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This is the John Hallett podcast with John Hallett. Because the way we’re living, we need to change it. Make a change today, and all learn from failure. Maybe they just wanted it a little bit more than you. That’s probably the fact. And now your host, John Hallett. Hey, everybody.

Welcome back. We are almost up to Christmas, the new year. Everybody’s, uh, thinking about resolutions. I go back and forth on those guys sometimes, like, what’s wrong with February? What’s wrong with June? Get off your butt and do something. I think sometimes people just rely on that. I say now is the time.

Whenever the now is, it doesn’t matter. I’m not a big fan of it. You want to fix something, Josh? Oh, Josh, shut up. Bossing me around. I’m the boss of you. One job, John. One job. One job. One job. You have one job, and you didn’t even do it right yet.

Well, you keep moving. I know. I want to look at you. I don’t know why, but you make this so hard. Life is the obstacle, is the way, Josh. Ah. I’m going to give you your shirt. John is the obstacle. That’s the way. Put John at the bottom like you signed him.

Tried around me. Transition to a dominant angle. You’re doing good, but resolutions, they’re good. If somebody sticks with it, awesome. Anytime somebody wants to start. I mean, if you’re going, 2024 is the time for me, then by all means, absolutely. But I think too many people go, well, uh, next year, well, next month, you just got to get off your butt and do something and tell yourself, stop being.

Is this the person I want to be? Is this really where I want to be at? And stop eating that crap food. Pretty much the freaking problem. So that’s what I’m at. Where are you at, Josh? Well, here. I can bring myself in. Oh, God. Uh, I don’t know how either.

I look like crap today. Hey, John. How are you? It’s good to see you. It’s good to be back. I went on vacation, got rampantly sick, and then came back, and it was terrible. I haven’t seen you in weeks. I know. We talk a lot. I know. It was great.

At one point, my wife’s like, are you actually going to go in the gym today? I was like, I probably should stay away from it. So have you ever actually made it a, uh, resolution and stuck with it? Because I’ve never really got into it, because if you want to do something, I just do it right.

I don’t have to sit there and come up with this. You never really say it’s a resolution. It was a challenge. Like, the cold plunge was a challenge to do that for a year. But I think I started that in the summer. Whenever I started that, uh, like, new year’s resolutions, I’ve never been big on them.

Some people, hey, I’m going to double down and do something better. I mean, there’s people that do really well with them. I’m just a person of do it now. Why are you putting it off? Why have you been planning it for a month? Why aren’t you just start now?

Why don’t you? Yeah. Um, and we talk to a lot of people that find excuses for not just joining a gym any time of the year, let alone trying to figure out the start of the year, right? I’m going to wait people all the time. I’m going to wait till I’m in shape to start a martial art.

That’s ridiculous. I’m going to get in shape to start this fitness class. That’s what the class is for. Whoever says it’s an excuse. Who’s going to get in shape before they go and get in shape? Nobody. You either go and get in shape or you don’t, right? I mean, it kind of blows my mind.

I hear that one a lot, too. Like, I’ve got to get in shape to show up there so I don’t look dumb. I’m like, just, you don’t look dumb. When you’re training, you’re training cares people. Like, if you’re, if there’s a good community, they’re not going to care. And I’ve been doing it for a number of years now.

When somebody says they’re going to get in shape, I just tell them, all right, well, I’ll never see you. And they’re like, what? Yeah. And I’m m like, I’ll never see you. Everybody that tells me, all right, I’m going to get in shape and then come to your gym.

I never see them. I mean, maybe 1% is probably less than that that you never see them. I more, they see people going, man, I’m off track, and I’ve gained 20 pounds. I signed up a guy, one of our alumni. I was like, man, just off. I’m just off of it.

I just need to get back in. Now, here’s a guy that, boom, realizes, like, I’ve gotten off track. I just got to get back in and do it. Not like, hey, I’m going to get in shape. He’s not in shape that he was when he was here before. But who cares?

