, what choice do I have? Do you want to be the animal that’s led to slaughter? Is that what you’re saying? I mean, I’ve argued with people about one particular one that went on for a while and know the lady told me she was going to kill.

Uh. I mean, I just listened, uh, to, uh, endure by Cameron Haynes and saying, like anti hunters, like saying that they’re going to kill him. Okay. Yeah. Like I am providing for my family, I am eating what I kill. And you’re going to kill me for killing an animal?

Yeah. It’s total hypocrisy in statement, right? It would be nice. And we’re going to teach you and you’re going to learn things that you can, um, avoid conflict, but left with no other choice, what are you going to do? It’s you or them. Mhm. I mean, I don’t know how you’re answering those people, but

I just hang up on them. I hang up on them. That’s all I do. In an ideal world, we’re walking away and we’re deescalating or we’re using our mind. We’re strong warriors. I’d rather outsmart you. But you may have to defend yourself. And then are, uh, you going to freeze up?

People like, uh, just avoid it? In worst case scenario, that guy’s still coming at you. You’re probably going to freeze up because your plan was I’m, um, going to avoid, I’m going to de escalate. Well, sometimes that stuff doesn’t work. And now they’re going to harm you and your family.

What are you going to do? Uh, somebody’s going to harm your kid, what are you going to do, sit. There and watch or do something? And that’s what we’re talking about. I would like not to hurt you. I’m going to do the least damage I can and get myself away

again. You’re not justified. He’s on the ground. You’re not stomping on their head and hitting their unconscious and you’re still hitting them. Once you’ve neutralized, move. Get out of there. Uh, but, yeah, that quite. They’re in some sort of fairy tale. It’s an interesting quandary to talk about them.

I want to learn to defend myself, but I don’t want to hurt anyone. And that’s, like, hurt anybody either. We don’t attack. Better be prepared. Yeah, because people will hurt you. And the other one is, when will I know when to use this skills? When does the fight start?

When do I need to defend myself? What I’m getting just a little bit. Uh, you’re off track on black belt. Yeah, you’re off track on black belt. Um, and the journey on black belt. I’m sorry, I’m trying here. I’m trying my best. Uh, at 27,

you’ll know somebody’s choking you, somebody’s strangling you. You just got ambushed and sucker punched or smashed up into a car and thrown down on the ground. Now

what, are you going to use those skills now you’re getting attacked. Ah, avoid. I think I just said in a class last night about that, uh, last time I tried to deescalate somebody at home Depot, it was before COVID and the guy’s being irrational, and I’m, um, sure we’ve talked about it on the podcast, but I thought he was being rude.

Know, part of me had wasted enough time at Home Depot that he had cut me in line coming back in with whatever he was irate about. I think it was because the manager took a picture of his receipt that he was, like, having a problem with, probably to look up, uh, the transaction or whatever.

But the guy was all pissed off about that. I was just like, you’re being rude. You’re not being nice. And brought that anger onto me. And I was like, oh, man. I was like, whoa, this guy’s posturing up on me. And I was like, somebody called 911. Sky, get away from me.

And that made him enough, uh, to click. Now, if that didn’t make him click, you’re going now. Uh, I think I said it in the class last night. It was a little different. I was like, well, toadibo, I could run. There’s plenty of tools. Run to the tool section, throw a grill at them.

But, um, on my plasma, the black belt, I’ll see that. I’ll recognize the signs, right? That’s what it’s doing. That’s where I was leading with the question skills. Yeah, that’s more common along the path of, like, ooh, I want to try it out? No. I mean, get your buddies at the gym to push you in a safe environment, like looking for that conflict out there.

You’re wrong. And now it’s not self defense. Um, so good chance, right, that you’re like, oh, yeah, budy, and you posture up and you’re willing participant in this exchange because you want it to come. It’s like the gunslinger that goats the guy in to going for his gun. You’re wrong.

You can’t goat them. M into it, so to speak. Is that the right word? Yeah, goad them. Like, goad them into it. Geo 80. You’re bringing them in. You’re no longer this unwilling participant. Yeah. Now, hey, now you’re criminally and civilly on the hook for this fight that you may or may not have won, or all your medical bills and every other thing because you wanted to try to use it out there in the street.

That’s a common one. Yeah. And then, uh, the separation of ego from white belt to black belt. My ego get big at black belt, or is it bigger at white? I mean, what kind of self reflection. Black belts, we all have an ego, right? Sometimes I just don’t want to turn into that bully.

Check your ego. It’s not saying lose the ego. The expression I would write, check your ego at the door is a classic one, right? Check your ego at the door. Just check yourself. We all have it. We all believe in our. You should believe in yourself and other things associated with ego.

Your ego is going to be, I hate to say smaller, but let’s just say it’s more in Check. You’re able to self regulate your ego and not let it get in the way. The white belt is going to be more likely to get in the way. Their ego is getting in the way.

They’re taking too much pride in something. It’s just getting in their way. I’m trying to think of a good example. They’re too prideful. They can’t check it and go, okay, you’re a little better than me. People start ramping things up in sparring, trying to punch harder, because they can’t check it or even go, hey, man, can you pack it down a little bit?

