2019 Gym Challenge

New Year Crossfit Challenge
As a gym, how fast can we complete the following ( 31 day “Time cap”):

10,000 Push ups
5,000 Air Squats
2,500 Pull ups
The Rules

  1. Anyone can contribute to the total.
  2. The only scaled movement allowed is a push up from your knees; otherwise
    air squats with full depth and unassisted pull ups are the only movements
    allowed. ( Kipping and butterfly acceptable )
  3. The movements that count toward the total must be complete IN
    ADDITION TO any planned/completed WOD of the day ( workout reps DO NOT COUNT). Only Work At The Gym Counts
  4. Once you complete your movements toward the total, place the
    appropriate number of tally marks in the box for that exercise ( 1 tally mark
    = 10 reps.)
  5. The coaches will periodically update the totals so everyone can see the progress.

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