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You should have been a graphic artist, but you got stuck in martial arts. Yeah, I really got. I love teaching, but, man, it is a lot easier doing graphic, uh, nobody punches you, sweats on you, or gives you excuses. Yeah, graphic design is, um, fun. Yeah, I really wish I did that and kind of saw that path way back when.

The things you learn. I know a lot of graphic artists that are also, like, some make good money and then some that aren’t. It’s like anything, your passion, right? Follow it if that’s what you’re at. The gym changed us. Did you know that? Now I wear a lot of synthetic clothes, so we totally became athleisure people, and, uh, it drives us to do a lot more laundry now because we’re just cranking through stuff.

Right. I mean, you work out in an outfit, you don’t want to typically work out in it again, but sometimes you do. And we were doing laundry. What? Don’t wear the same t shirt twice. Try not to. But anyway, that leads me to this little story. We’re doing laundry at home, and Tara’s like, hey, are, uh, those pants dirty?

And I’m like, yeah. So I pick them up and I. Throw them to her. And I probably trained in them two or three times. Oh, gross. And it hits her in the face, and it wraps, and she freezes. She pulls them off, and I watch her physically go, like, what’s wrong?

She goes, did you work out in those? I was, like, two or three times, and that was the only time she actually got mad at me and threw something back. Good for her. These things stink. But, yeah, I’ve been there, Tara. I’ve been there. Yeah, terrible. So go to the shop.

Get yourself new t shirts. Try not to work out in the same t shirt, please, for all of our sakes, including me.

New year’s resolutions, we go. We were talking about self doubt. It’s always a tough one for people. So, you got any goals this year? Anything you want to set? Because now I feel like I’ve got to set one. I never feel that pressure. M. I’m like, stay the path.

Like, just try to be better. We can all get off track. Uh, one of Jenny’s companies took us to the ABS game last Sunday. Oh, fun. And you’re like, okay, not the food I’d eat, but I’m hungry. There’s so many. You get off track, you just got to get back on.

Do I want to be more disciplined with my eating? Be better yet, make sure, uh, I’m lifting as much. Something I’ve been doing a whole ton of, uh, ton more of in the last couple of years. Can I be more on that? And it’s always that balance of sometimes going, man, I don’t want to kill myself.

I want to have energy to train. You don’t want to over train. That’s a problem with a lot of people. Um, in my shoes, I think that have that same mindset. We can overtrain. So that’s been the last ten years, really trying to go and discovering, make sure you’re resting, but, you know, don’t rest too much.

You know, give yourself a break. So I do little things here and there sometimes, but just trying to stay on stuff and just continue to improve. Continue to improve. What do you think is the thing that stops people from committing to the resolution they create? Right. Because you’re a person that’s been in this industry for 30 plus years, right?

So what is it that you think allows people to fail? Is it just not follow through? What do you think it is? I think just people get in their own way and the self doubt that I can’t do it. I’m not disciplined, I’m, um, not motivated, which, whatever motivation fails all the time.

It can be up and down. You just do it. People just get in their own way and make excuses. I think it’s the biggest thing they get in their own way. I can’t do that. Oh, uh, God. Uh, I’m too busy. That’s a huge one. I’m too busy. Either you want to do something or you don’t.

Sure. Yeah. There’s those people that have to work two or three jobs to make ends meet. There’s all those people have it, but so many people, they think they have no time and they don’t. And how much time do you spend on scrolling on your phone and other things or getting addicted to some reality tv show and all these other things that you could be doing something.

Whether we’re a small gym, we can’t be like, hey, classes every hour on the hour. You can come whenever the heck you feel like it. We’d go out of business paying either. I’d die because you’d be here 24/7. We wouldn’t survive paying somebody to be doing classes that way.