I feel like you’re going too fast. I mean, the typical one is, no, you’re going too ah fast. It’s the exchange I typically hear. Okay, how about. I would say, I think I get this from John Whitman of, uh. Um, hey, you’re a lot better than me. Can you slow it down?

And that boosts their ego, uh, and it doesn’t create as much conflict. Interesting. It’s just like, hey, man, settle it down, man. You’re hitting me hard. And then that guy goes, hey, you’re hitting me hard. You settled down. Hey, you’re a lot better than me. Can you mind bringing it down?

I just can’t keep up with your level. That’s a much better way to go about it. So. Right. My step right before black belt. How will you evaluate me? What are you looking for me to be able to do? Each good gym. It’s your black belt. That’s where they’re like, well, I’m not going to be as good as my instructor.

Well, chances are they’re a third degree black belt, and you’re going for first degree. Right. You’re not on the same level. They’re above, uh, you, and you’re not seeing them going on that journey with you, potentially. Right. But to promote somebody to black belt, you’ve got to be above black belt.

Right? So

I’m looking at people on their journey. How far did they come? What obstacles did they overcome? And it’s their black belt. It’s not going well. You’re not as good as me, so, no. Uh, I got my black belt, and nobody else is going to get my black belt because I am the best.

And that’s part of the black belt journey of being like, these people are not. All these people below me are not comparing. Um, uh, it’s kind of typical, especially in the younger, but everybody is on their own journey. That’s how I look at it. Some people are like, uh, I’m like, yeah, there’s a standard dude.

But when you’re going like, hey, I’m, um, 65 years old. The young guys don’t get that. Kind of like, come back when you’re 65 and let’s start this journey over again. It’s a different journey. That black belt is different. It’s not the same as a 20 year old black belt.

And to say, you’re not paid, you’re too old, you can’t get a black belt. It’s your journey at that point. That’s all. I think you should look at older people, whatever it may be. You might have a physical limitation.

Your arm doesn’t fully straighten. Uh, you got a prosthetic leg, freaking falls off when you try to go for triangle. Uh, you’re not graded down on that. That’s just what you’re at. That’s you. You don’t have an arm, you don’t have a hand. You can get to black belt.

It’s your black belt, it’s your journey.

People kind of look at it, some crazy elite standard. And there’s a standard, obviously. Uh, but where did you come from? That’s why I constantly say, improve your front kick. Stop getting lazy and thinking complacent. Improve your front kick. What can you do to get better? Continue to throw hundreds of front kicks.

Yeah. And to others, especially with some black belts, I mean, what happens next? Great, I got it. What do I do? Where do I go from here? Keep showing up, keep showing up. Keep down the path, stay the path. Things are going to come up and there’s new door, new enlightenment.

That’s going to happen by just staying the path. New understanding of the technique. There’s so much growth from first to second degree. There’s a ton. No, the journey is just beginning now. The old masters would say, now the training starts, got, uh, these things, but now let’s master them.

That’s master. There’s the master and the grandmaster and martial arts, which, whatever. How do you feel about that? But there is truth to that because the first degree black belt doesn’t have the understanding of the, quote, grand master. Um, they haven’t spent those years battling through and completing and different things coming up and going, I think I have a better understanding of this technique.

A lot of it is, it can’t be somebody telling you it’s got to be you walking through that door. So be afraid of going, oh, yeah. I mean, the amount of people that have gone like, hey, this thing you said, and I’m like, what did I say? Lots. Yeah.

Ah. What was it? I said, uh, I understand it now. Uh, and that, oh, my God, I said that a year ago. I said, when did I say that? Oh, you said it way back when I was, whatever belt I understand now, um, it might have taken you a year, it might have taken you ten.

So let’s say you’ve given someone their black belt. Now, how does that make you feel as the coach? It’s got to be a general idea of satisfaction. You’ve also got to look at that. Student and seeing their growth and they may not see it. So how do you communicate that to them?

How do I communicate it to them? I’m usually give a pretty good speech, uh, at the end of black belts or a black, uh, belt presentation. They’ve earned it. I haven’t given it to them. They weren’t given the belt. They earned it with their own blood and sweat and tears.

Uh, I admire the dedication when somebody makes it that far. Uh, but again, I kind of feel like it’s off track a little bit. From, well, no, I think that’s part of the path to black belt because. Not only are you doing it for. Me, I’m doing it because I want to train with you too.

Right? You’re part of my journey. Whether as much as you say it’s just my journey, you’re part of that journey on the way there. So I’m looking for you to say, add a boy, good job. Like, did I meet the expectations? You wouldn’t get the belt if you didn’t.

Yeah, I get that. I mean, you’re not going to be invited. Mhm. To it. It’s not even like that. You’re going to get that in the black belt presentation kind of thing, but you weren’t given anything. You had to earn it every step of the way. And if I didn’t think you were good enough, uh, if your instructor doesn’t think you’re good enough, they’re not going to tell you to test.