But you could get there. Actually, look at 24. They’re not even open 24, not anymore, because they can’t write. They can’t afford to do it, let alone a little gym, like, uh, us volumes. But I mean, if you want to get in shape, you can do stuff. You can find a partner.

There’s tons of stuff on the Internet. We have our clear sky training for online stuff. I can video consult you. There’s all that other stuff that if you want it, you can do it. And it might just be doing push ups when you get out of bed. Uh, I feel like I’m not any more tired.

Getting up, uh, a half hour early to do more of my pistol craft and just getting up and getting it done, and it’s done. That leads me to my next question is, what are the habits of people who are successful at doing that? You are one of those people that meets that.

So what is your daily thought process on that? Because if people need to learn that, they need to see it. So tell us what a successful person doing that looks like. Well, first of all, I don’t think I’m successful. Like, oh, you’re successful? I’m like, no, I just need to keep at it.

You got to keep doing it. You just have to tell yourself, that’s what my mindset. Like, I suck. Uh, I need to get better. There’s somebody out there training that would be attacker is doing something. I need to have my skills honed, and you just do it. Some days I don’t want to do it.

And you just start going through the motions. I tell people, at least you’re here today. Go through the motions. Usually halfway through, you’re like, all right, I’m into it. Yeah, I’m, uh, here. Even just sometimes, like, all right, I’m already here. And the mindset of just getting and driving to the gym, uh, I think that’s where a lot of home workout resolutions go down.

You got to be a really dedicated person to work out by yourself and to work out at home. Most people make an excuse or they get on something. It’s too easy to make an excuse. You get in that car and you drive. Your mindset’s getting right in that. Whatever, commute, ten minutes, whatever your commute is to the gym, 20 minutes, you get a chance to get your mind right and go, all right, I’m going to work out.

Versus a, uh, couple of minutes, I’ll work out. You just have to tell yourself, this is what I’m doing today. I am going to get a workout in. That’s what I tell myself every day. Like, I’m going to get this in, or, hey, today’s the day off. Hey, you know what?

Today, uh, I’m doing a little bit of light flexibility, do some mobility stuff. Maybe something like yesterday. Yesterday, no, I worked out twice. Uh, some days I’ll go, like, I’m just going to do some shoulders. I’m m like, I’ll just work my shoulders nice. Nothing killer. Like, all right, going to do.

A. Warm up set or two and then some sets of five. Sets of five whatever of a couple of different exercises. And it’s not super taxing, but I date you to. You did something. Yeah, it’s better than a net zero, right? I mean, you’ve got to have something.

That was a double. And I was like, I wasn’t super motivated after the workout that I had done. It was like a 30 minutes workout. I’m like, yeah, I’m kind of feeling tired today, actually. I went home and, uh, I actually ate. I didn’t do a 17 hours fast and then, um, intermittent fasting.

I think it’s good. I think people overeat and eat their crappy stuff. And then I actually took out a steak and defrosted a steak and, uh, had that for lunch. And I was just feeling a little weak. I don’t know, I’m like, I’m going to eat a little bit more today.

It was deadlifting. I’m like, do I need the calories? Because I was a hard workout instead of, uh, continuing. The fast part of me was like, am I being weak? I can make it. And I’m like, I know I can make it. You know what? I’m just going to eat.

But I think a lot of times people like, I need food. I’m like, no, you don’t. You’re fine. You’re eating crap. It’s amazing how much we don’t have to eat. And we live in a society where we got to make sure everybody’s got those three square meals. I mean, if humans evolve and you believe in that, your next meal is what you went and found right early on as the hunter gatherer.

Yeah. It’s not like you just got up and picked food out of the refrigerator. You were required to get up and move and find that food. So there’s an element of you wanting to get up and eat, right? I mean, it’s inside of us, but we’ve eliminated the part where we get up and go, right.

Then we just eat. So try to change, make it a habit. They’re just snacking at the computer all day long, right? We’ve removed the part of go, which is why I like getting in the car to go to the gym, because it makes me go. Right. It’s like going to work every day.

Now I have to do it. You have to go to the gym. You have to. When people work at home, it’s easy to snack in so many work environments. It’s really freaking easy to go to the break room and, uh, grab a snack or got years ago. Oh, the rotary on Nantucket had the best cinnamon rolls.

Oh, my God. Elliot was the owner. I don’t know what the statuses of that restaurant on Nantucket. Uh, again, that was a good 18 years ago. We were just talking about it. Oh, that cinnamon roll. And I was young, and I’m like, giant buttery. Oh, good talking, right? Oh, so good.

Heated up. But you eat one of those a day? Oh, yeah, I was eating five of those a week. Because you’re really lean now. I mean, were you not lean like you are now? No. I mean, gosh, I tell people I used to drink ginger ale. I’ve never seen you as stupid.

I’ve never seen it. Yeah. Uh, it was refreshing. I don’t know. And I gave up that at one point. And, God, over the course of a year, I think I dropped five to ten pounds. I can’t remember. It was a long time ago. But little things you get sucked into are really easy.

All of us. Like, I can fall into. You name it, trap. I’m freaking human. I just tell myself, like, stop being weak. Stop being weak. Be disciplined. It’s the freaking sugar you’re addicted to. You’re addicted to this freaking buckeye that my wife made for the holidays. And it wasn’t even me.

I’m going to eat. Like, was not me that ate the kid. The boys ate a whole bunch of probably Lucy two. I had the last five of the. Those are good. You get a pass on, man? Yeah, I might kill you for one of those. He’d kill me for a lot, but.

Fuck I if you stand in my way. Let’s move on to the. Have you ever. That would be justification for me to go to guns, I got to tell you. And you said, I mean, my brother and I, who. He’s a fucking badass. Yeah. I’m like, we’ve almost gone to blows.

I would freaking hesitate going to blows over you and a buckeye. I believe you. I totally believe you. If I’m under the spell. Uh, they’re so good, too, because when I saw them at the last Christmas. Now, right now, I might let you eat it. But if I had a couple yesterday, and then that voice is going, guys, eat those buckeyes.

You were like, I’m going to eat it, John. I’d be like, boom, boom, right? Don’t bleed on it, Josh. Uh, hey, have you ever seen a vending machine at an office that was loaded with good food? I’ve uh, never been in an office, Josh. So most of the places you go, like, yeah, you’ve always worked for yourself.

I’ve worked for an office tile company before, and there’s vending machines down there, and they’re loaded with. There’s no healthy choices. There never is. Some of them are healthy choice. But is it full of seed oil and whatever? There’s so much just marketing of, like, this is healthy and it’s not.

People think they’re eating healthy because it’s labeled healthy. Read the label. And then it’s, um, Instagram. I’m going to forget, uh, who I’m following there, but you guys know most of the people I’m following. Uh, we’re saying Instagram’s got this new thing that won’t allow you. It’s like three choices on the levels of something.

If something’s fact checked, you can put three levels, but none of the options are show me more things that are fact checked. So that right there makes me so skeptical of these big. I’m so skeptical of these big tech companies controlling everything, and I’m like, wait, I want to see them.

That was, uh, um, Nick Friedis, I think, who was following going, uh, I want to see more of what you fact checked in your stupid. Oh, unbiased. I don’t freaking believe you. Freedom of speech. Let me make, uh, up my own darn mind. Like, this stuff is crazy, and it leads into your show topics, and it’s just crazy to me that I want to see it.

Is this stuff, uh, healthy? No, it’s not healthy. The stuff they put in food really shocks me. You started saying, look at the oils they use and stuff. And the big offenders are, like, cotton seed oil, linseed oil. Uh, a lot of, um, grapefruits are grapeseed. Grapeseed, yeah, one of them, there was a list I saw of, like, the dangerous ones, which is why, fortunately, I’ve always kind of done the olive oil thing.