If they’re a good instructor going, Josh is going to fail, let him do that test. Like, dude, you’re not ready. Train another year. So being able to communicate that to people is also part of the path. As the student,

should I be walking up to my coach and saying, do you think I’m ready for this yet? Or is the coach saying, you’re ready to move up to the next one? Well, it’s like asking like, hey, it’s, what do I need to do? Am I ready for black belt?

What do I need to do to be ready for black belt? Not, um, what am I testing for red belt? Um, and there’s a few other things that I’m blanking on there, but what do I need to do? What do I need to do to achieve the next belt?

That’s great when people ask those type of things, uh, and sometimes just take the path, continue to get better. You’re doing it, you’re a good student. A lot of times they’re the good student. Just continue down the path, continue to train, keep getting better. If you need something to say you suck at, then work on your footwork.

Sure. What’s the idea? What do I need to do here? So you’re really looking for that question. But yeah, most of those people just need to keep showing up. Most of those people are good students that continue to work hard on something, but they want something, um, for you to say.

And a lot of times it is just stay the uh, path. Keep doing what you’re doing. Uh, maybe. Hey, double down. You should be coming to more classes and getting even more reps. Don’t hit the minimum. But I think you say like that, boy, it’s up to you to go through that test.

It’s up to you, I would say. I’m not here to motivate you today. I’m here to grade you if I have to motivate you. During a test, guys are failing. Um. That stinks sometimes. Yeah. That’s huge. You do have to help them along the way because they’re new belts.

But you get to a black belt test and that group’s not motivating. It’s going to be ugly, like, motivating. Their students, because I’ve seen the way you. No, you need to motivate your ass, okay? You showed up for the black belt test. I’m not, like, bad a boy. Josh, get up off the ground.

Now. I know that I’m like, I won’t say anything. Yeah. And it’s confusing at times, but I think I understand why you’re doing it because you’re seeing where they are in their process, you’re seeing where they are in the journey, and you’re evaluating. Get your ass up. Yeah. Do you mean to be like, uh.

The only thing I’m saying. Are you injured? Interesting. Yeah, that’s all I care about. Are you injured? Are you going to unnecessarily, uh, hurt yourself or something like that? Does somebody need to get in your way and go, uh, listen, it’s probably not worth continuing, right?

Seem like people are freaking gassing out. They think they’re going to throw up. There is no, keep it going, Josh. You can do it. That’s in a class. Come m on, guys. Finish strong. Finish the fight, guys. Win it. Come on, guys. Whatever. Even you’re back there narrating when people are hitting the pads or something to motivate them.

Come on, get home. You’ve got them hurt. Whatever you’re saying, that’s not a black belt test. That’s not really. Especially once you get in the intermediate zone. That’s not the coach’s job. They’re to evaluate you. If you can’t motivate yourself or the group can’t motivate, uh, each other, you’re going down.

Probably going to get really tough. Yeah. It would be a definite obstacle in the way of black belt. Yeah, that’s what I was thinking on this. Then go. Yeah, go ahead and quit. You don’t need it anyway. I didn’t want it anyway. Are you quitting,

yes or no? Okay. I’m not going to say. You can hang in there. You know, we only have ten minutes left. You could make ten minutes, Josh. Yeah, I’m not saying that. Right. Are, uh, you in or are you out? Right. You quitting? Yes or no? Interesting, man. I’ve never seen that.

Of course, my time is really narrow with working with people on, so it’s interesting. All right, Josh is giving me hand signals. If you guys have anything that you would like. Yeah, um, Josh peeing my butt. Uh, if you guys have anything out there on the lines of the journey to black belt, reach out to me.

Would love to hear from you. Would love to answer your questions on an upcoming podcast that you guys may have. We could talk about this for hours. This is probably an hour and a half total, three episodes, maybe getting hour and 45 on there. We could talk about it more and different questions could come up.

And your journey is your journey. So reach out to your coach. So many people lack communication. They don’t know anything’s wrong unless you tell them. Uh, it’s a really, uh, tough job for all of us that we have. We got to get in our own heads, but somebody can’t help you or motivate you along that path and help you steer those obstacles and give you things and stories that they had to overcome unless you reach out.

So we’d love to have you guys reach out again. Help our podcast shop rmsdf.com and shop Clearsky, uh, training. And the online training portal is just clearsky training. And you can get to our online portal there. Always trying to improve and work on that. Should be some new videos uploaded here in the next week or so.

We’ve got that new tab. Um, once you’re a member on there, that is just, uh, something most recent or new videos. So you don’t have to go looking under each heading. You can find the new stuff. If you’ve been through there, you can find the most recent videos and they’ll be there for 30, 45 days and they’ll move into their category of self defense or gun technique, whatever it may be.

It’ll then live there. But the most recent stuff is going to be on that new easy to find tab for you guys. So check that stuff out again. Hit me up with an email, john@rmsdf.com. If there’s something or a question you have on path to black belt, it is a journey, guys.

It’s not going to be an easy one. Stop fooling yourself. Stop being a know suck less. It is going to be hard. Life is freaking hard. There are no guarantees. So get in there and just get after it and stay the path. Just keep showing up.

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