I do use some people. If you want to listen to vegetable oil, I was shocked. Yeah. I mean, vegetable canola oil, like, all that stuff. Olive oil will be the best thing, but some of these other ones are just. Mountain Dew has brominated oil in it. Did you know?

What is that? Uh, I don’t know which is bro. Is it like, it’s bro science? And I’m probably pronouncing it wrong, but I remember this is old back in the. Looked at a can of Mountain dew after drank it, and I was like, just doesn’t taste it. Tastes different, right?

I started looking at the ingredients, and they put oil in there, and I stopped. I quit cold turkey mountain dew that moment in my life, because why would you put an oil in a soda? No other soda getting you addicted. There’s actually a mountain dew over there that I made.

We did, uh, a big office clean out, uh, the loft my wife got mad at me for. We did a big clean out. Uh, Lucy was here helping me and Jamie, and there’s a drawer over there with, uh, some of brayden’s crap in there. And, uh, there was some mountain.

I’m like, what are we doing with these mountain dews? Who’s drinking mountain dew? Real men drink Americano if you need caffeine. I don’t know what’s in that mountain dew sitting over there. I wouldn’t drink. I gave it up cold. It’s. It’s food safe is all I could find about it.

It’s food safe. It’s food safe because one time. Yeah, because that in America, like, single dose testing, not like, let’s test it for a year, and it just blew my results on your body. I mean, people got to wake up. Yeah. And all the sugar is the same. And the stuff, it’s always high fructose corn syrup.

Most of the stuff that labeled like, oh, this is healthy, is really not. And you just have to eat food. Eat real freaking food. When we were recently at Disney World and trying to eat food that was good, that didn’t cost $50 a serving. Of something near impossible, Paul Saladino is like, what?

How are you cooking the steak? I think he was at the Mayo clinic. He’s like, nothing here is healthy. Nothing here is healthy. Like, everything’s in the burger is fried on a seed oil. You’re like, are you kidding me? Really need to put a seed oil on that burger.

I mean, there’s enough fat, usually in beef, to take care of itself. They do it because it becomes beautifully brown. Right? Have you ever worked a food service job? Yeah, for like, a minute. Right? I did. And, uh, typically, you add an oil to a meat so it browns beautifully.

Otherwise, it just stays its normal color as you heat it. Right. Unless there’s an open flame. So they make the food look delicious with a lot of these things. Not that they’re healthy for you, but they have to make it look the right way. McDonald’s m is changing its hamburger patties.

Did you know that? No. Uh, but they’re trying to make them look juicier, not healthier. They want them to look so what. They’Re going to put in, like, it’s these big companies. It’s where I would have had no clue, um, about, uh, what Colorado just passed. You’re up on it.

Oh, my gosh. I mean, I heard it on the president’s daily brief. I’m like, josh, I would have no idea because I’m just in my job. Uh, go home and try not to be exhausted and family and that stuff. And a lot of the news just pisses me off.

I like the president’s daily brief because I get a little glimpse and 1440 email. That’s always pretty good and non biased and just the news. Ah, but fill us in. So apparently, Donald Trump has been removed from the Colorado primary ballot by the Colorado supreme Court with four individuals voting for it and the other three abstaining, almost guaranteeing that it passes.

And now with our country, we’ve always enjoyed that. We are innocent until proven guilty. I mean, that is the way it works. But they’ve removed him from a ballot for a crime he’s never been convicted of. And there’s no telling if a city president at that time can be convicted.

Right? Because the president has to enjoy an amount of immunity because any of his actions could cause someone harm down the road. Right. You would have reason to sue, which is why you have to give the president those kind of immunities. So why is it now that a guy who was president at the time can no longer run on our primary ballot because of a decision of four individuals in the supreme Court who are trying to cite something that didn’t happen.

They’re assuming his guilt before there’s anything that comes out. He hasn’t proven guilty. Not at all. And he wasn’t even charged by Merrick Garland because they knew they couldn’t win. Yeah, I mean, it’s know they’re trying to do things from the court and use their power when they’re not justified to do it, and they’re like, we’re going to do it anyways.

Again. I mean, people, this is scary. If you’re not scary territory, if you hate Trump, it should still be scary to you. If you absolutely just despise the man, this should be scary that this is happening in America because he wasn’t found guilty. And they’re just assuming, just saying, and then say it enough, say it enough, say it enough.

This stuff is pure crazy. I don’t know what word you want to use. I’ll just call them like, this is crazy, people. If you are not scared and you’re like, yes, they got Trump removed. You better wake the f, uh, up because they could just as easily turn it on anyone.

This government corruption is so scary to me. And people just, yeah, what an asshole. Good, he’s off the ballot. You better wake up because this stuff is scary. The things that big tech and these politicians or, um, the, uh, Supreme Court trying to make decisions from the bench when they’re trying to do this stuff, uh, and they shouldn’t be.

It’s crazy because you and I talk every day about being justified and trying to stay justified in our actions for how we train, right? So if there’s ever a situation where we are forced to do something, and I live in a state where anybody can be presumed guilty before innocent, I mean, the state no longer, it is impossible to recognize the authority of the state at that point because they don’t recognize my innocence.

Right. It kind of blows me away. And what it did in Colorado is it set precedents for other states to say, you know what, we should be doing the same thing. California. And what if you want to run for office but you were deemed too dangerous because you know how to defend yourself?

They could just take you off the ballot. I mean, once you start legitimizing transient causes to get rid of somebody, you no longer live in a representative republic. Yeah. It is so scary to me that is going to get buried in the media. Everything else. I mean, people should be darn

know. Now, I assume the supreme court will slap it down, but we should never have gotten to the point where the. State say it again and again. Just repeat the lie. Repeat the lie. You know who invented that? Repeat the lie. Repeat the lie. This guy called Goebels. Do you know who he worked for?

No. The Third Reich. Because the Third Reich, their whole idea was that if we cannot prove the truth, we do everything in our power to suppress the truth and keep the great lie going. Yeah. And it worked good. And that’s what very, it’s, you can see it so much that it’s power and money.

And it scares me to think, know, where are we going to be at this? And, uh, I voted for Trump, but sometimes I think he’s such a conflict, it’s not worth it for him to run that I’m like, I wish there was somebody came out of the woodwork that just blew people away.

But so many people m love. Yeah. And don’t see, I’m like, God, can there just be somebody else that I feel like he’s Hillary Clinton to the right. Like, people just freaking hate him. So I’m like, can we throw somebody else in? Better to get people in the middle.

A ah, better candidate. That’s what I look at from where at. And I’m more in the middle on so many things that the direction of the left and what Biden. I’m like, what the heck is he even doing? Just scary to me. I haven’t seen anything.

He most, uh, likely is going to be the choice. But the thing is that it’s a choice that I get to make, right? That’s my freedom of choice. And when government tells me I have to accept their choices, that’s not choice anymore.

You’re forcing me into something. Right? Yeah. Uh, that’s scary. Coca Cola saying, here’s two products. Take your pick. Yeah, that’s all. Where you have no other choices, but you’ve got choice. You have two. It’s an all. Here’s the two that we’re going to give you. But they’re a company, and they can make the choice of whatever two products that they want to downsize to and go, hey, guess what?

Make your choice. The thing is, I still have the choice to say no. I don’t want any of it. Yeah, but as far as running for government, running for office, and you’re going, wait a second, you’re taking my choice off? Yeah. That’s great, mind. I mean, it could be anyone’s choice down the it.

I just don’t like that the government thinks it’s something separate from us. Now, these people. Uh, anyway, we’re getting fired up here, and we’re trying not to start. Sometimes I’m Joe Rogan. He goes and takes a pee. Yeah. Can I make an Americano? Uh, yeah, I don’t care. I mean, if you want to do that on the show, it’s your show.

It’s your dime. I don’t care. It’s my dime. Yeah, I mean, you’re the one paying for this. You just go, bro. I need another not. Do you want me to just go to me and let you go? I mean, I’ll just start pontificating. Okay, I’m doing it right now.

Rogan’s like, they pause and they come back seamless. Well, just giving you shit. Oh, I just quick played to me. So you will see John go quietly. Oh, uh. He put me in this horrible choke today, and I had to make choices. It was bad. But when you sit there and you look around, you think to yourself, is this the world that I want to live in?

Right? Is this the place I want to. I’m doing a show here. Come on, man. When I look out the window, do I feel freer? Every day. And if I try to do anything about it, most people will have me arrested. Right? I look like the bad guy. It’s like a no win for me all the time.

It just drives me crazy. So that’s why we train every day, try to be ready for the UN, prepared for the unknown. And I don’t know how many times we spend every day just practicing the unknown. I mean, every time we go into a session, it’s really random. So that way we know what’s happening with ourselves.

I’d rather see it a thousand times here than anywhere else. But we can’t train for having corrupt government. It’s not like you can see it happening while it’s happening. You have to watch it and pay attention, and you let it slowly slip away. And frankly, I’m probably the greatest social media coordinator this company has ever seen.

Let’s be honest. That’s true. That is true. And he agrees with that one. If I had 30 years of martial arts experience, they wouldn’t even need John. But

that’s true. I’m just waiting for him to come back and slap me for what I’ve said. Should we go to the laundry list of grievances that I have with the company now? Can we go there? Oh, he’s getting the nothing. He’s looking at the Mountain dew as we speak, folks.

Let’s see what’s on there. Is it got the oil in it? Are they yellow number five? That’s the last one. It probably makes you different color. The second ingredient, like so many things. High fructose. It’s pure money. Carbonated water.

Is it benzo? Oh, my gosh. Like, I can’t even read this stuff in here. Concentrated orange juice. I knew that there’s natural flavors. Sodium benzoate for a preservative. Gum arabic. Earthrorbic acid. It’s a preservative. Calcium disodium edta to protect the flavor. I don’t even know what that is. Yellow number five.

Well, it’s interesting. I don’t see the oil in here anymore, but probably because people like me complained. How much sugar do you think the average person consumes on a daily basis? It’s got to be insane.

I’ll say this. I had a family member who was, um, drinking four two liters of soda a day. Four two liters of soda a day. And they were shocked to find out, go that way, that what? When they stopped consuming that, they lost a tremendous amount. They were shocked, genuinely shocked.

And I think a lot of it has to do with nobody educating young people on diet. Right? When is the last time we went to high schools and junior highs and there was a homet class that testim taught you about calorie intake, how to make good food. That got rid of all the good classes a long time ago.

Driver’s ed, home ec, all those things just can’t afford. Shop is gone. Pee. Think about that. I mean, there was this mentality when I was a kid, too. You could get two extra choices in the line at school for lunch. It was the school lunch. Or you get the domino’s pizza or the chick fil a sandwich.

And think about this whole generation of people who learn to eat like that, who then spread it to their kids, right? Because it moves on. So now you have future generations of this, like, bad diet users. Yeah. I mean, it should be common sense. So how do we fix that?

It was kind of saying, like, some kids just don’t fit in, uh, to, uh, the mold that they’re trying to force you into. And, oh, you need drugs now. You can’t sit still. Oh, God, there’s so many things that we need to change. That is modern culture are the best route, like what we’re trying to do.

I think there’s a lot of things that we need to start to tweak and go. Maybe this isn’t putting everybody in the box and making them go through the same classes earlier on, going take an aptitude test, like, where’s your strengths? Can you do that anymore? Yeah, I don’t remember an aptitude.

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